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Postoperative course and downtime of philtrum shortening to shorten the nose



Postoperative course and downtime of philtrum shortening to shorten the nose

If you are interested in cosmetic surgery, you may have once thought about "what are the conditions for a beautiful face". There are various cuts such as the characteristics of individual parts such as eyes and mouth, skeleton and skin quality, but the person with a short nose to upper lip called philtrum (Ninchu or Jinchu) is a beautiful woman with a youthful atmosphere. It tends to be. However, simply adjusting the length of the philtrum does not give the impression of the entire face.

Knowing the effects and procedures of shortening the philtrum as well as related beauty treatments will help reduce the risk of failure.

The reason why it is said that you can become a beautiful woman by shortening the philtrum

Philtrum shortening to remove the skin under the nose

The philtrum is the central depression between the nose and upper lip. When the philtrum is long, the entire face looks long or stretched out and can be seen on a flat face. On the other hand, it is said that if the philtrum is short, it looks sharp and beautiful .

Philtrum shortening to remove the skin under the nose It is generally said that the length of a beautiful woman is 1.0 cm to 1.5 cm, but it does not mean that it should be short. It is said that the golden ratio of a beautiful woman is "1: 2" between the bottom of the nose and the center of the lips and between the center of the lips and the chin, such as the shape of the nose, the thickness of the lips, and the size of the chin. Consider the length of the philtrum that looks neat from the balance of the lower half of the face.

Philtrum shortening, which is one of the cosmetological treatments, is a procedure to shorten the length of the philtrum by excising a few millimeters of skin under the nose. It is said that you can physically shorten the philtrum and bring your nose closer to your upper lip. It is said that you can get a youthful and beautiful impression by adjusting the balance of the lower half of the face and aiming for the golden ratio. Some people are born long, but they can also be long due to age-related sagging.

This treatment is available for those who have trouble with the balance of the face below the nose because the philtrum is easily visible, and those who want to look younger when the philtrum becomes longer due to aging.

The balance of the whole face is important

However, it is not recommended to receive the treatment with the stereotype that "the shorter the philtrum, the more beautiful it will be". It is important that the entire face is balanced . It is not necessary to shorten the philtrum, and the impression may change depending on the shape of the eyes and contours such as the chin, so please consult the doctor's advice and consider whether to undergo philtrum shortening.

Procedure for philtrum shortening (when removing the orbicularis oris muscle)

There are two procedures, one is to remove the orbicularis oris muscle and suture it firmly, and the other is not to remove the orbicularis oris muscle. Some medical institutions try to prevent it. Although the amount of skin to be excised is not very large, it is also a site where scars are easily noticeable, so suturing techniques are required along with the design.

Decide the design and cut the skin under the nose

Marking image of philtrum shortening Determine the area to be incised and mark under the nose so as not to break the positional relationship between the two elevations of the upper lip and the left and right sides of the nose column (the part between the nose holes). An incision and excision of the skin is made along the marked line.

Remove the orbicularis oris muscle

When the skin is removed, the orbicularis oris muscle (the muscle that surrounds the lips, which is used to close or deflate the lips) is exposed and the central part is removed.

Pull up the orbicularis oris

The orbicularis oris muscle is fixed to the cartilage at the base of the nasal column with a thread and pulled up.


Suture along the contour under the nose to cool the affected area and finish.

Precautions you should know before undergoing philtrum shortening

Who is the philtrum shortening technique suitable for?

  • Those who are born with a long philtrum
  • Those who have a long nose due to slack due to aging
  • Those who want to make the upper lip (upper lip) look plump
  • Those who are okay with long-term downtime of several months to half a year

Gender doesn't matter. The philtrum shortening technique thickens the raised upper lip and makes it look plump. It is intended for young people who yearn for lips that look cute and sexy, and those who want to rejuvenate their mouth.

Those who cannot recommend philtrum shortening

  • Those who do not like thickening of the upper lip
  • Gummy smile (the mouth where you can see a lot of the gums of the upper jaw when you laugh) because the gums are easier to see after the treatment
  • Those with small jaws and easy mouth opening
  • Those who can easily see the line under the nose hole with the nose facing upward by making an incision under the nose

Philtrum shortening may change the morphology of the upper lip, gums, and nose. Therefore, in counseling with a doctor, it is necessary to confirm whether philtrum shortening is a way to improve the problem from the characteristics of the part other than the nose.

Talk to your doctor about orthodontic philtrum shortening

It is possible to undergo philtrum shortening during orthodontic treatment, but depending on the condition of the teeth, the appearance of the length of the philtrum may change due to orthodontic treatment , and the thickness of the upper lip and gums can be seen depending on the treatment. Changes in balance can affect orthodontic treatment planning . Therefore, please consult with both orthodontic and cosmetic surgery doctors in advance to make a plan.

Risks and failures of undergoing philtrum shortening

  • Once the procedure is performed, it cannot be undone
  • Even if the scar becomes less noticeable, it will not disappear completely
  • The balance of the entire face may be lost, such as the length of the chin becoming noticeable.
  • Lips may be difficult to close and gums may be easier to see
  • An incision under the nose may make the nose hole appear wider sideways

While philtrum shortening can be expected to have a semi-permanent effect with a single operation, it is an irreversible operation . After undergoing philtrum shortening, other parts such as jaw length, gums, and nose shape were emphasized, and I was convinced by receiving solid counseling in advance so that I would not regret "failure". Please be sure to receive the treatment.

If you are not satisfied with the finish, the excised skin cannot be restored, but it is possible to have another treatment to shorten it further.

Progress after shortening the philtrum and how to spend downtime

Progress and downtime after philtrum shortening

Post-treatment outpatient schedule and precautions

Timing of thread removal Day 7
Number of hospital visits Next day wound check, 7th day thread removal, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months later check
care From the next day onward, disinfect the wounds yourself. Use wound regeneration tape (3 months after treatment)
Face wash / makeup Except for the affected area, it is possible from the day, and the surgical site is possible from the day after the thread removal.
Shower / bath Shower is possible on the day, bathing is possible from the next day


There may be swelling, internal bleeding, and numbness under the nose (upper lip) for about 1 week after the procedure, but these discomforts will disappear over time. Also, if you have a sideways wound in front of your nose, it tends to turn red like a keloid. Since the wound has the property of gradually shrinking and healing, the original movement of the mouth is restricted, and it may become a state of tight tension (contracture).

The redness and hardness of the scar peak in 1 to 2 months and settle down over 3 to 6 months. It takes about 6 months after the procedure for the redness to develop and the scar to soften.

Be careful about how you spend your time during downtime

After undergoing philtrum shortening, we will check what you should be careful about during downtime by referring to the voices of those who actually received the procedure.

Facial expressions / gestures

The orbicularis oris muscle is pulled up and fixed, so gestures that stretch under the nose should be avoided. Also, if you have difficulty closing your mouth or if you laugh hard, the wound may be pulled and hurt. Be careful when you blow your nose. Do not bite your nose too hard and wipe it gently until about 1 month after the procedure.

Use of toothpaste and straws

You can brush your teeth as usual, but many people are worried about pain for several days after the procedure. Also, if you try to smoke a straw, the affected area will be stressed and hurt, so you cannot use it for several days after the procedure.


There are no restrictions, so some people eat a few hours after the procedure. However, since the mouth cannot be opened wide and the scar becomes hard, many people say that it will spill or take time. It may be a good idea to devise a menu, such as making a soup that requires less chewing without opening a large mouth when eating.

Flow of philtrum shortening surgery and cost market

A series of surgery

(1) Doctor's examination and counseling

The decision on whether or not to perform the procedure on the day of the examination differs depending on the medical institution.

(2) Marking of the excision site

The makeup is removed before the procedure. Mark the incision line under the nose.

(3) Anesthesia / surgery

After local anesthesia, incision and excision are performed according to the marking and sutured.

(4) Cooling

Cool the affected area and finish.

Need for hospitalization None. However, the treatment schedule is decided after conducting counseling and infectious disease tests in advance.
Treatment time About 1 hour
With or without anesthesia Yes. Perform with local anesthesia. Some medical institutions add intravenous anesthesia, mask anesthesia, etc. to relieve pain during surgery.
Surgery date restrictions

Those who are receiving dental treatment should avoid the same day treatment.

Formation of the tip of the nose, which is often used in combination with philtrum shortening

It is a procedure to adjust the height of the tip of the nose by transplanting the cartilage of the ear (auricular cartilage, Jikainankotsu) to the tip of the nose . It solves problems such as wanting to increase the height of the tip of the nose, improving the roundness of the tip of the nose, and improving the dango nose with volume on the side. By inserting cartilage and extending the tip of the nose downward, the philtrum looks shorter, so it may be used in combination with philtrum shortening.

Cost market

The cost per philtrum shortening procedure is approximately 200,000-400,000 yen (excluding tax).

However, it cannot be said unconditionally because the treatment content differs depending on the medical institution and doctor, and other treatments may be received at the same time.

Various options to reduce philtrum

The problem of those who undergo philtrum shortening is not always "the length of the philtrum" from the beginning. The motives and purposes are for those who are looking for a way to get closer to the facial features of the woman they admire, those who want to have a small face due to worries, and those who are considering effective treatments to give a youthful impression. Each person.

Therefore, it may be judged that other treatments that are not philtrum shortening are more effective, or that other treatments are used in combination based on each person's facial features and characteristics .

Angular cheilitis and upper lip fist

In addition to treating the skin under the nose, there is also a method of shortening the distance from the nose to the upper lip by raising the position of the upper lip. There are two ways to raise the position of the upper lip: "angular cheilitis" to raise the corner of the mouth and "upper lip fist" to remove the skin above the upper lip .

The advantage of the angular cheilitis and upper lip elevation is that the scar is easier to heal because the incision area is smaller than that of the philtrum shortening technique in which the incision is made under the nose. It is suitable for those who have a shape that the upper lip is involved, and for those who have a longer distance from the bottom of the eyes to the upper lip than the distance from the bottom of the nose to the upper lip. In addition, it is often used in combination with philtrum shortening to maintain an overall balance.

Philtrum shortening is sometimes called "inner philtrum shortening", and angular cheilitis and upper lip fisting are sometimes called "outer philtrum shortening".

"Smile lift" that lifts the corner of the mouth

By cutting the skin at the edge of the upper lip and lifting the corner of the mouth, the lowered corner of the mouth is lifted to give a bright impression as if smiling. It is effective for those who have a tendency to have a lower corner of the mouth and those who have gradually lowered due to aging. Although philtrum shortening has the effect of raising the upper lip, it cannot be pulled up to the corners of the mouth, so it is recommended to use it in combination with philtrum shortening for those who want a more balanced and beautiful lips. Some medical institutions use a thread lift to perform angular cheilitis.

Angular cheilitis by injection of hyaluronic acid or botulinum

There is also a way to make the corners of the mouth appear to be raised by injection without making an incision in the skin . In injection of hyaluronic acid, by injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips, you can make it look like the corners of the mouth are raised by using the optical illusion. In addition, botulinum injection relaxes the muscles that lower the corner of the mouth to prevent it from lowering. However, the duration of the injection procedure is about one and a half years. Re-injecting at the right time may have a long-lasting effect, so consult your doctor carefully.

"Upper lip fist surgery" to prepare the upper lip

An approach suitable for the needs of "I want to shape the upper lip", "I want to make the upper lip plump", and "I want to improve the appearance of a lowered corner of the mouth". An incision is made in the skin along the top of the upper lip to remove it. In many cases, it is also used in combination with angular cheilitis.

"Extended nasal septum" that lowers the tip of the nose

In some cases, nasal treatment may be effective in achieving philtrum shortening. The nasal septum is the wall that divides the nasal cavity into left and right. The nasal septum extension is a procedure to improve and prevent the upward nose and short nose by transplanting cartilage from the nasal septum, ears, and chest to extend the nasal septum and lowering the tip of the nose . It is suitable for those with the tip of the nose facing up, those with a short nose, and those with a long nose (distance from the tip of the nose to the upper lip). Especially for those who look relatively long under the nose because the nose itself is short, it is considered more effective to prioritize lengthening the nose itself by septal extension rather than philtrum shortening.

"Lip enlargement" to thicken the lips

Rather than cheilitis or upper lip elevation, lip enlargement to thicken the lips is one of the effective treatments for shortening the philtrum . In the case of philtrum shortening, the orbicularis oris muscle is caught in addition to removing the skin under the nose. As a result, thickening the lips also has the effect of making the distance to the nose look smaller, so if you thicken the lips with lip enlargement, you can expect the visual effect of making the area under the nose look shorter due to the optical illusion.

There are several methods of lip enlargement, such as flap formation, fat injection, and hyaluronic acid injection, which make the upper lip look larger by incising the mucous membrane on the back of the lip and suturing the pulled out mucous membrane outward. For those who are likely to improve their balance by adjusting the thickness of their lips, it is one of the options that can be easily received because it is less burdensome to the body than philtrum shortening.

It is said that the lip enlargement effect of the flap formation method is about 2 mm to 3 mm, and it is an advantage that there is no need to repeat the procedure. In the case of fat injection or hyaluronic acid injection, the duration is about one and a half years because it is not an operation. If you want to keep it, you need to repeat it.

For those who do not want to cut, philtrum shortening makeup

For those who are interested in shortening the philtrum but do not want to cut it, there is a philtrum shortening makeup that uses the optical illusion to make the philtrum look shorter.

  1. Shading: Draw a shadow under the nose to make the distance between the nose and mouth look closer
  2. Overlip: Draw the upper lip larger than the actual line with a lip liner before applying the lip
  3. Highlights: Place highlights on your lips to create a three-dimensional effect

Not only does it make the distance between the nose and mouth look shorter, but it also creates chubby lips, giving you a youthful and sensual impression.

The advantage of philtrum shortening makeup is that you can easily do it yourself without going to a medical institution. However, it is undeniable that it is troublesome because it takes time to make up every day. It may not be an unsatisfactory option for those who feel that makeup does not produce the shortening effect they desire and want a drastic improvement.

Carefully choose a medical institution to undergo philtrum shortening

Beautiful and well-organized face, sensual mouth, youthfulness, small face, baby face ... The ideal figure for those who are interested in shortening the philtrum is ten people and ten colors. It means that the improvement of the balance centered on the philtrum has a great influence on the impression of facial features.

There are various methods to shorten the philtrum, but basically, if you want to maintain the effect, cutting is a prerequisite. Once the procedure is performed, the cut skin cannot be restored. Therefore, you should first think carefully about what you really need.

When undergoing treatment, collect information such as whether there are doctors who are familiar with anatomy and have abundant cases of shortening in the philtrum, and whether they are handling treatments that can be expected to have a synergistic effect by receiving them together. Please choose your medical institution carefully.

Also, the way to balance your face may not be to shorten the philtrum. It is safe for a doctor who will consider the treatment by looking at the overall balance with other parts such as the eyes, nose, and chin .