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How to crop a case photo cleanly



Woman with SLR

If you want to compare multiple photos side by side like a case photo, it will be easier to compare if the composition, balance, and ratio of the photos are the same.

However, even if you intend to shoot with the image of a fixed composition and size to be used, there are many cases where you have to hurry to shoot, such as when the next treatment is scheduled immediately after the shooting, and after the shooting is over, I should have taken it more like this, "maybe I regret it.

Also, have you ever put a burden on your customers because you asked them to take multiple pictures, such as taking a close-up of a certain part in addition to taking the whole picture?

For various other reasons, you may only be able to take an unwilling composition. It will be false if you process the photo, but I will introduce a method to make the case photo that could not be taken well look beautiful by using trimming that can change the composition instead of processing.

Trimming allows you to leave only the parts you need

"Crop" is to cut out a part of an image (photo) and leave only the necessary part. Depending on the trimming, the impression of the same image will change. Cropping, which allows you to omit unnecessary information and narrow down to the part you want to convey in the image, is also effective for case photographs.

You may have heard the word "trimming" at dog "trimming salons". "Trimming" is sometimes called "cutting out" because dog trimming is used to cut dog hair.

Impression of an image that changes so much with trimming

By making full use of trimming, you can change the vertical and horizontal composition of the image, or cut out only the necessary part and intentionally use only a part of the original image.

You can change the composition

If you post the two case photos you want to compare on the homepage with the vertical and horizontal compositions disjointed, the page will be inconsistent and uncoordinated. This is because the aspect ratio of a photo has the effect of emphasizing the elements on the long side, and changing the aspect ratio of a photo changes the impression that the person viewing the photo has, even for the same subject.

However, even if the composition changes before and after the procedure, you can still align the composition by trimming as long as you take a picture so that the necessary parts are included without omission. Let's check with the following trimming example.