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Know all about NeoGen PSR for plasma treatment and improve skin quality without failure




Chiharu Watanabe
Dr. Chiharu Watanabe

Chiharu Skin Clinic Urawain

medical doctor Dermatologist certified by the Japanese Dermatological Association AMI Japan Senior Trainer Specialist / Councilor, Japan Laser Medicine Association Member of Japanese Society of Allergology Member of Japanese Society of Clinical Dermatology Surgery Member of Japan Anti-Aging Medicine Association Dr. OBAGI certified physician Member of Japan Cosmetic Dermatological Association Director, Japanese Society of Placental Clinical Medicine Member of Japanese Society for Medical Hair Removal

Medical institution with Dr. Chiharu Watanabe

Chiharu skin clinicChiharu Skin Clinic (Urawa)
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Chiharu Skin Clinic Hirooin
Contact information (Hiroo-in): 03-3447-1177

"Pores are becoming conspicuous" "Skin is rough" "Acne scars do not disappear"

Everyone has some sort of skin problem.

Treatments that solve skin problems include peeling , laser treatment , and phototherapy, but they may not suit your skin type or require downtime.

Therefore, I will introduce "NeoGen PSR" this time. It is a treatment for improving skin quality with mild pain and downtime, which is recognized as safe by public institutions .

It is also noted that the active ingredients are easier to penetrate into the skin after treatment.

We will summarize the features of Neogen PSR, the advantages and disadvantages, and the effects of Neogen PSR .