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Effect and progress / downtime of Fraxel 3 Dual that promotes skin regeneration



Effect and progress / downtime of Fraxel 3 Dual that promotes skin regeneration

The Fluxel 3 Dual is one of the machines called "fractional laser" that promotes skin regeneration by wound healing by intentionally damaging the skin.

It leads to improvement of skin problems such as wrinkles, age spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and pore opening , but it can be said that the procedure after the treatment is worrisome because the effect gradually appears .

Therefore, before receiving Fraxel 3 Dual, you can receive the treatment with confidence if you know the characteristics of the fractional laser as well as the progress and downtime.

Fluxel 3 Dual is a fractional laser that promotes wound healing

"Fractional" means a small number, a small number, a small part, but the Fraxel 3 DUAL irradiates a very fine laser with an irradiation spot diameter of less than 0.1 mm in dots. It is called "fractional laser" because it does.

Fluxel 3 Dual is a fractional laser from SOLTA MEDICAL, which is operated by moving the irradiated surface that is irradiated with the laser in dots so as to stamp it, and after spots, fine wrinkles, uneven crater-like acne scars and inflammation. It is said to be effective against pigmentation.

This is because when the Fraxel 3 Dual intentionally creates minute laser-irradiated wounds, the wound healing works to promote skin regeneration . This type of treatment is called "skin resurfacing."

In addition, with fractional lasers, spot irradiation causes a mixture of areas that are exposed to the laser and areas that are not exposed to the laser (normal skin), which helps normal skin recover from damage caused by laser irradiation. It is said that recovery tends to be faster than irradiating in a planar manner .

Fractional laser does not irradiate the entire surface of the treated surface with a laser, but irradiates the skin with a microbeam at a constant density while leaving normal skin, which is used for the subsequent wound healing mechanism of the skin. It is a device that aims to produce a skin resurfacing effect.

Source : Optical characteristics of fractional laser treatment equipment / Journal of Japanese Society of Laser Medicine / Vol. 33 (2012) No. 2 /

Mechanism of skin regeneration by wound healing

1. Bleeding coagulation phase
When the skin is damaged, the skin tissue is destroyed and blood vessels rupture and bleed. Platelets in the blood are activated when they adhere to the torn skin component "collagen", and a thrombus is formed by the platelet coagulation factor (hemostatic action).
2. Inflammatory phase
Cleaning cells "macrophages" that take in and digest foreign substances, fat, cell destructive products, pigments, etc. in the body take in dead tissue at the wound site and clean it.
3. Proliferation phase
The action of macrophages stimulates the activation of fibroblasts, which have the function of producing elastic components of the skin. The activation of fibroblasts promotes the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to regenerate the skin.
4. Reconstruction period
The elastic component of the skin is sufficiently produced, and the function of fibroblasts is stabilized, resulting in a firm and smooth skin.

Symptoms that can be expected to improve with Fluxel 3 Dual

  • Spots
  • freckles
  • Dullness
  • Shallow small wrinkles
  • Uneven acne scars
  • Opening of pores
  • Deep wrinkles
  • atopic
  • Scars from injuries and burns
  • Keratosis pilaris *
  • Stretch marks

* Keratosis pilaris is a rash of about 1 mm to 3 mm that appears in the pores of the skin. It often occurs on the upper arm and is sometimes called shark skin.

Fractional 3 Dual has been approved by the FDA for safety

Fluxel 3 Dual has been approved by the US FDA (Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) for its medical efficacy and safety in the following symptoms.

  • Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Pigmentation
  • Chloasma
  • Photokeratosis
  • Skin resurfacing
FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Approval K130193

Areas that can be irradiated with Fluxel 3 Dual

Fluxel 3 Dual can be applied not only to the face but also to the body.

  • Whole face (including cheeks, nose, and under eyes)
  • neck
  • Decorte
  • Upper arm / hand
  • leg

Some medical institutions do not treat delicate areas such as around the eyes and lips, so please check in advance if you wish to have a treatment.

Cosmetology that promotes wound healing power other than fractional laser

In addition to the fractional laser, there are the following treatments in cosmetology that perform "resurfing treatment" that intentionally creates a wound and promotes skin regeneration by the action of wound healing.

Dermapen 4
Dermapenworld's Dermapen 4 is a pen-shaped beauty device that makes fine holes in the skin with ultra-fine needles. By applying the active ingredient of the skin and performing the treatment, there is also an effect that the active ingredient can easily reach deep into the skin from the needle hole.
Jeisys's intracell is a machine that inserts an ultra-fine insulating needle into the skin and sends high frequency only to the tip of about 0.3 mm. Promotes wound healing without damaging the skin surface
Water light injection (Dermashine)
Water light injection is a treatment that injects the active ingredient of the skin with a special injection needle developed by HOUNS in South Korea. Based on hyaluronic acid, a blend of various active ingredients is evenly injected into the surface layer of the skin. The effect of the active ingredient and the effect of natural healing power can be expected.

Fraxel 3 Dual is a non-abrasive fractional laser

Laser is an abbreviation that stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation" and is translated as "amplification of light by stimulated emission".

Light consists of multiple wavelengths, so that when light is passed through a prism that disperses light, it is separated into seven colors (wavelengths). A laser is created by artificially extracting one specific wavelength from this light .

Wavelengths have the property of being easily absorbed by specific substances, and in aesthetic medicine, melanin pigments, red hemoglobin, and lasers with wavelengths that are easily absorbed by water are used to improve skin problems.

Fractional lasers, including the Fraxel 3 Dual, mainly use lasers with wavelengths that are easily absorbed by moisture .

Fractional lasers of two types

Evaporation of tissue by evaporating water is called transpiration. Fractional lasers include evaporative (invasive) "abrasive fractional laser" and non-transpirational (non-invasive) "non-abrasive". There is an "Itive Fractional Laser" .

Difference between ablative and non-abrasive

Fluxel 3 Dual is classified as a non-abrasive type , has less transpiration than the abrative type, and promotes skin regeneration mainly due to heat damage. By not evaporating, the risk and "downtime" to return to pre-treatment tend to be short .

The newest fractionated nonablative lasers are demonstrating impressive results, with decreased risks and downtime.

Source : Diode Laser and Fractional Laser Innovations: National Library of Medicine

On the other hand, the ablative type is used for rugged symptoms such as uneven acne scars and moles, and it acts to scrape the skin, which prolongs downtime with scabs, but is expected to greatly improve the symptoms. I can do it.

Abrasive type machines use Er: YAG laser (Enbium YAG laser) with a wavelength of 2790 nm and carbon dioxide gas laser with a wavelength of 10600 nm, which are very easily absorbed by moisture.

Abrasive Non-abrasive
Action to promote skin regeneration The skin tissue evaporates, causing wound healing and promoting skin regeneration. The skin tissue is damaged by heat, wound healing occurs, and skin regeneration is promoted.
downtime About 5 to 10 days A few hours to a few days
Those who are facing The number of treatments should be small Shorter downtime is better

Fractional lasers have the following machines, but each has a different wavelength and laser irradiation density.

  • eCO2
  • Afarm
  • Pearl Fractional
  • Reser FX etc.

Compare Fraxel 3 Dual with other Fraxel series

There are multiple models in the Fluxel series, and "Fluxel 2" is the previous model of the Fluxel 3 Dual. In Japan, it is generally called Fraxel 2 and Fraxel 3 Dual, but Fraxel 2 is the official name of Fraxel Restore, and Fraxel 3 Dual is the official name of Fraxel Restore Dual.

In addition, there are "Fluxel Refine" and "Fluxel Repair" depending on the difference in wavelength, and we will confirm the features of Fraxel 3 Dual compared with these models.

Difference between Fraxel 3 Dual and Fraxel 2

The difference between Fluxel 2 and Fluxel 3 Dual is whether or not they carry a wavelength of 1927 nm.

Fluxel 3 Dual deals with multiple skin problems with two wavelengths

The Fluxel 3 Dual is characterized by having two wavelengths, 1550 nm and 1927 nm .

The skin is layered from the outside to the epidermis layer and dermis layer, but the two wavelengths of Fraxel 3 Dual have different water absorption rates, so the layers of skin that act on them differ.

The wavelength of 1927 nm mounted on the Fluxel 3 Dual is better absorbed by water than the other wavelength of 1550 nm, so it is absorbed by the surface layer of the skin and does not reach deep into the skin. Therefore, it acts on the epidermis layer of the skin and is said to be effective for skin problems (pigment spots) such as spots and dullness caused by the melanin pigment present in the epidermis layer.

On the other hand, the wavelength of 1550 nm, which is also installed in the conventional Fraxel, allows the heat of the laser to reach the dermis layer of the skin by increasing the irradiation output.

The dermis layer is the majority of the skin, where components such as hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen and the fibroblasts that produce them are present. When fibroblasts are stimulated by Fluxel 3 Dual, hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen, etc. are newly produced, which can be expected to have the effect of improving uneven acne scars and scars .

In Fluxel 3 Dual, the wavelength is selected according to the symptom, and single irradiation at 1550 nm or 1970 nm may be performed, or both wavelengths may be used.

1550nm 1927nm
Depth of reach Approximately 0.3mm-1.4mm Approximately 0.2mm-0.25mm
Main indications・ Skin problems with unevenness such as acne scars・ Pigment spots on the surface of the skin

Difference from Fraxel Refine

Fluxel Refine uses a wavelength of 1410 nm, which leads to improvement of skin problems such as pores and rough skin. A fine scab appears after the procedure, but it is almost invisible to the naked eye, and it peels off naturally in about a week, and downtime is considered to be the least among the four models .

Difference from Fluxel Repair

Fluxel Repair is a model equipped with carbon dioxide (CO2) leather with a wavelength of 10600 nm and belongs to the abrative type. Therefore, while it can be expected to have a stronger effect of promoting skin regeneration than other models, the downtime will be slightly longer due to petechiae and redness after the treatment .

Comparison table of each model of Fluxel

Fluxel 2 (1550nm)
Since it acts on the dermis layer by heat rather than transpiration, downtime is shorter than that of the abrative type.
Indications:・ Rough acne scars / pore openings / stretch marks / scars
Fluxel 3 Dual (1550nm / 1927nm)
・ Equipped with two types of wavelengths, it acts from the epidermis layer to the dermis layer to approach complex skin problems
Indications: Rough acne scars / pore openings / stretch marks / scars / spots / fine wrinkles caused by UV rays
Fluxel refinement (1410nm)
・ Among the 4 models, the burden on the skin is small and the downtime is short.
Indications: Open pores / fine wrinkles
Fluxel Repair (10600nm)
・ Abrasive type with carbon dioxide laser, downtime is a little long due to transpiration, but high effect can be expected.
Indications: Rough acne scars / pore openings / stretch marks / scars

Only Fraxel 3 Dual is equipped with two types of wavelengths, and it is suitable for those who want to improve complex skin problems from deep to shallow skin at the same time with treatment with as short downtime as possible. I can say.

Fluxel 3 Dual progress / downtime and precautions

The effect of Fluxel 3 Dual will be realized after 3 to 6 months.

The treatment with Fluxel 3 Dual does not seem to be effective immediately after irradiation . After irradiating the laser, the heat-damaged skin is gradually regenerated, so it is said that it takes about 3 to 6 months for the effect to appear, although there are individual differences.

1 to 3 days later
Symptoms such as sunburn-like redness and swelling, petechiae, and blisters may occur. In addition, a fine scab that is barely visible to the naked eye is formed on the irradiated area.
4-7 days later
The scab will come off naturally. If you forcibly peel it off, it may leave a mark, so refrain from doing so.
3 to 6 months later
The wound healing effect promotes skin regeneration.

Redness and swelling after Fluxel 3 dual treatment

Immediately after irradiation, it is affected by the thermal stimulation of the laser, so redness and swelling like sunburn may appear on the entire irradiated area. A feeling of heat like after a strong sunburn lasts for several hours, and you may feel a tingling sensation. In some cases, petechiae, blisters, and scabs may form after irradiation, but they will come off in about a week.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation may occur

In rare cases, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation may occur, with redness and swelling marks remaining brown. It is said that when deep layers are irradiated with strong power to improve uneven acne scars , the burden on the skin increases, and the incidence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation tends to increase .

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation subsides and fades over time, but it can take up to half a year to become completely inconspicuous.

Precautions on the day before Fluxel 3 dual treatment

  • Refrain from drinking
  • Take measures against sunburn

The above two points should be noted on the day before the procedure.

It is said that drinking alcohol is not a problem if it is moderate, but it is said that the feeling of hotness during the treatment may become stronger, so it is recommended to refrain from drinking.

Laser irradiation of sunburned skin can prolong redness and swelling. Depending on the condition of your sunburn, you may not be able to perform the treatment on the day, so take proper measures against UV rays.

Makeup and shaving after Fluxel 3 dual treatment will be done the next day or later

Makeup and shaving can be done immediately after the Fluxel 3 Dual treatment, but it is recommended to do it the next day or later so as not to irritate the skin.

Those who cannot receive Fluxel 3 Dual

  • Pregnant and lactating
  • Those who have a strong sunburn within a month
  • Those with sun sensitivity and those with strong light sensitivity
  • Those with allergies to lidocaine (anesthetic)
  • Those who have taken Accutane within the past year
  • Those who are undergoing treatment for heart disease, collagen disease, immunodeficiency, blood disease, malignant tumor, etc.
  • Those with keloid constitution or poor healing of wounds
  • Those who are using peeling, retinoic acid, tretinoin within 1 month
  • Those who wish to have a treatment on a large mole, wound or skin disease
  • In addition, those who judge that the doctor can not perform the treatment

Fluxel 3 Dual is a medical device not approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Fluxel 3 Dual is an unapproved medical device in Japan. Therefore, when considering the treatment, please be sure to receive sufficient explanation about the risks and side effects at the medical institution before receiving the treatment.

Fluxel 3 Dual is a medical device not approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Medical device acquisition route: The acquisition route is individual import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
Drugs that should be noted in personal imports (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Whether or not it is approved in Japan: There is no medical device that has the same performance and operation as Fraxel 3 Dual and has been approved in Japan.
Information on safety in other countries: Fraxel 3 Dual has obtained the following approval from the US FDA.
1) Skin treatment for soft tissue coagulation
2) Treatment of wrinkles around the orbit
3) Photocoagulation treatment of pigmented lesions including sun-induced and senile pigment spots and pigment abnormalities Side effects under the approval: No serious adverse events have been reported. The main risks and side effects that can occur in general include transient redness, swelling, petechiae, blisters, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that occur at the treatment site.

Estimated number and frequency of Fluxel 3 Dual treatments and price quotes

Fluxel 3 Dual Price Market

The Fluxel 3 Dual treatment is a treatment using equipment not approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and is free medical treatment and is not covered by insurance. Fees vary depending on the medical institution, but the market price for each treatment is as follows.

Part Fee
Whole face 80,000-100,000 yen
Both cheeks 60,000 yen-80,000 yen
nose 30,000 to 40,000 yen
neck 60,000 yen to 70,000 yen
Decorte 70,000 yen to 90,000 yen
Upper arm 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen
Thighs 50,000 yen to 70,000 yen

Estimated number of times and frequency required to realize the effect

Fluxel 3 Dual is said to replace about 12% to 20% of the skin with a single irradiation . Therefore, it can be said that more effects can be expected by receiving multiple treatments.

The number of times required to obtain the effect of improving skin quality varies depending on the condition and symptoms of the skin, but it is recommended to receive 3 to 5 treatments at intervals of about 2 to 4 weeks .

Fluxel 3 Dual Treatment Flow and Precautions

Flow of Fluxel 3 Dual treatment

(1) Face wash

Cleanse the treated area to keep it clean.

(2) Anesthesia

Although it depends on the medical institution, in general, surface anesthesia with anesthesia cream or local anesthesia is used to relieve pain during the procedure.

(3) Irradiation

A test irradiation is performed before the main irradiation to adjust the output power suitable for the symptom. Irradiation time is about 20 to 30 minutes for the entire face. After irradiation, some medical institutions perform cooling to suppress redness caused by heat stimulation.

Progress and precautions after Fluxel 3 dual treatment

After the treatment, the skin will be damaged by heat and become dry easily and become sensitive to UV rays, so moisturize it sufficiently and refrain from being exposed to strong UV rays such as swimming in the sea or outdoor sports, and take thorough measures against UV rays. ..

If you are undergoing treatment during the day, it is safe to bring a parasol, hat, sunglasses, etc. to avoid UV rays.

When using Fluxel 3 Dual in combination with other treatments

When combined with other laser treatments or cosmetology treatments, it is necessary to allow days to avoid damage to the skin . The number of days required depends on the type of treatment, so please consult your doctor at the time of examination.

How to choose a medical institution to avoid failure with Fluxel 3 Dual

With Fluxel 3 Dual, it is possible to finely set the irradiation power and irradiation density of lasers of two types of wavelengths according to each person's skin type and skin problems. Therefore, in order to obtain a satisfactory effect, it is important to select a medical institution that has a doctor who has deep knowledge of machines and abundant laser treatment experience .

In addition, it is difficult to improve the skin quality with one treatment, so when counseling, check how many treatments and costs are required to obtain the effect you expect. I am relieved.

In addition, some medical institutions offer options such as growth factor packs to enhance the effectiveness of Fraxel 3 Dual, so please check for options if you wish.

Treatment with Fluxel 3 Dual is not available at beauty treatment salons

Since Fluxel 3 Dual is a medical device, it cannot be received at non-medical facilities such as beauty salons. It is important to consult a doctor who has specialized knowledge about skin at a medical institution, and then receive treatment with settings that suit each person's skin type and concerns.

(Updated January 2021)