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Skin turnover that knows the number and frequency of effective HydraFacials




Hidemasa Shinohara
Dr. Hidemasa Shinohara

Skin Refine Clinic Ginza

Regular member of the Japanese Society of Plastic Surgery Certified specialist Regular member of the Japanese Society of Clinical Dermatology Regular member of the Japanese Society of Cranial Forehead Surgery

hydra facial Skin disorders such as "I'm worried about my pores" and "My skin has lost its firmness and dullness has appeared" may be caused by the disturbance of the cycle of skin turnover (metabolism) due to the accumulation of old keratin and excess sebum. I can't.

Improvements may be seen by reviewing lifestyle habits such as eating and sleeping and skin care methods, but with HydraFacial, it is possible to remove old keratin and excess sebum in pores in just 30 minutes . . It is said that regular treatment helps to regulate the disordered turnover cycle, so acne, fine wrinkles, spots and dullness are less likely to occur.

There is no pain during the treatment, and there is no downtime after treatment such as rough skin, so even those who are new to cosmetic medicine can receive it without resistance. It is also said to be more effective. Therefore, it can be expected to be effective not only for those who are new to cosmetic medicine, but also for those who regularly receive cosmetic medicine.

By knowing the mechanism of removing dirt from the skin with HydraFacial, the mechanism of regulating the turnover cycle, and the necessary number of times and frequency , you can expect the effect of HydraFacial and synergistic effect with irradiation treatment.

Dr. Shinohara, the leading Hydrafacial, Skin Refine Clinic

Hydrafacial to exfoliate while moisturizing

HydraFacial swirling water flow HydraFacial treatment is also called water peeling, and it takes only 30 minutes to use the power of water flow to soften the skin and remove dirt, "cleansing", exfoliating "peeling", and removing excess sebum. We will carry out the process of "deep cleansing" to wash the pores by floating, and "moisturizing" to moisturize.

By removing old keratin and excess sebum in the pores that are difficult to remove with daily face washing, the skin becomes smoother immediately after the treatment, and you can feel that the makeup has improved.

In addition, even men's skin, which is generally said to be thicker than women's skin, can be expected to remove dirt and improve rough skin by taking care of it with HydraFacial.

The reason why HydraFacial removes dirt firmly with less stimulating treatment

HydraFacial is a peeling machine developed by an American medical device manufacturer, and its safety and efficacy are recognized by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), which is equivalent to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as well as CE (EU member country standards). .

The reason why HydraFacial removes dirt without causing pain or irritation during the treatment is that it uses three different types of medicinal solutions rich in beauty ingredients and patented peeling and cleansing. It is located at the tip of the machine that enhances the effect .

There is "Hydra Gentle" as a machine that performs peeling treatment with water flow like HydraFacial, but HydraFacial is a different machine.

HydraFacial is an unapproved medical device by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare .
Acquisition route of pharmaceuticals: The acquisition route is personal import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
About medicines to be careful about when importing for personal use (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Approval in Japan: There is no medical device that has the same performance and action as HydraFacial and has been approved in Japan.
International Safety Information: The manufacturing facility and design of HydraFacial are believed to have been approved by the US FDA. [*1]
HydraFacial (formerly Edge Systems)
In addition, we have received approval from the CSA Group, which can be confirmed in the product manual. [*2]

[*2] https://hydrafacialconnect.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/HydraFacial-Tower-User-Guide.pdf (page 36 of the product manual): CSA Group approval

HydraFacial medicinal liquid rich in beauty ingredients

skin solution HydraFacial treatment uses water flow, but it is not just water that is used for treatment. We use a medicinal liquid called "skin solution" that contains antioxidant, moisturizing and soothing ingredients .

Each skin solution is divided into three treatment steps of HydraFacial.

Step1: Deep cleansing + peeling

Skin solutions "Activ-4™" and "Glysal™": The former contains ingredients that remove dirt and improve wrinkles, while the latter contains ingredients that exfoliate.

Step2: Pore care + moisturizing

Skin solution "Beta-HD™": Contains ingredients that remove keratin plugs and excess sebum and moisturize

Step 3: Introduction of serum + protection

Skin Solution "Antiox+™": Contains ingredients that moisturize, soothe the skin and have antioxidant properties

Patented "hydro peel tip" that enhances peeling and cleansing effects

HydraFacial Handpiece HydraFacial is performed by attaching a patented hydro-peel tip, which has a special spiral structure, to the tip of the part that is held by the hand called the handpiece.

The spiral shape of the tip turns the skin solution into a swirling stream of water that moisturizes and sucks at the same time, lifting sebum and dirt to cleanse deep into the pores .

hydro peel tip In addition, the multiple edges (blades) attached to the tip scrape the skin to remove dead skin cells. The removed dirt and dead skin cells are sucked out along with the dirty skin solution waste through a dedicated exit hole.

The chips are disposable, and blue chips, light blue chips, and clear chips are used depending on the treatment process of HydraFacial.

Chips and medicinal solutions that can be used in the three steps of HydraFacial

process [Step 1]
Deep cleansing + peeling
[Step 2]
Pore care + moisturizing
[Step 3]
Serum introduction + protection
chips blue tip of hydro peel tipLight blue tip of hydro peel tipclear tip of hydro peel tip
Solution (medicine) Activ-4™
Beta-HD™ Antiox+™
Ingredients of solution
  • Glucosamine HCL: Exfoliation
  • Lactic acid: exfoliation
  • Yeast extract: tightening and improving wrinkles
    • Glycolic Acid (Gly): Exfoliation
    • Salicylic Acid (Sal): Exfoliation

Gly 7.5% Sal 2% pH 3.4 is usually used, and Gly 15% Sal 1.5% pH 3.1 is used pinpointedly for areas where you want to thoroughly remove dirt.

Glycolic acid and salicylic acid are commonly used chemical peeling agents that remove dead skin cells .

  • Pentylene glycol: moisturizing
  • Salicylic acid: peeling
  • Honey extract: moisturizing
  • Spirea Extract: Soothes and smoothes skin with natural salicylic acid
  • Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing
  • Peptides (Copper PCA, Zinc PCA, MgPCA): Prevent wrinkles and bring elasticity to skin
  • Arnica Flower Extract: Anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, soothing
  • Green tea extract: anti-inflammatory, soothing
  • Horse chestnut extract: antioxidant

Skin problems that can be improved with HydraFacial

  • Acne/acne scars
  • Open pores and blackheads
  • Black spots on the nose (strawberry nose)
  • Fine wrinkles
  • My skin has lost its firmness
  • dull skin
  • I want to improve the penetration of makeup glue and lotion
  • skin stiffness
  • Pimples and bumps on the back and upper arms
  • freckles

Areas where HydraFacial can be applied

  • whole face
  • face t zone
  • Decollete (including neck)
  • upper arm
  • back

The nose is a part of the face that has many pores (sebaceous glands) and is prone to excessive secretion of sebum. When old keratin and sebum accumulate in the pores and mix with dirt, it becomes a keratin plug and closes the pores. Over time in this state, the sebum will oxidize and appear as black dots.

HydraFacial also removes the blackened sebum that accumulates in the pores. In addition, it is said that when the turnover cycle is adjusted with HydraFacial, the old stratum corneum is peeled off, so it is difficult for sebum to remain in pores due to clogged pores.

HydraFacial can be used not only on the face but also on the upper arms and back. The back has many pores (sebaceous glands) and sebum secretion is active, so it is easy to get acne repeatedly. HydraFacial removes keratin, dirt, and sebum clogged in pores, leading to improvement of acne on the back.

Hydra facial that enhances the treatment effect by performing it before other treatments

For example, before light (IPL) treatment that thins spots and improves redness, removing the wall of old keratin with HydraFacial makes it easier to target the red pigments of melanin and hemoglobin that cause spots and redness. increase.

If you thoroughly remove dirt with HydraFacial before irradiation treatment, such as "Receive HydraFacial before pico laser (pico fractional, pico toning)", it will be easier to remove light and laser than receive treatment with old keratin remaining. , the energy source such as high frequency will be easier to reach .

In addition to irradiation treatment, if you receive HydraFacial treatment before "iontophoresis" or "ultrasound introduction treatment" that penetrates the active ingredients of the skin such as vitamin C and tranexamic acid into the skin, the introduction effect is said to increase.

Since HydraFacial does not have the effect of raising sagging, it is possible to aim for the effect of raising sagging while improving skin quality by combining it with HIFU, which is known as a treatment to improve sagging.

Cycle of turnover with HydraFacial

structure of the epidermis The skin has a three-layer structure from the outside: the epidermis layer, the dermis layer, and the subcutaneous tissue. It is divided into four layers: , basal layer.

When new cells are created in the basal layer, which is the lowest layer of the epidermis, they rise steadily and eventually become dirt and peel off. The cycle from when cells in the epidermis layer are born to when they fall off is called skin metabolism or turnover.

Skin cells are constantly renewed by a turnover cycle of approximately 28 days .

The epidermis consists of 4 layers from the bottom: basal layer, spinous layer, granular layer, and stratum corneum. Keratinocytes formed in the stratum basale gradually change their shape and rise, become dead, non-nucleated cells in the stratum corneum, and finally become exfoliated. This metabolic process, which generally takes about four weeks, is called epidermal turnover.

Source: Relationship between skin aging and wrinkles from a mechanical perspective

Cycle of turnover that can be disrupted

A normal turnover cycle is necessary to maintain healthy skin free from dead skin cells and excess sebum accumulation. However, the turnover cycle can be disturbed unexpectedly easily by factors such as aging, lifestyle habits such as sleep and diet, and external stimuli such as sunburn caused by ultraviolet rays and dryness caused by air conditioning .

If the turnover is slow, the keratin becomes dirt and it becomes difficult to peel off, so the stratum corneum becomes thicker. You will end up with it. The following skin troubles are caused by this kind of disturbance in the turnover cycle.

  • Clogged pores make them stand out and make acne and rough skin more likely to occur
  • As keratin accumulates, the skin becomes hard and stiff.
  • Since the melanin pigment remains without being discharged, the spots increase and the skin looks dull
  • Sensitive to dryness and prone to trouble

Even if you spend a lot of time washing your face with soap every day, you can't get rid of the dirt in your pores. Dirt and keratin that cannot be removed by washing your face will accumulate more and more if you leave it alone. Even if you brush your teeth every day, you can keep your teeth healthy by cleaning your teeth regularly at the dentist. You can save your skin.

It is said that when the turnover cycle is adjusted by removing dirt from the skin with HydraFacial, the skin will be in a state where acne, fine wrinkles, spots and dullness are less likely to occur .

Difference between HydraFacial and chemical peel

In addition to HydraFacial, chemical peeling is a method of removing dead skin cells and regulating the cycle of skin turnover. In chemical peeling, agents such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid are applied to the skin to dissolve the keratin and wipe it off, but some people may experience dryness or rough skin due to the fact that the agents do not suit their skin or remove old keratin.

HydraFacial, on the other hand, has very little time for the exfoliant to remain on the skin and dissolve dead skin cells.

Skin solutions containing salicylic acid and glycolic acid, which are used in chemical peeling agents, are also used, but the power of the water flow created by the specially structured tip and handpiece removes old keratin and stubborn dirt, so it does not irritate the skin. is minimal. The feature of HydraFacial is that it not only removes old keratin and dirt, but also moisturizes with serum ingredients at the same time .

Difference from collagen peel

Although it is classified as peeling, there is a treatment that does not cause a frosting effect, which means peeling of the skin, and works on the dermis of the skin instead of the skin surface to obtain an effect. That is "collagen peel".

Collagen peel stimulates fibroblasts, which are the source of collagen production, so it can be said that the treatment effect is to improve the firmness of the skin by promoting collagen production . In the treatment, it is also called "massage peel" or "PRX-T33" because the drug "PRX-T33" is penetrated while massaging.

“Milan Repeat” is a peeling treatment that promotes collagen production, just like collagen peel, and Milan Repeat has different drug concentrations for face and body preparations.

The difference between Collagen Peel (Massage Peel, PRX-T33), Milano Repeat and HydraFacial is the treatment effect. If you want to remove old keratin and improve pore problems, choose HydraFacial, and if you want to improve the firmness of your skin, choose Collagen Peel .

Treatment that can be received in combination with HydraFacial

There are the following treatments for tightening pores, but a synergistic effect can be expected by combining with HydraFacial . It is said that the treatment effect will be enhanced by performing HydraFacial to remove old keratin and dirt, and then receiving treatment.

dermapen 4

Dermapen 4 is a treatment that uses the ``natural healing power'' to repair needle holes by making fine holes on the skin surface with ultra-fine needles. When Dermapen 4 creates high-density needle holes of appropriate size and depth, the entire skin can be regenerated, which can be expected to improve pores, acne scars, and fine wrinkles.

Dermapen 4 can optionally combine various serums. It is characterized by making it easier for active ingredients to reach deep inside the skin by making a hole in the skin with a needle, and "velvet skin", which is performed in combination with collagen peel, is one of them.

fractional laser

A fractional laser emits a point-like laser beam. By mixing the part that is hit by the laser and the part that is not hit (normal skin), the part that is not hit helps the damaged part recover, and it is said that the recovery tends to be faster than the planar irradiation. It is said.

With fractional lasers, when the skin is damaged by irradiation, the tissue is rebuilt , leading to improvement of pores, acne scars, wrinkles and scars. Redness and swelling may appear for about 3 days, and it will come off in about a week, but scabs will form, so it is a procedure with downtime.

plasma treatment

Matter changes from solid to liquid to gas as its temperature rises. The next state after gas is plasma, which is also called the fourth state of matter. Unlike conventional lasers, plasma does not react to pigments such as melanin pigments and moisture present in the skin, so it can deliver energy to deep areas while suppressing damage to the epidermis .

Plasma treatment has a machine called Neogen, and in the dermis of the skin, fibroblasts are stimulated to promote the production of collagen, which can be expected to improve open pores and acne scars. Accelerating turnover in the epidermis of the skin promotes the discharge of melanin pigment. In addition, it is said to be effective for acne-prone skin due to its bactericidal action.

HydraFacial is also compatible with plasma treatment, and it is possible to work on the epidermis and dermis of the skin by removing surface dirt with HydraFacial and promoting collagen production in the dermis with plasma treatment.

Although it is sometimes compared to fractional laser as a treatment to improve pores, plasma treatment has almost no downtime.


Genesis is a treatment that irradiates a wide area with a 1064 nm long-pulse Nd:YAG laser. Since this wavelength reaches the shallow part of the dermis layer, it is slowly absorbed by melanin, hemoglobin, and tissue moisture, and by activating collagen production, it can be expected to tighten pores and improve firmness and texture.

Genesis is performed by a method called "hollow irradiation" that irradiates 1 cm to 2 cm away from the skin. Basically, the output is set low, so the risk of burns is reduced .

Flow of HydraFacial treatment and required number of times and fee

(1) Counseling

Please check the detailed explanation of HydraFacial and check the unknown points such as what kind of effect can be expected.

(2) Cleansing

In the case of treatment around the face, remove makeup.

(3) Treatment

HydraFacial is painless and does not require anesthesia. Treatment is about 30 minutes.

(4) Termination

Make-up can be applied immediately after the treatment.

Number and Frequency of HydraFacials

HydraFacial is a treatment that many people can feel the effect of brightening the skin tone and improving the makeup application even once by removing old keratin and keratin plugs.

In addition, it is said that by continuing the treatment once a month about 5 times according to the turnover of the skin, the turnover cycle will be adjusted and the healthy skin condition will be maintained.

Hydrafacial treatment fee

For the face, it costs about 15,000 to 20,000 yen, and for the back, it costs about 30,000 to 50,000 yen . Since HydraFacial treatment is a free medical treatment, the fee varies depending on the medical institution.

Precautions for HydraFacial

Side effects (risks) and precautions

In rare cases , you may feel peeling, mild tightness, or tingling due to peeling. In rare cases, redness may occur, but it will subside in about 30 minutes.

If the peeling procedure is performed within a month, the skin becomes sensitive, so it is recommended to wait for about 2 weeks.

Those who may not be able to receive HydraFacial

  • Those who are pregnant (lactating) or may become pregnant
  • Those with severe skin inflammation
  • Those with an aspirin allergy
  • Those with excessive sunburn
  • Those who are using external medicines containing ingredients such as tretinoin or diferin gel that exfoliate, benzoyl peroxide, adapalene, or clindamycin that are said to improve acne.
  • Those taking isotretinoin, which is used to treat acne
  • Those who are doing Zeo Skin Health (skin care at home)

If you think that any of the above apply to you, or if you have any other concerns, please consult your doctor at the time of your examination.

In addition, you can receive HydraFacial treatment even if you are undergoing injection treatment such as hyaluronic acid, botulinum injection, or water light injection before the day of HydraFacial treatment. In addition, it is possible to perform injection treatment on the same day as HydraFacial treatment, so if you wish, please consult with the medical institution or doctor who will receive the treatment.

Cases where HydraFacial is “not effective” or “symptoms worsen”

With HydraFacial, the more dirt and old keratin remains on the skin surface, the easier it is to feel the effect of the treatment. Therefore , if you are doing a thorough cleaning of your skin, such as regularly undergoing peeling, you may feel that the effect is insufficient .

HydraFacial is a treatment that can be received regardless of gender or age, but in areas with purulent acne or melasma, the symptoms may worsen due to the stimulation of the treatment . Liver spots are difficult to distinguish from normal spots, so if you are worried, please consult a doctor before the procedure.

Symptom often seen in women "melasma"

It is most commonly seen in women in their 30s to 50s. In addition to overproduction of melanin due to ultraviolet rays, it is said to be caused by many factors such as female hormone imbalance and skin rubbing irritation. not.

It is characterized by a bilaterally symmetrical inverted triangular area from the bottom of the eye to the cheek, but in some cases it is difficult to distinguish it from senile pigment spots caused by ultraviolet rays or pigment spots such as ADM.

It tends to be aggravated by stimulation, and most laser treatments that are said to improve senile pigment spots are contraindicated for melasma.

A medical institution with an option menu if you want to receive HydraFacial

HydraFacial has an option menu, but not all medical institutions can choose the option menu. If you choose a medical institution with an option menu, you will be able to experience a higher effect of HydraFacial .

HydraFacial Option Menu

Lymphatic drainage prior to HydraFacial

If you perform lymph drainage before HydraFacial, you can expect the effect of helping the discharge of toxins, detoxifying the skin, leading to improvement of swelling, and the effect of relaxation .

Introduction of active ingredients

In the HydraFacial treatment process, the effect can be further enhanced by introducing the following active ingredients according to the skin type.

active ingredient action
Derma Builder™ Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness and brings firmness to the skin.
Britenol® At the same time as taking care of blemishes and freckles, it evens out skin tone and brings about whitening.

LED light therapy irradiation

After STEP 3, it is said that by irradiating the LED light therapy, the nutrient-rich beauty ingredients are surely absorbed into the pores. There are two LED lights, and you can also irradiate two at the same time.

LED light action
red LED Light with a wavelength of 600nm to 1000nm reduces wrinkles and fine lines and improves skin texture.
blue LED The light with a wavelength of 420nm kills acne-causing bacteria and improves oily skin.

HydraFacial Keravive

"HydraFacial Keravive" is a treatment that uses HydraFacial technology to remove dirt using water flow for scalp care. By removing old keratin accumulated on the scalp and taking care of poor blood circulation and dryness, you can aim for a healthy hair quality .

HydraFacial Keravive is performed in the following three steps, including home care.

  1. Cleanses the dirt clogged in the scalp and pores
  2. Promoting blood circulation and nutritional supplementation
  3. Home care (spray peptide complex spray daily for 30 days)

It is important to refrain from shampooing for about 12 hours on the day of the treatment because it takes time for the nutrients to be absorbed. In addition, the scalp may be rough before the treatment, and the scalp is delicate after the treatment, so it is necessary to refrain from hair coloring and perming for 2 weeks before and after the treatment.

It is recommended to continue the treatment once a month for 3 months.

hydra facial park eye

After removing the dirt, you can expect to improve the dryness and dullness of the eyes by introducing a serum containing the following ingredients to the eyes.

  • Horse chestnut seed extract: Antioxidant action
  • Arnica Flower Extract: Soothes and moisturizes skin
  • Citric acid: action to remove swelling and whitening effect

hydrafacial park lip

A lip treatment that removes old keratin from the lips and introduces a beauty essence , leading to plump and ruddy lips in about 10 minutes. A lip serum (treatment vial) containing the following ingredients is used, but the remaining serum can be taken home, so you can continue your home care.

  • Peppermint oil: promotes blood circulation and gives firmness
  • Peony extract: Tones skin and tone up with antioxidant action
  • Aloe leaf extract: softens and moisturizes skin

In addition, HydraFacial's new device "HydraFacial Elite ML" is equipped with the programs "Carebeave", "Parkeye" and "Parklip".

Hydrafacial at Skin Refine Clinic Ginza

Case photo of HydraFacial
<Treatment fee for the above photo: 22,000 yen (tax included) 5,500 yen discount for the first time and when using laser, etc.>

Dr. Hidekatsu Shinohara, who supervised the article, taught me about HydraFacial.

Who is HydraFacial suitable for?
Dr. Hidekatsu Shinohara
It is recommended for those who are concerned about rough skin such as acne and dryness, and for those who receive phototherapy or laser treatment on a regular basis. If you remove unnecessary dirt and keratin with HydraFacial before irradiation treatment, the energy of irradiation treatment can reach deep into the skin.
do you feel any pain?
Dr. Hidekatsu Shinohara
There is very little pain during and after the procedure. No anesthesia required.
What is the ideal frequency of treatments?
Dr. Hidekatsu Shinohara
A good rule of thumb is to repeat 5-6 times once a month, but there is no limit to the number of times you can take it. Regular maintenance is recommended. Some people even feel the effect of improving the makeup application immediately after a single treatment.
Please tell me the precautions and downtime before and after the treatment.
Dr. Hidekatsu Shinohara
Depending on the condition of your skin, you may experience temporary peeling or tightness, but this will subside within a few days. Also, if you want to receive other peeling treatments such as chemical peels at the same time, please consult with your doctor about the details.
How much does HydraFacial cost?
Dr. Hidekatsu Shinohara
The first time is 16,500 yen (tax included), and the second and subsequent times are 22,000 yen (tax included).
Please give a message to those who will receive HydraFacial from now on.
Dr. Hidekatsu Shinohara
The treatment menu of cosmetic dermatology has really increased, and now it has become possible to easily improve various problems. However, there may still be many people who are hesitant to take the first step because there are too many options to choose from, and prices vary greatly depending on the clinic and menu.
HydraFacial is a gentle treatment that is highly recommended not only for those who have skin concerns, but also for beginners who want to start taking care of their skin. There are similar treatments, but please note that there is a difference in the treatment effect.
It may be a good idea to search for a clinic from HydraFacial Japan's Instagram or website.
It's a very popular treatment for men and women of all ages, whether it's for daily care or to prepare your skin just before an event.
Thank you, Professor Shinohara!

Introduction of supervising doctor

Dr. Hidekatsu Shinohara, who founded Skin Refine Clinic and is the director of Skin Refine Clinic Ginza. In hyaluronic acid injection and Botox injection, he provides guidance to doctors as an injection instructor. As a specialist certified by the Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, he provides careful counseling and performs a wide range of treatments, from injection treatment to laser treatment and phototherapy.