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Peak effect and downtime risk of medical HIFU machine Ursera



Peak effect and downtime risk of medical HIFU machine Ursera

Medical HIFU machine "Ursera" that improves the sagging of the face line due to aging. By irradiating ultrasonic waves without performing surgical operations that require long-term downtime, the fascia (SMAS layer) that covers the facial muscles contracts due to heat, making it possible to strongly increase slack. I have.

It is said that the heat energy generated by Ursera stimulates not only the SMAS layer but also the fibroblasts in the dermis layer to promote the production of collagen and elastin, aiming for a firm skin quality at the same time as sagging treatment. I have.

On the other hand, there are many treatment problems caused by HIFU's powerful heat energy . In order to receive highly safe sagging treatment by Ursera, it is important to fully understand the effects and risks and select a reliable medical institution .

Ursera is a medical sagging treatment machine using ultrasonic waves.

Summary of this chapter

Ursera is a sagging treatment machine. HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) acts on the SMAS layer under the skin, and heat energy raises the sagging of the skin, and the lift-up is felt most 2 to 3 months after the procedure. In addition to sagging, promoting collagen production can be expected to improve skin firmness, and its safety and efficacy have been recognized by the FDA.

The Ulthera System is a sagging treatment machine that uses HIFU, which is said to be a high-density focal ultrasonic system manufactured by Merz Pharma of Germany (acquired by Ursera of the United States, which was developed ) . It is also called urtherapy, and there are many medical institutions that use ursera lift for slack lifting treatment by ursera.

HIFU can irradiate the treatment site with pinpoint

HIFU is an abbreviation for High Intensity Focused Ultsasound, which means high-intensity focused ultrasound. Focusing on the energy from ultrasonic waves and generating high heat of 60 ° C or higher, the SMAS layer between the subcutaneous fat and muscle contracts (heat protein denaturation) due to heat , which is effective for lifting up the face line. It is said that there is.

Focusing sunlight on a single point with a magnifying glass is close to the phenomenon that the focus becomes hot, but the heat energy of HIFU works to improve sagging without affecting the epidermis .

Although there are individual differences in the treatment of sagging with HIFU, it is said that the firmness of the skin is often felt immediately after irradiation. In addition, it is said that the lift-up effect can be obtained most 2 to 3 months after the procedure.

Ursera pulls up the SMAS layer without cutting the skin

The main feature of HIFU's Ursera treatment is that it acts on the SMAS layer on the surface of facial muscles , which cannot be reached by other energy sources such as light (IPL), laser, and radio frequency (RF).

When the skin and tissues hang down and lose the volume of fat with aging, wrinkles due to sagging such as marionette lines appear. It is said that it is effective to raise the SMAS layer that covers a wide range of facial muscles to improve the sagging of the face, and it is possible to raise the SMAS layer if it is a surgical operation "face lift".

Aging causes skin and soft tissue descent as well as lipoatrophy leading to tear trough deformity, obvious palpebromalar groove, loss of malar volume, jowls, increased nasolabial folds, and marionette lines.

Source : Extended SMAS Facelift

However, after making an incision in the forehead and anterior ear, the skin is peeled off and the SMAS layer and ligaments are pulled up to remove the excess skin, which can be expected to improve sagging, but requires long-term downtime.

The treatment with Ursera does not require general anesthesia or scalpel, and by irradiating HIFU from above the skin, the looseness of the SMAS layer is contracted and improved, leading to lift-up. It is a sagging treatment suitable for those who are resistant to surgical operations such as face lifts and who cannot take long-term downtime.

Improves skin firmness by promoting collagen production

The skin is layered from the outside to the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue, and the dermis is rich in fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin, which are responsible for moisturizing and maintaining elasticity. It is said that fibroblasts weaken due to the effects of aging and ultraviolet rays, and their ability to generate is reduced, causing the skin to lose its firmness and cause sagging and wrinkles.

By applying heat energy to the dermis layer by Ursera, fibroblasts are stimulated and collagen production is promoted. Since collagen occupies about 75% of the skin, it can be expected to improve the firmness of the skin and contract the pores by replacing it with new collagen. It is said that when collagen production improves elasticity and water retention, the metabolic cycle of the skin called turnover is adjusted , leading to overall improvement of skin quality.

Collagen is the main constituent that makes up 75% of the skin

Source: Promotes collagen biosynthesis

The peak effect of Ursera lasts for about half a year after about 3 months

It is said that some people feel a change in the firmness of their skin immediately after receiving the treatment. Generally, the standard for the effect to appear is about 2 to 3 months after the collagen in the dermis layer is replaced with new collagen by the reaction of heat stimulation . Furthermore , it is said that the effect will last for about half a year after that.

It is said that if an additional treatment (touch-up) is performed several months after the first treatment, the effect will be further enhanced and the duration will be longer.

Those who are suitable for HIFU treatment of Ursera

  • Those who want to get a big effect with one treatment
  • Those who are worried about sagging face and neck
  • Those who are concerned about skin firmness, fine wrinkles, and pore opening
  • Those who are interested in the spine line, marionette line, and gorgo line
  • Those who do not want to undergo surgery
  • Those who want to reduce downtime

Armpit treatment with Ursera

Ursera can also be expected to have the effect of improving armpit and hyperhidrosis. Until now, surgery to remove sweaty apocrine glands, including the cause of odor, has been considered to be the most effective treatment for armpit and hyperhidrosis.

The treatment of armpit and hyperhidrosis by Ursera is called "Ursera Cool" or "Ursera Dry" by medical institutions. It is said that the heat energy of HIFU causes localized heat damage to the apocrine and eccrine glands to suppress sweating and the odor caused by sweating . Since no surgical operation is performed, it is possible to lead a daily life from the day of the operation.

Main machines that can perform HIFU treatment other than Ursera

Machine name Maker Feature
Dubro Gold Hironic
・ It is said that HIFU has a large focus and less pain.
Ultraformer III Classys
・ By replacing the tip (cartridge) of the machine, heat energy is transmitted to the deep part of the skin. ・ Irradiation speed is fast and treatment is possible in a short time.
Sono Queen Newpong
・ Mini cartridge can be used for shallow layers such as the eyes

Ursera has been recognized as safe and effective by the FDA

Ursera was born after repeated clinical experiments at numerous medical research institutes in the United States, including Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital from the development stage.

FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan , approves "lift-up action of eyebrows, under chin, neck (neck)", "improvement of wrinkles of decollete", and "visualization function of subcutaneous tissue using ultrasonic waves" It is a medical device that I am receiving.

References: 510 (k) Premarket Notification: FDA

There are Ultracell Q Plus (made by Jeisys, Korea) and Ultralift (made by EVO, Korea), which are recognized as medical devices in Korea. The machine names are similar, but they are different from Ursera.

The main cause of sagging is loosening of the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, and muscle layer.

Summary of this chapter

Sagging is caused by loosening of the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, and muscular layer of the skin, and Ursera can act on each layer. The appropriate depth of focus varies depending on the part, but the handpiece of the machine is replaced to adjust the depth of focus. In addition to the depth of focus, the appropriate number of shots differs depending on the part, so a guideline number of shots is provided.

It is said that the cause of sagging and wrinkles that appear due to aging is all from the skin to the muscle layer.

  • Changes in the dermis: Collagen and elastin in the dermis layer decrease due to aging and external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays. Loss of elasticity and elasticity, causing sagging of the skin.
  • Subcutaneous tissue changes: Metabolic function declines with age and fat cells become hypertrophied. Gravity causes sagging because it hangs down and the SMAS layer weakens and cannot support fat.
  • Muscle changes: With aging, the muscles on the face and facial muscles weaken and cannot support the fat layer, causing sagging.

Ursera can irradiate three layers with different depths

Sagging of the face is manifested not only by the dermis, but also by the underlying subcutaneous tissue and the weakening of the SMAS layer.

Ursera can deliver the appropriate thermal energy to layers of different depths by replacing the tip of the machine's handpiece, called a transducer.

Irradiation depth Action
Shinjuku layer (1.5mm) Irradiate the central part of the dermal layer. Promotes the production of collagen and elastin to improve firmness and elasticity
Subcutaneous tissue (3.0 mm) Irradiate the SMAS layer from the deep part of the dermis layer.
Tightening action of enlarged subcutaneous tissue (fat)
SMAS layer (4.5mm) Irradiate the SMAS layer. Tightening action of SMAS layer that can no longer support the skin

Depth of focus and number of shots that vary depending on the irradiation site

The effect of Ursera depends on the number of shots of HIFU and the height of output. Ursera has guidelines created by clinical trials conducted in the United States, which provide guidelines for the number of shots and output for each site.

Part amount Around the eyes (Urseraai) Cheek-face line Neck (under chin)
Estimated treatment effect that can be expected Wrinkles become less noticeable and firmness appears Lift up your eyebrows by irradiating your forehead and temples to improve eyelid slack・ Nasolabial folds and bulldog-like cheeks become less noticeable ・ Face line tightening Double chin, improved face line slack
Transducer 1.5mm or 3.0mm 1.5mm 4.5mm or 3.0mm 4.5mm or 3.0mm
Estimated number of shots 40-100 40-60 130 ~ 50-140

The higher the number of shots and the higher the output, the easier it is to obtain the lift-up effect, while the higher the output makes it easier to feel pain. Therefore, in addition to the use of anesthesia and adjustment of output for each medical institution, the treatment is performed with different degrees of sagging, subcutaneous tissue, and number of shots according to the skeleton.

Comparison of Ursera and other sagging treatments

Summary of this chapter

In addition to HIFU's Ursera treatment, sagging treatment includes high frequency, near infrared rays, and threads, but each has different characteristics. If you want immediate effect, you should use a thread, and if you want to tighten the skin, you should use high frequency. Some of these can be used in combination with Ursera.

Machine / treatment Therma Cool Titan Thread lift
Maker solta medical
Energy source high frequency Near infrared Thread
Features of the treatment・ While Ursera is lift-up, Thermacool has a tightening effect. ・ It has a wide range of applications and can be applied to the body. ・ US FDA approval・ Stimulates the dermis layer to promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin ・ Improves sagging by contracting and regenerating collagen ・ Less pain than HIFU and reasonable treatment costs ・ The effect is gradual, so multiple times Needs treatment・ Pull up the skin with a thread without incising the skin ・ A strong and natural lift-up effect can be expected because it is fixed with a thread ・ The duration varies depending on the type of thread

Sagging treatment with Ursera and Thermacool

Thermacool is the same machine used for sagging treatment as Ursera, but the purpose and irradiation depth are different.

Ursera is said to be a lift-up treatment that acts on the SMAS layer below the fat layer by HIFU, but Thermacool is said to be tightening that tightens the fat layer at high frequencies, and it can also be applied to the body .

It is said that effective sagging treatment can be performed by using Ursera, which raises the SMAS layer, and Thermacool, which tightens facial fat, in combination. An example of treatment is to irradiate Thermacool within one month of Ursera irradiation, but it is important to perform appropriate treatment under the diagnosis of the doctor.

Sagging treatment that can be expected to have an immediate lift-up effect

The lift-up effect of Ursera usually appears after 2 to 3 months, so if you want to improve the sagging at an early stage, select a treatment with a high immediate effect. It is also said that some treatments can be used together with Ursera on the same day.

Treatment Action
Hyaluronic acid injection Immediately after injecting hyaluronic acid subcutaneously, it is possible to make wrinkles and sagging less noticeable.
Botulinum injection It has the effect of weakening the function of the muscles, and by injecting it into the muscles, it relaxes the facial muscles and makes it difficult for facial wrinkles to occur (effective from 2 to 3 days after injection, stable in about 2 weeks)
Thread lift It is a procedure in which a thread is passed under the skin with a special needle without incising the skin, and the skin is fixed with the thread pulled up. There are many types such as absorbent thread and non-absorbent thread.

Things to check before receiving Ursera

Those who cannot receive Ursera

  • Those who have an implantable defibrillator (pacemaker, metal implant, etc.) in place
  • Those with severe heart disease
  • Those with illnesses that delay wound healing
  • Those with autoimmune diseases
  • Those with a history of epileptic seizures
  • Those with facial nerve paralysis
  • Pregnant or lactating
  • Those who have collagen diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Those with keloid constitution
  • Those who have skin disease or trauma at the treatment site
  • Those who are chronically receiving corticosteroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Those who have gold thread or silicone in the treatment area
  • Those with bleeding disorders or hemostatic dysfunction

The face and neck can be treated with Ursera

Ursera targets the area from the face to the neck, and the treatment is not applied to the part of the body below the neck.

In addition, Ursera applies heat energy deep into the skin while pressing it strongly so that the irradiated surface does not float, so direct irradiation to the thin upper eyelids and treatment for the nose and throat are not performed.

Ursera is hard to feel the effect with mild sagging

Ursera is a treatment that improves slack, so people who do not have slack due to aging tend not to feel the effect. It is said to be suitable for people in their 30s and older when the fat under the eyes and around the cheeks begins to drop .

There are many ways to treat sagging, so you should consult with your doctor at the medical institution where you will be treated. In addition, regardless of the skin type, even men can perform the treatment.

Pain and risks / side effects during and after Ursera treatment

Ursera is a high-power irradiation treatment, so it is easy to see the effect, but it is not uncommon to feel strong pain depending on the irradiation site .

Many medical institutions use cooling to relieve pain, control output, and use anesthesia. After the treatment , symptoms such as redness, tingling, muscle pain, swelling, swelling, and pigmentation may appear on the surface of the face, but it is said that they will subside within a few days to a week.

In rare cases, when the forehead is irradiated, some nerves may be affected and some numbness may be felt from the forehead to the crown, but it usually disappears in 2 to 4 weeks.

Safe treatment while checking the echo image on the monitor

Ursera is treated while checking the state of irradiation on a monitor using the echo image (ultrasound image) function that shows the cross section of the treatment site. Since the depth of irradiation is known, energy can be applied to the correct depth while preventing the risk of burns caused by heat applied to the surface .

Ursera is a domestically unapproved medical device

Ursera is an unapproved medical device from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Medical device acquisition route: The acquisition route is individual import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
Drugs that should be noted in personal imports (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Approval in Japan: No medical device has the same performance and function as Ursera and has been approved in Japan.
Information on safety in other countries: Ursera has obtained the following approval from the US FDA.
Approval date Approved indications
November 2009 Lift up eyebrows
October 2012 Lift up under the chin and neck
November 2013 Subcutaneous tissue visualization function using ultrasound
June 2014 Wrinkle improvement of décolletage
Side effects in the approval: No serious adverse events have been reported. The main risks and side effects that can occur in general include transient redness, swelling, swelling, pain, numbness, and burns that occur at the treatment site.

Precautions after Ursera treatment

Avoid drinking alcohol, saunas, and long baths on the day of the procedure, as blood circulation may be promoted and redness and burning may increase.

It can cause pain, such as muscle aches, but most often it will subside within a few days. Avoid strong massage and pressure on the irradiated area. After the treatment, take measures against UV rays to prevent sunburn, which is a burden on the skin.

Treatment that is compatible with Ursera and can be expected to have a synergistic effect

Treatment Feature
Therma Cool Due to the synergistic action of Thermacool, which can irradiate a wide range of high frequencies to tighten the entire skin of the target, and Ursera, which transfers heat energy to the target layer pinpointly to lift up, the sagging is higher than that of a single treatment. Expected to improve
V Shape Clarity Tightening・ V-shape that stimulates fat metabolism by irradiating ultrasonic waves that act on subcutaneous fat ・ Clarity Lightning that gives heat energy to fibroblasts and promotes the growth of collagen and elastin ・ Each and Ursera Efficient lift-up and tightening effect can be expected by using together

Treatment that requires caution when receiving in combination with Ursera

Treatments that require attention important point
Peeling treatment It is better to leave 2 weeks before and after
Phototherapy system It is better to leave one month before and after
Thread lift・ Can be used with Ursera depending on the type of thread. ・ Cannot be used if metal such as gold thread is included.

Ursera Price Market

Part Treatment price
Both cheeks 100,000-180,000 yen
Outer corner of eye + lower eyelid + outside forehead 70,000-200,000 yen
Lower chin + neck 90,000-400,000 yen
Whole face (both cheeks + outer corners of eyes + outside forehead) 180,000-500,000 yen
Whole face (both cheeks + outer corners of eyes + outside forehead + lower eyelids) 200,000-700,000 yen

Since Ursera is a free medical treatment, the price setting varies depending on the medical institution.

Ursera treatment flow

(1) Counseling / examination

Get counseling from a doctor. You will be examined for the condition of your skin and will be informed about the Ursera procedure and precautions. If you have any questions or concerns about the procedure, please ask and resolve them.

(2) Cleansing / washing face

If you are wearing make-up, cleanse it and wash your face to keep the treatment area clean.

(3) Application of marking gel

Mark the area to be irradiated and apply a cooling gel.

(4) Treatment

Those who are not good at pain may use either application-type anesthesia or laughing anesthesia. A test irradiation is performed to check if there are any abnormalities on the skin before proceeding with the treatment.

(5) Cooling / end

After treatment by a medical institution, it will be cooled with a moisturizing / sedative pack. Since there is almost no downtime, you can make up as usual immediately after irradiation. The time required for the treatment varies depending on the part and the number of shots, but for the entire face, it is about 45 minutes as a guide.

For safe sagging treatment with Ursera

While HIFU treatments are performed not only at medical institutions but also at beauty salons , cases such as burns and nerve damage have been reported at the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan.

References Trouble occurs during treatment with HIFU equipment at beauty salons, etc.! : National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan

HIFU machines such as Ursera used in medical institutions (beauty clinics) are medical devices, and machines used in beauty salons are classified as beauty devices. According to the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law, the upper limit of the output of beauty equipment is strictly set, and no effect or action on the body (cells) is recognized. In addition, since many important nerves run on the face, HIFU irradiation by an unqualified practitioner often involves various risks.

Even in medical institutions, it is important to have an appropriate diagnosis and treatment by an experienced doctor who is familiar with anatomy in order to avoid the risk of failure and trouble caused by Ursera treatment.

(Updated January 2021)