The effect of medical diet treatment "lipolysis injection" on face and body

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Lipolysis injection is one of the medical diet treatments (slimming treatment performed at medical institutions) that is said to destroy fat cells and dissolve them by simply injecting drugs directly into the subcutaneous fat of the face and body.

Acting on extra fat, such as under the chin and upper arm, which is considered to be difficult to lose on a normal diet such as dietary restrictions, it has the effect of arranging the line without using a scalpel, but the change is not understood, internal bleeding has occurred There are many reports such as.

In order not to regret with fat dissolving injection, it is important to understand the effects and risks and disadvantages of fat dissolving injection such as small face treatment and partial thinning.

Lipolytic injection to reduce fat cells by drug injection

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Lipolysis injection does not use anesthesia or a scalpel / suction tube like liposuction, so the downtime such as swelling and swelling after treatment is short, fat on the upper arm, etc., fat on the nose as well as cheeks and chin It is said to lead to a clean face line by acting on the dango.

Lipolysis injection is also called mesotherapy, but originally mesotherapy means "therapeutic method that injects drug directly into the skin". Some clinics have mesotherapy as the name of the operation, so mesotherapy and lipolytic injection are often treated as synonyms.

Since lipolytic injection is performed with an ultra-fine needle, it is considered a relatively painless treatment.

Mechanism of fat reduction by lipolytic injection

Lipolytic injection is a slimming treatment that supports the loss of subcutaneous fat. When a drug is injected into an area of concern, the fat cells in that area are destroyed and discharged by macrophages (cleaning cells inside the body that prey on dead cells) along with urine and feces.

Since fat cells once destroyed do not regenerate, the possibility of rebounding the injection site is low.

Symptoms of obesity are not caused by increased fat cells, but by fat cell swelling. Since the number of fat cells is said to hardly increase or decrease in adults, it can be said that reducing fat cells by lipolytic injection improves the subcutaneous fat that is anxious. In addition, there is little damage to blood vessels and nerves like liposuction.

Benefits of slimming with fat dissolving injection

Hip fat

Less worry about rebound

It is said that the fat cells at the site where the drug is injected by lipolytic injection are discharged out of the body and the number decreases, and the discharged fat cells do not regenerate. However, if the adipocytes that remain without being destroyed due to irregular lifestyles such as heavy drinking, eating away, and lack of exercise, they may rebound. Let's keep a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

Aim for partial thinning

Partial thinning is said to be difficult with a self-style diet. It is not easy to keep only the fat you want to keep, such as breasts and hips, even if you diet due to exercise, because basal metabolic power decreases and it becomes difficult to lose weight with excessive dietary restrictions.

Lipolysis injections are said to work only on the fat at the site of drug injection, so you should be able to aim for partial thinness without difficulty.

Smooth cellulite

Skin irregularities appearing on the thighs and hip lines are generally called cellulite, but the structure is the same as other subcutaneous fats. Therefore, it can be said that the unevenness of the skin can be smoothed by injecting the drug into the area where cellulite is worrisome by lipolytic injection, and destroying and removing the fat cells.

Lead to small face improvement

One of the reasons why fat on the face is hard to drop is related to the function of facial muscles.

The facial muscles used on a daily basis are said to be around 20-30%. If metabolism is reduced by not using muscles, it can lead to swelling and fat sagging. However, it should be noted that excessive training of facial muscles may have the disadvantage that the masseter muscles develop and become elastic. Treatment with lipolytic injection leads to the improvement of fat sagging by destroying and dissolving excess fat on the face.

Sites that can be treated with lipolytic injection

Lipolysis injection can be performed at sites with subcutaneous fat. Let's aim for a clean line with appropriate treatment under the diagnosis of the doctor in charge.

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Facial fat

Eyelid, fat under eyes, cheeks, nose, face line, under chin

Body fat

Neck, upper arm, chest (bust), abdomen (waist), back, hip, thigh, knee, calf, ankle

Suitable for lipolytic injection

  • Resistant to major surgery such as liposuction
  • Improve fat to feel the thickness of the eyelids
  • I want to clean my nose line
  • Improves fat sag in mouth corners and splinter lines
  • Improved sagging of cheeks and face lines
  • Improved slack under the chin, double chin
  • Improve fat on the upper arm and bra
  • I want to reduce the volume of my bust
  • I want to adjust the waistline
  • Improve fat on knees and calves
  • Improve hip and thigh fat
  • Improvement of thick fat on the back
  • I want to slim naturally without being noticed by others

Differences in components of lipolytic injection and types of drugs

There are various types of drugs that are said to have a fat-dissolving effect, but they can be broadly divided into drugs containing PPC and DOC and drugs containing plant extracts.

Although it is the same in that it destroys and dissolves fat cells, drugs containing plant extracts are often used for facial treatments, and there are differences such as less inflammation and swelling compared to drugs containing PPC and DOC .

Lipolytic injection

Main ingredients of lipolytic injection

Phosphatidylcholine (PPC)

Phosphatidylcholine, the main ingredient in fat-dissolved injections, is lecithin, a type of amino acid extracted from soybeans. Originally used as a therapeutic agent for fatty liver and hyperlipidemia, it is said to increase lipid metabolism and emulsify blood cholesterol to prevent cholesterol from adhering to the blood vessel wall. If you are allergic to soybeans, consult your doctor beforehand.

Lipolysis injections based on phosphatidylcholine are prone to inflammation and swelling, and it was said that downtime of about 1 to 2 weeks was required. It is said that there is little swelling.

Deoxycholic acid (DOC)

It is a pharmaceutical ingredient that has been confirmed to dissolve fat by the US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Deoxycholic acid is a kind of bile acid originally contained in human bile, and it is said that the fat cell membrane is directly destroyed by injection into the fat site.

According to recent research, it is said that there was a report that deoxycholic acid, which was formulated as a phosphatidylcholine solubilizing agent, was not phosphatidylcholine but mainly lysed fat cells. .

Other lipolytic agents such as plant extracts

Each pharmaceutical company produces drugs that contain various fat-dissolving ingredients. There are drugs that contain plant extract ingredients that do not contain conventional drugs such as PPC and DOC, and that are less inflammatory, and those that contain plant extract ingredients and deoxycholic acid.

Fat dissolving injection into the face

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Injection volume and treatment interval of lipolytic injection

Lipolysis injection may require repeated treatment depending on the amount of fat and the site, but the fat cells in the site treated once by lipolysis injection do not regenerate and even if the treatment period is long, lipolysis in the next treatment It is said that there is no problem with the effect.

In addition, the treatment period, number of times, and amount of injection vary depending on the treatment site and slimming target, as well as the drug used for lipolytic injection, but facial treatment is completed with a single treatment because the amount of fat is small compared to the body. in some cases.

Drug containing PPC / DOC Drugs containing plant extracts
Characteristic It is said that it may cause inflammation and swelling although there are individual differences It is often used on the face and is said to have less inflammation and swelling compared to PPC and DOC
Single treatment injection volume About 2 to 10 injections (depending on the drug and treatment site). Maximum injection volume is 5 faces, body is about 50
Treatment interval Injection is possible after 1 to 2 weeks Can be injected every other week


There are individual differences in the side effects of lipolytic injections that contain plant extracts that are considered to have less inflammation and swelling compared to PPC and DOC. Let's perform appropriate treatment based on the diagnosis of the doctor in charge, such as the treatment site and the number of treatments.

Approximate price and number of lipolytic injections

Lipolysis injection is a single postcard injection with a postcard size (10x15cm) divided into several times and the drug is injected into the treatment site.

Drug containing PPC / DOC Drugs containing plant extracts
price About 20,000 yen per bottle About 10,000 yen per bottle
Part Number Times Number Times
Eyelid (eye circumference) One Once ~ 1 ~ Once ~
nose 1 ~ 3 times ~ 2-4 Once ~
Cheek (both) 1-2 3 times ~ 2-4 Once ~
Horai wire (both) 1-2 3 times ~ 2-4 Once ~
Face line 2-3 3 times ~ 2-4 Once ~
Double chin 1 to 3 3 times ~ 3-5 Once ~
neck 1 ~ 3 times ~ 2-3 Once ~
Second arm (both) 5 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ Once ~
back 4 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ Once ~
abdomen 4 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ Once ~
Waist 4 ~ 3 times ~ 10 ~ Once ~
Hip (both) 8 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ Once ~
Thigh (both) 8 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ Once ~
Knee (both) 2 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ Once ~
Calf (both) 8 ~ 3 times ~ 10 ~ Once ~
Ankle (both) 2 ~ 3 times ~ 20 ~ Once ~

Main drug names for lipolytic injection

It is said that any drug can be injected into both the face and body, but there are many drugs that are not suitable for the face because of inflammation and strong swelling. There are some drugs that specialize in the effect of dissolving fat on the face, so let's treat with an appropriate drug under the doctor's diagnosis.

Drug name component Characteristic
Revital cell foam Amino acids and vitamins based on PPC Less downtime and improved swelling
Contour injection Ingredients derived from medical herbs Hard to swell and has almost no downtime
Regen Slim PPC is the main component (not derived from soybeans) DOC is not included and there is relatively little swelling
Hyper repolisis PPC and DOC are the main components Compared to others, there is less inflammation and swelling, and it is said that the fat dissolving effect appears early.
Lipobean PPC and DOC are the main components While more effective than others, swelling and downtime are long. MFDS (Korea Food and Drug Safety Agency) approved formulation
Sagonimelt Ginkgo biloba extract, carnitine, etc. based on DOC Specializing in double chin treatment. Less swelling and inflammation
Fat X Amino acids and carnitine derived from plant extracts with high concentration of DOC as the main component Contains drugs that promote metabolism. There are days or weeks of downtime, such as swelling or redness
Caibera Main component of DOC In April 2015, the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved it as a double chin improvement product. While the fat dissolving effect under the chin is strong, there is swelling and several days of downtime.
Caberin Contains carnitine and artichoke extract ingredients based on high-concentration DOC A drug with high concentration of active ingredient DOC of caibera. Less swelling and inflammation, not only double chin improvement, but also whole body slimming treatment.
BNLS Plant extract ingredients such as medical herbs and seaweed A drug that is said to be excellent in tightening skin and metabolizing, has little inflammation and swelling, and is suitable for small face treatment.
BNLSneo BNLS with DOC An improved BNLS drug. There is almost no downtime such as inflammation and swelling, and a lipolytic effect can be achieved in a few days.
Michelangelo Contains carnitine, caffeine, and alpha lipoic acid in PPC and DOC Incorporates components with metabolic effects into conventional drugs. It is said that pain and swelling are difficult to occur.

What you need to know before getting a lipolytic injection

Lipolysis injection has no effect on weight loss

Lipolytic injections are said to be effective in reducing fat cells, but they do not lose weight. Fat is less dense and lighter than water, so removing 1 liter of fat won't reduce it by 1 kilogram. Lipolysis injection is not the purpose of weight loss but is a treatment to prepare the body line.

Lipolysis injections require repeated treatment

Since lipolytic injection is not a treatment that changes immediately after a single injection, repeated treatment is required depending on the amount of fat and the site. Since there are individual differences in the amount and number of injections, you should have a reasonable treatment schedule in consultation with your doctor.

To increase the effectiveness of lipolytic injection

Women exercising

After treatment, it is said that the lipolytic drug spreads to the fat layer and promotes the discharge of fat cells by massaging the injection site. However, if you have pain or swelling, it is important to refrain from massage and to rest.

It is said that fat cells at the treatment site by lipolytic injection will not regenerate, but we will aim for a healthy body line by regular eating habits and moderate exercise.

Flow of treatment for lipolytic injection

Treatment time varies depending on the site of lipolytic injection, but can be completed in 5-20 minutes without anesthesia.

1) Diagnosis by doctor

It tells the doctor about the treatment site, ideal line, and the presence of soy allergy. If you have any concerns or anxiety, resolve them at the time of counseling.

2) Anesthesia

It is said that there is relatively little pain due to the injection with an ultrafine needle, but if you are not good at injection, or if you are vulnerable to pain, anesthesia cream is used for anesthesia. Although there are individual differences, pain similar to heat and muscular pain may persist for one to two weeks immediately after surgery.

3) Treatment

Drugs are injected into the area where fat is anxious. At this time, if there is an abnormality such as pain, let the doctor know immediately.

4) After treatment

Confirmation of hemostasis at the injection site and treatment is complete. Depending on the medical institution, massage may be performed to increase the effectiveness of the drug.

Cosmetic treatment that can be used in combination with lipolytic injection

  • Ela (massage muscle) treatment with botulinum injection
  • Hyaluronic acid injection
  • Sag treatment with high frequency, HIFU, and laser
  • Medical slimming drugs such as Xenical and Sanorex

Precautions after lipolysis injection

  • Let's refrain from excessive exercise, drinking on the day of treatment.
  • Please refrain from sauna, pool and bathing. There is no problem with the shower.
  • In the case of treatment on the face, makeup can be done immediately after treatment by avoiding the injection site.
  • Let's replenish with water to suppress inflammation.

Side effects and risks of lipolytic injection

It is said that the incidence of side effects and risks in treatment with lipolytic injection is low. However, it cannot be said that there is no possibility of causing serious side effects depending on the constitution.

It is important to inform your doctor in advance about your physical condition and whether you have any allergies before you receive treatment.

  • Swelling, warmth, redness, dull pain, itching (supposed to improve in about a week)
  • Rarely lump in the injection site (may be improved in a few months)
  • Internal bleeding at the injection site
  • Rarely a fever of 2-3 days
  • Allergic symptoms depending on constitution

Those who cannot receive lipolysis injection

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperthyroidism, etc.
  • Those who have a soy allergy cannot be treated with PPC.

Choosing an important doctor for treatment with lipolytic injection

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Lipolysis injection is a simple slimming treatment that can be performed only by injection. However, delicate medical technology is required to inject drugs into the face with low fat content.

If the fat cells are destroyed more than necessary, such as around the eyes and cheeks, the firmness of the skin is lost, and it often gives the impression of aging. It is said that fat cells that have been destroyed by injecting lipolytic drugs are not regenerated.

Therefore, it is important to select a doctor who is familiar with anatomy, can determine the amount of fat, and can predict the line after slimming. Let's aim for the ideal slim line with proper treatment by fat dissolving injection and regular lifestyle.