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Ask the double burial experience! Risks and side effects of cosmetic surgery to know before surgery



Woman with double eyelids

Cosmetic surgery became so familiar that the coined word "petit shaping" was born. Nowadays, not only entertainers whose profession is aesthetic, but also professionals and students alike can easily receive beauty treatments. On the other hand, there are many failure stories such as troubles and sequelae due to cosmetic surgery. What did the person who actually performed cosmetic surgery care about to avoid failure? We talked to those who had experienced the burial method .

The first medical institution subjected to the burial method is selected by `` renownedness ''

Back view of a woman receiving an interview with the burial method "I hate my single eyelids and wanted to be much more double."

Mami (36 years old, a pseudonym) who speaks so is a big fan of a diva with big and beautiful eyes. "I longed for her eyes and shaped it into double eyelids," says Mami, who has been subjected to the double burial method twice.

Mami first performed cosmetic surgery at the age of 23. At that time, many people around Mami, who worked in the apparel industry, had a high sense of aesthetics, and she was always worried about "how others saw me."

In particular, she was worried about the complex single eyelids and decided to undergo cosmetic surgery.

At this time, I was lost in choosing a medical institution, but there was also a commercial on TV, and I visited a certain major clinic to know if well-known cosmetic surgery would be safe.

Mami's hopes were as follows:

  1. Wide and clear double
  2. Less downtime such as swelling
  3. No need to go to the hospital after treatment

After consulting a medical institution about a treatment method that meets this condition

  • The incision method is the big eye
  • Less swelling and no need to go to hospital

Two types of treatment were proposed.

Suehiro type with 2-point burial method

I decided to remove the fat in the upper eyelid by selecting the two-point burial method

Mami chose the dual method of “two-point burial method” with no downtime and no downtime. If you take care not to wet the treatment site, you can shower from the day, and the eye makeup was decided 2-3 days later, so the treatment day was decided using two consecutive holidays.

It is said that Mami's single layer gave the impression of a heavy eye because the upper eyelid was fat and thick. So, with the advice of a doctor, I decided to remove the fat in the upper eyelids in order to get a natural, plump big eye without puffiness.

Difference between double surgery by burial method and incision method

(In case of a certain clinic in Tokyo as of January 2020)

Burial method (double surgery without cutting) Incision method (double cutting)
Treatment time About 15 minutes About 30 minutes
Thread removal / outpatient Unnecessary 1 time (need thread removal after 1 week)
Swelling / pain ・ About 2 days to 1 week
(* There are individual differences)
・ Pain is minor
・ About 5 days to 1 week
(Complete finish 2-3 weeks)
・ There is pain and heat for 2-3 days
(* There are individual differences)
bathing Bathing is possible the next day, showering is possible from the day
(Be careful of friction and wetness to the treatment site)
・ Bathing is possible after 2 days
(Be careful of friction to the treatment area, overheating, and wetting)
・ Shower is available from the day
(Be careful not to wet your face)
Face wash Available from next day Available after 7-8 days
make Available from next day
(Eye makeup 2-3 days later)
Available after 7-8 days
contact lens NG for 2 days after treatment Possible after thread removal

Double line is Suehiro type

Back view of a woman receiving an interview with the burial method

Desired double line design may not be suitable

There are two types of doubles, "parallel type" and "Suehiro type". The parallel type is often found in Westerners, and the double line is firmly inserted from the inside out. The Suehiro type does not have a double line at the inner corner of the eye, but has a line toward the outer corner of the eye.

Mami-san's wish was for `` a double-width wide parallel type and tight eyes '', but as a result of counseling, it is said that `` the parallel type becomes unnatural due to the condition of your skeleton and eyelid skin '' I chose the Suehiro type to make it a double line.

Did not finish in the desired "pure double"

Three burial risks reported by doctors

The following three points were raised as the risks of the burial method.

  1. Swelling remains for 2 days to 1 week after treatment (individual differences)
  2. The thread may come off because the thread is tied to the eyelid to create a double line
  3. The burial method can be done only up to two times because the thread remains in the body (if you want the third time or later, it will be an incision method)

After finishing the procedure, Mami was able to return home immediately, but as described by the doctor, she said that she did not swell for about a week. In addition, I did not finish the desired "pure double", so I used double glue and tape after the treatment.

"I took the fat off the upper eyelids, so it's easier to make doubles, but if I put a strain on my eyelids every day, the thread came off in a year."

Medical institutions who received the second burial method select a friend's work place

Because the thread came off in the first double surgery, the left was double and the right was double unbalanced. I was also worried that the parts that were fastened with threads protruded like a breakout.

Woman receiving an interview with the burial method "Since it was said that the burial method could be done up to twice, there was the ease of doing it again. I was busy working and I couldn't take much time. I wanted to be a beautiful double again and looked for a clinic again. ''

13 years after the first burial, Mami chose a major cosmetic surgeon who had a second burial and had a friend work as a nurse.

Research the risks and side effects of the burial method in advance because you do not want to fail

`` I heard from a friend that a counselor would recommend expensive treatment, so I checked in advance about the treatment method, approximate cost, risks and side effects so that it would not be compliant, and what were the points that I could never give up I went after being conscious of that. ''

The risk of the burial method is that the position of the thread is shifted and the double width becomes uneven, the position of the thread is too deep, the thread comes out behind the eyelid and damages the eyeball, and Mami's case It is said that many failed examples could be easily searched on the net, such as "The position of the thread clamp is too shallow and a bump is formed on the eyelid."

There are also people who received expensive treatments around Mami, but who pulled the thread too much and the skin got caught in the skin, and the part to be treated collapsed, and those who had weak skin and the stitches were like keloids It is said that there was.

However, Mami says that such risks and side effects are “self-responsibility”. "Cosmetic surgery is at your own risk. If you are not prepared, you may want to stop doing it."

Be aware of the five non-negotiable points in advance and go to a medical institution

Mami's second double art was the following five points.

  1. Being able to perform surgery on the desired date
  2. Short downtime (up to 1 week)
  3. No need for postoperative hospital visits
  4. Wide double
  5. Reasonable price (expensive treatment is not desired)

Mami went to a medical institution with these five in mind. However, from a counselor, `` The medical technology has progressed compared to 10 years ago, so the thread is hard to come off, but the price goes up to further reduce risks and side effects, but another treatment method is recommended '', expensive It is said that the recommended treatment was done.

"It is said that expensive treatment uses thin thread, so the sewing marks are inconspicuous. The small hole in the thread fastening means that there is little swelling and the thread is hard to come off." The treatment Mami wanted was a 50,000 yen double burial method, but the counselor recommended an expensive treatment method of 200,000 yen.

Woman receiving an interview with the burial method

"In my previous experience, I knew that it was possible to remove the thread sometime, and that it would always swell after the procedure, so I refused to use a cheaper procedure. The method of treatment and the sense of the teacher do not always suit your taste and face, and there is also compatibility with the teacher.I can not understand that the treatment method and clinic that others are good does not always suit me People and those who are not prepared to take risks and side effects associated with cosmetic surgery tend to choose the treatment as recommended by the counselor, but if they do not achieve the desired finish Regret is greater.If you are not prepared for the risks and side effects, you may not want to do cosmetic surgery. "

Identify priority points before doctor counseling

There was also counseling by a doctor before the procedure. At this time, Mami told the following:

  • What was not satisfactory double width in the previous treatment
  • I'm worried about the bumps on the eyes
  • Less swelling is better

Then, the doctor said, "It will not mean that the thread will not come off. There will be swelling after the treatment. If you do not like the finish, within the second half of the treatment you can repeat the treatment again with only anesthetic fee of 3,000 yen It is said. "

After carefully counseling Mami's eye shape and wishes, she said, "If I want to expand my double width, I have to use an incision method, but the swelling is strong and I need to go to the hospital after the operation. The cost is 200,000 to 300,000. It will be about a yen. "

Select the burial method for the second time

Woman receiving an interview with the burial method Mami who chose the burial method for the second time, where short downtime was a priority point over double width. "Risks and side effects were well explained. I was able to put pre- and post-operative photos of my eyes in advertisements, and I was able to receive treatment at a monitor price with regular follow-up observations. I have a lot of dissatisfaction with the clinic, such as the counselor's aggressive sales and the length of waiting time, but the doctor was sincere and grateful. ''

A thread projection was formed even in the second burial method

Eyes with bumps of the burial experience Even after the second burial procedure, Mami's eyelids had thread projections. When I told my doctor at the regular check-up, he answered "I'll fix it if I'm worried." is.

Cosmetic surgery is your responsibility

"The next option is to use a double incision technique. Cosmetic surgery that does not allow foreign bodies to enter the body is done by people around you, so there is no feeling of resistance. Of course, self-responsibility is assumed."

When I asked Mami why she did the cosmetic surgery, she received an unexpected answer, "Because the makeup will be easier." "I don't think it's going to be pretty anymore, even for my age. But given the time and effort to make a double every day, double shaping that can't be taken in hot springs or the sea is really easy. I wish I had done it. ''

However, Mami emphasizes that "cosmetic surgery is the sole responsibility." "It's important to remember that the reputation of a medical institution or doctor is just that person. Cosmetic surgery is much closer now than before, but as much as possible of your face and skin texture I would like you to find out which cosmetic surgery is right for you, and to understand the risks and side effects before proceeding. ''