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Reasons for avoiding the effects and failures of face line liposuction in Korean beauty



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Megumi Tazaki (pseudonym) who performed cosmetic surgery by double incision at a Korean beauty clinic. When I went to Korea again to remove the thread, I thought it would be a waste of time and flight to go to Korea just for the removal of the thread, so I checked various clinics, booked a liposuction set menu on the face line, and had surgery. It seems to be.

The effect of removing fat on the cheeks and under the chin by liposuction, which is said to be difficult to lose weight on a diet, the risk downtime of small face surgery performed at the same time, the difference in surgical costs from Japanese cosmetic surgery, and failure We asked him about his experiences about why he was able to avoid it.

Why I got face line liposuction at a Korean beauty clinic

Interview scenery / rear view

Mr. Tazaki, who underwent double surgery by incision at a Korean beauty clinic, will return to Korea one week after the surgery to remove the thread.

"It 's a waste to fly just for thread removal, and I wanted to get other cosmetic surgery, so I searched various famous Korean beauty clinics on the Internet. Recently, I started to worry about the fat under my chin. Partly because I was longing for a small face, when I contacted a beauty clinic that had a good reputation on SNS, there was a vacancy in the liposuction reservation frame, so I reserved a small face shaping set menu. "

After finishing the thread removal at the beauty clinic that performed the double incision method, Mr. Tazaki moved to a famous beauty clinic in Japan such as SNS and plastic surgery information site and received counseling for small face surgery. There is a floor exclusively for Japanese people, and the hospital is clean like a hotel from the entrance, and there are many doctors and staff who can speak Japanese even if there is no interpreter, so it seems that the correspondence was very polite.

Liposuction to remove subcutaneous fat directly

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that physically removes the fat cells themselves. A special suction tube called a cannula is inserted into the site where liposuction is performed to suck and remove fat cells.

However, since fat is lighter than water, removing 1 liter of fat does not change your weight. For this reason, liposuction is not an operation aimed at weight loss, but an operation to prepare the body line.

Five points that Mr. Tazaki chose a Korean beauty clinic

  1. Good reviews from SNS and plastic surgery information sites
  2. Low price compared to Japan
  3. Korean adult age is 19 years old, so parental consent is not required
  4. Famous beauty clinics are concentrated in one station
  5. As an impression, there are more cases of surgical surgery than in Japan (personal impression)

Korean beauty and Japanese beauty small face shaping fee guide

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Small face shaping set menu
Korean clinic Approximately 100,000 yen ~ (excluding medical examination fee and anesthesia fee)
A certain clinic in Tokyo Approximately 200,000 yen ~ (excluding medical examination fee and anesthesia fee)

* Menu breakdown: Face line liposuction, buccal fat removal, botulinum injection, hyaluronic acid injection set.

Liposuction surgery flow in Korean beauty

At Korean cosmetic clinics, there are many small face shaping set menus that combine several types of surgery, and Mr. Tazaki chose a menu that includes liposuction, buccal fat removal, and botulinum injection.

"As a result of the doctor's examination, it is said that if buccal fat (fat inside the cheeks) is removed, the cheeks will be skeletally burnt, so receive liposuction and botulinum injection of the face line including under the chin. I was happy that the price was considerably cheaper because I didn't remove the buccal fat . "

"After the examination, I washed my face, changed into a surgical gown, and immediately moved to the operating room to inject intravenous anesthesia, but this was very painful. I was asleep during the surgery, so I had pain when it came to fat suction. I didn't feel it at all. "

"When I woke up from anesthesia and checked my face, there was no terrible swelling in the area where liposuction was performed, and I could tolerate the pain. I could not show the removed fat, but my right cheek was 15cc and left. It was said that the cheeks were 18cc and the chin was about 38cc. I don't know how many cc it is, and I've heard that some clinics will show you the fat. I'm a little disappointed. "

"I wasn't sure about the effect of the botulinum injection that was given at the same time because it was just after the injection. I think the total operation time was about one hour , but there was less liposuction pain than I had imagined. I was told that it is an absorption type suture and it is not necessary to remove the suture. I was surprised because I just put gauze on the insertion site of the cannula to leak body fluid. "

Faceline Liposuction Downtime and Benefits

Interview scenery ・ A figure with a hand on the cheek

Mr. Tazaki returned to Japan with almost no pain or swelling immediately after face line liposuction. How did you spend your downtime the day after the surgery?

" I wasn't really surprised at the pain and swelling. I was able to do light make-up and face-wash from the day, and above all, I was happy that I didn't need to remove the thread. I put it on. I was instructed to wear a face band for a week or two after surgery except when eating and bathing, and then I just put it on when I went to bed for about two months. "

"I didn't have internal bleeding, but about two weeks later, I had a slight numbness in the area where I received liposuction . Although the doctor explained in advance, I was a little worried when the contracture under my chin started. The nurse also advised me to take Indiva when the contracture started, but it was difficult to take it many times because Indiva is not cheap. "

Numbness and contracture due to liposuction

When performing liposuction, the cannula inserted under the skin often damages the small sensory nerves around the fat. Temporary nerve damage causes mild numbness and tingling pain, but in most cases it is said to subside within 1 to 3 months .

"Contracture" is a condition in which the skin becomes stiff or twitches about one week after the surgery at the site where liposuction was performed. Contracture is caused by the entanglement of collagen fibers in order to repair the area where adipose tissue is removed and becomes a space. Depending on the amount of liposuction, a large amount of liposuction at one time tends to cause strong contracture and requires long-term downtime.

How to improve contracture by liposuction

It is said that contracture begins about 1 week after surgery and continues for about 3 months . Surgery using a high-frequency machine such as Indiva is often used for symptoms such as contracture and twitching and unevenness after liposuction, leading to improvement of the damaged part of the tissue.

Types of small face plastic surgery other than liposuction

There are various surgical methods for small face shaping, such as removing excess fat from the face or trimming the contours. It is important to understand the effects and risks of each surgery, and to undergo surgery suitable for the face line you desire under the doctor's diagnosis.

Buccal fat removal A small incision is made in the oral cavity to remove and remove the fat mass inside the cheeks and masseter muscles with medical tweezers.
Mailer fat removal Insert a cannula through the nose to aspirate and remove fat around the cheekbones
Fat dissolving injection The active ingredient is injected subcutaneously to destroy fat cells, and it is excreted as urine or feces through the blood by metabolism.
Botulinum injection Suppresses hypertrophy of overhanging muscles by injecting botulinum drugs into developed masseter muscles
Hyaluronic acid injection By injecting hyaluronic acid drug, face lines such as cheeks and chin are formed
Irradiation treatment with HIFU By irradiating Hythe (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), the SMAS layer between the fat layer and the muscle layer contracts due to heat energy and raises the slack.
Lift up with threads Insert an absorbent or non-absorbable thread under the skin to pull up the slack area
Osteotomy Shave or remove bones to reduce tension on cheekbones, gills, chin, etc.
Face lift surgery Remove the excess skin by peeling off the sagging skin due to aging and pulling up the SMAS layer (fascia covering the facial muscles).

Complications considered to be risks due to small face shaping

Risk of liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical operation in which a few millimeters of skin is incised, a special suction tube called a cannula is inserted, and fat cells are directly sucked and removed. Once removed, the fat cells do not rebound and do not rebound. Surgery damages capillaries and nerves, causing internal bleeding, swelling, and pain.

  • Internal bleeding
  • Infection
  • Pigmentation
  • Paralysis or numbness at the suction site
  • Contracture and twitching after suction
  • Unevenness due to leftover fat
  • Sagging due to excessive fat suction
  • Necrosis of the suction site

Risks from buccal fat removal

Buccal fat is a mass of fat in the inner part of the cheek in the oral cavity. If there is a lot of buccal fat, the flesh of the cheeks, which is called "lower blisters," will become a face line that juts out to the side, and it is also said to cause sagging. Buccal fat removal is an operation that makes a few millimeters incision in the mouth and removes fat with medical tweezers, so it is characterized by not damaging the face . In most cases, sutures are made with absorbent threads, so there is no need to remove the threads.

  • Rarely internal bleeding / infectious disease
  • Lump at the removal site
  • Unevenness due to leftovers on the removed part
  • Dents in the removed area, cheek moss
  • Left-right difference
  • Sagging skin

Risk of botulinum injection

By injecting a botulinum drug into the developed masseter muscle (gill), it inhibits neurotransmission and suppresses the movement of muscles such as the masseter muscle and facial expression wrinkles . In the medical field, it is often used for sequelae of cerebral infarction and blepharospasm, but repeated injections often produce antibodies in the body and weaken the effect.

  • Infection
  • Internal bleeding at the injection site
  • rash
  • Weakness and muscle weakness
  • Left-right difference
  • Rarely sagging

Risks from hyaluronic acid injection

Hyaluronic acid is a substance originally found in the human body and is gradually absorbed after injection. Therefore, it is said to be a relatively safe drug. There are many types of hyaluronic acid drugs used for injection depending on each medical manufacturer, and they have different actions such as making the eyes and lips plump, or contouring the nose and chin, so choose the hyaluronic acid drug that suits your purpose. It is important to choose. It is said to be a correctable injection procedure due to the presence of a decomposing agent .

  • Infection
  • Internal bleeding at the injection site
  • Unevenness of injection site
  • lump
  • Necrosis of the skin

Finish and impression of face line liposuction

Interview scenery ・ From the front mouth to the bottom

At the time of the interview, Mr. Tazaki said that two months had passed since he had liposuction surgery, but his face line does not look unnatural due to liposuction. What has changed compared to before the surgery?

"I was prepared for some pain and swelling, but after finishing liposuction, I went home and my mother didn't notice. I really wanted to get rid of the fat on my cheekbones, but the doctor's outline collapsed. I gave up because I was advised to stop because I would get swelling . I don't feel a big change, but I think that liposuction was effective because I didn't have double chin when I was down . "

"I'm a little worried because I still have contracture and numbness, but I'm really glad that I didn't have the strong pain and swelling I was worried about . Although it was a Korean beauty clinic, there was a lot of word-of-mouth information on SNS and the surgery fee was also It was clear and reassuring. "

What I want to tell you not to fail in Korean beauty

Mr. Tazaki, who has finished face line liposuction at a Korean beauty clinic and is generally satisfied with downtime, effects and costs, gives advice and failures to those who are thinking of receiving small face plastic surgery and face line liposuction. I asked about what you should be careful about to prevent.

"The small face plastic surgery I received was a set of liposuction, buccal fat removal, botulinum injection, and hyaluronic acid injection. However, the doctor's diagnosis did not remove buccal fat, and hyaluronic acid injection was my own. I didn't take it on my own initiative. It's cheaper than in Japan, and I'm greedy to do as many cosmetic surgeries as possible, but I listen carefully to the doctor's advice to prevent failure, and I don't want beauty. I think it 's important to decline plastic surgery . "