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Know all about NeoGen PSR for plasma treatment and improve skin quality without failure




Chiharu Watanabe
Dr. Chiharu Watanabe

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Plasma treatment Neogen PSR

"Pores have become noticeable" "Skin is rough" "Acne scars do not disappear"

Everyone has some skin problems.

The treatment to solve the skin trouble, peeling , laser therapy , light therapy , but there is such, also be or there is down time or not fit to skin type.

Therefore, we would like to introduce "NeoGen PSR". It is a treatment for improving skin quality with mild pain and downtime, which is recognized as safe by public institutions.

It is also noted that the active ingredient easily penetrates into the skin after treatment.

I will tell you about the features of Neogen PSR, its advantages and disadvantages, and the effects of Neogen PSR.

Safety of Neogen PSR called Plasma Treatment

Neogen PSR is the name of a machine that converts nitrogen plasma into plasma energy and irradiates the skin. Treatment with Neogen PSR is called plasma treatment.

The gas that Neogen PSR turns into plasma is nitrogen

Nitrogen is a gas that is also contained in the air. Since air is composed of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen, there is no danger.

FDA approved Neogen PSR

Neogen PSR is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA is a public institution in the United States, which is the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan. Approval by the FDA means that the safety and effectiveness of products are guaranteed.

Plasma properties that have the effect of improving skin quality and remove waste products

Neogen PSR turns nitrogen plasma into plasma and irradiates the skin, but understanding the identity of the plasma makes it easier to understand the effectiveness of treatment. So, before introducing the effects of Neogen PSR, let's take a look at plasma.

More than 99% of the substances that make up the universe are plasma

It is said that more than 99% of the substances that make up the universe are plasma, and stars such as the sun, aurora, and lightning are plasma energy. Plasma is also spreading in the space where the stars spread.

In daily life, it is used for fluorescent lamps, neon signs, and televisions, and products that purify air, deodorize, and remove static electricity are also made using plasma. In aesthetic medicine, plasma treatment is also introduced as a treatment that replaces laser and phototherapy, but you can see that plasma itself is a very familiar energy.

Plasma is energy that is neither laser nor light. As the temperature rises, a substance changes into a solid, a liquid, or a gas, and the next state of the gas is plasma.

Description of plasma It's a bit of a maniac story, but as the temperature rises, the molecular bonds of substances become loose.

At the atomic level, which is smaller than a molecule, in solids, liquids, and gases, negative electrons circulate around positive nuclei.

However, when the temperature rises above the gas and it becomes a plasma state, the electrons move away from the nucleus (ionization) and move around freely. In other words, the energy state is higher than that of gas.

New skin structure formed by plasma irradiation

Due to the high energy state of the plasma, the skin tissue is heated when the plasma energy reaches deep into the skin. When heated, it causes a state of natural healing that heals the wound. This activates cells and promotes skin regeneration. The irradiated area has a new formation of skin structure, resulting in immediate healing.

Removes dead skin cells and waste products on the skin surface

In the plasma state, the nuclei (ions) and electrons that are separated from each other move freely and are unstable, so they easily stick to other substances. Due to its nature, keratin and waste products on the surface of the skin are removed by being adsorbed and vaporized by plasma.

Multiple effects of Neogen PSR

Now that we know the properties of plasma, we will confirm the effects of Neogen PSR in detail.

Dull skin, roughness, pore trouble, acne, acne scars, etc.

Neogen PSR eliminates dullness and roughness of the skin. It is also effective for pore troubles. In addition, acne is less likely to occur and acne scars are less noticeable.

During the Neogen PSR treatment, it smells a little burnt, because the high energy of the plasma hits the skin and the hair grows. Therefore, it is said that you can feel the goodness of make-up when you make up immediately after treatment.

Summary of the effects of Neogen PSR

Neogen PSR is often used outside of Japan to improve wrinkles around the eyes, and it seems that it is often used in combination with a face lift with threads to activate skin cells.

In addition, it has the following effects.

  • Promotes skin metabolism (turnover)
  • By promoting turnover, melanin is excreted and texture and dullness are improved (whitening effect).
  • Improved turnover improves scars and pigmentation
  • Improves acne with bactericidal action of acne bacteria
  • The heat action increases collagen, which is the key to skin elasticity, and elastin, which supports collagen.
  • Increased collagen and elastin improve fine wrinkles and pore problems

People who recommend Neogen PSR

  • I'm worried about the roughness
  • I want to improve acne and acne scars
  • I want to get rid of open pores and darkening of pores
  • I'm worried about the dullness of my skin
  • I want to adjust the texture
  • The tension is gone
  • I'm worried about fine wrinkles
  • I want to improve atopic skin
  • The skin is greasy
  • I want to cure pigmentation caused by scars and atopy and acne
  • I want to cure chloasma (Neogen PSR + induction treatment)

Recommended number and frequency of Neogen PSR

Skin turnover occurs around 28 days. If you receive Neogen PSR in a very short span, it may damage your skin.

Therefore, in order to understand the effect in an easy-to-understand manner , it is best to continue as intensively as possible once every 3 to 4 weeks .

Two benefits of Neogen PSR

Mild pain and downtime

Almost no pain

Laser and phototherapy generate heat when they react to targets such as melanin pigments. When the heat is transmitted to the skin, it causes pain as if it were repelled by a rubber band, but even though Neogen PSR has almost no pain, it is as effective as laser or phototherapy.

Neogen PSR is a heat energy generated when nitrogen is converted into an ionized gas (plasma), which stimulates it. In the treatment, the plasma gas emitted from the tip of Neogen PSR is applied to the skin. You may be surprised at first because it makes a clicking sound and shines at the moment of hitting, but there is almost no pain or heat.

It gets hot momentarily, but it hits the skin only for a moment. Therefore, I hardly feel the heat. Neogen PSR has various power settings from low energy to high energy, and when irradiating with high power, make adjustments such as reducing heat with anesthesia applied.

Hard to leave marks

After Neogen PSR, it may turn slightly brown to some extent, and the downtime until the skin returns to its original state after treatment is slight.

Laser and phototherapy can cause scabs and pigmentation in response to target pigments (chromophores, chromophores) such as melanin and hemoglobin.

Laser and phototherapy use wavelengths that are effective for a specific target, so they do not react to anything other than that target (melanin pigment or capillaries). However, no skin is completely free of melanin pigments. No matter how fair you are, there is a melanin pigment. When a strong laser is applied to enhance the therapeutic effect, the melanin pigment may be activated even in a place where the melanin pigment is low, resulting in temporary pigmentation.

On the other hand, Neogen PSR is not a treatment that responds to the target, so it can be applied to sunburned skin, dark skin, and eyelids with eyes, and has no side effects of pigmentation.

In addition, although nitrogen gas plasma has high energy, only the heat energy from fine electrons reaches deep into the skin, so it has the advantage of less damage to the skin than lasers.

The effect can be enhanced by using it in combination with other treatments.

Another merit of Neogen PSR is that it can be expected to be more effective when taken in combination with other treatments.

Increases elasticity and luster

If you receive a massage peel before Neogen PSR, you can expect a more firm and glossy treatment than a single treatment.

Massage peel, also known as collagen peel, has the effect of improving sagging, increasing firmness, and stimulating an increase in collagen (effective for wrinkles on the forehead and neck). By using this massage peel to bring out the firmness from the inside of the skin and treating the surface layer with Neogen PSR, you can feel the firmness and luster rather than receiving each alone.

More improved chloasma

Attention! Drug delivery effect after Neogen PSR treatment

Drag delivery effect

Our skin usually has a barrier function. Thanks to this barrier function, invisible germs on the surface of the skin do not immediately enter the body and become suppurated.

This barrier function prevents the invasion of bacteria from the outside, but on the other hand, it also blocks the components that you want to penetrate, such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid contained in cosmetics.

Therefore, I would like to pay attention to the drug delivery effect immediately after treatment with Neogen PSR.

Immediately after treatment, the barrier function of the skin temporarily deteriorates. Introducing a drug that relieves worries while it is decreasing makes it easier for the active ingredient to reach deep into the skin. This is the drug delivery effect.

Liver spots are less effective with laser treatment, but they can be calmed down by infiltrating and introducing vitamin C and tranexamic acid into the skin immediately after treatment with Neogen PSR.

In addition, if you are concerned about fine wrinkles and sagging, introductory treatment that regenerates collagen after treatment will be more effective than treatment with Neogen PSR alone.

Compare Neogen PSR with other treatments

Neogen PSR has no rough skin such as allergic reaction

Chemical peeling is often selected as a treatment to improve fine lines, dullness, and pore problems. It improves skin quality by applying a peeling agent to the skin and removing dead skin cells and dirt. It is a well-known treatment in aesthetic medicine, but if the peeling agent does not suit the skin, it may cause skin problems.

Neogen PSR does not use any drugs, so it does not cause an allergic reaction. For those who have abandoned peeling treatment due to sensitive skin, Neogen PSR is suitable.

Neogen PSR of choice for those who have given up on laser or phototherapy

Some laser and phototherapy treatments for acne and pore problems may give up because of severe pain, ineffectiveness, or long downtime.

Again, Neogen PSR has mild pain and downtime. Therefore, some people switch from other treatments to plasma treatment.

Compare Neogen PSR with other Neogen

Neogen is a machine developed by a British medical device manufacturer, and in addition to Neogen PSR, there are Neogen EVO and Neogen SPA. The difference between the three neogens is the height of the output that irradiates the plasma. The effect on the skin changes depending on the difference in output.

Neogen PSR

It was developed first of the three.

Neogen PSR was originally developed in the United States as an alternative to fractional lasers for treatment with less downtime and less inflammatory response. The PSR used in the United States and Europe is a device that can irradiate only high energy, and cannot irradiate low energy. Only Japanese PSR has been improved so that it can irradiate from low energy to high energy according to a wide range of patient needs.

Neogen SPA

Neogen SPA, which was first introduced in Japan among Neogen, was developed to be able to irradiate only low energy for the purpose of no-pain, no-downtime treatment.

You can get a beautiful skin effect by doing it multiple times.

Neogen EVO

Originally popular in the United States, the PSR was initially a device that could only irradiate high energy, and used an improved PSR that could irradiate both low and high energy only in Japan.

As the need for equipment that can irradiate both low energy and high energy has increased worldwide, it has been re-rotated as Neogen EVO. Therefore, the contents of PSR and EVO in Japan are almost the same .

What you need to know to prevent "treatment failure"

Neogen PSR does not aim for the effect with one treatment, but improves the skin quality by repeating the treatment multiple times.

In general, treatments that are immediately effective have downtime. After treatment, the condition of the skin may change in an easy-to-understand manner, such as red swelling or scabs, and it may not be possible to hide it with makeup alone.

Compared to such treatments, Neogen PSR offers milder treatments and gradually improves skin quality .

Instead, the downtime is mild and you can continue treatment without being noticed by others. Even those who are working do not need to take a day off. Even those who appear in public in sales or hospitality can continue treatment.

This treatment is recommended for those who have given up peeling, laser / light treatment due to skin discomfort or pain, as well as those who are receiving beauty medicine for the first time.

Disadvantages of Neogen PSR

Neogen PSR risk and downtime

Immediately after irradiation, you may feel dry, or after a few hours, redness may appear .

From the next day onward, the reddish areas will turn light brown, gradually peel off, and reborn as beautiful skin in about a week. During this time, those who are interested can hide it with makeup.

Precautions for Neogen PSR

After treatment, the skin tends to dry out and get sunburned, so it is necessary to keep it moisturized and take measures against UV rays. After treatment, you can take a bath, wash your hair, drink and exercise from the day of the treatment, and you can spend as usual.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a doctor.

Chiharu Dermatology Clinic Neogen PSR

I was taught by Dr. Watanabe, who supervised the article.

How long does it take to combine the medical examination (counseling) and the treatment?
Dr. Chiharu Watanabe
The treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes for the entire face, and it takes about 1 hour from the examination to the return.
Can you tell me the price?
Chiharu Watanabe
The whole face is 27,500 yen (25,000 yen excluding tax). Neogen PSR is an unapproved device of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. It will be a free medical treatment and you will have to pay the full amount.
Do you anesthetize? How much pain is it?
Chiharu Watanabe
Irradiation is performed with an intensity that does not cause pain, so basically no anesthesia is performed. Immediately after irradiation, you may feel a tingling sensation or redness.
How often do you recommend the treatment?
Chiharu Watanabe
It is recommended to use 3 to 6 times at a pace of once every 2 to 4 weeks. For acne and chloasma treatment, we recommend a pace of once every two to three weeks.
Please tell me about downtime and precautions.
Chiharu Watanabe
In the case of low energy irradiation, treatment without downtime is possible, but in rare cases, redness appears several hours after irradiation, and the next day or later, the skin becomes light brown and a thin scab is formed. There is. In that case, it will come off in 3 to 5 days. Talk to your doctor as you can adjust the downtime and treatment effects.
Please give a message to those who are wondering whether to receive Neogen PSR from now on.
Dr. Chiharu Watanabe
It is recommended for those who can expect various effects at once, those with weak pain, and those who have not obtained satisfactory results with laser treatment.
Thank you, Dr. Watanabe!

Flow from arrival at the clinic to the end of Neogen PSR treatment

(1) Fill out the questionnaire

Enter what you would like to discuss, the part you are interested in, and the symptoms.

(2) Medical examination (counseling)

We will check what kind of effect it has and discuss what you are interested in.

(3) Makeup remover

(4) Treatment

Moisturize well first.
By moisturizing, it becomes difficult to feel the heat (heat) of the plasma, and the effect of Neogen PSR can easily reach the depths. If you feel hot, adjust the power setting or moisturize during treatment. Also, when applying strongly to enhance the effect, you may feel heat, so add anesthesia to apply.

(5) Make up and finish

Makeup is possible immediately after the procedure.

Introduction of supervising doctor

Dr. Chiharu Watanabe, the director of the Chiharu Dermatology Clinic. As a leading expert in plasma treatment, he gives lectures and researches on the possibility of plasma treatment in the field of dermatology at the general meeting and academic conference of the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Medical institution with Dr. Chiharu Watanabe

Chiharu Dermatology ClinicChiharu Dermatology Clinic (Urawa)
Inquiries (Urawa): 048-813-1188
Chiharu Skin Clinic Hiroo-in
Inquiries (Hiroo-in): 03-3447-1177

Neogen PSR is an unapproved device from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Approval in Japan: No device has the same performance as Neogen PSR and has been approved in Japan.

Neogen PSR acquisition route: The acquisition route is individual import by the doctor of each medical institution.
Drugs to be aware of when importing personally (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)

Information on safety in other countries: Neogen PSR is a plasma device that has been approved by the US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) in the field of cosmetic dermatology, and its efficacy and safety are approved in the following.
Treatment of wrinkles and wrinkles ・ Superficial skin lesions ・ Actinic cheilitis ・ Viral papillomas ・ Seborrheic keratosis ・ Acne scars