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Number of treatments required for eyeliner permanent makeup, pain / progress, and design method



Image of a woman drawing an eyeliner

Medical permanent makeup for eyeliner (hereinafter referred to as " permanent makeup") is a beauty treatment that aims for impressive eyes even without makeup, so you don't have to worry about it falling off even if you sweat or bathe in water.

Generally, in order to achieve the ideal finish with permanent makeup, it is necessary to undergo multiple treatments, and the eyeliner once applied will gradually fade over time. Therefore, it is important to know in advance the required number of treatments, the fee , the duration, and what to do when the color fades .

Also, the impression of the eyeliner changes greatly when the length and thickness change by a few millimeters. When applying permanent makeup, understanding the design method that suits the desired finish and the points when deciding the design will help prevent mistakes such as "the finish is different from the desired finish".

Eyeliner permanent makeup that leads to the ideal eye area

Image of female eyes up

Permanent makeup is a procedure in which a dye is injected into the epidermis, which is a thin layer of 0.01 mm to 0.03 mm under the skin, to fix the dye. By applying permanent makeup to the hairline of the eyelashes using a medical device dedicated to permanent makeup with a needle at the tip, you can draw an eyeline that does not fall off with sweat or water and create the ideal eye area. You can aim for it.

There are various eyeliner designs, such as drawing a thin line so that it fits your face, and aiming for a finish that gives a gorgeous impression even without makeup, and the thickness and length of the line according to your desired image. You can adjust the size.

In addition, by injecting dye to fill the gaps in the eyelashes, even those with a small amount of eyelashes can lead to a clear impression on the eyes .

Those who are suitable for permanent makeup on the eyeliner

  • I want to shorten my daily make-up time
  • I can't draw the eyeliner myself
  • Troublesome to fix makeup
  • Eyeliner tends to bleed
  • Easy to sweat in sports etc.
  • It became difficult to draw the eyeliner with aging
  • I want to make my eyes look natural and impressive
  • I want to enjoy sports and swimming pools without worrying about makeup

Main types of dyes used in eyeliner permanent makeup

Image of a vial containing black dye

Dye type Approval from public institutions
BioTouch Pure Pigments European CE approval
Doreme Pigments European CE approval
Perma Blend Pigments -

The dyes used in eyeliner permanent makeup are mainly of the above types. Currently, there are no permanent makeup dyes approved in Japan, so dyes that are generally approved by overseas public institutions and have a low risk of adverse effects on the human body are used. It tends to be.

The types of dyes used in permanent makeup differ depending on the medical institution, so if you are concerned about the types of dyes you are handling, please contact the medical institution that is considering the procedure in advance.

Consultation is required when undergoing an MRI examination after applying permanent makeup

There are many different types of permanent makeup dyes, all of which may contain metallic components similar to common cosmetic mascaras and eyeshadows. In the case of dyes with a high metal content, a spiral current is generated in response to the magnetic field generated by MRI examination and becomes hot, which may cause a feeling of heat at the injection site and slight burns in rare cases . ..

It is said that if the shape of the applied permanent makeup is close to a circle, a spiral current is generated and it is easy to generate heat. Therefore, if permanent makeup is applied to the upper and lower eyelines, if the eyes are open, it will be close to a circle and there is a risk of fever, so keep the shape of the permanent makeup straight with your eyes closed. Measures such as undergoing an MRI examination may be taken.

To prevent the risk of burns, when you have an MRI examination after applying permanent makeup, please let us know in advance that you have permanent makeup and consult with us if it is okay to have the examination .

The difference from tattoos is the depth and duration of dye injection

Depth of injecting permanent makeup and tattoo dyes

The epidermis, in which dye is injected with permanent makeup, continues to regenerate (turnover) skin cells by metabolism over a period of about 6 weeks. Permanent makeup gradually fades over a period of one to three years, as the pigments that have settled down due to repeated turnovers are gradually pushed up toward the outside of the skin and eventually become dirt and are naturally discharged to the outside of the body. I will .

On the other hand, in the case of tattoos, the area where the dye is injected is the dermis, which is a layer deeper than the epidermis. Since the dermis does not undergo metabolic turnover, the duration is semi-permanent because the dye stays inside the skin when the dye is injected. When removing tattoos, there are methods such as medical laser removal and skin grafting to remove pigments.

In addition, in MRI examination, if the tattoo dye contains a large amount of metal components, it may generate heat as in permanent makeup, causing a feeling of heat at the injection site and slight burns.

Eyeliner permanent makeup can be modified / removed

Permanent makeup pigments gradually fade over time, but do not disappear completely. If you are concerned about the thinness of permanent makeup, you can adjust the color and fine-tune the design by retouching by injecting dye into the eyeliner again.

In addition, when removing, there is a method of aiming for removal by irradiating the eyeline with a medical laser while protecting the eyeball with an eye shield shaped like goggles and gradually diluting the pigment. Depending on the medical institution, it may not be possible to remove permanent makeup applied at other hospitals, so please contact us in advance when considering a removal procedure.

Permanent makeup is a medical practice and can only be performed by medical professionals

Permanent makeup is a legal medical practice in Japan, so it is possible for only a doctor or a nurse who has been instructed by a doctor to perform the treatment regardless of the site. Permanent makeup performed by a practitioner who does not have a doctor's license or a nurse's license at an esthetic salon is subject to punishment for violating the Medical Practitioners Act.

In the past, permanent makeup was done at beauty salons, etc., but due to lack of knowledge and skills of the practitioner, problems such as laterality and dye injection into the wrong part occurred, so now it is done by a company other than a medical institution. Treatment is prohibited. Be sure to have your permanent makeup done at a medical institution to avoid mistakes such as left-right eyeliner differences.

Eyeliner part and design that can be applied with permanent makeup

Image of drawing a single line with eyeliner

Since the appearance of the eyeliner changes just by changing the position, thickness, and length by a few millimeters, it is important to decide the design when applying permanent makeup. In order to aim for the ideal eyeliner, it is necessary to convey the finished image to the practitioner and check the design many times before actually performing the treatment.

There are three main eyeliner areas that can be treated

There are three main types of eyeliner that can be used for permanent makeup: outline (outside the lash line), natural line (line along the lash line), and in-line (inside the lash line). .. In addition, when performing the treatment, it is possible to set the upper and lower eyelines, or select either the upper or lower eyeliner .

Part Impression when applying permanent makeup
outline By applying permanent makeup along the line outside the hairline of the eyelashes, you can see the eyeliner even when you close your eyes, so you can aim for the impression that you are wearing makeup.
Natural line By applying permanent makeup to the line along the hairline of the eyelashes, which is the basic part of the eyeliner, it is possible to lead to the eyes with a natural impression that makes use of the original shape of the eyes that are different for each person.
Inline By applying permanent makeup along the mucous membrane line inside the natural line, you can aim for a large and clear impression of black eyes while giving a natural impression.

How to apply permanent makeup to the eyeliner

The types of treatments handled by medical institutions differ slightly, but there are mainly the following types of permanent makeup methods for eyeliner. If you want to adjust the thickness and length of the eyeliner to your liking even after receiving the treatment, you can also consider the design of permanent makeup so that it will be the ideal finish when you add normal makeup. There is.

Simple line Simple tail line
A design method that finely injects dye to fill the gaps in the eyelashes to create a natural eyeliner

Permanent makeup fills the gaps in the lashes, making the lashes look thicker and more prosperous.
In addition to the simple line, a method called "tail" with a long outer corner of the eye

The width of the eyeliner is wider than the simple line, and you can create an impressive eyeliner like drawing an eyeliner with makeup.
Tail line + eye shadow Male eyeliner
In addition to the permanent eyeliner permanent makeup, a "gradation technique" is applied to inject dye into the eyelids to make it look like eyeshadow.

The eyeliner is emphasized, making it easy to finish with a strong presence.
Eyeliner permanent makeup design mainly for men

In the case of men, by injecting the dye in dots instead of linearly at the base of the eyelashes so that the makeup does not appear, you can aim for an impressive eyeline without unnaturalness.

If you apply permanent makeup by slightly raising the eyeliner from the center of the upper eyelid to the outer corner of the eye, the outer corner of the eye will be tightened and it will be easier to finish the eye with a crisp impression. On the other hand, if you have eyes that tend to be slanted, you can create a soft impression by applying a thicker eyeliner to the upper and lower outer corners of the eyes.

In addition, permanent makeup on the eyeliner can be performed regardless of the shape of the eyelids, such as single or double .

The golden ratio of the eyes, which is the standard of design

Eyeliner permanent makeup gives you time to decide on the design before performing the procedure. It is important to tell the practitioner the desired thickness and length of the eyeliner, but there are many people who do not have a specific image. In such cases, the standard for design is the "golden ratio around the eyes."

The golden ratio around the eyes expresses the balance between the vertical and horizontal widths of the eyes and the balance between the vertical width and the upper eyelids, which are generally considered to look beautiful, and is designed based on this standard. You can aim for an eyeliner that suits your facial features by making fine adjustments to.

Illustration about the golden ratio of the eyes

The ratio of the vertical width of the eyes to the horizontal width of the eyes is 1: 3.

The vertical width of the eye is the length from the hairline of the upper lashes to the bottom of the black eye, and the horizontal width is the length from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. It is generally said that "1: 3" is a beautiful balance between the vertical and horizontal widths of the eyes.

If the vertical width is not enough for the horizontal width, you can aim for extension by injecting dye so that the eyeliner of the upper eyelid is thickened with permanent makeup. It is also possible to further emphasize the vertical width by applying eye shadow on the upper eyelid with gradation technique or normal makeup. If the width is not enough, pull the eyeliner long to the outer corner of the eye to get closer to the golden ratio.

The ratio of the vertical width of the eyes to the width of the eyelids is 1: 1

The width of the eyelids is the length from the eyebrows to the hairline of the upper lashes. If the eyelids are wide, use permanent makeup to draw a thicker eyeliner on the upper eyelids and widen the vertical width of the eyes to bring the balance closer to "1: 1".

On the other hand, if the width of the eyelids is narrow and the vertical width of the eyes is wide, you can use normal makeup to add highlights under the inner and outer corners of the eyebrows to make them look three-dimensional, or put eye shadow on the tear bag. It is possible to balance.

Pain during the procedure and the course of downtime

Images of multiple injections and drugs

Use multiple anesthesia to reduce pain during the procedure

Since there are many capillaries and nerves around the eyes, it is a very delicate area where you can easily feel irritation. For this reason, some medical institutions use local anesthesia or eye drop anesthesia in addition to applying anesthesia cream for permanent makeup on the eyeliner.

While the anesthesia is working, you will feel as if you are tracing the top of your skin with a pencil as you inject the dye into and around the hairline of your lashes. However, there are individual differences in the degree of pain, and there are many people who feel pain as much as pulling their eyebrows during the procedure .

Progress and downtime after receiving the procedure

Immediately after the procedure (on the day)・ Redness or swelling may appear on the eyeliner due to internal bleeding. ・ Pain may be felt at the treatment site.
2-4 days later・ Redness and pain begin to subside. ・ Scabs may appear and the color of the eyeliner may appear uneven.
5-7 days later・ The scab begins to peel off ・ The color of the eyeliner begins to become familiar

The standard downtime for eyeliner permanent makeup is about 7 days . Internal bleeding may cause reddish swelling in the area where the dye was injected for up to 3 days after the procedure. In addition, the color of the eyeliner may appear to be temporarily uneven until the scab is formed and removed.

You don't have to refrain from going out, but if you're worried about how it looks, make sure you have a downtime schedule so you don't organize important events.

What you need to know before undergoing treatment

Image advised by a female doctor

While eyeliner permanent makeup has the advantages of shortening daily makeup time and producing the ideal eye area, it also has the following disadvantages and risks.

Eyeliner permanent makeup fades in 1 to 3 years

The dye injected into the epidermis during permanent makeup is gradually pushed up near the surface of the skin by turnover. Therefore, eyeliner permanent makeup will gradually fade over a period of one to three years .

There are individual differences in the speed of fading, but when fading occurs, it is possible to adjust the thickness and color of the eyeliner by undergoing a correction procedure that injects dye again. Many medical institutions recommend that you receive a correction procedure about one to one and a half years after the procedure, or when you are concerned about the lightness of the color.

In addition, UV rays cause the pigment to fade faster, so it is important to take measures against UV rays on a daily basis by using sunscreen cream, sunglasses, and a hat.

Multiple treatments required to fix the pigment

Since the epidermis is a shallow layer of skin, the pigment tends to be less likely to settle than when dye is injected into the dermis. Therefore, in most cases, it takes two to three treatments to fix the eyeliner pigment with permanent makeup.

It is said that after the skin damaged by the injection of dye with a needle is repaired over a period of 2 to 3 weeks, the dye can be easily fixed by injecting the dye again. Therefore, if you perform multiple treatments, basically wait about a month before performing the next treatment.

Risks from eyeliner permanent makeup

Image of a woman issuing a red card

Dry eye by in-line treatment

Inside the inline, inside the hairline of the eyelashes, there is the "Meibomian gland", which secretes lipids to reduce friction when blinking and suppress the evaporation of tears. In the unlikely event that the meibomian glands are blocked by applying permanent makeup in-line, the secretion of lipids may be delayed, resulting in dry eye .

Considering the risk of dry eye, many medical institutions do not perform in-line permanent makeup.

Infectious diseases caused by reusing needles

Normally, the needles used in permanent makeup are not reused from a hygienic point of view. However, in the unlikely event that the practitioner reuses the needle once used for another procedure, there is a risk of infections such as hepatitis B and AIDS due to blood infection .

In addition to needles, there is a risk of infection if proper hygiene management such as disinfection of medical equipment used in the treatment and cleaning of the treatment site is not performed. In order to prevent the risk of infectious diseases, please check the homepage of each medical institution or the contact information in advance about the hygiene management system such as whether the needle is disposable when undergoing treatment.

Allergic reaction to the dye to be injected

The skin may have an allergic reaction to the dyes used in the procedure, causing inflammation and swelling . Excessive allergic reactions can, in rare cases, cause anaphylactic shock, so it is recommended that you take a patch test in advance for permanent makeup .

Patch tests include applying the dye to the surface of the skin and observing the progress, or injecting a very small amount of the dye into an inconspicuous area such as the back of the ear to see if any symptoms of an allergic reaction appear.

Those who cannot receive eyeliner permanent makeup

If the patch test result is positive and you are diagnosed as having a risk of causing serious symptoms such as anaphylactic shock, or if you fall under any of the following items, you will not be able to receive the treatment.

  • Those who have skin disease at the treatment site
  • Those with keloid constitution
  • Pregnant / lactating

Those who have just undergone eye surgery or cosmetology around the eyes

Those who have undergone the following eye surgery and eye beauty treatment should wait a certain interval before undergoing eyeliner permanent makeup treatment.

Eyelid ptosis surgery Double plastic surgery At least 3 months apart
Hyaluronic acid injection into the tear bag Botulinum injection into the outer corner of the eye At least one month apart

Eyeliner Permanent Makeup Treatment Flow / Fee

(1) Medical examination and counseling

After being examined by a doctor, you will be given an explanation about the contents and risks of eyeliner permanent makeup. Tell your doctor in detail if you have any allergies or have a medical history, and if you have any questions or concerns, please consult your doctor.

(2) Eyeliner drawing design decision

Use the drawing pencil to draw the eyeliner design you want to aim for. Confirm the details such as the position and thickness of the eyeliner permanent makeup with the practitioner before deciding the design.

(3) Anesthesia / treatment

Apply anesthetic cream to the treatment area. After waiting about 30 minutes for the anesthesia to penetrate, use a medical device for permanent makeup with a needle at the tip to inject the dye little by little and draw an eyeliner. There are also medical institutions that perform treatments in combination with local anesthesia and eye drop anesthesia.

(4) Cooling / end

It depends on the range of dye injection and the design, but the treatment time is about 1 to 2 hours. If swelling or redness is noticeable after the procedure, cool it down and receive an explanation about what to look out for in your daily life and how to spend downtime.

Precautions before receiving treatment

Refrain from alcohol and caffeine intake from the day before the procedure to the day of the procedure

Alcohol and caffeine have the effect of promoting blood circulation and make it easier for you to bleed during the procedure, so please refrain from taking it from the day before to the day of the procedure.

Remove contact lenses and eyelash extensions during the procedure

Contact lenses must be removed when undergoing treatment. It is said that you can wear it from the day after the treatment, but if you wear it on the day of the treatment, you will have to remove it once, so if you are worried about returning after the treatment , bring glasses or contact cases. please.

In addition, eyelash extensions may interfere with the injection of dyes and should be removed on the day of treatment. Eyelash extensions can be worn 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure is completed .

Precautions after receiving the treatment

Avoid acts that improve blood circulation for about 2 weeks

It is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise, alcohol intake, sauna and other actions that improve blood circulation for about 2 weeks as the treatment site tends to swell . You can take a shower from the day you receive the treatment, but please refrain from bathing in the bathtub for a long time until the swelling and redness of the treated area subside.

Avoid swimming in the pool or swimming for about 2 weeks

Avoid swimming in the pool or swimming for about two weeks to prevent bacterial infections from the treatment area . For the same reason, it is necessary to be careful not to touch the treatment site as much as possible for about 2 weeks until the minute scratches caused by the injection of the dye begin to settle. Please refrain from applying make-up to the eyes for about a week and always keep the treated area clean.

Permanent makeup fee for eyeliner

Number of treatments Estimated price
Once 30,000 yen to 60,000 yen
2 times set 45,000-90,000 yen

Permanent makeup is a self-financed medical treatment that is not covered by insurance. In most cases, multiple treatments are performed to fix the pigment, so some medical institutions have two treatments as one set . In the case of a correction treatment to prepare the faded permanent makeup, the standard is about 15,000 to 25,000 yen per treatment.

How to choose a medical institution to receive better treatment

Image of a female doctor in a medical institution

Permanent makeup is a medical practice, so be sure to receive treatment at the medical institution where the doctor is enrolled. By undergoing treatments in cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology, etc., where there are many cases of permanent makeup, the ideal eye area while receiving advice on the thickness and length of the natural eyeline that suits your face. It is possible to aim for .

There is also a method of selecting a case that is close to the desired finish from the case photos published on the homepage of each medical institution in advance and appointing the practitioner who was in charge of the treatment.

It is also important to make sure that the medical examination and counseling will answer the questions in an easy-to-understand and polite manner, and that the after-sales follow-up explanations such as how to spend after the treatment are substantial . Permanent makeup is often corrected by fading, so re-treatment based on diagnostic data from the same medical institution will reduce the burden of going to the hospital.