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Baby cheeks

Baby collagen injection is a procedure using a collagen infusion called Humarageen. Even when injected into thin areas of the skin such as the eyes, it is an injecting agent that is soft and fits well on the skin, and is unlikely to cause unevenness . It is said to be suitable for fine wrinkles and fine wrinkles .

Baby collagen injection is not the only injection procedure that can improve wrinkles. In addition, there are hyaluronic acid injection and botulinum injection, and it is possible to select the injection agent depending on the symptoms of wrinkles and the injection site. By knowing the features of baby collagen injection and the difference with other injection procedures, you can aim for the ideal skin quality by the optimal wrinkle treatment for yourself.

Baby collagen injection is expected to improve wrinkles shallow

Baby collagen injection activates skin cells and gives firmness by injecting into thin areas of the skin.

There are various wrinkles such as shallow wrinkles that appear on thin skin, expression wrinkles caused by habits of expression, and deep wrinkles that are engraved on the crease line and Golgo line. It can be expected to improve the shallow wrinkles that appear on the mouth, mouth and neck.

Since collagen is a component that accounts for 70% of the skin, injecting collagen softens the texture of the skin itself, and leads to improvement of sagging pores due to dryness and aging with a natural finish.

A guideline for the duration and frequency of baby collagen injections

The duration of the effect of baby collagen injection varies from individual to individual, but it is said to be from half a year to one year . In order to maintain the effect, it is generally recommended to inject every 3 to 6 months. It is said that you can actually feel the injection effect even once, but if you repeat it, the effect will last longer.

Infused amount guideline and price quote for each site of baby collagen injection

Part Injection amount guideline
Face (per part) 0.5cc ~ 1cc
neck 1cc-2cc

For baby collagen injection, the amount of injection suitable for each site is determined based on counseling and consultation. In the case of small wrinkles near the corners of the eyes and inside of the eyes, it is said that injection of about 0.5cc is often performed on the left and right.

The charge for baby collagen injection varies depending on the medical institution because it is free medical treatment (medical treatment not covered by insurance), but the general price quotes are as follows. Also, please check in advance because the price setting varies depending on the medical institution, such as 0.1 cc unit or 0.5 cc unit.

Baby collagen injection Rate
1 baby collagen 1cc About 80,000-150,000 yen

Suitable for baby collagen injection

  • Those who want to improve small wrinkles around the corners of the eyes and under the eyes
  • Those who care about the bear under their eyes
  • Those who want to manage open pores
  • Those with minor acne scars
  • Those who suffer from dry skin and lips
  • Those who want to improve wrinkles on the neck
  • Those who want to feel the effect immediately after the treatment
  • Those who want to improve wrinkles and skin quality without inserting a scalpel
  • Those who want to get a natural finish without being noticed by others.
  • Those who cannot afford downtime
  • Those who cannot receive treatment frequently
  • Those who are worried about scars

The importance of collagen decreasing with age

Ratio of components that make up the human body The human body consists of 60% water, 18% protein, 18% fat, 3.5% minerals, 0.5% carbohydrates, and approximately 30% of protein is collagen.

Collagen is present not only in the skin but also in the entire body such as ligaments and bones, bone-to-bone gaps, blood vessels, etc. to smooth the movement of each tissue and to make the tissue supple and durable .

Collagen, which is indispensable to the body, gradually decreases with age. Therefore, as you get older, the flexibility and elasticity of the tissues of the body are lost, and the skin becomes less elastic and elastic, and sagging and wrinkles begin to appear.

Type III collagen that is more abundant in firmer skin

Smiling woman with forefinger up

There are 29 types of collagen found in the body, and they are called type I, type II, and type III in the order in which they were discovered, but 80% to 90% of the collagen in the body is type I, type II, and type II. It is said to be type III.

The skin is layered from the outside to the epidermis layer, dermis layer, and subcutaneous tissue, but type I collagen and type III collagen are present in the dermis layer.

Type I collagen Collagen, which is the main component of skin and bones and is most abundant in the body
Type II collagen Extensive in articular cartilage, responsible for mobility and flexibility
Type III collagen Brings flexibility to the skin and supports type I collagen

Baby collagen injection can supplement type III collagen

Type III collagen is collagen that is indispensable for maintaining elasticity and firmness in skin, such as wrinkles caused by changes in facial expression. It is said that the richer the skin, the softer the skin becomes.

It is said that type III collagen almost disappears at the end of the growth period, that is, when aging begins. Among collagens, it is a collagen that has a particularly high rate of decrease with age.

It is said that the ratio of type I collagen to type III collagen is 1 to 1 in baby skin, and the origin of "baby collagen" is that the ratio of type I collagen to type III collagen is the same as that of baby skin. Because it is.

By supplementing type III collagen with baby collagen injection, we can expect improvement of skin quality such as improvement of small wrinkles and shrinkage of pores. It is also said that type III collagen has the ability to regenerate tissues, and that the type III collagen replaces type I collagen at the injured site to heal the wound.

FDA Approved Huma Lagen

Humallagn, which is called baby collagen injection in Japan, is marketed by MycoScience, Inc. in the United States and is approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for safety and efficacy.

Baby collagen injection does not require allergy test

Fumalagen, an injectable solution for baby collagen injection, is made by extracting and culturing "fibroblasts", which are cells that produce hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen, from human placenta. Therefore, the allergy risk is considered to be extremely low, and no allergy test is performed before injection.

The allergy test is to inject a small amount of baby collagen to check if there is a positive reaction such as a rash, and it is necessary to observe for about 4 weeks.

Animal-derived collagen injection requires allergy test

Collagen injection, which has been researched and used since about 1950, was formerly made of collagen infusions made from cow, pig, and chicken cob. These animal-derived collagen injections had side effects such as allergies, so an allergy test was necessary in advance.

For baby collagen injections derived from humans, those who develop an allergic positive reaction with collagen injections derived from animals do not need a prior allergy test.

How to get collagen into the body other than injection

It can be said that collagen acts to improve the skin quality as an injection treatment, but it can be taken in by using a skin care product containing collagen, or it can be taken by mouth through a supplement or food/drinking water.

Use of collagen-containing skin care products

Skin care products Human skin has a barrier function to prevent foreign substances from entering from outside the body. Therefore, even if skin care products containing collagen are used, they will not penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin. The main purpose of collagen-containing skin care products is not to improve wrinkles and skin firmness, but a moisturizing effect to prevent dry skin .

Ingesting collagen from the mouth with supplements etc.

supplement Collagen is made in the body by the nutrients ingested from the diet, but it can also be ingested with supplements or drinking water. Collagen taken from the mouth is decomposed into amino acids and digested. Amino acids serve as a material for proteins and have the role of creating various components of the body such as muscles, internal organs and hair, but they are not directly supplemented to the skin as collagen. However, recent studies have confirmed that a part of the ingested collagen reaches the blood, increasing the water content of the skin.

The difference between baby collagen injection and other injection procedures

Hyaluronic acid injection to lift deep wrinkle ditch

Since hyaluronic acid is a substance that originally exists in the human body, hyaluronic acid injection is a highly safe and easy-to-use drug. Hyaluronic acid injection leads to a youthful impression by injecting into deeply wrinkled wrinkles such as spine lines and Golgo lines and lifting the groove of wrinkles. In addition, since hyaluronic acid injection has a decomposing agent, it can be modified if the finish image is different.

Botulinum injection to improve facial expression wrinkles

The botulinum injection has the effect of relieving the muscle tension at the injection site, and improves the wrinkles caused by habitual facial expressions such as the eyebrows and lateral wrinkles on the forehead. Similar to hyaluronic acid injection, botulinum injection has a degrading agent and can be modified.

Rejuran injection regardless of injection site

Rejuran injection is an injectable solution containing a salmon DNA-derived polynucleotide. The effect can be expected by activating fibroblasts and supplementing collagen and elastin lost due to aging. While it is considered to be a highly biocompatible infusion agent that is unlikely to be eliminated as a foreign substance when injected, those who are allergic to fish and fish eggs cannot receive surgery.

When injected into the neck with baby collagen injection, it may rarely have white irregularities, but with Rejuran injection, it can be injected anywhere. By repeating injections 3 to 4 times every 2 to 3 weeks, collagen and elastin are produced, leading to firm and textured skin. The number of treatments required to feel the effect is greater than that of baby collagen injection, but the treatment fee per treatment tends to be cheap.

Water light injection aiming to improve the overall skin quality

Suikoshin injection is a skin treatment treatment developed by a medical device called Dermashine, which was developed by Korean pharmaceutical company HUONS. Dermashine with multiple ultra-fine injection needles that evenly and widely infuse a wide range of shallow skin-care ingredients into the face.

It gives moisture to the skin and can be expected to improve fine lines and open pores due to dryness, leading to a firm and fresh skin quality.

With baby collagen injection, one needle of a syringe is used to inject wrinkles and other worrisome areas, whereas with water light injection, the entire face is treated with dermashine with multiple injection needles. Therefore, it can be said that water light injection is suitable for improving the skin quality of the entire face, and baby collagen injection is suitable for treating parts such as wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth.

Precautions for receiving baby collagen injection

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What you need to know before getting surgery

Not suitable for deep wrinkle improvement and nose/chin formation

Baby collagen injection is not suitable for deep wrinkles and facial wrinkles other than shallow wrinkles, as well as for hyaluronic acid injection and Lady Esse injection, which is not suitable for nose and jaw formation.

Don't donate blood after baby collagen injection

Blood donation after treatment with human placenta infusion is prohibited to avoid the risk of disease transmission.

Consult a doctor if you have an anesthesia allergy

The baby collagen injection contains a local anesthetic, lidocaine, so if you are allergic to anesthesia, please inform your doctor in advance.

Cannot be modified after baby collagen injection

If you put too much or you are not satisfied with the finish, you cannot correct it because there is no decomposing agent.

Irradiation after baby collagen injection

Irradiation such as laser treatment and light treatment can be performed about 2 to 3 weeks after the injection of baby collagen.

Baby collagen injection downtime

Although baby collagen injection has relatively short downtime, it may cause swelling such as swelling when injected into thin skin areas such as under the eyes. If you have an event or other schedule , it is safe to have the procedure done 1-2 weeks before the event .

The allergic risk of baby collagen injection is said to be extremely low, but there are cases where redness and itchiness appear. In addition, baby collagen is given with an extremely fine needle, but internal bleeding or lumps may appear at the injection site.

Redness, itchiness, internal bleeding and lumps are rare, and even if they do appear, they can be covered with make-up and almost disappear in about a week .

Those who cannot receive baby collagen injection

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Keloid constitution
  • Those who are allergic to placenta drugs
  • Those who are allergic to anesthesia
  • If the doctor determines that it is inappropriate

Baby collagen injection procedure

(1) Medical examination and counseling

The amount of injection will be decided after receiving medical examination and counseling by a doctor. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your procedure, make sure to check them carefully.

(2) Face wash/marking

If you are using make-up, remove with cleansing, wash your face to make the treated area clean, and then decide the injection site by marking.

(3) Surface anesthesia, baby collagen injection injection

Injection is performed using an ultra-fine injection needle or a microcannula with a round needle tip. Baby collagen injection (Humarageen) is considered to be a painless treatment because it contains a local anesthetic, but those who are not good at pain when the needle is pierced are given surface anesthesia in advance. The treatment time is about 40 minutes if surface anesthesia is used, and 10 minutes if not.

(4) Cooling/end

If there is a strong redness or heat at the injection site, cool it. Makeup after treatment is possible.

Swelling or unevenness after treatment

Immediately after the injection of baby collagen, the injection site swells as if it were slightly raised, but it is said that after about 24 hours, it will fit on the skin and become almost inconspicuous .

Precautions on the day of surgery

You can apply makeup immediately after the procedure, but be careful not to give strong irritation to the injection site . You can take a shower or bath from the same day, but please refrain from excessively promoting blood circulation, such as applying hot water to the injection site or entering the sauna .

Combined use of baby collagen injection and how to select a medical institution

Woman trying to choose

Medical institutions with treatment menus that can be used together

Although it is possible to realize the effect with a single injection of baby collagen injection, it is recommended to have a regular treatment every 3 to 6 months to maintain the effect. The cost of baby collagen injection is higher than other procedures such as hyaluronic acid injection and botulinum injection, so baby collagen injection should be used only for the symptoms that are best treated with baby collagen injection, and it should work well with other procedures. By combining them, there is also a method of continuing while suppressing the cost of one treatment.

Hyaluronic acid injection Aiming to improve deep wrinkles
Botulinum injection Aiming to improve facial expression wrinkles
Thread lift Aiming to improve deep wrinkles carved by slack
Rejuran injection Promotes the production of collagen and elastin to smooth the skin

Medical institutions with doctors who are familiar with infusion therapy

This baby collagen injection is highly safe and fits well on the skin, but the doctor's technical capabilities make a difference in the finish. In addition, infusion agents other than baby collagen injection are often suitable due to wrinkles. I am good at infusion treatment, and it is safe to receive treatment under the doctor who can perform appropriate treatment for each wrinkle symptoms such as small wrinkles, facial expression wrinkles, deep wrinkles.