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Megumi Tasaki (pseudonym) who said that the whole family was a single eyelid, and the whole family was a complex eyelid. First, I received a double-implantation method of burying the eyelid with a medical thread to make a double line, but in about six months the thread came off and returned to a single layer.

After that, in order to improve the condition that there is no risk that the thread will come off and return to a single layer, and the condition that the eyelids drop and the eye becomes black due to the weak force of the muscles that open the eyes, blepharoplasty surgery is performed at the same time. I will. The eyelid drooping surgery made the eyes wide open and the black eye became clearly visible.However, the incision method caused a difference in width between the left and right sides, and an extra line was formed in the double part. It was

From the experiences of the burial method, the incision method, the ptosis operation, and the experience of each, we will ask about things to be careful and precautions so that double plastic surgery does not fail.

Types of double orthopedics and respective surgical methods

Double eyelid woman up

The burial method that creates a double layer without cutting the skin

The embedding method, which is one of the double orthopedic procedures, is a surgical procedure in which a medical thread is used to pass the thread through the back of the upper eyelid and then the thread knot is embedded in the skin to create a double line. This is a cosmetic surgery for the eyes, which is said to have a relatively short downtime because no incision is made using a scalpel.

Depending on the medical institution, the method of applying the thread and the place to fasten the thread differ depending on the medical institution, but it is possible to return it to the original eyelid by performing a re-operation to correct the thread embedded in the skin.

An incision method that cuts the skin to make a double

The incision method, also called a total incision method, is an operation in which the upper eyelid is incised with a scalpel and the skin and aponeurosis are sewn repeatedly to create a double line. If the eyelids have excess fat or sagging skin, remove excess fat or remove the loose skin and repeat the process of stitching the skin and aponeurosis. In addition, the thread will be removed about 7 days after the surgery.

There is individual variation in the amount of downtime, but there is severe pain and swelling immediately after surgery. It takes about 7 days for the pain and swelling to subside, 2-3 months for the scars on the skin of the eyelids to become inconspicuous, and long for the redness of the eyelids to subside to a natural finish. It is said that it will take 6 months.

Ptosis surgery to cut the skin and regulate the muscles that open the eye

Eyelid drooping is a condition in which the eyelids are lowered due to the weak opening of the eyes.
The structure of the eyelids is that the "upper palpebral muscle" of the muscle that opens the eye contracts, and the "levator fold muscle aponeurosis" connected to that muscle pulls up the "lid plate" of the hard tissue at the tip of the eyelid. By doing so, the eyelids can be lifted. However, if the strength of the “levator crevis muscle” or “levator fold muscle aponeurosis” is weak, the “lid plate” cannot be lifted sufficiently and causes ptosis.

Blepharoplasty is commonly performed by making an incision on the skin surface of the upper eyelid and stitching the levator cremaster muscle (or aponeurosis) to the tarsal plate using a thread. When the levator fold muscle (or aponeurosis) and the tarsal plate are firmly fixed by the surgery, the palpebral plate is firmly pulled up when the levator levator muscle is contracted, and the eyelids are lifted sufficiently to make the eyes larger. It will be possible to open.

The reason for having double surgery and the type of surgery selected

Interview image at hand

"The whole family had double eyelids for some reason, but I was a single eyelid. Since I was a child, I told my parents that I wanted to have double eyelids every time I was in a complex. There wasn't so much opposition to receiving it. ''

“I saved my plastic surgery costs as a part-time job. Since it was my first cosmetic surgery, I found a beauty clinic with many beautiful cases when I gathered information on SNS and the Internet firmly. It cost more than other hospitals. Since it was reasonably priced and had a warranty period, I decided to go for a double plastic surgery at that beauty clinic.I wanted to keep the cost as low as possible, so I chose the two-point burial method. Also, since the buried method does not use a scalpel, I felt that the downtime was short and that it could be corrected, which was an advantage.

4 points that Mr. Tasaki chose the buried method

  1. Do not use scalpel
  2. Relatively short downtime
  3. If you are not satisfied with the finish, you can correct it
  4. Low cost compared to the incision method

Counseling and surgical procedure of the two-point anchoring method

"The counseling was done by a male doctor who carefully examined me for about 20 minutes. He gave me a thorough explanation of the burial method, and it sold more than other treatments often mentioned on SNS etc. After counseling, I decided to finish the double-width line design, washed the face, and passed through the private room, so I could not make up and face with other patients. I was happy that I didn't have to do it. ''

"Before the surgery, the nurse performed sterilization, and then the doctor repeatedly checked the double-width line design. My single eyelid was quite heavy, and I widened it too much. I was advised that a double layer would give an unnatural finish, so I asked for a double layer that gives the most natural finish. "

"I had local anesthesia applied to the back of my eyelids, and I was surprised that it was more painful than I imagined. I struck it twice with one eye, but it was really painful. There is no explanation that local anesthesia hurts so much. That's why I may have felt that way.

"Surgery started 5 minutes after local anesthesia. I felt a little pulled through the eyelid with a thread, but there was no pain during the operation. The light of light was brighter than pain, rather It was a tough doctor, and the method of burying both eyes was completed in about 20 minutes. "

Swelling and pain immediately after surgery with the two-point embedded method

"I was told that the swelling method was less swelling than the incision method. However, in my case, I used double glue for a long time, so my eyelids were rash on the day of surgery. The doctor explained that "I have a higher risk of swelling than a normal person if I have a rash," but I wanted to do it twice, so I had surgery as it was. I couldn't go out for five days, but it was less painful for the swelling, and the prescribed painkillers were enough to subside. "

"The peak of swelling was 5 days, during which the eyelids did not become pimples or severely painful. After that, the swelling subsided without any problem when I met people, but one more About a week later, a slight cramp in my left eye began to twitch. ''

"Before the surgery, I was a little scared because I didn't have any eyelid spasms. Above all, every morning I was wondering if the buried thread had come off."

Buried thread came off after 6 months

"About 6 months after I received the burial method, one day my convulsive left eyelid thread came off. When I received the burial method, I chose a plan with a warranty period, I received a free re-surgery and immediately fixed it, but after the re-operation, the knot of the thread embedded in the skin popped out on the skin surface of the eyelid. I didn't, but I was very interested.

However, I had just had a second surgery, and in my case, I had my fat eyelid eyelid type eyelid fastened with only a thread, so I gave up thinking that a knot had come out. It was a bit like that. ''

Incision and ptosis surgery at a Korean beauty clinic

Interview image Diagonal back view

`` Some time after I corrected the burial method, I was worried that the thread might come off in the future, rather than spending the anxiety that the thread would not come off, I wanted to have an incision method again, so I searched for a beauty clinic again. At that time, remembering that it was said by the doctor in charge at the time of the burial method that "the eye is large because the muscles that open the eye are originally weak and the eye looks large when the eyelid ptosis operation is performed". But I didn't have enough budget to do the incision and blepharoplasty as a domestic beauty clinic, so I looked into the Korean beauty clinic. "

“Korean beauty clinics often used surgery as a set menu. I found a Korean beauty clinic where the incision method and eyelid drooping set menu I wanted were cheap, and SNS reviews were very good, so I immediately found out. I went through the reservation form on the website. "

"First of all, I sent a picture of my eyes and performed an email counseling in Japanese. I heard that the Korean beauty clinic will incur an additional charge if a doctor is nominated, so the doctor who is vacant on the day Anyway, I wanted to keep the cost down, so I set up a schedule to fly to Korea in the early morning, have surgery, and then return home on the last flight of the day. "

Two points that Mr. Tasaki chose the incision method and ptosis operation at a beauty clinic in Korea

  1. A wide variety of surgery set menus
  2. Cheaper than Japanese beauty clinics

Flow of incision method and ptosis in Korean beauty clinic

“When I arrived in Korea, it took about 30 minutes by train from the airport to the desired beauty clinic. I was glad that the interpreter had been with me since I arrived at the very large and beautiful beauty clinic. I basically had conversations with the staff and doctors at the beauty clinic through an interpreter. "

"First, I talked with a female counselor about the surgery and costs I wanted. I got the information on the Korean beauty clinic that discounts can be made to some extent on the internet, so if you ask me for the anesthesia fee about 10,000 yen It was cheaper. There were other treatments for sale, but I firmly refused it and the amount was about 240,000 yen in Japanese yen. Although I could use a credit card, I paid in cash. "

"After that, I had a doctor's examination, and I had an operation under intravenous anesthesia. It was about an hour after I woke up, and I was lying on the bed until the anesthesia was cut off in the recovery room. I couldn't open my eyelids. The doctor told me the risk of pain and swelling in advance because it was an incision operation, but when I showed him a mirror, it was far beyond my imagination. I was surprised by the swelling. ''

Pain, swelling, and finishing period of incision and ptosis

“I returned to Japan immediately after finishing the surgery with pain and swelling. It was very tough, but I was full of feelings that I could double my dream. I had a lot of pain in my eyes for about 10 days, and waking up was especially painful. The swelling started to suddenly disappear after 1 month and 10 days. ”

"I think there are individual differences, but in my case, it took me more than a month to finish it. Even after that, my friend pointed out that my eyelid was swollen for a while, and it took about 6 months on SNS and orthopedic sites. There was word of mouth that the double was finally completed, so I felt that double shaping with a scalpel is not a good thing to receive casually.

Left and right difference noticed after finishing the incision method and unnecessary lines

“I was glad that the incision method was doubled more than the burial method in which the eyelids were just fastened with a thread, and the blepharoplasty operation made the black eye clearly visible. After finishing the law, I was worried about the difference in the width of the double width.I looked closely and noticed that there was an extra line between the left eyelash and the double line. "

"And this was something I had forgot to tell the doctor at a beauty clinic in Korea, but I couldn't get the rest of the thread that was embedded in the reimbursement procedure of the burial method, and when I looked closely, I found a spot on the eyelids. I'm left with a loose thread knot. I'm worried because it's even more inflamed and a little reddish. "

"I started with the burial method, and had undergone double orthopedic surgery and blepharoplasty, but I'm about 60% satisfied. I want to correct the difference in the double width caused by the incision method. There are feelings, but it may not be possible that the next surgery will succeed, and it is honestly difficult to experience that pain and swelling again. ''

Things to keep in mind that those who receive double formatting from now on will not fail

Interview image from below

`` Because I wanted to keep the cost of plastic surgery low, I had to undergo surgery that might have been done once, and I was left to a doctor who wasn't sure if I had a history of double plastic surgery. As a result, there are left and right differences and extra lines in the double part. ''

Listen to the doctor's advice

"If you don't use double glue and your eyelid rash is calm, you should have had less swelling after the burial procedure. Just because it's cheaper than the incision procedure. If I hadn't decided, I could have opted for an incision from the beginning if I had a doctor's advice to see if it was the right surgery for my skeleton and eyelid condition, and I was given advice. ''

"And depending on the thickness of the eyelids, the burial method may fail because the thread comes off, so do not force a wide double width. Even if the thread comes off, it will be corrected free of charge However, the injection of anesthesia to the back of the eyelid is very painful. The incision method takes months until the double is finished, and immediately after the operation, it is painful and very swollen. I think it's better to consider carefully when doing so. ''

Check not only the fee but also the achievement of the doctor

“It's not just whether the price of the surgery is cheap, but it's recommended that you check in advance whether you are a doctor who is good at the surgery. In my case, the incision method is used to reduce the cost. It is possible that a doctor who does not know whether or not he is good at double shaping may have an operation because of a double width difference or an extra line.

If the incision method is performed after the burial method, check if the burial thread can be removed.

"If you undergo the incision method after receiving the burial method like I do, it is better to check whether the thread embedded by the previous burial method can be removed. Although the adhesion progresses and it becomes difficult to remove the thread, in my case, it may have not been adhered at the stage of undergoing the incision method, so I should check with the doctor when I undergo the incision method.

Check for swelling and pain immediately after surgery

"I didn't know in advance what the swelling and pain would be when I had the incision method and ptosis operation as a set. It was very tough to come back to Japan with severe swelling and pain after the surgery. I went back to Korea on the day I had surgery to keep the cost down, but if I undergo cosmetic surgery in Korea, check the condition immediately after the surgery, and if the swelling or pain is strong, I will return to Korea. It is better to consider staying overnight at.

Burial method risks, side effects and fees

Image of surgery

Procedure flow
① Doctor's examination and double line design confirmation
② If you are wearing a face wash or contact lens, remove it
③ Surgery after local anesthesia on the back of the eyelids
④ You can wear contact lenses after surgery. You can shower on the day. You can apply makeup from the day if you avoid the upper eyelids.
Risks / side effects Swelling, pain, left / right difference, exposure of buried thread, infection, corneal damage, buried thread detached
Average price in Tokyo (free medical treatment) Excluding tax: Approximately 80,000 yen (both eyes)

Incision method risks, side effects, and fees

Procedure flow
① Doctor's examination and double line design confirmation
② If you are wearing a face wash or contact lens, remove it
③ Approximately 7 days after surgery after local and intravenous anesthesia
④ You can shower on the day if the surgical site is not wet
Risks / side effects Swelling, pain, long-term downtime, left-right difference, double-line strong bite, infection
Average price in Tokyo (free medical treatment) Tax excluded: Approximately 300,000 yen (both eyes)

Risk of eyelid drooping surgery, side effects and fees

Procedure flow
① Double design confirmation by doctor's examination and incision
② If you are wearing a face wash or contact lens, remove it
(3) After local anesthesia and intravenous anesthesia, thread removal about 3 to 7 days after surgery
④ You can shower on the day if the surgical site is not wet. Consult with a doctor to wear contact lenses. Eye makeup is possible after removing the thread.
Risks / side effects Swelling, pain, left / right difference, difficulty closing eyelids, returning to preoperative condition, infection, dry eye, scarring
Average price in Tokyo (free medical treatment) Tax excluded: Approximately 300,000 yen (both eyes)