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Duration and downtime of thread lift (thread lift) that pulls up slack with thread




Yoshiro Suzuki
Dr. Yoshiro Suzuki

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Facial sagging worsens with age. A thread lift (thread lift) is a treatment in which a special thread with a catch is placed under the skin to lift the sagging of the face and neck .

In addition to thread lifts, lift-up methods that improve sagging include incision-type face lift surgery using a scalpel, injection treatment that injects drugs, and irradiation treatments such as high frequency and HIFU (ultrasound). Of these, incision surgery using a scalpel is said to be the most effective, but since downtime such as swelling and edema is also long, a thread lift, which is said to reduce damage to the body and shorten downtime, was devised. I was.

By knowing the differences between the wide variety of thread lifts, the downtime and risks of treatment such as pain, swelling, and swelling compared to other sagging treatments by irradiation and injection, you can rest assured about thread lifts. can undergo surgery.

Dr. Yoshiro Suzuki, the leading expert in thread lifts, Dr. Spa Clinic

Thread lift that physically pulls up slack with thread

Thread lift is a treatment with less downtime such as swelling and swelling than face wrist surgery that uses a scalpel to incise the skin . Multiple threads are inserted into areas where sagging is a concern, and the skin tissue is physically pulled up, so the effect can be expected immediately after the treatment .

A conical bio-cone or a medical thread with thorn-like projections is inserted under the skin, and the projections are hooked to pull up the subcutaneous tissue to create a sharp facial line. It also plumps up cheeks that have lost volume due to aging and improves wrinkles caused by sagging. In addition, by activating the production of collagen due to the regeneration of skin tissue around the inserted thread, you can expect effects such as improving fine wrinkles, tightening the skin, and tightening pores in addition to the lifting effect. increase.

It is difficult to improve sagging skin naturally

Facial sagging can have multiple causes, including:

  • The amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid decreases and the elasticity of the skin is lost.
  • The position of the subcutaneous tissue is lowered due to gravity
  • Facial bones atrophy and excess skin
  • Weakening of facial muscles and reduction of fat volume, etc.

Human skin is layered from the outside with the epidermis layer, dermis layer, and subcutaneous tissue (fat). About 70% of the second dermis layer is collagen, which is a fibrous protein. Elastin, a fibrous protein with elasticity, bundles the collagen, and the gap between them is filled with jelly-like hyaluronic acid that holds moisture. . Collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid give the skin firmness and elasticity.

A woman with an image of being worried about sagging skin on her face
However, collagen and elastin deteriorate and decrease due to aging and external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays. Then, the skin that has lost its firmness and elasticity begins to sag without defying gravity.

In addition to skin deterioration, there are multiple causes such as bone atrophy, muscle weakness, and fat volume reduction. Since it is difficult to prevent or improve it with skin care, sagging skin can get worse if left untreated, but it is difficult to eliminate it naturally.

A thread lift is a way to physically pull up the sagging skin. The thread pulls up the subcutaneous tissue that has moved downward due to aging and promotes the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid .

Who is suitable for thread lift

  • Worried about sagging cheeks and chin
  • i want to be small
  • Deep nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  • skin lacks firmness
  • I don't want surgery, but I want a lift
  • Hyaluronic acid injection does not feel the effect of improving sagging
  • I want to receive an immediate lift-up
  • I want to prevent sagging

In addition, since the thread lift does not remove the skin, the sagging of the skin itself will not be eliminated.

Part where thread can be inserted

With the threat lift, partial treatments such as the eyes, mouth, and neck are possible .

  • amount
  • Comedy
  • wrinkles around the eyes
  • Cheek
  • nasolabial fold
  • marionette lines
  • chin
  • neck

Duration and effect of each type of thread lift

There are two types of threads used for thread lift: soluble and insoluble . In the case of the dissolvable type, the inflammation that occurs when the inserted thread is absorbed promotes the production of collagen and elastin, which are the sources of skin firmness and elasticity. It is also a big feature that quality can be improved.

thread type merit Demerit
absorbency・No foreign substances remain under the skin ・Inflammation that occurs when absorbed can be expected to have a skin firming effect・The duration of the lifting effect is shorter than that of non-absorbent threads
non-absorbent・The duration of the pulling effect is longer than that of absorbent threads.・There is a risk of foreign body reaction and infection after thread insertion

Dissolvable type (absorbent) main thread lift that does not leave foreign substances in the body

Dissolvable threads are made of materials used in various medical fields (orthopedic pins, bone fracture screws, nails, etc.). It takes several months to several years for the body to metabolize it into substances such as carbon dioxide, water, glucose, and lactic acid, so there is no need to worry about foreign substances remaining in the body.

In addition, in the process of absorbing the thread, the wound healing action that heals the wound made in the skin tissue works and the production of elastic components such as collagen and elastin becomes active, so even after the thread dissolves, the skin remains firm. is preserved. Depending on the type of thread lift, the lifting effect is said to last for about a year . To maintain the lift-up effect, you need to continue to receive thread lifts before they become slack.

Multiple types of thread lifts may be used together. In addition, the number of threads used is rarely one, and 3 to 4 or more threads are used on one side only to distribute the burden on the threads and perform the treatment.

Happy lift for mild sagging

A single thread has fine hair-like thorns symmetrically attached to the center. By arranging the thorns in a semi-spiral shape, the force to pull up the tissue becomes stronger.

type of slack mild sagging
Applicable part cheeks, drooping eyebrows, neck
Symptoms such as pain and swelling after surgery Discomfort when opening the mouth wide
downtime Several days to about 1 month
Duration of effect about 12 months
price About 20,000 yen to 80,000 yen per bottle

Mint lift to pull up firmly

The mint lift is a firmer barb than the happy lift to pull up the slack. The thorns of the mint lift are not the type that is made by cutting a thread, but they are attached to the thorns. It is stronger than notch type thorns, so you can expect a strong lifting effect .

The material of the thread is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which is hard and has a strong lifting force, and polycaprolactone (PCL), which is soft and stretchy, is blended, so even thin skin can cause a feeling of tugging. You can pull it up naturally.

type of slack severe sagging
Applicable part Cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines
Symptoms such as pain and swelling after surgery mild swelling
downtime Several days
Duration of effect About 8 to 12 months
price About 25,000 yen to 50,000 yen per bottle

Silhouette software that pulls up in three dimensions (3D lift)

A thread with conical projections (bio cones) facing each other pulls up the slack from both ends toward the center, allowing for a three-dimensional and natural lift . The conical bio-cone can firmly grasp tissue at any angle of 360 degrees, so you can expect a high effect.

In addition, it is said that it takes up to a year and a half to be absorbed into the body, and the effect is said to last longer if it includes the promotion of skin collagen and elastin production after absorption.

type of slack severe sagging
Applicable part Whole face/neck
Symptoms such as pain and swelling after surgery Slight swelling, discomfort when opening the mouth wide, etc.
downtime Several days to about 1 month
Duration of effect about 18 months
price About 40,000 yen to 100,000 yen per bottle

A shopping thread that can be expected to have a firming effect on the skin

Also known as "lead fine lift" or "ultra V lift".

A special ultrafine needle with a short type absorbable thread that is thinner than a human hair is inserted under the skin, and when the needle is removed, only the thread remains under the skin.

When approaching the lifting effect of the entire face, the guideline is to insert 80 to 100 or more, and multiple are inserted into areas where sagging is a concern, like cosmetic acupuncture.

The slack lifting effect is gentler than long type threads such as Happy Lift, Mint Lift, and Silhouette Soft, and can be applied to areas with thin skin such as around the eyes. The stimulation of the inserted thread activates the subcutaneous tissue, which increases the metabolism of the skin and produces skin collagen and elastin, leading to firmer skin .

The duration of effect is about 18 months. It is said to be effective in opening pores due to fine wrinkles and sagging cheeks, and is a good thread lift for the first approach to early aging.

type of slack Mild sagging, sagging pores
Applicable part Whole face, neck, back of hands
Symptoms such as pain and swelling after surgery Light swelling/internal bleeding
downtime 3 to 4 days
Duration of effect About 18 months~
price About 100,000 yen to 160,000 yen per 50 bottles

LFL Anchor Max, which can be expected to have high durability

It is a stretchable PCL thread that is also used as a component of medical sutures, and has the property of being naturally decomposed and absorbed in the body through metabolism. In addition to being more durable than polydioxanone (PDO) threads used as sutures, it has a large number of cogs and has a structure that easily catches on subcutaneous tissue, so a high lifting effect can be expected.

PCL also has the effect of promoting the production of new collagen under the skin, so it can be expected to restore the firmness and elasticity of the skin that is lost with aging. The duration of LFL Anchor Max is about 1 to 1.5 years. In addition, LFL is a series with various products such as "Basic" and "Bi-Needle".

type of slack severe sagging
Applicable part Cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, face lines
Symptoms such as pain and swelling after surgery Light swelling, internal bleeding, pain, swelling
downtime About 1 to 2 weeks
Duration of effect about 18 months
price About 30,000 yen to 100,000 yen per bottle

Major Thread Lifts of Insoluble Type (Non-Absorptive)

Since it is non-absorbent and the thread remains in the body, it tends to last longer than absorbable threads .

Silhouette lift with bio cone in one direction

The structure is different from the silhouette lift (3D lift), and the silhouette lift is a thread with conical protrusions (bio cones) facing in one direction, and the action of pulling up slack works in one direction. Biocorn is made of a material that decomposes in the body after about 10 months, but the thread itself is made of polypropylene, which is a non-absorbent material. It is said that there is an effect to promote the production of collagen around.

As a treatment method, a 2 cm incision is made in the skin near the scalp at the top of the temple and a thread is inserted under the skin. It is said that the lifting effect is high, but if there is resistance to the thread remaining in the body after the treatment, a type of thread that can be absorbed by the body is used.

type of slack severe sagging
Applicable part Cheeks, sagging from chin to neck, forehead
Symptoms such as pain and swelling after surgery Swelling, pain, tightness, discomfort at the treatment site
downtime Several days to 1 month
Duration of effect About 4 to 5 years
price About 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen per bottle

Comparison of thread lift with sagging treatment by surgery/injection/irradiation

The lift-up menu of aesthetic medicine is wide, and in addition to thread lift, there are incision surgery using a scalpel, irradiation treatment, and injection treatment. Among these, the one with the highest lift-up effect is incision surgery using a scalpel that has a long downtime such as swelling and swelling. Irradiation treatment requires continuation to feel the effect, and injection treatment tends to have a shorter duration of effect than thread lift.

Facelift surgery is highly effective with long downtime

A surgical incision is made in the skin in an inconspicuous area from the ear to the temple, and the skin is pulled up to eliminate sagging .

Swelling and internal bleeding will occur due to the surgery, so downtime is about 2 weeks. In addition, there is a risk of hematoma, in which blood accumulates under the skin due to surgery, and nerve damage because many nerves run through the face. Facelift surgery has downtime and risks, but it is a surgery that can definitely eliminate sagging .

Injection treatment that supports the softened skin from the inside

  • hyaluronic acid injection
  • baby collagen injection
  • fat dissolving injection
  • rejuran injection

In sagging treatment by injection, collagen and hyaluronic acid, which have decreased due to aging, are injected to supplement the volume of the subcutaneous tissue and improve sagging by making the skin firmer .

Shorter duration of effect than thread lift

Injection treatment for sagging involves injecting a drug that is absorbed into the body, so when the drug is decomposed, the sagging returns to its original state. Therefore, it seems that many people feel unsatisfactory in the duration of the effect.

Dissolving type thread lifts tend to take longer to be absorbed by the body than drugs .

Eliminate fine sagging and wrinkles with injection treatment combined with thread lift

Thread lift is a treatment that lifts sagging over a wide area, but fine sagging and wrinkles can also be eliminated by using it in combination with injection treatment. If the area does not overlap with the thread insertion site, it can basically be treated at the same time as the thread lift . Please consult your doctor for details.

snekos injection

By using SNECOS, which has the effect of promoting the growth of collagen and elastin, we aim to improve fine wrinkles by adjusting the skin quality of the foundation with SNECOS, while improving nasolabial folds and marionette lines caused by sagging with thread lift. A synergistic effect can be expected.

hyaluronic acid injection

After effectively lifting slack by thread lift, hyaluronic acid injection may be used to fine-tune the line and to assist in firmness and moisture .

baby collagen injection

Depending on the type of thread lift, there are some that cannot be treated on fine areas or areas with thin skin. It can be used as a treatment for sagging in areas that could not be eliminated by treatment .

fat dissolving injection

It is said that a lipolytic injection about 1 to 2 months before the thread lift procedure can reduce excess fat and reduce the burden during the thread lift procedure .

rejuran injection

A beauty injection containing ingredients that restore skin elasticity and flexibility. A synergistic effect can be expected by using it together with Thread Lift .

Irradiation treatment with mild downtime

  • Thermage (radio waves, RF, high frequency)
  • Ulthera, Doublo, Ultra Forma III (ultrasound, HIFU)
  • Skin tight (near infrared rays)
  • Genesis (laser)

Irradiation treatment aims for a tightening effect by adding heat stimulation. There is no step that hurts the skin such as using a scalpel or inserting a thread, so pain and downtime are mild . Therefore, the effect of eliminating sagging is mild, and it can be said that it is a treatment method for sagging with mild symptoms .

Unlike thread lift, regular continuation is required

Sagging treatment by irradiation with less downtime and less pain has a mild effect. While the thread lift is effective in one session, regular continuation of treatment is required to realize the effect of irradiation treatment .

When used in combination with thread lift to eliminate skin concerns

The site where the thread was inserted can be treated after 2 to 3 weeks, but it may be possible to perform simultaneous treatment on the site where the thread was inserted and another site .

Pull up the sagging skin with a thread lift and regularly maintain the loose fascia with hyphen treatment such as Ulthera, or tighten collagen and elastin with high frequency treatment such as Therma Cool to delay skin aging. By combining lift and irradiation treatment, you can aim for effective sagging improvement.

Thread lift procedure flow and precautions/downtime

(1) Counseling

A doctor will consult with you to determine the area you want to pull up, the type of thread that is best suited, and the number of threads to insert. Please check in advance if you have any concerns or questions regarding the procedure.

(2) Designing the part to be pulled up

Diagnose the part to pull up the slack and design the part to insert the thread and the direction to pull it up.

(3) Local anesthesia and thread insertion

An anesthetic cream or local anesthesia is used on the treatment site to perform the treatment. If you are particularly sensitive to pain, please consult your doctor in advance.
A small insertion opening is made with a needle, and the thread is inserted under the skin using a special needle. Depending on the type of thread and the part to be pulled up, there is also a procedure in which a few centimeters of incision is made in an inconspicuous part such as the hairline and the thread is inserted, but most of the procedures are completed in about an hour.

(4) Apply protective tape and finish treatment

A protective tape is affixed to the area with the needle hole, and the treatment is completed (the needle hole inserted into the shopping thread is very small, so protective tape is not required after the treatment). In most cases, no suturing is required.

Aftercare after thread lift

It is recommended to wait about 3 weeks for laser treatment after thread lift treatment, and about 1 month for esthetics and self-massage. Especially immediately after the treatment, it is important to follow the doctor's instructions such as bathing and self-care, avoiding strenuous exercise and drinking alcohol.

Both the absorbable thread lift and the non-absorbable thread lift are less burdensome to the body than face lift surgery using a scalpel, but in the following cases, please consult a medical institution immediately.

Thread lift risks and side effects

In rare cases, pain may remain, but in that case, there is a possibility of inflammation or infection, so please consult a doctor.

  • Pain, itching, and numbness
  • Pus or inflammation at the thread insertion opening
  • In rare cases, the thread is exposed from the insertion part

In the unlikely event that the thread of the thread lift is exposed, it can be cut with clean scissors, but please do not forcibly pull it out and consult the medical institution where you received the treatment.

Thread lift is a treatment using medical materials not approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Acquisition route of pharmaceuticals: The acquisition route is personal import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
About medicines to be careful about when importing for personal use (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Approval in Japan: Each thread of Threadlift has the same ingredients and effects, and none of them are approved in Japan.
Information on safety in other countries: Side effects of Thread Lift are mainly reported as swelling, edema, heat sensation, redness, pain, internal bleeding, hives, itching, twitching and discomfort.

Thread lift downtime

  • Also, depending on the type of thread, there may be dents where the thread is inserted, but this will disappear in about a week.
  • The strain that pulls up the skin tissue may cause unevenness, but it will get used to it in about a month.
  • Due to the effects of anesthesia, the sensation of the treatment site may become dull, but it will disappear in about a few hours.
  • When the anesthesia wears off, you may feel a tightness, but the discomfort will disappear in about a week.
  • Swelling, internal bleeding, and redness may occur due to the insertion of the needle, but they will disappear in about two weeks.
  • The needle marks will disappear in a few days, but if they bother you, it is safe to wear a mask.
  • In addition, make-up, face wash, and shower are possible from the next day. Bathing is possible after the swelling subsides.

Those who cannot receive a thread lift

  • those who are pregnant
  • Those with skin inflammation

Also, if you are receiving other beauty treatments, please consult a medical institution.

To avoid mistakes in thread lift

Duration and downtime of thread lift (thread lift) that pulls up slack with thread

Some of the people who underwent thread lift said, "I didn't get the expected effect" and "It was accompanied by strong pain and swelling." must be

Choose a medical institution that will carefully explain not only the effects after insertion, but also the risks and side effects, and if you have any questions or concerns, please consult with counseling.

In addition, in thread lift treatment, it is necessary to check the balance of each person's different bone structure and facial fat distribution, so a plastic surgeon who can perform cosmetic surgery for the purpose of improving appearance is safe .

In the unlikely event that the result is "not what you wanted" or "I want to correct it" , there are medical institutions that will correct it for free, so it is safe to check in advance whether they are responding to corrections .

Doctor Spa Clinic Thread Lift

Mr. Yoshiro Suzuki, who supervised the article, taught me about thread lifts.

What kind of problems are thread lifts suitable for?
Dr. Yoshiro Suzuki
I think that it is suitable for those who have started to worry about sagging because the firmness of the whole face has decreased somehow.
How often should the absorbent thread be treated?
Dr. Yoshiro Suzuki
I think that you can expect better effects to last if you receive it at a pace of about once a year.
Is thread lift a fixable (redo) procedure?
Dr. Yoshiro Suzuki
If it pulls up too much, loosen it with a massage.
If the lift-up effect is insufficient, it can be corrected by adding threads.
Please tell me the treatment fee at Dr. Spa Clinic.
Dr. Yoshiro Suzuki
The fee for thread lift treatment at our clinic varies depending on the part to be lifted. The price is about 200,000 yen to 400,000 yen.
When doing a thread lift according to the person's slack in total, 440,000 yen (400,000 yen excluding tax) for 1/3 of the face, 660,000 yen (excluding tax) for 2/3 The price is 600,000 yen), and the total price is set at 880,000 yen (800,000 yen excluding tax).
Please give a message to those who are wondering whether to receive a thread lift from now on.
Dr. Yoshiro Suzuki
It is an epoch-making treatment that improves sagging without putting a scalpel on the face.
It is a treatment that does not leave scars and has short downtime, so please consider once if you are concerned about sagging.
Thank you, Dr. Yoshiro Suzuki!

Introduction of supervising doctor

Dr. Yoshiro Suzuki is the director of Dr. Spa Clinic and is attracting attention as the first doctor in Japan to perform the cable suture method, which is a midface rejuvenation surgery. We specialize in rejuvenation surgery such as facelifts, and pursue total anti-aging. We also have a wealth of experience and achievements in eye plastic surgery and nose plastic surgery. A leader in aesthetic medicine.