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The duration of lip art make-up that aims for bright lips and precautions for pain and failure



Image of a woman winking with lipstick

Lip art make-up that makes your lips look ruddy and plump. It is possible to adjust the color and shape as a whole, and to perform partial treatment on the corners of the mouth and the contours of the lips, which has the advantages of saving the trouble of makeup and not having to change the makeup every meal .

However, it is difficult to change the design drastically or completely remove it after receiving the treatment, so it is necessary to know in advance the characteristics of the finish that differ depending on the design technique and how to choose a color that is compatible with yourself. , Helps prevent regrets and failures due to the procedure.

In addition, since the lips are sensitive to irritation and swelling occurs after the treatment, it is possible to make a specific downtime schedule by grasping the guideline in advance. is.

Lip permanent makeup that leads to bright lips

Image of an apple with a syringe containing a red liquid stuck in it

Using a medical needle, the epidermis, which is a shallow layer of about 0.01 mm to 0.03 mm from the surface of the skin, is finely scratched and at the same time a dye is injected to fix the pigment. It is called make-up . Lip Permanent Makeup, which fixes the pigment on the epidermis of the lips, allows you to shape and adjust the color of the lips by injecting the dye according to the desired design.

Unlike regular makeup, Lip Permanent Makeup does not have to worry about falling off due to water or sweat, so you can maintain a vivid impression even when you enjoy eating or playing sports. It also has the advantages of shortening the time required for normal makeup and making the complexion look good even without makeup.

The problems that can be improved by lip art make-up are not limited to the shape and color of the lips, but there are various problems such as lifestyle problems.

Trouble that can lead to improvement with lip art makeup

  • No lip volume
  • The shape of the lips is asymmetrical
  • Lips are pale and look unhealthy
  • The corner of the mouth is lowered and the expression looks dark
  • The contours of the lips are blurred and the face looks loose
  • I want to shorten the makeup time every morning
  • Normal lip makeup makes your lips rough
  • I'm worried about color transfer and discoloration during meals
  • I don't have time to remake

There are two ways to inject dye with lip permanent makeup

Image of medical equipment

There are two types of lip art makeup treatment methods: "needle injection" in which the practitioner manually injects dye one by one, and "machine injection" in which the needle automatically vibrates like a sewing machine. is. Depending on each method, the texture of the finished product and the time required for the treatment will differ .

Needle injection gives a delicate and natural finish

Needle injection is a method of manually injecting dye by the practitioner using a pen-shaped needle for permanent makeup.

Since the dye is carefully injected into the epidermis of the lips one by one, the finish tends to differ depending on the skill of the practitioner, and the treatment tends to take a long time, while finely adjusting the shape and color of the lips. It is possible to do. By applying partial blurring and gradation, you can expect a natural finish that fits your face.

Machine injection is less painful and gives a uniform finish in a short time

Machine injection is a method of injecting dye using a digital device dedicated to permanent makeup . Compared to needle injection, the procedure tends to take less time, and the machine can inject the dye evenly, so you can apply lip art makeup without color unevenness.

In recent years, the accuracy of the machine has improved, and by adjusting the needle injection speed and strength, it has been developed to aim for a natural finish close to needle injection, but the technique of experienced practitioners has been developed. It is said that it does not reach. Machine injection treatment is suitable for people who are not good at pain, want to finish the treatment in a short time, and want a finish without color unevenness.

Pigment is difficult to settle on the lips and generally requires two or more treatments

Permanent makeup injects dye at the same time as making fine scratches on the epidermis with a needle, but bleeding is likely to occur in areas where the skin is thin, and the dye flows out of the body together with blood, causing the dye to settle. It is said to be difficult. In particular, the lips are considered to be areas where pigments are difficult to settle because the skin is thin and bleeding is likely to occur during the procedure .

In order to achieve a beautiful finish, it is necessary to re-inject the dye after the skin damaged by the injection of the dye with a needle has healed in about 3 weeks. Therefore, although there are differences depending on the shape and color of the lips you are aiming for, it is common for lip art make-up to be performed at least twice at intervals of about 3 weeks, and it will take several months or more to finish.

Pain and downtime of lip permanent makeup

Lips are more prone to pain and swelling than eyebrows and eyeliner

Image that part of the mouth is red

The lips are composed of the skin, red lip edge, and mucous membranes, and the lips are very sensitive to pain because they are close to the mucous membranes . Since lip art make-up is more painful than art make-up applied to the eyebrows and eyeliner, it is common to use an anesthetic cream or local anesthesia to relieve the pain and inject the dye.

Immediately after receiving the treatment, the lips will swell and the appearance will change significantly, so if you are worried, you should adjust the schedule so that you do not have important events for about a week after the treatment until the swelling subsides. I am relieved.

Lip Permanent Makeup Downtime and Estimated Elapsed Time

The swelling of the lips, which is a symptom of downtime in lip art makeup, peaks on the day of the procedure and tends to subside over the next week or so. By cooling the treatment site at home, it is possible to aim for swelling relief at an earlier stage.

Immediately after the procedure (on the day)・ Swelling of the lips ・ May feel tingling pain
2-3 days later・ Swelling begins to subside ・ Pain begins to subside ・ Scabs or dryness on the lips
4-7 days later・ Estimated swelling to subside ・ Scabs begin to peel off ・ Lips may dry and thin skin may peel off
10-14 days later・ A guideline for calming the dryness of the lips ・ The color of the lips begins to become familiar

Usually, the tingling pain in the lips tends to subside in about 2 to 3 days, but if the swelling or pain continues for a long time, or if blisters occur, there is a possibility of infection such as cold sores, so the procedure is performed. Please consult the medical institution that received the treatment.

Be careful with your diet during downtime

Image of a woman eating

If strong irritation is applied to the treatment area during downtime, pain and swelling may worsen and downtime may be prolonged. You can eat from the day of the procedure, but please do not open your mouth wide and eat slowly so as not to apply excessive force .

Hot soups such as spicy foods and soups are very irritating, so it is recommended that you refrain from doing so for about a week after receiving the treatment and drink water with a straw.

Lip Permanent Makeup Dyes and Duration

Most of the dyes used in permanent makeup are FDA-approved.

Image of red or pink ink

There are various types of dyes used in permanent makeup, but most of them contain metal components such as iron oxide and titanium dioxide, and it is said that the cheaper the dye, the higher the content of the metal component. The metal components contained in dyes are also contained in general cosmetics such as mascara and eye shadow.

Currently, there are no permanent makeup dyes approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, so FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) -approved dyes , which are generally considered to have a low content of metal components, are widely used in domestic medical institutions. It is a tendency to be used . In recent years, organic dyes that do not contain metal components have also been developed.

Depending on the type of dye, you may not be able to undergo an MRI examination

Since the metal components contained in the dye have a fever when undergoing an MRI examination and may cause burns, you may not be able to undergo an MRI examination after applying permanent makeup .

It is said that FDA-approved dyes and dyes labeled as "MRI SAFE" may be subject to MRI examination due to the small amount of metal components contained. However, the types of dyes we handle differ depending on the medical institution, so do not decide for yourself whether or not to have an MRI examination, but be sure to tell the medical institution that you will undergo the MRI examination that you are applying permanent makeup. Please .

Lip permanent makeup lasts 1 to 3 years

Image explaining the state of skin turnover

Lip Permanent Makeup injects dye into the epidermis of the lips, but the epidermis regularly repeats turnover, which is the rebirth of skin cells, so the pigment is gradually pushed toward the outside of the skin and gradually fades. I will continue .

The pigment does not disappear completely, but the duration of lip permanent makeup is about 1 to 3 years after the treatment is completed . There are individual differences in the speed of fading, and people with better metabolism tend to regenerate skin cells faster, so pigments tend to fade more easily.

On the other hand, tattoos inject dye into the dermis, which is deeper than the epidermis, to fix the dye. Collagen and elastin, which play a role in supporting the firmness of the skin, are present in the dermis, but since turnover does not occur, they basically do not fade naturally over the years.

Lip permanent makeup can be modified (retouched)

The standard duration of lip art make-up is 1 to 3 years, but if it fades or looks out of shape, it can be compensated by retouching.

By the correction treatment, it is possible to re-inject the dye into the faded area to adjust the color and change the shape of the lip line . It is recommended that the timing of correction be made one to one and a half years after the previous treatment, or when you are concerned about the thinness of lip permanent makeup.

Difficult to completely remove lip permanent makeup

Image trying to erase lipstick

There are medical lasers and removal creams as methods for removing permanent makeup, but it is difficult to completely remove the pigment .

The medical laser used to remove permanent makeup on the eyebrows responds well to black pigments, but not to bright colors, so lip art makeup that is basically red or pink. It can be said that it is not suitable for removing. The removal cream works regardless of color, but it should be used continuously for half a year to a year until the pigment becomes lighter.

All of these removal methods are costly and time consuming, so when applying lip art make-up, it is important to convey the ideal finish image to the practitioner and check the shape and color design in detail. is.

How to decide the design and color of lip art makeup

Lip Permanent Makeup Design Techniques

Although the treatment content differs slightly depending on the medical institution, there are four main types of design techniques used in lip art makeup treatment. The finish will differ depending on each design technique, so it is important to select the one that matches the image of your lips that you want to aim for.

Full lip Lip line
A technique that injects dye into the entire lip to cover the original color and shape of the lips

While looking at the balance of the entire face, it is possible to greatly change the impression of the lips by creating a mountain of lips and making it bright and vivid.
Technique to inject dye only into the lip line (outline of the lips)

If the shape of the lips is blurred, the contour can be supplemented, and if the lips are thin, the lips will have a three-dimensional effect, and it is possible to further enhance the mouth by applying lipstick or gloss.
Half line lip Shadow lip
A technique to apply a lip line to contour the lips and then add shades inward.

It is possible to aim for impressive lips with a strong presence
A technique to create a natural look without a make-up feeling without emphasizing the contours of the lips

In conventional permanent makeup, the technique of injecting dye into the treatment area in a planar manner and painting it is common, and there are many cases where the finish does not have a three-dimensional effect. However, in recent years, the technique of injecting dyes in dots has become widespread, and in addition to reducing damage to the skin, it also gives a natural finish such as shades of color and coloring from the inside of the lips. It is possible to aim .

Lip design should be determined by considering the balance of the entire face

For example, just because you want to aim for a plump lip shape, an excessive overline design can upset the balance of the entire face and cause discomfort. Since each person has a different size of skeleton and facial parts, it is possible to prevent the risk of design failure by choosing a natural design that matches the size and contour of your original lips.

It is important to understand that the lip design you like and the lip design that suits you may be different, and to decide the design while incorporating the objective opinions of the practitioner .

Choose a natural color that suits your skin for the color of your lip permanent makeup

Images of lipstick in different colors

In lip art makeup treatment, we aim for the desired color by blending multiple dyes such as red, pink, and orange. It is possible to finish with various colors such as "I want to make it a natural color that does not feel strange even when no makeup is used" and "I want to make it a color similar to the lipstick that I usually use".

When actually deciding the color, apply several dyes to the surface of the skin once, check how the dye looks to the skin color, and select the color that suits you.

Select based on a color that is compatible with the skin color

Image of two women looking at you with their hands on their cheeks

When choosing a color for lip permanent makeup, if you choose a color that does not match your skin tone, it may appear floating or your skin may look dull. Japanese skin is mainly classified into two skin color types, "yellowish yellow base" and "bluish blue base", and the color of the lip that suits you depends on your skin color type.

Yellow base

It is a type that is often found in Japanese people, and it tends to suit ocher foundations and gold accessories, and the lip colors that go well with it are orange and salmon pink .

Blue base

The skin color is pale and reddish, and pink foundations and silver accessories tend to look good, and the lip colors that go well with it are rose pink and burgundy .

Consult with the practitioner for dark lip art makeup

If you apply deep and vivid lip art make-up, only the lips may appear to float when no make-up is applied, causing discomfort . Permanent makeup cannot be removed immediately, and there are individual differences in the appearance of color and the degree of color development, so if you are considering a dark color, consult with the practitioner and be objective. Please decide carefully while receiving advice.

What you need to know before receiving lip permanent makeup

Permanent makeup treatments other than doctors and nurses are illegal

Image of handcuffs

In Japan, permanent makeup, in which dye is injected into the epidermis with a needle to fix the dye, is certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a medical practice. Only doctors with a doctor's license or nurses under the guidance of a doctor are allowed to perform the procedure, and it is against the Medical Practitioners Act to perform the procedure by any other contractor.

If you are treated by an unqualified person at an esthetic salon, it is dangerous because there is a risk of failure such as a difference in finish. As stated in the materials released by the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, the number of registered harms related to permanent makeup from 2006 to 2011 was 121, and 95% of them are thought to be performed by unqualified persons without a doctor's license. It turns out that it was an example.

To avoid troubles due to lack of knowledge and skills of the practitioner, be sure to receive permanent makeup treatment at a medical institution.

Frequent failures and remedies for lip permanent makeup

Image of a woman looking in the mirror sadly

The following are some of the major failures of lip art make-up. It is important to confirm the design with the practitioner at the time of counseling in order to prevent the finish from failing, such as "the image is different from what you expected".

Uneven color on the lips

In the first treatment, the pigment may not be evenly fixed and uneven color may occur on the lips. In this case, it is possible to make fine adjustments so that the color unevenness is compensated for by the second and subsequent treatments and the color is uniform .

In addition, if the color fades over time and the color becomes uneven, you can cover it with lipstick, etc., or you can make up for it by receiving a correction (retouch) treatment at a medical institution.

The color of the lips is dark and looks floating

Depending on the color of the dye to be injected and the amount of injection, the finished color may be darker than expected, and only the lips may appear to float.

You can use a concealer to blur the color until it fades naturally, or you can use a removal cream or inject a skin-colored dye to lighten the color and make it less noticeable .

Different from the shape of the lips I expected

If you do not share the finished image with the practitioner during counseling, your lip shape may differ from the image.

If your finished lips are smaller or lighter than your ideal lip design, you can make up for it with a fix. However, if the over-lip line or the color is too dark, it cannot be corrected immediately, so you must use a removal cream or a concealer to cover the color until it fades.

The swelling and pain of the lips do not go away forever

Lip permanent makeup causes swelling on the lips for several days after the procedure, but if the swelling continues for more than a week even after cooling the treated area, it may be a bacterial infection. If the swelling or pain persists, do not try to deal with it yourself and consult the medical institution where you received the treatment .

Risks and side effects of lip permanent makeup

  • Bleeding / internal bleeding / infection at the treatment site with a needle
  • Itching, swelling, pain, dryness, and scabs at the treatment site
  • Herpes labialis, left-right difference in lip line, allergies due to dyes, dye bleeding, etc.

The lips swell from the day of the procedure, but tend to subside within a week or so . Considering that the pigment becomes lighter due to the metabolism of the skin and the peeling of the scab, the dye is injected with a slightly darker color than ideal, so the color looks dark immediately after the treatment. The scab is removed so that the thin skin is peeled off, and gradually adapts to the calm color.

For about a week during downtime, you are at high risk of developing cold herpes and are prone to dryness, so use an ointment or lip balm prescribed by your doctor for aftercare. You can also wear a mask during downtime, but you may feel pain when you touch your lips, so it's a good idea to choose a three-dimensional type.

Those who cannot receive lip art makeup

Those with skin diseases, blood diseases, infectious diseases, and keloid constitution

Those who have unhealed trauma or illness at the treatment site, those who suffer from blood diseases / infectious diseases, or those who have a constitution that causes keloid even with slight trauma cannot receive the treatment.

Pregnant / lactating

During pregnancy and lactation, the skin becomes sensitive due to the action of female hormones. In addition to the fact that the risk of causing skin troubles is higher than usual and pain is easily felt, it is said that permanent makeup treatment is not appropriate considering the effects on the fetus such as anesthesia.

If you have heart disease or are taking medication, you need permission from your doctor.

People with high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, those who have completed cancer treatment, those who are taking steroids, etc. need to obtain permission from their doctor before undergoing permanent makeup.

Those who have an allergic reaction in the patch test

If you are allergic to metal or have sensitive skin and are worried about the procedure, you can take a patch test at a medical institution in advance. In a patch test, a small amount of dye is injected into an inconspicuous area such as the back of the ear to diagnose whether or not an abnormality occurs.

Those who have undergone facial beauty treatment within one month

For those who have undergone cosmetic treatment such as hyaluronic acid injection on the face, it is recommended to wait at least one month before performing permanent makeup treatment because the shape of the facial parts will change.

Lip Permanent Makeup Treatment Flow and Price Market

Image of clean treatment room

(1) Medical examination and counseling

After receiving medical examination and counseling from a doctor, you will be diagnosed as to whether lip art makeup is indicated. You will be given an explanation of the treatment method and precautions by telling your ideal lip image and worries. Alcohol and caffeine have the effect of dilating blood vessels and can cause bleeding and swelling, so refrain from doing so the day before the procedure.

(2) Design decision

We will check the balance of the skeleton, skin color, and the entire face, and decide on the design of the lip permanent makeup to be applied. Select the color of the dye to be used by placing the color on the skin and checking it in the mirror. Carefully repeat counseling, such as checking the shape of the lips not only from the front but also from the side, and decide on the final design after convincing.

(3) Anesthesia

Apply an anesthetic cream to the treatment area and let it penetrate the skin for about 30 minutes. Depending on the medical institution, local anesthesia can also be used, so if you are not good at pain, please check the homepage of each medical institution or contact information in advance.

(4) Treatment

The dye is injected into the epidermis layer of the lips according to the final design. The treatment time is about 1 to 2 hours.

Basically, lip art make-up is performed twice or more, and depending on the desired lip design, there are cases where the treatment is performed four times or more. The second and subsequent treatments are performed at intervals of 3 to 4 weeks, and the color and shape are finely adjusted so as to approach the desired finish while checking the fixation state of the pigment.

(5) Cooling / end

Immediately after the procedure, the lips will swell greatly, so cooling is performed in the hospital. After that, you will be able to return home on the same day after receiving explanations about care at home and precautions in daily life.

Precautions after treatment

  • Avoid pools and hot springs for about 2 weeks as there is a risk of infection
  • Refrain from excessive exercise and alcohol consumption as they can cause prolonged swelling and bleeding.
  • Be careful not to scratch the treatment area even if itching occurs
  • When washing your face, wash it lightly without rubbing the treatment area strongly.
  • Refrain from bathing or sauna during downtime (shower allowed)
  • Ultraviolet rays cause the pigment to fade faster, so take measures against ultraviolet rays on a daily basis.

Price of Lip Permanent Makeup

In general, most medical institutions set the price for lip art make-up, which is performed twice or more, with two treatments as one set . It is a self-financed medical treatment that is not covered by insurance, and the fee will vary slightly depending on the treatment range and desired design, but the market price is as follows.

Full lip 120,000 yen-200,000 yen (twice)
Lip line 50,000 yen-100,000 yen (twice)
Modify (retouch) 40,000 yen-60,000 yen (once)

How to choose a medical institution to receive lip art makeup

Image of a female doctor with a smile and arms folded

Permanent makeup cannot be easily redesigned or removed after it has been treated. In addition, since the lips are prone to pain and swelling and are elastic parts, it is said that the practitioner's skill is required rather than permanent makeup on the eyebrows and eyeliner .

In order to aim for beautifully finished lips, it is recommended to select a medical institution that specializes in permanent makeup or a medical institution that has a doctor who has a certificate after attending seminars and courses on techniques related to permanent makeup. .. It is desirable to have a practitioner who, while incorporating his own ideals and desires, will identify the shape and color of the lips that are compatible with the facial features and propose the optimal design .