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Dr. Kumiko Shimoshima, the director of KUMIKO CLINIC. As a leading expert in slimming treatment, he has a wealth of lectures on cool sculpting at seminars for doctors. The treatment by cool sculpting is highly evaluated overseas, and we are the first in Japan to obtain a diploma (certificate) of a cool sculpting expert.

Cool Sculpting Case Photo (Before After) Abdomen

Cool Sculpting is a type of fat cooling machine that cools fat to reduce fat cells and lead to slimming. It received medical approval from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2017, and its effectiveness and safety have been recognized.

Compared to surgery such as liposuction, it is less burdensome to the body, and because it reduces the number of fat cells, it is difficult to rebound and there is almost no downtime. Also, because it cools only fat cells, it does not adversely affect other tissues.

The target of cool sculpting is subcutaneous fat. Let's check the effect, frequency and frequency of cool sculpting in order to aim for partial slimming that eliminates subcutaneous fat in the area of concern.

Cool sculpting to prepare the body line

Cool Sculpting is a fat cooling machine that began to be used under the name ZELTIQ in 2009 and was renamed Cool Sculpting in 2013. Currently, it is sold by Allergan.

It has been approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan as a medical device that can be expected to partially reduce fat. The purpose is "body contouring" to reduce and adjust the body line .

It is also approved for fat reduction in Canada, Australia and France. [* 1]

[* 1] Report on the results of deliberation of the Cool Sculpting Control Unit

Freeze fat cells and discharge naturally

Liposuction treatment with a fat cooling machine such as cool sculpting is one of medical slimming and is based on cryotherapy theory (the temperature difference that water freezes at 0 ° C but fat freezes at 4 ° C).

It is called Selective Cryolipolysis, and by cooling the area where subcutaneous fat is a concern with a special part (applicator), only fat cells are frozen and destroyed .

The destroyed fat cells are metabolized in a state of cell death called apoptosis. This reduces the number of fat cells and thus reduces the thickness of subcutaneous fat.

Although there are individual differences in fat cooling treatment by cool sculpting, it is said that one treatment can reduce the amount of fat in the cooling area by about 20% to 30% .

Once depleted, fat cells will not be regenerated. Therefore, it is said that rebound is unlikely to occur, but care must be taken as the remaining fat cells may become hypertrophied and fat due to lack of exercise or an unbalanced diet .

Why cool sculpting can cool enough to destroy fat cells

The cool sculpting applicator has electronic components (plate-shaped semiconductor elements) that cool one side and heat the other side when an electric current is applied by connecting to the machine body (cool sculpting control unit). It is being used.

This is a principle called the "Peltier effect" that allows heat to be absorbed (cooled) and dissipated (heated) by transferring heat from one side to the other when an electric current is applied. Since it does not vibrate or make noise, it is also used in familiar items such as computer CPUs, medical cooling devices, and small cold storage.

In addition, coolant flows from the cool sculpting machine body to cool the heated surface of the electronic components of the applicator.

In other words, the Peltier effect and the coolant cool the applicator, which cools the treatment area where the applicator is attached .

The applicator is equipped with a temperature sensor, so you can cool the treatment area to 4 ° C without overcooling.

Types of cool sculpting applicators and areas where they can be treated

The main applicator for Cool Sculpting is a suction type that cools the skin by sucking up fat . Since the treatment is performed by attaching a cup-shaped applicator to the area where subcutaneous fat is a concern, you can feel the pain and coldness of being pulled, but you can cool it firmly.

Since there are multiple applicators for cooling parts such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and under the chin, various parts can be cooled efficiently, and in addition to the suction type, suction like the outside of the thighs. There is also a flat type applicator for difficult areas.

You can also shorten the treatment time by using an applicator called Cool Advantage, which was released in 2016. In addition, this Cool Advantage has a part called contour that can be fitted according to the curvature of the body, so it is possible to treat multiple parts with one applicator .

Applicator Treatment time Adaptation department
CoolMax 60 minutes Lower abdomen
CoolCore 60 minutes Abdomen, back, waist
CoolCurve + 60 minutes Abdomen, flanks, banana rolls, back, hips
CoolFit 60 minutes Inside thigh, upper arm
CoolMini 45 minutes Under chin, bra fat (fat around the top and bottom of underwear)
CoolSmooth PRO 75 minutes Outside thighs not suitable for suction
CoolAdvantage 35 minutes Abdomen, flanks, inside thighs, upper arms, banana rolls (fat under the buttocks), back, hips
CoolAdvantage Petite 35 minutes Lateral abdomen, inside thigh, upper arm
CoolAdvantage Plus 45 minutes Abdomen, flank

The site to be treated with each applicator may differ depending on the medical institution.

The effect of cool sculpting starts after about 3 weeks

It is said that the slimming effect of cool sculpting begins to appear at the earliest after about 3 weeks , and the change in body line is realized after 2 to 4 months . This lack of immediate effect is due to the time it takes for fat cells to be destroyed and metabolized.

If it is difficult to get the effect due to the part and the amount of fat, repeat the procedure. In order to confirm the degree of effect, it is necessary to wait about 2 months for the treatment on the same site, but there is no particular limit on the number of treatments.

Some people can feel the effect with one treatment, but most of them repeat it more than once.

Those who are suitable for treatment by cool sculpting

Those who are resistant to surgery

Since cool sculpting does not damage the skin, nerves, or blood vessels, it is less burdensome to the body and has less downtime than the large-scale slimming treatment using liposuction using a scalpel .

Those who have fat parts that do not fall off on a diet

Cool Sculpting Body Contouring Treatment is not intended to lose weight. With the concept of designing the body line, it acts only on the fat cells in the cooled area, so it is a treatment method suitable for partial thinning.

It can be said that it is possible to deal with the worries that "I succeeded in losing weight by exercising and dietary restrictions, but I could not lose weight in specific parts such as double chin and thighs" and "I did not realize the ideal body line".

Those who are easy to rebound

In a general diet, fat cells become smaller and thinner due to exercise and dietary restrictions, so the number of fat cells itself does not change. Therefore, if you restore the amount of food you eat, you will immediately rebound.

Cool sculpting can reduce the number of fat cells themselves, so it is less likely to rebound than a traditional diet .

Those who cannot take downtime

Liposuction treatment by surgery requires supporter fixation and massage after surgery to avoid exacerbating internal bleeding and swelling. Cool sculpting has no downtime or life restrictions.

Compare Cool Sculpting with Other Slimming Treatments

Cool tech that can treat two different parts at the same time

Cooltech is a liposuction cooling machine manufactured by Cocoon of Spain. A machine that was born after Cool Sculpting, the dual handpiece that can treat two different parts at the same time enables efficient treatment even on multiple parts.

Ultra accent that can be used with cool sculpting

Ultra Accent is a machine called share wave that vibrates only fat and irradiates ultrasonic energy to lead to slimming. It is said that by destroying the fat cell membrane with ultrasonic waves, fat is dissolved and naturally discharged to achieve partial thinning .

Liposuction with long downtime

Liposuction is a slimming treatment performed by surgery. It is a slimming technique in which a small hole is made and a thin tubular device called a cannula is inserted to directly suck and remove subcutaneous fat . Since it removes fat directly, it has the advantage of being more effective than slimming without a scalpel.

However, surgical procedures are risky and have long downtime.

Tesla former that causes muscle contraction by stimulation by magnetic field

Teslafor is a machine that can cause about 50,000 strong muscle contractions per 30 minutes by generating a magnetic field and stimulating muscles with a technology called FMS, which means functional magnetic stimulation. This is Ma . By undergoing multiple treatments, you can aim for a tight body line by aiming to improve basal metabolism by increasing muscle mass.

Fat dissolving injection in areas where cool sculpting cannot be performed

Fat-dissolving injections are suitable for the purpose of reducing fat in small areas that are not indicated by slimming devices.

Cool sculpting requires that you have subcutaneous fat to grab, but in the case of fat melting injection, it is possible to perform treatment on small areas such as the face (cheeks and mouth area) and kneecaps where the machine cannot be attached . Therefore, if cool sculpting is not an option, fat melting injections may be offered.

Difference from fat cooling slimming menu in beauty salon

Beauty salons also offer slimming menus that claim fat cooling, but Cool Sculpting is a medical slimming machine that can only be handled by medical institutions. It can be said that fat cooling by medical equipment is more effective than beauty salons whose output is limited by the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law .

In addition, if a medical institution should have a problem, you can receive advice and appropriate treatment from the doctor, so you can rest assured.

Those who are not suitable for or cannot receive cool sculpting

Those who are not suitable for cool sculpting

Cool sculpting is performed by attaching a special applicator to the treatment site to cool it. There are various types of applicators depending on the treatment site and size, but if the site you want to treat does not fit the applicator, you may not be able to perform the treatment .

In addition, those who fall under the following may not be suitable for the treatment.

  • Low amount of subcutaneous fat
  • Areas with high visceral fat and low subcutaneous fat
  • Those with excessively sagging skin

Those who cannot receive cool sculpting

  • People with cold urticaria and Raynaud's disease
    * People with cold hypersensitivity may develop symptoms due to cooling.
  • Those who have a hernia at the treatment site
  • Pregnant and lactating
  • Those under the age of 18
  • Those who have a metal implant embedded in the treatment site
  • Those who have urticaria
  • Those with low temperature hypersensitivity
  • Those who have open wounds or infected wounds
  • Those with peripheral circulatory disorders
  • Those with a history of cancer
  • Those who have performed the procedure within one year
  • Those with bleeding disorders, those using blood anticoagulants * Because it may affect symptoms such as bleeding

Please check with your medical institution as you may not be able to perform the procedure during your period.

Cool sculpting pain and risk and downtime

The pain of cool sculpting

During the procedure, you may feel tingling, taut, lightly pinched, extremely cold, or tingling, but you do not need anesthesia. Immediately after the procedure, a massage is given to improve blood circulation and improve the effect of the procedure.

After the procedure, pain such as muscle aches, itching, tingling, and dull pain may remain, but it will subside over time.

Risks / side effects and downtime of cool sculpting

Immediately after the procedure, redness, internal bleeding, swelling, and dull pain may occur at the site of the procedure, but the symptoms are said to be temporary. Usually, it is said that sedation takes about 1 to 2 weeks at the longest .

In rare cases, pigmentation may occur after the procedure, but in most cases it will subside within a few months to a few years.

However, there are individual differences in how the symptoms appear, so if you have any concerns after the procedure, consult your doctor.

It is said that there is almost no downtime, and there are no restrictions on daily life such as exercise and bathing from the day of treatment.

Precautions on the day of receiving cool sculpting

The treatment time depends on the applicator used at the medical institution, but it is 35 to 75 minutes per place . Also, if you receive multiple treatments on the same day, the treatment time will be longer. Some people take a rest because there is less pain during the procedure, but you can read books and operate the PC, so it is a good idea to bring items to spend during the procedure.

In addition, it is said that loose clothing that does not tighten the treatment site is suitable for clothing on the day of treatment.

How to choose a medical institution to receive cool sculpting

Medical institutions that have treatments that can be used in combination with cool sculpting

In cool sculpting, it is said that soft fat is more effective than hard fat, so if you use endermology (massage with rollers) and indiva (promotion of metabolism by high frequency) together to promote blood circulation and metabolism. , It is said that the effect can be enhanced .

In addition, it is also possible to perform slimming treatment such as lipolytic injection for the fat in the part that could not be treated by cool sculpting due to insufficient amount of fat.

In order to aim for more effect, it is also good to choose a medical institution that has such treatments that can be used together.

If there are multiple treatment points, a medical institution with multiple cool sculpting

Cool sculpting can be performed at one place per vehicle. If you perform two treatments, one treatment will be performed at a time, which will take twice as long.

Therefore, if you wish to have multiple treatments , such as the lower abdomen and thighs, and the left and right upper arms, you can shorten the treatment period by choosing a medical institution that has multiple cool sculpting kitchens.

Also, if you want to shorten the treatment time, you may want to check the applicator owned by the medical institution receiving the treatment. With the new applicator, Cool Advantage, the treatment time is 35 minutes at one location, which is about half the 60-minute treatment time with the conventional applicator.

Medical institutions with certified cool sculpting doctors

Cool Sculpting is a scientifically based and safe medical slimming machine . Since it does not use a scalpel, there is a sense of security that the burden on the body is small, but it is said that the finish will differ depending on the sense of the doctor.

It is important to carefully select a medical institution where a doctor with a wealth of experience in slimming treatments is enrolled, and to actually receive counseling to see if you can achieve your ideal body line.

Cool Sculpting has a certified medical system in which only doctors who have been trained by Allergan and have been recognized for their technical skills are certified. Therefore, it is a good idea to check if the medical institution has a certified doctor .

KUMIKO CLINIC Cool Sculpting

Cool sculpting case photo

Cool Sculpting Case Photo (Before After) Upper Arm

Another case photo of cool sculpting by Dr. Shimoshima

Check about KUMIKO CLINIC's cool sculpting

Kumiko Shimoshima, who supervised the article, taught me.

How long does it take to combine the medical examination (counseling) and the treatment?
Dr. Kumiko Shimoshima
Counseling takes about 30 minutes, after which shooting and actual size are performed. The treatment time varies depending on the treatment site and the application used, but it takes about 2 to 3 hours from the examination to the return.
Do you anesthetize with Cool Sculpting? How much pain is it?
Dr. Kumiko Shimoshima
When you start the procedure, you may feel cold for about 10 minutes or you may be sucked by the applicator, but there is almost no pain, so you do not need anesthesia.
How often do you recommend the treatment?
Dr. Kumiko Shimoshima
It is said that 20 to 30% of fat cells can be reduced by one treatment, and the effect begins to appear in about 2 to 4 months. Therefore, in order to confirm the degree of effect, if you wish to perform the same treatment again, it will be done at intervals of about 2 months.
What are the downtime and precautions?
Dr. Kumiko Shimoshima
Cool sculpting requires a massage to loosen the frozen area immediately after the procedure and promote the excretion of fat cells, but since it is done in the hospital, there are no restrictions on life after returning home. There is basically no downtime that could interfere with your life, but you may experience redness, numbness, and mild pain at the treatment site. Both will disappear in 1 to 2 weeks.
Please give a message to those who are wondering whether to receive cool sculpting.
Dr. Kumiko Shimoshima
Cool sculpting is a good indication for areas that do not shrink in size when you lose weight or train. This treatment is also suitable for those who do not want to do liposuction but want to easily lose weight!
Thank you, Professor Shimoshima!

Flow of cool sculpting treatment from arrival at KUMIKO CLINIC

(1) Fill out the questionnaire

Fill in the things you want to talk about, the parts you care about, the symptoms, etc.

(2) Examination (counseling) and changing clothes

We will check what kind of effect it has and discuss what you are interested in. After counseling, change into the special clothes prepared at the clinic.

(3) Shooting, actual size, and design of the treatment site

We will take a picture of the body shape before the treatment and take the actual size. Also, confirm the application of the applicator and what kind of result you are aiming for.

(4) Treatment

A gel pad is attached to the treatment site to prevent the skin tissue from being damaged, and an applicator is attached to start the treatment. The time varies depending on the part, but it is about 1 to 2 hours.

(5) Massage and finish

Remove the applicator and wipe off the gel. After that, give a light massage and finish.

KUMIKO CLINIC Cool Sculpting Treatment Site and Fee

The treatment by cool sculpting is free medical treatment and you will be responsible for the full amount. The treatment fee varies depending on the medical institution.

The charges below are for one part (excluding tax) at a time.

(Treatment time)
Fee Adaptation department
(35 minutes)
65,000 yen Upper arms, abdomen, hips, back, thighs (inner and back hips), etc.
CoolAdvantage Petite
(35 minutes)
65,000 yen Upper arms, abdomen, hips, back, thighs (inner and back hips), etc.
CoolAdvantage Plus
(45 minutes)
120,000 yen Abdomen, flanks, etc.
CoolSmooth PRO
(75 minutes)
80,000 yen Only for the outside of the thigh
(60 minutes)
120,000 yen Relatively large belly etc.
(45 minutes)
80,000 yen Double chin, above knee, bra fat, etc.
CoolFit / CoolCurve +
(60 minutes)
60,000 yen Upper arms, abdomen, hips, back, thighs (inner and back hips), etc.

Medical institution with Dr. Kumiko Shimoshima

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