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Aiming for the ideal eyebrow How to prevent the duration and risk / failure of eyebrow permanent ...



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Medical permanent makeup for eyebrows (hereinafter referred to as eyebrow permanent makeup) that allows you to aim for the ideal shape and color of the eyebrows has the advantage of shortening the daily makeup time and preventing the eyebrows from collapsing due to water or sweat .

There are several techniques for drawing hair with eyebrow permanent makeup, and the reproducible coat, shade of color, and three-dimensional effect are different. Therefore, in order to prevent mistakes such as "the finish is different from what you expected", it is necessary to know not only the characteristics of each hair drawing technique but also how to decide the eyebrow design that can aim for a natural finish .

In addition, eyebrow permanent makeup fades over the years, so knowing in advance a guideline for the duration and how to deal with fading will help maintain a beautiful eyebrow shape and color . Eyebrow permanent makeup is a medical practice, so be sure to receive treatment at a medical institution to avoid troubles and failures caused by incorrect treatment methods.

Eyebrow permanent makeup that injects pigment into the epidermis of the eyebrows

Image of cross section of skin

A medical device dedicated to permanent makeup with a needle at the tip, the eyebrows are designed by injecting dye into a thin layer of skin (subcutaneous 0.01 mm to 0.03 mm) called the epidermis and fixing the dye. Beauty treatment is called eyebrow permanent makeup. By injecting dye while making fine scratches on the epidermis of the eyebrows with a needle, the hair flow and shape of the eyebrows are designed.

A treatment that attracts attention from men because the hair flow and color are naturally finished by the method of drawing hair one by one and the method of designing eyebrows while finely adjusting (gradation) the color and shade. is. It leads to improvement of problems such as "there is a difference in the shape of the eyebrows", "I want to shorten the time required for eyebrow makeup", and "the eyebrow makeup tends to collapse after exercise".

Permanent makeup dyes that differ depending on the medical institution

Some dyes used in eyebrow permanent makeup contain a metal component (iron oxide) like mascara and eye shadow, and there are many domestic and foreign products. In general, many medical institutions show that FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved dyes have a low metal content and are basically harmless to the human body.

On the other hand, KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) approved dyes are obliged to sterilize bacteria that may adversely affect the human body, so some medical institutions indicate that KFDA approved dyes are highly safe. There is. In the case of domestic products, there are no dyes approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as of June 2020.

The types of dyes handled by medical institutions differ, so if you are concerned about the type of dye, please check with your medical institution before undergoing treatment.

Consult when undergoing MRI examination after permanent makeup

Dyes with a high content of metal components easily conduct electricity, so in rare cases, a change in the magnetic field generated by an MRI examination may generate a spiral current and heat the dye, causing minor burns at the injected site. There is.

Many of the dyes approved by public organizations such as FDA and KFDA, such as BioTouch dyes, have a low content of metal components and can be inspected even after injection. However, when you have an MRI examination, please let us know in advance that you are applying permanent makeup to prevent the risk of burns, and consult with us if there is any problem with the examination .

Eyebrow permanent makeup can be removed

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the finish, you can gradually dilute the pigment and aim for removal by undergoing the following permanent makeup removal treatment using a medical laser or a remover. However, some medical institutions may not be able to remove eyebrow permanent makeup applied at other hospitals.

Removal of dyes with low metal components・ Pico laser ・ YAG laser ・ Removal cream
Removal of dyes containing a large amount of metal components・ CO2 laser ・ Surgery ・ Removal cream

In order to remove the dye once injected, it is necessary to undergo repeated removal treatments several times. In addition, when removing with a medical laser, if you do not irradiate the laser so that it reacts only with the pigment of eyebrow permanent makeup, even the melanin pigment that creates hair roots may be destroyed and eyebrows may not grow.

You can also inject a skin-colored dye into the area where you want to remove the pigment to make it less noticeable, but it may not completely match the background color. In order to avoid making mistakes that require permanent makeup removal, it is important to convey the ideal eyebrow finish to the practitioner and make fine adjustments while checking the design in detail .

The difference from eyebrow tattoo is the depth of the skin where the dye is injected

Permanent makeup and tattoo injection depth

Eyebrow permanent makeup is often confused with eyebrow tattoos, but the depth of the skin on which the dye is injected is different. The former injects dye into the epidermis and the latter into the dermis, which is a layer of skin deeper than the epidermis.

Eyebrow permanent makeup lasts 1 to 3 years and eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent

The epidermis continues to regenerate skin cells by metabolism over a period of about 6 weeks, and this cycle is called skin turnover. The dye injected into the epidermis is gradually pushed up to the surface of the skin by turnover, and eventually becomes dirt and is discharged to the outside of the body. Therefore, eyebrow permanent makeup that injects dye into the epidermis will fade over a period of one to three years .

On the other hand, unlike the epidermis, the dermis does not undergo regular turnover in which cells are reborn. Therefore, in the case of eyebrow tattoos that inject dye into the dermis, it is said that the dye remains inside the skin and remains semi-permanently .

To remove the tattoo on the eyebrows once it has been applied, there are treatments such as removing the pigment with a laser emitted from a medical machine, and surgical operations such as skin grafting to remove the pigment. In addition, eyebrow tattoo dyes, which contain a large amount of metal components, may generate heat when undergoing an MRI examination, similar to eyebrow permanent makeup .

Those who are suitable for eyebrow permanent makeup

  • Those who want to shorten their daily makeup time
  • Those who are reluctant to go out with a real face
  • Those whose eyebrows have become thinner as they get older
  • Those who have trouble re-makeup every time they sweat
  • Those who are worried about asymmetrical eyebrows
  • Those who have lost their eyebrows due to excessive hair removal

How to decide the design of eyebrow permanent makeup and how to draw hair

Image of female eyes up

How to decide the design for eyebrow permanent makeup

The design of eyebrow permanent makeup is decided according to the skeleton and contour of each person's face, based on the "golden ratio" that people generally find beautiful . Actually, after drawing eyebrow guidelines using a device dedicated to eyebrow design such as a graduated compass, we will fine-tune the shape and color to achieve the desired design.

There are various types of dyes such as dark brown and grayish brown, and in eyebrow permanent makeup, multiple dyes are blended to bring them closer to the ideal color.

Golden ratio of eyebrows

Illustration showing the golden ratio of the eyebrows

The inner corner of the eyebrow is set on the extension of the nose

The skeleton stands out when the inner corner of the eyebrow is on the extension of the nose, which is the line that connects naturally from the nose. The inner corner of the eyebrow is considered to be an important part related to the impression of the face, and when this line approaches the center, it gives a crisp impression, and when it moves away from the center, it gives a gentle impression.

Bizan is set between the outside of the black eye and the outer corner of the eye

It is said that if you set Mt. Bizan directly above the area from the outside of the black eye to the outer corner of the eye , you will get a well-balanced and natural finish. The best position depends on the skeleton of the face, but when Mt. Bizan is outside the outer corner of the eye, the entire face tends to spread horizontally and lose its three-dimensional effect. On the other hand, if Mt. Bizan is closer to the inside than the black eye, the facial parts will give the impression of being closer to the center, and people with long faces will see the vertical length emphasized.

The outer corner of the eyebrow is set on the nose or the corner of the mouth and the outer corner of the eye

For people with a short face width, you can aim for a tighter look by setting the outer corners of the eyebrows on the extension lines of the corners of the mouth and the outer corners of the eyes . On the other hand, a person with a round face with a wide face should draw a long eyebrow line up to the extension of the nose and the outer corner of the eye, and the height of the outer corner of the eyebrow should be the same as or slightly above the inner corner of the eyebrow. It is a design.

How to draw hair in eyebrow permanent makeup

There are mainly the following types of methods for drawing hair with eyebrow permanent makeup.

1D (area) 2D (area + gradation)
A technique called "area" that evenly finishes from the inside of the eyebrows to the outside of the eyebrows without providing shades of color. With a simple finish like drawing with an eyebrow pencil, it is harder to get a three-dimensional effect compared to other methods. In addition to 1D technology, how to make a three-dimensional eyebrow by setting a thin gradation at the inside of the eyebrow and a dark gradation at the end of the eyebrow
3D (stroke) 4D (gradation + stroke)
A method of drawing hair one by one and using the "stroke" technique to reproduce the natural flow of hair to make it look like a real eyebrow. How to draw hair that requires high skill using both 2D and 3D
How to finish the eyebrows with a texture closer to the real thing by applying 3D based on 2D to give a natural hair flow and three-dimensional effect

Before the above-mentioned method of drawing hair became widespread in medical institutions, it sometimes resulted in an unnatural finish without a three-dimensional effect as if the eyebrows were painted. However, with recent treatments, it has become possible to reproduce fine coats and shades of color, making it possible to aim for a natural finish .

In particular, medical institutions that specialize in permanent makeup have practitioners who can design eyebrow color, thickness, and length in more detail according to fashionable makeup and wishes.

Permanent makeup includes needle injection and machine injection

Permanent makeup uses a pen-shaped medical device to manually inject dye, "needle injection", and "machine injection", which uses a machine dedicated to permanent makeup that automatically vibrates like a sewing machine. there is.

Manual needle injection is a method in which the practitioner injects dye one by one using a pen-shaped medical device with a needle at the tip. While it has the advantage of being able to easily reproduce natural coats and shades , the finish tends to differ depending on the skill of the practitioner.

Machine injection is a method of injecting dye using a special instrument for permanent makeup in which the needle vibrates automatically. Since it is a machine work, it is easy to finish with matte eyebrows with no color unevenness, not natural coat. In addition, the treatment time tends to be shorter than that of manual needle injection.

  • Those who are suitable for needle injection <br /> Those who want a natural coat that is close to the original eyebrows
  • Those who are suitable for machine injection <br /> Those who want soft textured eyebrows like eyebrow powder

Permanent makeup treatments are different depending on the medical institution, so if you are concerned about the dye injection method, please contact the medical institution in advance.

Number of eyebrow permanent makeup treatments, pain and downtime

Image of looking in the mirror with your finger on your eyebrows

The number of treatments required to achieve the ideal eyebrows is 2 to 4 times.

In eyebrow permanent makeup, there are few cases where the pigment is fixed in one treatment, and in general , the ideal finish is achieved by repeating the treatment two to four times. Since there are individual differences in the degree to which the pigment is fixed and the appearance of color in each treatment, the first time you make the base of the eyebrows, and after the second time you aim for the ideal finish, the shape and color of the eyebrows. I will make adjustments.

In addition, many medical institutions treat two treatments as one set of menus. For those with oily skin or those who sweat easily, if the dye of permanent makeup is repelled by oil or water and it is difficult for the pigment to settle, it is possible to aim for the pigment to settle by repeating the number of treatments. is.

When you receive the treatment, you will have time for counseling and eyebrow design at the first visit, so it will take about 2 to 4 hours in total. The guideline for the treatment itself is about 1 to 2 hours.

Receive the second and subsequent treatments at intervals of 2 to 3 weeks

Permanent makeup tends to make it easier for the dye to settle by re-injecting the dye after the skin damaged by the previous treatment has healed over a period of 2 to 3 weeks . Therefore, it is recommended that the second and subsequent treatments be performed at intervals of at least 2 to 3 weeks.

In addition, it is said that even if there is an interval of one month or more after receiving the previous treatment, the finish and duration of permanent makeup will not be affected.

Pain during eyebrow permanent makeup

Eyebrow permanent makeup is a procedure in which cream-type anesthesia is applied and dye is injected, so pain is less likely to be felt, although there are individual differences. During the procedure, there is a certain amount of sensation like pulling out hair , and if the anesthesia is cut off and you start to feel pain, you can add anesthesia.

However, depending on the medical institution, additional anesthesia may be charged separately. The degree of pain depends on the physical condition of the day, so be sure to take a good rest the day before the procedure.

Progress and downtime after receiving eyebrow permanent makeup

Immediately after the procedure (on the day)・ Redness and swelling due to internal bleeding ・ Slight pain in the eyebrows may be felt
2-3 days later・ Redness and swelling begin to subside ・ Scabs form on the eyebrows and itching occurs ・ The scabs make the eyebrows feel temporarily thickened
5-7 days later・ The scab begins to peel off ・ The natural color begins to settle down

The downtime for eyebrow permanent makeup is about one week . For about a week after the procedure, be careful not to touch your eyebrows as much as possible to prevent bacterial infection from the wound (wound caused by the procedure).

In addition, it is recommended to avoid excessive exercise, alcohol intake, hot springs, and sauna for about 2 weeks to prevent infections in addition to swelling and bleeding at the treatment site. If you experience pain, swelling, or redness for more than a week, consult your healthcare provider.

It is not necessary to refrain from going out after undergoing the procedure, but the eyebrows may appear temporarily dark during the period when the scab develops. If you are concerned about the darkness of your eyebrows, you can make it look lighter by applying the moisturizing agent Vaseline and then applying skin-colored face powder .

Those who cannot receive the risk of eyebrow permanent makeup and treatment

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  • Risk of infectious diseases

If hygiene management such as cleaning and disinfecting the medical equipment used in the treatment and the treatment site is not properly performed, or if the needle used once is reused, swelling of the treatment site and hepatitis B / AIDS (HIV) There is a risk of infection such as) .

Please confirm at the time of examination and counseling what kind of hygiene management is performed at the medical institution where the treatment is planned to prevent the risk of infectious disease, and whether the needle used for permanent makeup is disposable (disposable) . ..

  • Risk of allergic reaction

If the skin reacts to the dye and becomes allergic, there is a risk that the swelling will not go away . Therefore, if you are aware of or worried about allergies, please inform the practitioner in advance and take a patch test.

Patch tests include those that inject a small amount of dye with a needle into an inconspicuous area of the skin to check for any abnormalities, and those that apply only the dye directly to the skin and monitor the progress. If the result of the patch test shows an excessive allergic reaction, you will not be able to receive the treatment.

Those who cannot receive eyebrow permanent makeup

Those who have an excessive allergic reaction in the patch test, those who are pregnant, those with blood diseases, and those with keloid constitution cannot receive the treatment. In addition, those who have undergone the following cosmetology treatments must have a certain interval before undergoing eyebrow permanent makeup.

Treatments that need to be spaced when receiving eyebrow permanent makeup

Eyebrow bleach Since the skin is damaged and the pigment is difficult to settle, leave at least 2 weeks.
Laser / light treatment Since the skin is damaged and it is difficult for the pigment to settle, leave it for at least 2 weeks.
peeling The skin turnover cycle is short and the pigments are prone to fading, so leave at least one month free.
Botulinum injection into the glabellar and forehead Leave at least one month as the eyebrow design may collapse.
cosmetic surgery Facial surgery can change the contours and facial expressions significantly, so leave at least 3 months.

What you need to know before receiving eyebrow permanent makeup

Image that the staff is explaining to the patient

How to avoid common mistakes in eyebrow permanent makeup

The main failures of eyebrow permanent makeup are "dissatisfaction with the finish", "discoloration due to the passage of time", and "pigment does not come off forever", but it is possible to avoid the failure by the following methods .

Fine-tune the thickness and color depth of the eyebrows to finish

If you try to achieve the ideal eyebrows with a single treatment, it may lead to failures such as the color of the eyebrows being too dark or too thick, which is "not what you expected."

Basically, eyebrow permanent makeup is repeated 2 to 4 times, so the first time is to finish the color lightly and the line is thin, and while checking the color and shape of the eyebrows in the first time, the second time After that, you can avoid big mistakes by fine-tuning the thickness and thickness .

Also, with eyebrow permanent makeup, if you make only the base of the eyebrows and adjust the shape of the inner and outer corners of the eyebrows with daily makeup, you can change the shape of the eyebrows according to your own taste even after receiving the treatment. Is possible.

Retouch to compensate for discoloration over time

Due to the characteristics that black dye contains blue pigment and brown dye contains red pigment, it may turn bluish or reddish brown over the years. In particular, bright colors such as light brown tend to fade, and the risk of discoloration varies depending on the type and quality of the dye used during the procedure.

Areas that have discolored over the years can be made inconspicuous by retouching with a new dye . In addition, you can extend the duration of the color by performing self-care such as not rubbing the treatment area strongly and moisturizing it until the pigment is fixed.

Do not receive treatment except at medical institutions

If the practitioner accidentally injects the dye that should be injected into the epidermis into the dermis in eyebrow permanent makeup, the pigment will remain like a tattoo.

This may occur as a result of a practitioner who does not have a doctor's license doing it with shallow knowledge and skills . Permanent makeup is a medical practice, so only medical professionals are allowed to perform it at medical institutions. Be sure to have your eyebrow permanent makeup done at a medical institution to avoid failure due to incorrect dye injection .

Precautions before and after receiving eyebrow permanent makeup

Before treatment

  • Alcohol and caffeine have the effect of promoting blood circulation, so bleeding is likely to occur during the procedure, so refrain from taking it on the day before the procedure.
  • When deciding on the design of the eyebrows, consult with the usual makeup to convey the taste and atmosphere of the makeup.

After treatment

  • Sunscreen can be applied from one week after the treatment, so take care by wearing a hat when going out so that the treatment site is not exposed to ultraviolet rays as much as possible.
  • Makeup other than eyebrows is possible immediately after the procedure, but avoid eyebrow makeup for about a week
  • Use clean makeup tools such as makeup brushes and eyeshadow tips to prevent infections from the wound.
  • Avoid touching your eyebrows when using cosmetics such as lotion or milky lotion
  • When you wash your face, wash it lightly so as not to give any irritation.
  • While your eyebrows are swollen or reddish, refrain from bathing and just shower

Beware of illegal traders who do not have a medical license

Although the crackdown on illegal businesses has been strengthened in recent years, as shown in the materials released by the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, the total number of consultation cases regarding the harm of permanent makeup from 2006 to 2011 (total number: It turns out that 95% of 121 cases) were considered to be performed by an unqualified person who does not have a doctor's license.

It is a violation of the Medical Practitioners Act for anyone other than a doctor with a doctor's license or a nurse under the guidance of a doctor to perform permanent makeup . Be sure to receive permanent makeup at a medical institution to avoid troubles during the procedure.

Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Treatment Flow and Price Market

(1) Filling out a questionnaire, counseling, medical treatment

Fill out the questionnaire and receive an explanation about how to apply eyebrow permanent makeup and precautions. Please let us know if you have any allergies, if you have any wishes regarding the procedure, or if you have any medications you are taking.

(2) Eyebrow design decision

We will decide the design such as the thickness, shape and color of the eyebrows to be finished by the treatment according to the ideal eyebrows, skeleton and contour, usual makeup, etc.

(3) Anesthesia

Apply cream-type anesthesia to the treatment area. Allow about 30 minutes before performing the procedure so that it penetrates the skin firmly.

(4) Treatment

Using a medical device dedicated to permanent makeup with a needle at the tip, inject the dye little by little while checking the degree of pain and the condition of the skin. For hygiene, use disposable needles. If you are going to have multiple treatments and aim for your ideal eyebrows, you should have them again in 2 to 3 weeks.

(5) Cooling / end

If there is redness, after cooling the treatment area, you will be given an explanation about downtime precautions and aftercare methods at home. Depending on the medical institution, the moisturizing agent Vaseline may be prescribed, so in that case, apply it for about 3 days.

Estimated price for eyebrow permanent makeup

Number of treatments Estimated price
Once 40,000 yen to 90,000 yen
2 times set 70,000 yen to 150,000 yen

Eyebrow permanent makeup is basically a free practice, so insurance is not applied when you receive the treatment. In general , the fee tends to increase in the order of 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D , and in many cases, the treatment is performed multiple times to aim for the ideal eyebrows, so medical treatment with two treatments as one set There is also an institution.

Eyebrow permanent makeup fades over time, so some medical institutions offer modified menus such as retouching and maintenance at a lower price than regular permanent makeup. In addition, it is possible to change the color, shade, and design in the correction treatment .

How to choose a medical institution so that you will not fail with eyebrow permanent makeup

Image of a female doctor in a white coat

Permanent makeup is a medical practice called "medical permanent makeup" or "medical permanent makeup", so be sure to receive treatment at a medical institution, not at an esthetic salon. In particular, by undergoing treatment at medical institutions such as cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, and dermatology, where the skills of doctors and nurses are high and the experience of permanent makeup is abundant , fine eyebrow hair flow and shades of color can be reproduced. I will.

Many medical institutions that offer permanent makeup treatments have introduced a ranking system for the medical staff who are in charge of the treatment by technology. Some medical professionals have passed the high-level certification test set up in the hospital, and some medical institutions have international license holders for permanent makeup, so check in advance on the website etc. and appoint a person in charge. There is also a way to do it.

In addition, in order to determine whether the medical institution is responsible for after-sales follow-up in the event of trouble, it is also a point to confirm that if you are not satisfied with the finish, you can perform correction / removal treatment. Since the design of the eyebrows also shows the individual taste of the practitioner, please check the finished case from the homepage of the medical institution that will receive the treatment in advance.