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Areas that can be partially thinned with scalp sure and the number of treatments required




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Areas that can be partially thinned with scalp sure and the number of treatments required

As the basal metabolic rate decreases with aging, the slimming effect cannot be obtained even if you are careful about your diet and exercise, and there are many cases where changes in body shape such as sagging hip line appear. However, the medical slimming machine, SculpSure, is said to act on subcutaneous fat, which is difficult to improve with a normal diet, in just a few minutes, regardless of age, leading to a tight body line .

Scalpsure reduces fat cells by the heat energy of laser irradiation. Fat cells damaged by heat energy are metabolized and excreted from the body, so they do not increase again. Therefore, it is said that the possibility of rebound is low.

In order to obtain a satisfactory slimming effect with Scalp Sure, it is important to confirm in advance the number of treatments required, when the effect will appear, and points to be aware of.

FDA-approved scalpsure as a medical slimming machine

FDA-approved Scalp Sure_Scalp Sure as a medical slimming machine Scalp Sure is a medical slimming machine that can partially lose weight, announced by a major American laser equipment development company in 2016.

In aesthetic medicine, there are slimming treatments such as cooling, high frequency (RF wave / radio wave), and HIFU. Scalpsure is a machine (extracorporeal laser) that heats subcutaneous fat by irradiating it from above the skin (outside the body) and damages fat cells. In addition, the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), which is the first Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in the world, has approved the effect and safety of reducing fat cells in medical slimming machines that use lasers.

Scalpsure does not hurt the skin

Slimming machines that use lasers can be divided into internal lasers and external lasers. Internal laser is a method of irradiating the fat layer with a laser by making a hole in the skin and inserting a thin tube, so scars are left on the skin.

On the other hand, Scalp Sure, which is an extracorporeal laser, irradiates the laser from the surface of the skin, so there is no burden on the skin.

Scalpsure Principles and Safety

Fat cells are damaged by being heated to a temperature of about 45 ° C for a certain period of time. Scalpsure uses this principle.

Adipocytes damaged by the thermal energy of the laser from the scalpsure become dysfunctional and become in a state of cell death (apoptosis). Dysfunctional fat cells are excreted from the body together with feces and urine over a period of about 3 months by macrophages, which are a type of white blood cell.

There is no effect on the liver in the process of excretion, and it is said that there are no reports of complications such as fatty liver caused by scalpsure (a condition in which neutral fat accumulates in the liver).

Scalpsure Principle and Safety_Scalpsure is worn on the waist The duration of one laser irradiation is 25 minutes. In the first 4 minutes, the laser is irradiated so that the subcutaneous temperature is 42 to 47 ° C, and then for 21 minutes, the laser is intermittently irradiated for 1 to 20 seconds while maintaining the temperature. Scalpsure equipped with a cooling system cools the skin surface at the same time as laser irradiation, so it is said that the pain caused by heat is reduced.

The higher the temperature, the greater the force that acts on the fat layer, but on the other hand, it puts a strain on the skin. However, the subcutaneous temperature maintained by the scalpsure is 42-47 ° C, and by irradiating with heat energy that keeps the temperature below 50 ° C for 25 minutes, enough heat is created to reduce fat cells. I will. Normally, if you continue to irradiate the laser for a long time, there is concern about the effect on the skin, but since the scalp sure irradiates while cooling the skin surface, there is no big risk while affecting the fat layer, and it is safe. It can be said that it is expensive.

With Scalp Sure, it is possible to perform small parts or two parts at the same time.

Scalpsure allows simultaneous treatment of small parts and two parts_Scalpsure is attached to the waist Scalpsure attaches four 4 x 6 cm size parts (applicators) to the part where you want to reduce fat and irradiates the laser. When the laser is irradiated, the heat energy spreads to the surroundings, so the area where the heat energy is transmitted per applicator is approximately 5 x 7 cm.

To install the applicator, attach the frame (attachment frame) to the part to be irradiated with the laser. At this time, four are arranged side by side to irradiate one part in a wide range (20 x 7 cm, 10 x 14 cm, etc.), or two are attached to the left and right sides of the flank (two places of 10 x 7 cm, etc.). You can also irradiate. Depending on the combination of wearing, it is possible to change the range of treatment according to each person and perform irradiation.

Scalpsure allows simultaneous treatment of small parts and two parts_How to attach the scalpsure attachment frame

Areas that can be irradiated with scalp sure

  • Abdomen (upper abdomen, lower abdomen, flank)
  • Thighs (outer thighs / inner thighs)
  • back
  • buttocks
  • Upper arm
  • Under the chin / double chin (neck is out of treatment range)

Scalpsure can treat multiple sites at once.

Irradiation under the chin (double chin) uses a special applicator and attachment frame, which is different from the treatment on the body. The depth at which heat energy reaches is shallower than that of the body, and the area where heat is transmitted is also narrow, so the risk of burns is low.

Scalpsure also tightens sagging skin

Scalpsure acts on the fat layer by irradiating it with a laser, and its heat energy also stimulates fibroblasts in the dermis layer. This produces collagen and elastin, which reduces the thickness of the fat layer and gives the skin firmness and elasticity, leading to a youthful impression.

Scalpsure treatment pain

Pain during the procedure

Immediately after starting to irradiate the laser, the fat cells absorb the laser and cause a sudden temperature rise, which may cause slight pain. In many cases, it is a sensation of "tingling pain" or "feeling heat in the back of the skin." However, the scalp sure is equipped with a cooling function, and laser irradiation and cooling are alternated, so the pain is said to be minor.

While protecting the skin surface with a cooling function, heat energy is applied to the subcutaneous fat to a depth of up to 2 to 3 cm under the skin. Scalpsure has the ability to regulate temperature, heating the fat layer to 42-47 ° C while avoiding the risk of burns, keeping it at a constant temperature that causes fat cell damage.

Pain during treatment_When irradiating a laser with a scalp sure, energy reaches 2-3 cm under the skin

Scalpsure has adjustable irradiation power, so if you experience any unusual heat or pain during the procedure, don't put up with it and tell your doctor right away.

Post-treatment pain

After the treatment, damage to fat cells may cause pain and swelling such as muscle pain, but it is said that it will subside within a few days to 2 weeks.

Scalpsure reduces fat cells so there is less rebound

Scalpsure reduces the thickness of subcutaneous fat by damaging the fat cells themselves with the heat energy of the laser and metabolizing and excreting them.

Scalpsure reduces fat cells, so there is less rebound_Scalpsure reduces the thickness of subcutaneous fat

In diet and daily life, the decrease or increase in fat is due to the decrease or increase in fat cells, and the number of fat cells does not change.

The number of fat cells that are different for each person

Fat cells store lipids and sugars taken in from the diet as energy, and supply energy throughout the body when needed. The number of fat cells varies from person to person, and it is said that the obese type tends to have more fat cells than the lean type. Also, the number of fat cells will not decrease unless you receive medical slimming treatment.

Those who are compatible with scalp sure

  • Those who do not get the expected body shape even after dieting
  • Those who do not want to leave scars
  • Those who are resistant to liposuction
  • Those who want to lose weight
  • Those who want to finish one treatment in a short time
  • Those who want to feel free to try
  • Those who are vulnerable to pain
  • Those who want to minimize the burden on the body
  • Those who do not have time for downtime
  • Those who are worried about sagging stomach after childbirth
  • Those who get meat when wearing pants
  • Those who have slack on their knees
  • Those who are worried about slack in their upper arms
  • Those who are worried about the back line
  • Those who are worried about slack under the chin (double chin)

Reasons why changes are unlikely to appear on a self-styled diet with aging

Basal metabolic rate decreases as muscle mass decreases with age. Therefore, if you have the same diet and amount of exercise as when you were young, it will be difficult to maintain your body shape, and especially the fat that you pinch on your upper arm, lower abdomen, flanks and thighs, that is, subcutaneous fat, will begin to attach.

As you age, collagen and elastin, which maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin, decrease, resulting in wrinkles and sagging. Scalpsure is said to be able to stimulate fibroblasts by irradiating it with a laser, produce collagen and elastin, and restore skin elasticity at the same time as slimming.

Scalpsure acts on the fat layer without damaging the skin

In order to irradiate the laser from outside the body with the scalp sure, which is an extracorporeal laser, to produce a slimming effect, use a laser with a wavelength that meets the following conditions.

  • Thermal energy reaches the fat layer under the skin
  • Acts on (absorbs) the fat layer
  • Hard to be absorbed by skin melanin and water

The near-infrared laser used in scalpsure meets these requirements.

Scalpsure laser wavelength that acts only on the fat layer

At wavelengths that are easily absorbed by the black pigment of melanin and water, the wavelength is absorbed before it reaches the fat layer, so heat energy does not reach the fat layer. The wavelength of the laser used in Scalp Sure is 1,060 nm, and it has the feature that it is not easily absorbed by black pigments such as melanin, red pigments of hemoglobin, and skin moisture.

The wavelength of the laser has the property of not reacting to anything other than the target, so it does not damage the surrounding tissue.

Scalpsure can be performed without worrying about skin color or sunburn

In aesthetic medicine, hair loss and age spots are often treated with a laser whose wavelength is absorbed by the black pigment of melanin. However, if the skin color is dark due to sunburn etc., there are restrictions such as not being able to perform the treatment because the wavelength of the laser reacts strongly and there is a risk of burns.

On the other hand, the wavelength of the scalpsure laser is not easily absorbed by the black pigment of melanin, so it is less affected by skin color and sunburn, and it is possible to perform the treatment.

Peak effect of scalpsure and required number of treatments

The effect is felt after 3 months, and the required number of treatments is about 2 to 3 times.

It is said that the effect of scalpsure treatment begins to be felt about 3 weeks after irradiation, the peak effect is about 3 months later, and the average reduction rate of the fat layer is 24%, according to the results of clinical trials.

Some people feel the effect once, but it is recommended to irradiate the same area 2 to 3 times every other month, and the effect will be felt from 2 to 3 times after the treatment. It is said that there are many cases.

The average reduction rate of the fat layer by scalpsure is 24% (about 80g) in 3 months. If you want a more slimming effect, it is said that every other month is desirable because it is necessary to give additional irradiation before the dysfunctional fat cells are completely excreted from the body.

There is no limit to the number of scalpsure treatments. It is said that the more times the treatment is performed, the higher the slimming effect.

Comparison of Scalpsure with other slimming effects machines

There are many medical slimming machines that can be expected to reduce fat cells by using energy sources such as fat cooling, HIFU, and high frequency (RF wave / radio wave) in addition to laser.

It can be said that each machine has the same effect of damaging fat cells and causing dysfunctional fat cells to be excreted from the body by metabolism, leading to slimming. In addition, the number of treatments, the applicable site for treatments, and fees vary depending on the machine.

The target area for scalp sure treatment is mainly the body. On the other hand, many slimming machines using high frequency or HIFU can approach the fat around the eyes and face line, and HIFU is said to be particularly effective for sagging.

Difference from cool sculpting

Cool sculpting, which is often compared to sculpture, is a medical slimming machine that cools the fat layer and destroys only fat cells without affecting other tissues or blood .

For cool sculpting, it is necessary to change the dedicated applicator for each part to be irradiated, such as the upper arm, abdomen, and thigh, and irradiation is one part per treatment. Immediately after the procedure, a massage will be given to the frozen area.

Scalpsure applicators can be applied without limiting the body shape, but cool sculpting irradiates while sucking fat parts, so it may be difficult to attach the applicator to thin type or curved parts. There is.

Considering the merits and demerits of each slimming machine, it is important to perform the optimal treatment based on the diagnosis by the doctor.

What you need to know if you receive a scalp sure

Scalpsure works on subcutaneous fat

There are two types of fat: visceral fat that sticks around the internal organs and subcutaneous fat that causes sagging under the skin such as the upper arm and waist, and scalpsure can approach subcutaneous fat that can be pinched with fingers. While visceral fat is easy to get on, it is said that it can be easily improved by reviewing exercise and eating habits. However, subcutaneous fat is considered to be a fat that is difficult to remove due to the structure of the human body because it acts as a cushioning material to soften external stimuli and shocks and keeps warmth.

Scalpsure trims body line

Scalpsure is not intended to lose weight, it is a procedure that reduces the thickness of subcutaneous fat and prepares the body line. Since fat has a lower density and a lighter specific gravity than water, it can be said that there is almost no change in body weight even if fat cells are reduced.

The body is the main treatment site for scalp sure

Scalpsure is not indicated for treatment on the eyes and cheeks. The face line can be irradiated only under the chin (double chin).

You can feel the effect of Scalp Sure from around 3 weeks later.

Scalpsure is a machine that leads to slimming by causing fat cells to die (apoptosis) and excrete them, so it is said that the body line does not change immediately after the procedure. According to the results of clinical trials, the effect will appear after about 3 weeks , so it can be said that immediate effect cannot be expected.

Multiple treatments are required to realize the effect

You may feel the effect with one treatment, but it is usually said that you can get a solid slimming effect by receiving two or three treatments.

Scalpsure Risks / Side Effects and Precautions

Immediately after irradiation, redness occurs due to laser irradiation and cooling for about 20 minutes. In addition, damage to fat cells may cause pain such as muscle pain, swelling, and internal bleeding, but it is said that it will subside within a few days to two weeks.

Those who cannot receive scalpsure treatment

  • Those who have unhealed wounds or skin abnormalities on the irradiated area
  • People with diabetes
  • Those with immune disorders
  • Those who are pregnant / lactating, those who may become pregnant
  • Those who have metal or silicon in the irradiated area
  • Those who have an allergic reaction to laser treatment

Scalpsure treatment price

The market price per area (irradiation area 5 x 7 cm) when 4 areas are implemented at one time is about 7,500 yen to 16,500 yen.

There are many ways to attach the applicator. You can choose the treatment site such as the upper arm and flank, left and right thighs, etc. in one treatment.

How to choose a medical institution to receive scalpsure

In slimming treatment, aesthetics are required, and in the case of treatment such as scalpsure where once destroyed fat cells do not regenerate and the site of fat loss cannot be confirmed immediately after the treatment, the doctor assumes the finish of slimming and irradiates. It can be said that it is necessary to do. Therefore, even if the treatment is performed by the same scalp sure, the finish will differ depending on the doctor in charge.

In order to aim for a healthy and beautiful body line by slimming treatment with scalpsure, it can be said that it is important to perform treatment by a doctor who has abundant experience in slimming treatment and is familiar with the properties of fat cells and muscle structure and skeleton.

Scalpsure of Miyata Plastic Surgery / Skin Clinic

Professor Shigeaki Miyata, who supervised the article, taught me about scalp sure.

How long does it take to combine the medical examination (counseling) and the treatment?
Dr. Shigeaki Miyata
Counseling takes about 15 minutes, after which shooting, actual size, and treatment. The time varies depending on the number of treatment sites, but it takes about 1 to 2 hours from the examination to the return.
Do you anesthetize with Scalp Sure? How much is the pain?
Dr. Shigeaki Miyata
When you start the procedure, you may experience pain for the first 4 minutes when the temperature rises, but you do not need anesthesia because it heats up while adjusting the output.
How often do you recommend the treatment?
Dr. Shigeaki Miyata
Some people may realize the effect with one treatment, but it is basic to perform two or more treatments with a gap of 4 weeks or more. The effect increases as the number of times increases. It is said that the volume of about 20% of the area of the treated area will decrease.
Please tell me about downtime and precautions.
Dr. Shigeaki Miyata
Immediately after irradiation, redness occurs due to laser irradiation and cooling, but there is almost no downtime. Short-term side effects may cause pain in the treatment area for several days. Thigh procedures may cause pain, which may be due to the destruction of fat, but it subsides in a few days.
Please give a message to those who are wondering whether to receive scalp sure.
Dr. Shigeaki Miyata
Among various partial thinning devices, Scalp Sure is a device that works on the shallow layer under the skin and not only reduces fat but also has a tightening effect. Although it is not possible to lose weight, it is possible to arrange the body line beautifully, and it can be said that it is especially suitable for those who are concerned about the flesh around the lower abdomen, upper arms, back and waist after middle age. Let's do it.
Thank you, Professor Miyata!

Flow of scalp sure treatment from arrival at the clinic

(1) Fill out the questionnaire

Enter what you would like to discuss, the part you are interested in, and the symptoms.

(2) Confirmation and planning of body shape

After the doctor's examination, the nurse will check the body shape and plan where to reduce fat and what kind of body shape to aim for.

(3) Installation of machine applicator

Attach the attachment frame Install four applicators directly above the area of concern. It is possible to treat an area with a total area of 7x20 cm, and it is also possible to divide the applicator into two parts on the left and right (for example, two places with 7x10 cm) (except under the chin). The procedure starts when the lamp that confirms contact with the skin lights up.

(4) Start of treatment

Heat the treatment area over 25 minutes. The temperature rises in the first few minutes, and after reaching a certain temperature, a laser is applied to maintain the temperature. Pain may occur when the temperature rises, so adjust the output so that the high temperature can be maintained as much as possible without overdoing it.

Miyata Plastic Surgery / Skin Clinic Scalp Sure Treatment Site and Fee

Scalpsure treatment is free medical treatment and you will be responsible for all costs. The treatment fee varies depending on the medical institution.

area Once (tax included)
4 parts, total 140㎠ area 33,000 yen

Introduction of supervising doctor

Dr. Shigeaki Miyata, the director of Miyata Plastic Surgery and Skin Clinic, was one of the first to adopt laser skin quality improvement treatment, and currently owns more than 40 cosmetology medical machines. All treatments other than skin care, hair removal, and slimming are performed by the director himself. A lot of research is published every year at domestic and overseas academic societies, and abundant medical knowledge and experience are utilized to establish joint development and treatment protocols with medical device manufacturers. He has written many books on cosmetology and leads comprehensive cosmetology as a plastic surgeon.

Shigeaki Miyata Medical institution with a doctor

Miyata Plastic Surgery / Skin Clinic Miyata Plastic Surgery / Skin Clinic:
Contact: 03-5510-3931

Scalpsure is an unapproved device from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Medical device acquisition route: The acquisition route is personal import from the manufacturer by a doctor of a medical institution.
Drugs that should be noted in personal imports (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Approval in Japan: No device has the same performance as Scalp Sure and has been approved in Japan.
Information on safety in other countries: The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the effect and safety on fat reduction.
Side effects of the approval: tenderness / pain, nodules, swelling / swelling, hardness, redness / erythema, bruise