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Face-to-body effects and risk downtime of BNLS neo after lipolysis injection




Seong Eun Yoon
Dr. Seong Eun Yoon


Dermatologist International Academic Director, Korea Cosmetic Surgery Association Director, Korean Society of Obesity and Beauty Treatment Director, Korean Society of Nanomedicine Director, Korean Society of Beauty and Welfare Director, Korean Hyaluronic Acid Society


Dr. Yoon Song Eun, who is the director of BRAND NEW CLINIC, Korea, who worked on the development of BNLS neo for lipolysis injection. In addition to giving lectures at numerous symposiums led by the Korean Society of Cosmetology, he also holds study sessions and seminars on BNLS neo treatment techniques at medical institutions around the world. In 2020, he will also be involved in the development of the latest model of the BNLS series, "BNLS Ultimate".

BNLS package

BNLS neo is a type of drug used for lipolytic injection . It destroys the cell membrane of adipocytes and releases the triglyceride stored inside, making it impossible to maintain the function and activity of the cells, which has the effect of necrosing adipocytes.

Adipocytes necrosed by BNLS neo are naturally excreted outside the body, and therefore subcutaneous fat, which is a cluster of multiple adipocytes, can be expected to decrease . The reduction of subcutaneous fat improves the face line and improves the cellulite of the hip line and thighs.

However, there is an upper limit to the amount of BNLS neo that can be injected in a single procedure. Therefore, if there is a large amount of fat you want to reduce or there are multiple parts that require treatment, it is important to know in advance the number of treatments required and the price estimate by knowing the guideline of the injection amount that differs for each part. is.

In addition, some treatments can be expected to have a synergistic effect on face thinning and partial thinning, so if you want to further enhance the effect, please compare the treatments.

Effects of BNLS neo on face and body fat

A slimming treatment that directly injects a drug that is said to decompose and reduce fat cells under the skin of the face and body is called fat dissolution injection, ``BNLS neo'' is developed by a medical institution called Brand New Clinic in Korea It is a drug for lipolysis injection that I am involved in, and the manufacturer is GRAND M&C in Korea.

Illustration 1

BNLS neo has the effect of lysing the cell membrane that covers the fat cells, making holes and destroying them. Adipocytes are cells that store the triglyceride generated in the body, and when the cell membrane is destroyed by BNLS neo, it releases the stored triglyceride and contracts.

The cell membrane of some adipocytes quickly regenerates and survives, but most adipocytes fail to maintain their cell function and activity and die, because the cell membrane does not close immediately. Necrotic fat cells are preyed and digested by macrophages, which are amoebic white blood cells, and are excreted through the blood vessels and lymph vessels along with waste products of urine and feces.

In addition, since BNLS neo has a vasodilatory effect, it is said that it increases the blood flow and promotes the metabolism of waste products accumulated in the blood vessels and decomposed fat. BNLS neo is a medical institution labeled as "small face injection" or "partially thin injection" because it can be expected to reduce fat mass by decomposing fat cells at the site of intradermal injection and promoting metabolism. There is also.

If you have the following problems caused by an increase in subcutaneous fat, BNLS neo treatment is suitable.

  • Those who are worried about fat on the forehead, upper eyelids, nose and cheeks
  • Those who want to improve the sagging of the face line and double chin
  • Those who are worried about fat in arms, armpits, back, thighs, and calves
  • Those who want to refresh their waist and hip lines
  • Those who want to improve cellulite
  • Those who are resistant to surgery such as liposuction with long downtime

BNLS neo active ingredients and mechanism of action

It is a plant-based extract extracted from seaweed, walnuts, etc., as well as purines and amino acids originally produced in the human body. The following nine active ingredients are contained, and each ingredient has a function of acting on subcutaneous fat and promoting metabolism of decomposed fat.

Adenosine triphosphate

Adenosine, which is a substance that originally exists in the human body and is composed of adenine, which is one of the purines, and adenosine, which is formed by binding ribose, which is a type of sugar, is called adenosine triphosphate. ..

Adenosine triphosphate has the effect of expanding the blood vessels by relaxing the smooth muscles of the muscles that control the thickness of blood vessels, increasing blood flow, and promoting the formation of new blood vessels.

Adenosine triphosphate disodium

The component formed by binding two sodium molecules to adenosine triphosphate is adenosine triphosphate disodium.

It is a component that serves as an energy source when cells are activated, and has the effect of enhancing cell function and muscle activity. It is also sometimes used as an ingredient in medicines that improve heart failure and eye strain.

Horse chestnut seed extract

An extract of the seeds of horse chestnut (Western Tochigi), one of the deciduous trees.

Essin, a bitter ingredient that is said to lead to the elimination of redness in the skin by suppressing skin inflammation, is said to have the effect of eliminating swelling and providing elasticity to capillaries.


Tyrosine, one of the amino acids, synthesizes the neurotransmitter catecholamine by reacting with intracellular enzymes. Catecholamine has the effect of stimulating and activating the protein required for intracellular signal transduction, the β3 adrenergic receptor present in the brain and adipocytes.

Activated β3 adrenergic receptor decomposes the neutral fat accumulated in adipocytes into free fatty acids used for energy consumption in the body such as exercise and basal metabolism, by binding to the hormone noradrenaline secreted by the adrenal gland. It has the function of promoting release into the blood.

Deoxycholic acid

Deoxycholic acid, which is one of the bile acids produced in the human body, is a component recognized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to have a fat-dissolving effect on the double chin .

It dissolves and destroys the cell membranes that cover the fat cells, thereby releasing the neutral fat accumulated in the cells. Adipocytes, whose cell membrane has not been regenerated, are unable to maintain their cellular function and activity and die.

Hibamata extract

It is an extract of brown seaweed (Kassurui) called Hibamata, which is a type of seaweed, and contains collagen and amino acids in addition to minerals such as zinc and iodine. Zinc is a component that is required when proteins are synthesized in the body and new cells are created. If insufficient, the reincarnation of cells, which is a part of metabolism, will be delayed.

Iodine is a mineral necessary to produce the hormones "thyroxine" and "triiodothyronine" that are secreted by the thyroid into the blood. These two hormones are called thyroid hormones. It is said that thyroid hormone acts on every cell of the whole body to promote metabolism such as metabolism of sugars and lipids and synthesis of proteins.

Persian gurumi

It is a type of walnut that originates in eastern Europe and contains α-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that humans cannot synthesize in the body. Alpha-linolenic acid is said to have the action of synthesizing DHA and EPA, which are essential fatty acids that work to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood that causes arteriosclerosis, in the body.

Persian gummy also contains vitamin E and arginine.
Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and is said to suppress the production of lipid peroxide, which causes arteriosclerosis and aging of blood vessels. Arginine, which is one of the amino acids, has a vasodilatory effect, so it can be expected to promote blood circulation and increase blood flow.

Mannuronate methylsilanol

Methylsilanol mannuronic acid is a component composed of arginic acid (mannuronic acid) contained in brown algae such as kelp and wakame seaweed, and methylsilanol which is a compound containing silicon which is one of the minerals.

The effect of preventing fat from adhering to the blood vessel wall and preventing arteriosclerosis mainly because it has the action of facilitating metabolism outside the body by decomposing neutral fat and emulsifying cholesterol (lipid) in blood. Can be expected.

Methyl propanediol

Methyl propanediol, which is a type of fermented alcohol made from starch, is said to have a moisturizing effect that prevents a decrease in water content in the stratum corneum, which is the uppermost layer of the skin, and an effect that enhances the permeability of the active ingredient.

It also has an antibacterial effect that prevents the growth of bacteria and an antiseptic effect that suppresses the decay caused by the growth of microorganisms, so it is a component that tends to be used as a stabilizer for skin care products such as face wash and cosmetics.

Degraded adipocytes never regenerate

BNLS neo has the action of destroying the cell membrane of adipocytes and releasing the internal triglycerides, making it impossible to maintain the function and activity of cells and thereby necrosis of adipocytes.

Since it also promotes the elimination of necrotic fat cells, it can be expected to have the effect of reducing the number of fat cells present at the site of intradermal injection. The fat cells that have been broken down and discharged to the outside of the body do not regenerate, so they do not accumulate triglycerides and do not grow.

Fat cells widely exist under the skin of the whole body, and there are individual differences, but the total number is said to be 35 to 40 billion in adults. It is said that the number of adipocytes is most likely to increase around the age of 10 to 18, and it is unlikely that the number will increase or decrease significantly after reaching adulthood. The size of fat cells that store triglyceride is generally about 0.08 mm in diameter, but those that continue to accumulate triglyceride and become enlarged may expand to about 0.14 mm in diameter.

BNLS neo is less likely to rebound


Symptoms of extra subcutaneous fat on the face and body are caused by fat cells accumulating neutral fat and swelling, rather than by increasing the number of fat cells. The lipids and sugars ingested in the diet are absorbed in the intestine and used for the energy consumed by physiological functions such as heartbeat and breathing through blood vessels, but the surplus energy is converted into neutral fat in the liver and adipocytes. Is stored in.

Neutral fat stored in fat cells is decomposed by an enzyme into free fatty acid and supplied to the whole body through blood vessels when the energy required to perform physiological functions is insufficient due to intense exercise or hunger, and the physiological function is re-established. It is used as energy consumed in. Therefore, by exercising or dieting such as dietary restrictions, it is possible to temporarily reduce the size of subcutaneous fat by decomposing the neutral fat, but the number of fat cells itself does not decrease, but the number of fat cells itself decreases.

When dietary intake of excessive lipids and sugars causes fat cells to accumulate again and become enlarged, it may cause rebound on a general diet, while BNLS neo destroys fat cells and moves them out of the body. Since it has the effect of reducing the number of adipocytes by promoting the excretion of, it can be said that there is little concern about rebound .

BNLS neo aims for thinning of small faces and body parts

The reason why the subcutaneous fat on the face such as cheeks, eyes and nose is difficult to remove is related to the weakening of facial muscles. There are more than 20 types of facial expression muscles that move parts of the face, but it is said that 20% to 30% of the facial expression muscles are used on a daily basis.

When the facial muscles weaken, the basal metabolic rate of the face and the surroundings of the face decreases, blood flow becomes stagnant, and it becomes difficult to metabolize fats on the face and waste products in the blood. However, if you exercise your facial muscles too much, the masseter muscle near the cheekbones may develop and you may see stretched gills.
BNLS neo is a drug that can be injected into the face, so it can help to alleviate problems such as sagging face lines, double chins , and dumpling nose, and aim for face thinning .

In addition, when you aim to reduce subcutaneous fat on your body by exercising on a diet, by performing aerobic exercise such as jogging or swimming, the neutral fat stored in fat cells is converted to free fatty acids and consumed as energy. However, since aerobic exercise is a whole body exercise, it is considered difficult to “partially lose weight” aiming to reduce fat in a limited area by maintaining the fat you want to keep such as chest and hips.

On the other hand, if you keep on a diet due to excessive dietary restrictions, your body's basal metabolic rate will decrease. Basal metabolism is the amount of energy consumed by the physiological functions that are the minimum required to maintain life such as heartbeat and breathing.
When basal metabolism decreases, body temperature drops and blood vessels shrink, making it easier for cholesterol in the blood to accumulate on the walls of blood vessels and increasing the risk of causing arteriosclerosis.

BNLS neo has the effect of reducing adipocytes at the injection site without decreasing the basal metabolic rate, so it is possible to aim for partial thinning without dieting, which puts a strain on the body .

BNLS neo leads to improved cellulite

The irregularities that appear on the skin around the waist, thighs, and hip lines are called cellulite, and it is said that more women have cellulite than men.

Cellulite is a collection of fat cells that have accumulated hypertrophy due to accumulation of triglyceride (subcutaneous fat), which causes irregularities by lifting the skin, and the structure is said to be the same as general subcutaneous fat. Therefore, by injecting BNLS neo into the area where cellulite is a concern, it is expected that the enlarged fat cells will be decomposed and the unevenness of the skin will be adjusted .

BNLS neo pain and injection volume for each site such as nose and cheek

BNLS neo is injected intradermally with a needle that does not feel pain


BNLS neo uses a very thin injection needle with a sharp tip, or a cannula (blunt needle) with a rounded needle tip and a needle hole through which the drug comes out. It will be injected intradermally in the area of concern . Depending on your healthcare provider, you may be able to use anesthesia cream or laughing anesthesia before injecting BNLS neo if you wish.

A sharp-pointed needle that is commonly used for blood sampling and local anesthesia is called a sharp needle.The thinner the sharp needle, the less pain during injection and the scars are less visible, so most medical institutions use very fine needles. is.

Since the blunt needle cannula is also a thin needle, there is little pain during the procedure, and since the tip of the needle is round, it is difficult to damage small blood vessels, so there is a low risk of internal bleeding and redness. Also, since it is flexible and can be bent, and the needle hole through which the drug is ejected is located on the side, it is easy for the practitioner to control the direction in which the drug is injected by rotating the needle subcutaneously. The type and thinness of the injection needle handled by each medical institution differ, so if you are worried about the pain, check with the medical institution that is considering to undergo surgery.

Sites to which BNLS neo is applied and indication of injection volume

BNLS vials BNLS neo may not be operated around the eyes or nose due to the difference in the corresponding parts depending on the medical institution. When considering the treatment, please check the website that supports each medical institution.

Also, the maximum amount of BNLS neo that can be injected per treatment is 50cc . The upper limit for each dose is 20 cc for the face, and the maximum number of injections per dose is 50 cc in total when performing multiple operations on the face and body.

Injecting doses that are well above the single dose may cause swelling and irritation . Therefore, if the amount of subcutaneous fat you want to reduce is too large to exceed the upper limit of the amount that can be injected per treatment, the treatment is divided into multiple treatments.

Adaptation site Injectable dose guideline
Cheek/upper eyelid 1cc-2cc each
Nose, small nose, cheekbones 1cc-4cc each
Corner of mouth/face line 1cc to 5cc each
Before and after armpit, thigh, lower leg, ankle 2cc-5cc each
Upper abdomen, lower abdomen, flank, back 5cc to 20cc each
Upper buttocks and lower buttocks 10cc ~ 30cc each

Post-injection course and duration of effect of BNLS neo

Effectiveness begins to appear 3 to 5 days after injection

Since BNLS neo is an intradermal injection of a liquid drug, the drug causes swelling at the site immediately after the operation, but it is gradually absorbed into the body over a period of half a day to one day.

There is no immediate effect that appears immediately after the treatment, but many people who have undergone the treatment about five days after injection feel a decrease in subcutaneous fat. In early cases, the effect may begin to appear about 3 days after injection, but the change in the course will vary depending on the individual fat amount and metabolism amount.

From the day to 3 days Redness due to inflammation, swelling, or internal bleeding may occur, but it usually subsides within 2 to 3 days.
3 to 5 days Estimated to be effective for many people who have undergone surgery
5 to 7 days Measures that the effect of BNLS neo is most felt as the decomposed fat is metabolized

Benefit duration and benefits of multiple treatments

Since the fat cells that have been necrosed and discharged to the outside of the body do not regenerate, the effect of making it difficult for subcutaneous fat at the treatment site to increase lasts semipermanently. However, it does not kill all adipocytes present at the site of injection .

Even if you feel fat loss in your face and body, if you continue to have an irregular lifestyle such as overeating and eating, or lack of exercise, the fat cells that remain unnecrotized may become enlarged again. To maintain effectiveness, it is important to keep a healthy diet and exercise appropriately.

In addition, you can expect a reduction in subcutaneous fat even after one treatment, but it is said that you can actually feel the effect by receiving it twice to five times . If you have a large amount of subcutaneous fat that you want to reduce, administer the procedure in multiple doses to gradually reduce weight.

When performing multiple treatments, it is recommended to receive treatments at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks, and it is said that repeated treatments will not be affected even if there are intervals of 2 weeks or more.

Comparison between BNLS neo and other drugs/procedures

Comparison with the original BNLS and BNLS Version 2

BNLS neo is the third generation drug in the series that was developed after the "first generation BNLS" and "BNLS Version 2". The first BNLS was discontinued in 2016 and the BNLS Version 2 was discontinued in 2017.

Active ingredient First generation BNLS BNLS Version2 BNLS neo
Adenosine triphosphate
Adenosine triphosphate disodium
Horse chestnut seed extract
Deoxycholic acid - -
Hibamata extract
Persian gurumi
Mannuronate methylsilanol -
Methyl propanediol -

Differences between BNLS neo and other lipolytic injection drugs

There are many drugs for lipolytic injection other than BNLS neo, but if you roughly divide them based on the main components contained, "drugs mainly composed of plant extracts" and "deoxycholic acid and phosphatidylcholine are the main ones. BNLS neo is classified as the former. The latter drug has a high effect on fat cells, but downtime can take up to two weeks.

Names of major lipolytic injection drugs Characteristics of drug
Kaibera A drug containing a high concentration of deoxycholic acid has a high effect of decomposing fat, but strong inflammation and swelling may occur at the injection site.
Fat X A drug that is said to have a high effect of decomposing fat and promoting metabolism. It contains deoxycholic acid in a high concentration, so inflammation and swelling are likely to occur.
MITI A drug that contains deoxycholic acid as the main component, but also contains a component that suppresses skin inflammation, and that downtime such as inflammation and swelling is short
LINE Fit Deoxycholic acid is the main drug, and it is said to have the effect of reducing cholesterol in the blood in addition to the effect of decomposing fat and promoting excretion.
Lipobean Deoxycholic acid and phosphatidylcholine are the main ingredients, and the downtime of inflammation and swelling is said to be long, while KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) approved drug
Contour injection Containing plant extract as the main component, the action is mild compared to common drugs, but there are almost no downtime symptoms such as inflammation and swelling.

Those who are suitable for treatment by injection other than fat-soluble injection

  • Those who want to improve the tension of the gills due to the development of masseter muscle: Botulinum injection

Botulinum injection is a treatment that injects components that remove the toxins that affect the human body from Clostridium botulinum.

It is said that it has the effect of relaxing the muscles and suppressing the movement of the muscles.If the gill muscle appears to be stretched due to overdevelopment of the masseter muscle, a botulinum injection is performed to suppress the contraction of the masseter muscle and the gill line is adjusted. The expected effect can be expected.

  • Those who want to improve age-related streak lines and wrinkles on the forehead: Elanse

Collagen, which plays a role in maintaining skin elasticity and elasticity, loses skin elasticity and elasticity when it decreases, and wrinkles and sagging tend to occur, which appear as crease lines and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.

By injecting elanse, a drug that promotes the production of collagen, it is expected that the collagen will be regenerated and the elasticity and elasticity of the skin will be restored, leading to improvement of the creases and lateral wrinkles on the forehead.

Difference between BNLS neo and liposuction

Liposuction is an operation in which the surface of the skin is incised by a few millimeters , and fat cells are removed by suction with a thin tube into the layer with subcutaneous fat . The treatment is wide-ranging and removing a large amount of subcutaneous fat at one time causes downtime for a long time, which puts a heavy burden on the body.

On the other hand, BNLS neo has a short downtime and also acts to reduce the number of adipocytes. However, if you have a large amount of subcutaneous fat that you want to remove, you may have to visit the hospital several times and perform the procedure in multiple steps, so the total cost may be high.

Difference between BNLS neo and buccal fat removal

The fat on the inside of the cheek is called buccal fat, and the operation to surgically remove this fat by incising the mucous membrane in the mouth for a few millimeters is called buccal fat removal . Buccalfat hangs down with age, causing sagging on the cheeks and deep creases, which can cause a "bulldog face". Scars do not appear on the surface of the skin, but inflammation and swelling can take down a week or so.

BNLS neo can also be expected to improve the bulldog face by reducing subcutaneous fat on the cheeks, but unlike the buccal fat removal, it does not make an incision in the skin.

Differences between BNLS neo and HIFU treatment

HIFU, which is energy focused by ultrasonic waves, has the effect of generating heat of 60°C or higher only in the “SMAS layer” of the fascia underlying the subcutaneous fat, causing it to contract . The SMAS layer is a fascia that supports the skin of the face, but when it relaxes with age, it causes sagging of the skin, so treatment to shrink the SMAS layer is effective for improving sagging.

The SMAS layer contracts due to heat, so you can expect a lift-up effect, and the main machines are Ulcera, Dablo Gold, Ultraformer III, and Sonoqueen.

Facial skin sagging may be improved by reducing subcutaneous fat by the action of BNLS neo, but skin sagging caused by loosening of the SMAS layer cannot be improved.

The difference between BNLS neo and RF treatment

RF is a high frequency wave, also called radio wave, and when irradiated on the skin, it becomes a minute vibration that is transmitted to the body and has the effect of rubbing water molecules inside the body to generate heat . When the heat generated warms the deep parts of the body, the enzymes that act to break down neutral fats into free fatty acids are activated.

RF treatment can be expected to have a slimming effect due to the activation of enzymes, but it has no immediate effect. It is said that BNLS neo will be effective within 3 to 5 days after intradermal injection, but in order to feel the effect with RF treatment, it is ideal to receive a total of 5 treatments at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks. Will be done.

BNLS neo risks, side effects and downtime

Two risks from injecting BNLS neo

Finishing failure due to excessive reduction of subcutaneous fat

Subcutaneous fat on the upper eyelids and cheeks should be left to some extent in order to maintain the balance of the entire face. Excessive reduction of subcutaneous fat on the upper eyelids and cheeks may cause left-right differences around the eyes and may cause the cheeks to burn and make you look old.

To avoid failure due to excessive reduction of subcutaneous fat, please refrain from surgery based on your own ideal design and decide the site and amount to be injected with advice from a doctor.

Redness appears on the surface of the skin due to internal bleeding due to intradermal injection

When injecting BNLS neo, if small blood vessels under the skin are injured by a needle, internal bleeding may occur and redness may appear on the surface of the skin .

Even if a small blood vessel under the skin is damaged and bleeds, the redness caused by internal bleeding is said to subside within about 3 days because the platelets that flow innumerably in the blood are immediately stopped by the action of forming a blood clot.

Side effects and downtime of BNLS neo

Inflammation of cells may cause swelling and redness/pain/heat/tightness due to side effects during downtime. In addition, side effects may rarely cause symptoms such as numbness, itchiness and urticaria of the treated site.

However, since BNLS neo is mainly composed of plant extracts, it has a shorter downtime than general lipolytic injection drugs, and the following side effects are expected to settle within 2 to 3 days. I will.

  • Symptoms that may appear as side effects: swelling, redness, pain, heat, and tightness
  • Very rare side effects: Numbness, itch, urticaria

Precautions when receiving BNLS neo treatment

BNLS neo is a drug not approved in Japan

BNLS neo is a drug not approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Obtaining drug: The obtaining route is a personal import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
Drugs to be noted in personal import (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Approval in Japan: There is no drug that has the same ingredients and effects as BNLS neo and has been approved in Japan.
Information on safety in foreign countries: Deoxycholic acid, the active ingredient of BNLS neo, has been approved by the FDA in the United States as follows.
Approval date Approved indications
2015.04.29 Moderate to severe reduction of submandibular fat in adults
Side effects of this approval: swelling, bruising, pain, redness at the injection site, facial muscle weakness, jaw nerve damage as a rare serious side effect

Those who cannot receive BNLS neo

You can take BNLS neo during your period or while taking contraceptives (pills), but those who meet the following items cannot take BNLS neo.

  • Thyroid disease, walnut/seaweed allergy
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Those who are undergoing anti-cancer drug treatment
  • Those who have uncured trauma or inflammation around the treatment site
  • Those with immunodeficiency diseases, those with autoimmune diseases
  • Those with small blood vessel disorders or vascular insufficiency
  • Those who have drunk on the day of surgery
  • In addition, those who are judged to be maladapted by a medical institution to be treated

In addition, those under 18 may not be able to undergo surgery. In general, the number of adipocytes in the age of 10 to 18 tends to increase during the growth of the body, so even if there is a temporary fat reduction effect, the number of adipocytes will continue to increase and rebound in the future. Because of the possibility, some medical institutions do not offer treatment to people under the age of 18 .

BNLS neo treatment flow and price

BNLS neo procedure

(1) Medical examination and counseling

After completing the questionnaire, you will be examined and counseled by a doctor. Tell the doctor what part you want to have and what you want to achieve, and decide the injection part and amount.

You will be informed about the types of needles used, the risks of surgery, side effects and downtime, so if you have any questions or concerns, ask your doctor at this timing.

(2) Face wash/anesthesia

If you want to have a facial treatment on your face, and if you were applying makeup on the day of receiving the treatment, cleanse and wash your face to remove makeup. After sterilizing the treated area, marking is performed, and then cooling is performed to relieve pain. When anesthesia is used, application of anesthesia cream or local anesthesia is used.

(3) Treatment

BNLS neo will be injected intradermally using a fine needle or cannula. Even when anesthesia is not used, there is little pain when inserting the needle. The time required for the treatment varies depending on the site and injection amount, but 10 to 30 minutes is a standard.

(4) Cooling/end

Cool the treated area for 5 to 10 minutes to prevent swelling and finish. If you are going to inject your face, make-up is possible from the next day and it is said that you should refrain from making it on the day. Therefore, if you are interested, please bring a mask such as a mask on the day you receive the treatment.

Things to be aware of after BNLS neo treatment

  • Do not touch the treatment area as much as possible on the day of the treatment

Bacterial invasion from the marks of the needle during surgery may cause suppuration or swelling. To prevent the invasion of bacteria, please try not to touch the treatment site on the day of the treatment as much as possible.

  • Refrain from drinking or bathing on the day of surgery

Alcohol has the effect of dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow, which may spread internal bleeding and worsen swelling. Therefore, please refrain from drinking alcohol at the time of surgery. Also, to prevent the spread of internal bleeding due to increased body temperature, avoid bathing on the day of surgery and use only a shower. The sauna will be available from the 4th day after the treatment.

  • Refrain from massaging the surgical site during periods of swelling and pain

During periods of swelling and pain, massage should be discouraged, as stimulation with massage may prolong swelling or increase pain.
However, after the swelling and pain subside, massage the area where BNLS neo was injected to spread the drug inside the skin and make it easier to act on fat cells.

BNLS neo price quotes

Since BNLS neo treatment is free medical treatment not covered by insurance, all costs will be borne by the user. The price depends on the medical institution, but the market price is 4,000 yen to 15,000 yen per cc excluding tax.

In addition, if you inject more than a certain amount (10cc as a guideline) of BNLS neo per treatment, the price per 1cc may be reduced at some medical institutions. If you wish to undergo anesthesia at a medical institution that uses anesthesia as an option, an additional anesthesia fee will be charged if you request anesthesia.

How to increase the BNLS neo effect and how to select a medical institution

Perform aerobic exercise for the first 3 days after the treatment.

When you perform aerobic exercise such as jogging or swimming, the neutral fat stored in fat cells is consumed as energy. In addition, aerobic exercise improves basal metabolism, which makes it easier for the neutral fat released from adipocytes by the action of BNLS neo to be excreted out of the body.

Therefore, it is recommended to perform aerobic exercise for at least 1 hour per day for the first 3 days after the procedure.

Receive a treatment that can be expected to have a synergistic effect when used together

Botulinum injection

By receiving a botulinum injection that relaxes the muscles and improves the condition in which the gills are stretched due to the development of the masseter muscle, it is possible to lead to a clean face line by adjusting the gills line.


Since the heat effect of HIFU causes the SMAS layer under the subcutaneous fat to contract, a lift-up effect can be expected, so it is expected to improve sagging of the face line and a small face effect by receiving it together.

Thread lift

Thread lift is a procedure in which a thread is inserted under the skin where slackness is a concern and the skin tissue is pulled up and fixed with the thread. You can expect the effect of improving the slack of the face line by receiving it together.

Fat impact

One of the slimming treatments that irradiates shock waves to shrink fat cells is fat impact, which is a treatment that applies the technology that was originally used to treat urinary calculi other than the face.
By receiving it together, it acts on the subcutaneous fat on the body, aiming for more effective partial thinning.

Cool tech

Cool Tech is a slimming treatment that necroses by sucking the area with subcutaneous fat from the surface of the skin to cool it and freezing fat cells. Water freezes at 0°C, whereas fat cells freeze at 4°C, so it cools only at the temperature at which fat cells freeze, so the surrounding tissues are not damaged.

By receiving it together, the effect of reducing fat cells is further improved and you can aim for a clean body line.

How to choose a medical institution to receive BNLS neo


By injecting BNLS neo into the area where you are concerned about subcutaneous fat on the face and body, you can expect a small face effect and partial thinning effect. However, when a doctor with little knowledge or experience in slimming treatment performs the operation, due to excessive decrease in subcutaneous fat, the cheeks appear to be broken, and there is a left-right difference in the way the fat is attached to the thighs, forearms and hips. May lead to .

In order to prevent failure, it is necessary to have a doctor who can judge the subcutaneous fat that should be left to some extent, and the subcutaneous fat that can be removed without any problem, be in charge of the operation.

Therefore, a doctor who has a wealth of experience in slimming treatments such as lipolysis injections and liposuction, and a doctor who is familiar with skin anatomy and can accurately determine the depth of subcutaneous fat that differs for each face and body part. If you are a medical institution , you can trust the operation of BNLS neo.


Dr. Yoon Song Eun, who supervised the article, taught me about BNLS neo.

What are the features of BNLS neo?
Yoon Doctor
This preparation contains FDA-approved deoxycholic acid and other types of ingredients that are expected to have a fat-dissolving effect. Since the plant extracts are the main ingredients and swelling and pain do not occur easily after injection, it is a good option especially when aiming for face thinning.
How much is the treatment pain?
Yoon Doctor
I feel a tingling pain because it is an injection procedure, but if I use anesthesia, I do not feel much pain.
Are there any precautions I should take after receiving the procedure?
Yoon Doctor
Scars from the needle are barely noticeable, but in order to prevent the invasion of bacteria, please do not touch the treatment site so much on the day of the treatment. Also, as this may cause swelling and internal bleeding, refrain from excessive drinking or bathing on the day.
What is the treatment fee for BRAND NEW CLINIC?
Yoon Doctor
The treatment fee varies depending on the amount of injection and the range, but as a guide, it is about 150,000 yen (15,000 yen per 1 cc) for facial treatment.
Please give a message to those who are wondering whether to receive BNLS neo from now on.
Yoon Doctor
BNLS Neo is a lipolytic agent that has greatly improved the pain and swelling that were the drawbacks of conventional lipolytic agents. It is a treatment that many patients can receive with peace of mind, so I would like patients who have been hesitant to use lipolysis treatment to try it.
Thank you, Dr. Yoon Song Eun!

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