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Face and body effects of lipolytic injections and different symptoms of inflammation and swelling...



Fat dissolving injection into the face

Fat dissolving injection is one of the medical diet treatment methods (slimming treatment performed at medical institutions), which is said to destroy and dissolve fat cells simply by injecting a drug directly into the subcutaneous fat of the face or body .

It has the effect of adjusting the line without using a scalpel by acting on excess fat such as under the chin and upper arm, which is said to be difficult to lose weight on a normal diet such as dietary restrictions, but "I do not know the effect" "Internal bleeding occurs There are many reports such as "I have done it."

It is important to understand not only the effects of fat dissolving injections, but also downtime and risks so that you will not regret it with fat dissolving injections for small face treatment and partial thinning.

Effect and mechanism of lipolytic injection to reduce adipocytes

Unlike liposuction, lipolytic injection does not use anesthesia or a scalpel / suction tube. Therefore, the downtime such as swelling and swelling after the treatment is short, the body parts such as the upper arms and thighs are thinned, and on the face, it acts not only on the chin and cheeks but also on the fat (dango nose) on the nose, and it is refreshing. It is said to lead to the face line .

Fat dissolving injection is also called Mesotherapy, but originally Mesotherapy means "a treatment method in which a drug is directly injected subcutaneously". However, since some clinics use mesotherapy as the treatment name, mesotherapy and lipolytic injection are often treated as synonyms.

Since lipolytic injection is performed with a very fine injection needle, it is a treatment method with relatively little pain, and it is said that there is little damage to blood vessels and nerves like liposuction.

Mechanism of fat reduction by fat dissolving injection

Image illustration of how fat is reduced

Fat dissolving injection is a treatment that aims to reduce the number of fat cells and aim for slimming.

Deoxycholic acid (DOC), a major component of fat-dissolving injections, has the effect of lysing, puncturing and destroying the cell membranes that cover fat cells . Adipocytes are cells that store neutral fat generated in the body, and when the cell membrane is destroyed by lipolytic injection, the stored neutral fat is released and contracts.

Some adipocytes survive with the cell membrane regenerating quickly, but most adipocytes die because the cell membrane does not block immediately and cannot maintain its function and activity as cells. Necrotic fat cells are preyed on and digested by macrophages, which are amoebic white blood cells, and are excreted from the body together with waste products such as urine and stool through blood vessels and lymph vessels .

Various drugs have been developed for fat-dissolving injections, and some of them contain ingredients that improve blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and promote fat metabolism.

References: National Library of Medicine / National Institutes of Health Fat-dissolving injections: Mechanisms, Agents, and Future Directions

Destroyed fat cells do not regenerate

Once destroyed, fat cells do not regenerate.

Symptoms of obesity are caused by swelling of fat cells rather than an increase in fat cells. It is said that the number of fat cells does not increase or decrease in adults, so it can be said that by reducing fat cells by lipolytic injection, the subcutaneous fat of concern is also reduced .

Adipocytes reduced by lipolytic injection do not regenerate

Benefits of slimming with fat dissolving injection

Less worry about rebound

It is said that the fat cells at the site where the drug is injected by lipolytic injection are excreted from the body and the number decreases, and the excreted fat cells do not regenerate . However, if the fat cells that remain unbroken become enlarged due to irregular lifestyles such as overdrinking, eating, and lack of exercise , there is a possibility of rebound . It is important to keep a healthy diet and moderate exercise even after the fat dissolving injection.

Aim for partial thinning

Partial thinning is said to be difficult on a self-styled diet. Unreasonable dietary restrictions reduce basal metabolic rate and make the body difficult to lose weight, so it is not easy to lose weight only in the areas you want to lose while maintaining only the fat you want to keep, such as the chest and hips, even on an exercise diet.

Since fat dissolving injection is said to act only on the fat at the drug injection site, it is possible to aim for partial thinning without difficulty.

Smooth cellulite

The unevenness of the skin that appears on the thighs and hip lines is generally called cellulite, but it has the same structure as other subcutaneous fats. Therefore, it can be said that the unevenness of the skin can be smoothed by injecting a drug into the area where cellulite is a concern by fat dissolving injection to destroy and remove fat cells .

Leading to small face improvement

One of the reasons why it is difficult to remove fat on the face is related to the function of facial muscles.

It is said that about 20% to 30% of facial muscles are used on a daily basis, and if metabolism is reduced by not using muscles, it leads to swelling and sagging fat. However, excessive training of the facial muscles may have the disadvantage of developing the masseter muscles and causing the gills to stretch, so caution is required. The fat dissolving injection procedure destroys and dissolves excess fat on the face , leading to improvement of fat sagging .

As fat dissolving injections around the face, in addition to the small face effect by injection into the face line and cheeks, the effect of passing the nasal muscles and shrinking the nose by injection into the nose, and improving the double chin by injection under the chin You can expect the effect.

What you need to know before performing a fat dissolving injection

Fat dissolving injections have no effect on weight loss

Fat dissolving injections are said to have the effect of reducing fat cells, but they do not cause weight loss. Since fat is less dense and has a lighter specific gravity than water, removing 1 liter of fat will not reduce 1 kg. Fat dissolving injection is not for weight loss, but for adjusting the body line.

Fat dissolving injection requires repeated treatment

Since fat dissolving injection is not a procedure in which changes appear immediately after a single injection , repeated procedures may be required depending on the amount of fat and the site . Since there are individual differences in the amount and number of injections, consult with your doctor and make a reasonable schedule.

According to an overseas survey that analyzed clinical data on lipolytic injections collected from 75 doctors in 17 countries around the world, the total number of patients treated with phosphatidylcholine-based drugs was 17,376. It is shown that the average number of treatments received per patient was about 3 (3.24) [* 3].

The number of treatments required to feel the effect varies depending on the drug used, the original body shape, and the ideal finish, but using the above survey results as an index, the number of treatments required to feel the effect Can be said to be about 3 times on average.

[* 3] Clinical Safety Data and Standards of Practice for Injection Lipolysis: A Retrospective Study: Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Sites that can be treated by fat dissolving injection

Fat dissolving injection can be performed at any site with subcutaneous fat.

Facial fat

Eyelids, under eyes, cheeks, nose, face line, nasolabial fold, mouth, chin, etc.

Indication site for fat dissolving injection_face

Body fat

Upper arm, armpit (front and back), abdomen, waist, waist, back, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, etc.

Indication site for fat dissolving injection_body

Those who are suitable for fat dissolving injection

  • Resistant to major surgery such as liposuction
  • Improvement of fat that makes you feel the thickness of the eyelids
  • I want to clean my nose
  • Improvement of fat sagging of the corners of the mouth and nasolabial fold
  • Improvement of sagging cheeks and face line
  • Improvement of sagging under the chin and double chin
  • Improving fat on your upper arm or bra
  • I want to reduce the volume of the bust
  • I want to trim my waistline
  • Improvement of fat on the knees and calves
  • Improvement of hip and thigh fat
  • Improvement of thick fat on the back
  • I want to lose weight naturally without being noticed by others

Progress and effect after receiving fat dissolving injection and duration

There is no immediate effect, but the effect that begins to appear within 3 days to 1 week after injection

Immediately after receiving the treatment, the drug causes swelling and swelling at the treatment site, but in most cases the swelling subsides within a few days to a week. It is said that the effect can be felt after the swelling has subsided .

In the case of BNLS Ultimate, which is often used mainly for facial fat dissolving injections, most people can feel the effect from about 3 days to 5 days after the treatment when the swelling has subsided at the earliest. However, changes in the course may vary from person to person depending on the type of drug, the site of treatment, the original amount of fat and the amount of metabolism.

Depending on the drug used and the site used, it may take 1 to 2 weeks for the effect to appear.

Duration of effect of lipolytic injection

Since the cell membrane is destroyed and the fat cells that are necrotic and excreted from the body do not regenerate, the effect of making it difficult for the subcutaneous fat at the treatment site to increase is sustained semi-permanently .

However, lipolytic injections do not necrotize all the fat cells present at the injection site.

Continuing an irregular lifestyle, such as drinking, eating, or lacking exercise, can cause the remaining fat cells to grow again . In order to maintain the effect of fat dissolving injection, it is important to keep a healthy diet and proper exercise.

Differences in the components of fat dissolving injections and types of drugs

There are various types of drugs that are said to have a fat-dissolving effect, but they can be broadly divided into drugs containing phosphatidylcholine (PPC) and deoxycholic acid (DOC) and drugs containing plant extracts. I can do it.

Although the same point of destroying and dissolving fat cells, drugs containing plant extracts are often used for facial treatments, and there is less inflammation and swelling compared to drugs containing PPC and DOC. there is.

Main ingredients of fat dissolving injection

Phosphatidylcholine (PPC)

Phosphatidylcholine (PPC), which is often the main component of lipolytic injections, is lecithin, a type of amino acid extracted from soybeans. Originally used as a therapeutic drug for fatty liver and hyperlipidemia, according to a paper describing its effectiveness, it has the effect of lowering cholesterol levels and preventing arteriosclerosis [* 1].

Fat dissolving injections containing PPC as the main component are prone to inflammation and swelling, so it was said that downtime of about 1 to 2 weeks was required. However, it is now being improved and is said to have less inflammation and swelling compared to conventional drugs.

If you are allergic to soybeans, consult your doctor in advance.

[* 1] Lipostabil: The Effect of Phosphatidylcholine on Subcutaneous Fat: Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Deoxycholic acid (DOC)

It is a pharmaceutical ingredient [* 2] approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for its fat-reducing effect on the chin of an adult. Deoxycholic acid (DOC) is a type of bile acid originally contained in human bile, and is said to directly destroy fat cell membranes when injected into the fat site.

According to recent research, it is said that it was not PPC that mainly lysed fat cells, but DOC that was compounded as a lysis aid for PPC.

[* 2] Deoxycholic acid in the submental fat reduction: A review of properties, adverse effects, and complication: National Library of Medicine

Other fat-dissolving agents such as plant extracts

Each pharmaceutical company makes drugs that contain various fat-dissolving ingredients.

There are drugs that do not contain conventional PPC, DOC, etc. and are mainly composed of plant-extracted ingredients that are said to have less inflammation, and drugs that contain deoxycholic acid in the plant-extracted ingredients.

Confirm the ingredients and characteristics of each drug for fat dissolving injection

It is said that all drugs can be injected into both the face and body, but many drugs are not suitable for the face due to inflammation and strong swelling . There are also drugs that specialize in the fat-dissolving effect of the face, so be sure to use the appropriate drug under the diagnosis of your doctor.

Revital cell form
・ PPC as the main component, amino acids, vitamin components, less downtime, and also works to improve swelling
Contour injection
・ Ingredients derived from medical herbs ・ Swelling resistant and almost no downtime
Regen Slim
・ PPC is the main ingredient (not derived from soybeans)
・ DOC is not included and there is relatively little swelling.
・ PPC and DOC are the main components ・ It is said that inflammation and swelling are less than others, and the fat dissolving effect appears earlier.
Lipo bean
・ PPC and DOC are the main components ・ While the effect is stronger than others, swelling and downtime are long. MFDS (Korean Food and Drug Administration) approved formulation
Sagoni Melt
・ DOC as the main component, ginkgo extract component, carnitine, etc. ・ Specialized in double chin treatment. Less swelling and inflammation
Fat X
・ Mainly contains high-concentration DOC, and contains amino acids derived from plant extracts, carnitine, and drugs that promote metabolism. There is downtime of days to weeks, such as swelling and redness
Kai Bella
・ DOC as the main ingredient ・ Approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) as a double chin improvement preparation in April 2015. While the fat dissolving effect under the chin is strong, there is swelling and several days of downtime. KYBELLA® manufacturer official website
・ Carnitine and artichoke extract ingredients are mixed with high concentration DOC as the main component. ・ A drug with high concentration of Kaibella's active ingredient DOC. There is little swelling and inflammation, and not only double chin improvement but also whole body slimming treatment is possible.
・ Main ingredients are plant extracts such as medical herbs and seaweed. ・ It is said to have excellent skin tightening and metabolism, and is suitable for small face treatment with less inflammation and swelling.
・ DOC is added to BNLS ・ Improved BNLS. There is almost no downtime such as inflammation and swelling, and it has a fat dissolving effect in a few days.
BNLS Ultimate
・ From BNLS Neo, the amount of deoxycholic acid, which has the function of inflaming and destroying the cell membrane covering adipocytes, has been increased. ・ By containing deoxycholic acid at the maximum concentration that does not cause side effects, the effect of lipolysis is improved.
・ Carnitine, caffeine, and alpha lipoic acid are added to PPC and DOC. ・ Metabolic ingredients are added to conventional drugs. It is said that pain and swelling are less likely to occur.
Chinsera Plus
・ The active ingredient deoxycholic acid, which dissolves fat, is blended in a high concentration of 0.8%, so while firmly destroying fat cells, pain and swelling are minimized, and fat is reduced efficiently, resulting in downtime. Is short

Domestic approval status for lipolytic injection drugs

The drug for fat dissolving injection is an unapproved drug by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Drug acquisition route: The acquisition route is individual import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
Drugs to be aware of when importing personally (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Approval in Japan : There is no fat dissolving injection drug approved in Japan.

Treatment interval and cost of fat dissolving injection by drug Market price / number of injections

Injection volume and treatment interval of fat dissolving injection

Fat dissolving injection requires repeated treatment depending on the amount of fat and the site, but the fat cells at the site where the fat dissolving injection was performed do not regenerate, and even if the treatment period is long, the fat dissolving effect in the next treatment It is said that there is no problem .

In addition, the treatment period, number of times, and injection amount vary depending on the treatment site, slimming target, and the drug for fat dissolving injection, but the facial treatment has less fat than the body, so it is completed with one treatment. In some cases,

Drugs containing PPC / DOC Drugs containing plant extracts
Feature Although there are individual differences, it is said that it may cause inflammation and swelling. It is often used on the face and is said to have less inflammation and swelling compared to PPC and DOC.
Injection amount of one treatment About 2 to 10 injections (depending on the drug and treatment site). Maximum injection amount is about 5 faces and 50 bodies
Treatment interval Injection is possible after 1 to 2 weeks Can be injected every other week

Fat-dissolving injections containing plant extracts are said to have less inflammation and swelling than PPC and DOC, but there are individual differences in side effects. Please follow the diagnosis of the doctor in charge regarding the treatment site and the number of treatments.

Estimated market price and number of injections for fat dissolving injection

For fat dissolving injection, the drug is injected into the treatment site in several times within the range of one postcard size (10 cm x 15 cm) with one injection.

Drugs containing PPC / DOC Drugs containing plant extracts
price About 20,000 yen per bottle About 10,000 yen per bottle
Part Number Number of times Number Number of times
Eyelids (around the eyes) One 1 time ~ 1 ~ 1 time ~
nose 1 ~ 3 times ~ 2-4 1 time ~
Cheeks (both) 1-2 3 times ~ 2-4 1 time ~
Nasolabial fold (both) 1-2 3 times ~ 2-4 1 time ~
Face line 2-3 3 times ~ 2-4 1 time ~
Double chin 1 to 3 3 times ~ 3-5 1 time ~
neck 1 ~ 3 times ~ 2-3 1 time ~
Upper arm (both) 5 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ 1 time ~
back 4 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ 1 time ~
stomach 4 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ 1 time ~
West 4 ~ 3 times ~ 10 ~ 1 time ~
Hips (both) 8 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ 1 time ~
Thighs (both) 8 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ 1 time ~
Knees (both) 2 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ 1 time ~
Calf (both) 8 ~ 3 times ~ 10 ~ 1 time ~
Ankle (both) 2 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ 1 time ~

Pain, downtime, risk and precautions of fat dissolving injection

Reduces pain during treatment with needles and anesthesia that are less painful

For fat-dissolving injections, use an extra-fine injection needle with a pointed needle that is less likely to cause pain, or a cannula (blunt needle) with a rounded needle tip and a needle hole next to which the drug comes out. , Inject intradermally into areas where fat on the face or body is a concern.

Since the tip of the cannula (blunt needle) is round, it is difficult to damage small blood vessels, so it is said that there is a low risk of internal bleeding and redness . The cannula (blunt needle) has a soft and flexible needle and a needle hole on the side where the drug comes out. You can reduce the number of times.

Cannula to relieve the pain of fat dissolving injections

In addition, depending on the medical institution, pain can be alleviated by surface anesthesia or laughing anesthesia. The types of injection needles and anesthesia that are handled by each medical institution differ, and there may be an optional fee, so if you are concerned about pain, please check with each medical institution in advance.

According to an evaluation of mesotherapy solutions for inducing lipolysis and treating cellulite , the anesthetic lidocaine is anti-lipolytic and needs to be removed from mesotherapy solutions designed for local lipolysis. There is.

An evaluation of mesotherapy solutions for inducing lipolysis and treating cellulite

Fat dissolving injection downtime

Fat-dissolving injections may cause swelling and internal bleeding at the site of treatment for several days immediately after the injection .

Depending on the type of drug, the downtime for swelling and internal bleeding at the injection site to subside will vary. Some drugs have almost no downtime, while others have a week or two of downtime.

In general, drugs with a high content of deoxycholic acid (DOC), which is said to be highly effective in reducing fat cells, can be expected to be more effective, but downtime tends to be longer .

If you expect the desired effect of facial fat dissolving injection, one treatment is mild, but multiple treatments are performed using a drug containing a plant extract component with less swelling and short downtime. I am relieved.

Side effects and risks of lipolytic injections

It is said that side effects and risks occur less frequently in lipolytic injections. However, it cannot be said that there is a possibility of causing serious side effects depending on the constitution. Be sure to tell your doctor about your physical condition and allergies before receiving any treatment.

  • Swelling, heat, redness, dull pain, itching (it is said to improve in about a week)
  • Rarely lumps at the injection site (it is said to improve in a few months)
  • Internal bleeding at the injection site
  • Rarely fever of about 2 to 3 days
  • Allergic symptoms depending on the constitution

If an unfamiliar practitioner accidentally injects a drug into the muscle layer, it is said to be quite painful. In particular, delicate techniques are required to inject drugs into the face, which has a low fat content. It is important to choose a doctor who is familiar with anatomy and has a proven track record of lipolytic injections.

References: Fat-dissolving injections: A systematic review of the 14-year combination of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid and our experience in 1269 patients from India and Southeast Asia.

Precautions after fat dissolving injection

  • Please refrain from excessive exercise and drinking alcohol on the day of the procedure.
  • Please refrain from sauna, pool and bathing. The shower is said to be fine.
  • In the case of facial treatment, you can make up immediately after the treatment by avoiding the injection site.
  • Keep hydrated to reduce inflammation.

Those who cannot receive fat dissolving injection

  • Pregnant and lactating
  • Diabetes, heart disease, renal disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperthyroidism, etc.
  • People with soy allergies are not eligible for PPC treatment.

Flow of fat dissolving injection

The treatment time varies depending on the injection site of the fat dissolving injection, but it will be completed in about 5 to 20 minutes without anesthesia.

(1) Diagnosis by doctor

Tell the doctor about the treatment site, the ideal line, and the presence or absence of soybean allergies. If you have any concerns or concerns, resolve them at the time of counseling.

(2) Anesthesia

It is said that there is relatively little pain due to injection with a very fine needle, but those who are not good at injection or who are vulnerable to pain should be anesthetized with anesthesia cream. Although there are individual differences, pain with a feeling of heat or pain similar to muscle pain may continue for 1 to 2 weeks immediately after the procedure.

(3) Treatment

Inject the drug into the area where you are concerned about fat. At this time, if you have any abnormalities such as pain, tell the doctor immediately.

(4) After treatment

After confirming hemostasis at the injection site, the procedure is completed. In addition, some medical institutions may give a massage to enhance the effect of the drug.

Aftercare to enhance the effect of fat dissolving injection

Massage of the treatment area

After the treatment, it is said that by massaging the injection site, the drug spreads to the fat layer and promotes the excretion of fat cells . However, if you have pain or swelling, it is important to refrain from massaging and rest.

Do aerobic exercise when the swelling subsides

When the swelling and pain after the treatment subside, it is said that aerobic exercise such as jogging and swimming enhances the slimming effect in order to increase metabolism .

Since aerobic exercise improves the basal metabolic rate, it is said that the neutral fat released from adipocytes by the action of lipolytic injection is easily excreted from the body.

Treatment that can be expected to have a synergistic effect when used in combination with fat dissolving injection

Improvement of gill tension by botulinum injection

Some people who want to have a small face have overdeveloped masseter muscles (muscles used when chewing) and the gills appear to be tense, but botulinum injection can be expected to improve the tension of the gills .

Botulinum injection works to weaken muscle contraction. This alleviates the overdevelopment of the muscles in the gills and leads to a small face.

By injecting botulinum for the tension of the gills and using the lipolytic injection for the subcutaneous fat part such as the slack in the chin, a synergistic effect of adjusting the face line can be expected.

Thread lift hyphen that pulls up slack

If you have a lot of fat on your cheeks and are worried about the sagging of the nasolabial fold or the marionette line around your mouth, you can use a thread lift that pulls up the sagging by passing a thread under the skin after reducing the fat with a fat dissolving injection. It can be expected to improve slack .

In addition, there is hyphen treatment to improve sagging by the machine. HIFU is an abbreviation for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which is a technology that concentrates and irradiates powerful ultrasonic energy at one point.

It is a treatment method that contracts the fascia by heat by irradiating the fascia (SMAS layer) that covers the facial muscles under the fat with ultrasonic waves, and pulls up the slack. After reducing fat with fat dissolving injection, you can expect a synergistic effect of lift-up by pulling up the loose fascia with hyphen .

Medical slimming agents such as Xenical Sanorex

Xenical is one of the treatments for obesity. Orlistat, the active ingredient, has the property of cutting fat absorption by disabling lipase (an enzyme that breaks down and accumulates fat in the digestive system). It is said that when taken before meals, about 30% of the oil in the meal is not absorbed and is excreted from the body .

Sanorex is the first appetite suppressant approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to suppress appetite by working on nerves related to appetite . Taking it reduces the feeling of hunger and the amount of food you eat, but it may cause side effects such as thirst and constipation. Since it acts on the brain and autonomic nerves, be sure to consult a medical institution and follow the dosage procedure.

Comparison of fat dissolving injections with other slimming treatments

Liposuction with immediate effect despite downtime

Liposuction is a surgical cosmetological procedure in which a tube called a cannula is inserted under the skin and the subcutaneous fat is aspirated to remove it . You can aim for the ideal face line and body line by reducing the subcutaneous fat in the areas of concern on the face and body, such as the cheeks, chin, upper arms, waist, and thighs.

Since surgical procedures are performed, there is a certain amount of downtime and the risk is not zero, but nowadays, due to advances in medicine, development of surgical methods, technological advances, etc., the treatment is more physical than when the procedure was established. It is said that the burden can be reduced and pain and swelling can be reduced. Depending on the part, it is possible to return to work from the next day.

Incisive treatments using machines and drugs basically aim to reduce fat by damaging fat cells and promoting metabolism, rather than removing fat directly. Therefore, multiple treatments may be required to achieve sufficient slimming effects.

Liposuction, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure that physically removes fat cells, so it is quick-acting and can reduce fat in a short period of time .

Slimming treatment with a machine with short downtime

Cool sculpting that cools fat and destroys fat cells

Cool sculpting is a medical slimming machine that cools the fat layer and destroys only fat cells without affecting other tissues or blood .

For cool sculpting, it is necessary to change the dedicated applicator for each part to be irradiated, such as the upper arm, abdomen, and thigh, and irradiation is one part per treatment. Immediately after the procedure, a massage is performed on the frozen area.

Since cool sculpting irradiates while sucking fat parts, it may be difficult to attach the applicator to thin type or curved parts. In addition, the face corresponds only under the chin.

It is said that the slimming effect of cool sculpting begins to appear at the earliest after about 3 weeks, and the change in body line is realized after 2 to 4 months . This lack of immediate effect is due to the time it takes for fat cells to be destroyed and metabolized. If it is difficult to get the effect due to the part and the amount of fat, repeat the procedure.

Cool sculpting downtime may be accompanied by redness, internal bleeding, swelling, and pain such as muscle aches immediately after the procedure, but the symptoms are said to be temporary. It is usually said that sedation takes about 1 to 2 weeks at the longest.

Scalpsure that destroys fat cells with the heat of a laser

Scalpsure is a machine (extracorporeal laser) that heats subcutaneous fat by irradiating it from above the skin (outside the body) and damages fat cells . Fat cells are damaged by being heated to a temperature of about 45 ° C for a certain period of time. Scalpsure uses this principle.

It is said that the effect of scalpsure treatment begins to be felt about 3 weeks after irradiation, and the peak effect is about 3 months later . Some people may feel the effect once, but it is recommended to perform the same area 2 to 3 times every other month, and the effect will be felt from the 2nd to 3rd treatment. It is said that there are many cases.

Downtime after treatment may cause pain such as muscle pain, swelling, and internal bleeding, but it is said that it will subside within a few days to 2 weeks.

The scalpsure applicator can be used without limiting the body shape, but the main treatment area is the body, and the face can be irradiated only under the chin (double chin).

Choosing an important doctor so that you will not fail in fat dissolving injection

Fat dissolving injection is a simple slimming treatment that can be done only by injection. However, delicate medical techniques are required to inject drugs into the face with low fat content.

If fat cells such as around the eyes and cheeks are destroyed more than necessary, the firmness of the skin will be lost and it will often give the impression of aging . In addition, it is said that fat cells that have been destroyed once by injecting a fat-dissolving drug will not be regenerated.

To prevent such failures, it is important to select a doctor who is familiar with anatomy, can determine the amount of fat, and predict the line after slimming . It is safe to choose a reliable medical institution by receiving direct counseling at a medical institution where a doctor with abundant experience and experience in slimming treatment is enrolled, not limited to fat dissolving injection, rather than deciding only by word of mouth and reputation.