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I couldn't really feel the effect of hair removal by beauty treatment salon, so Jun Natsuki (pseudonym) changed to medical laser hair removal as recommended by a friend. At a major beauty clinic where a friend who recommended medical laser hair removal was attending, I decided to have a total hair removal procedure.

I wanted to have a treatment with as little pain as possible, so the heat generated by the method of continuously irradiating a low-power laser can be suppressed to about 45 to 55 ° C, so it is said that there is little pain during treatment Get a hair removal procedure. However, I notice that there is a part where hair is not missing at all due to laser irradiation leakage .

There was a laser irradiation leak, so I asked the beauty clinic to re-irradiate it, but I will be refused if it does not correspond. As a result, after the treatment of the whole body, there was unevenness in the areas where hair removal was effective and those where it was not .

Based on the failure of medical laser hair removal that Mr. Natsuki experienced, I will ask you what you should be careful to prevent the failure due to the difference from esthetic hair removal, the type of medical laser hair removal, and irradiation leakage .

The difference between medical laser hair removal and esthetic hair removal

Difference between medical hair removal and beauty treatment

Laser hair removal performed at a medical institution and hair removal performed at an esthetic salon (hereinafter referred to as "esthetic treatment") have different effects that can be expected depending on the treatment.

In aesthetic hair removal, which is performed by staff who do not have national qualification, the act of acting on the papillae of the cells that control hair growth is prohibited by the Doctor Act. In addition, the output of the machine that can be used is limited to the extent that the cells and tissues that control hair growth can not be destroyed by the medicinal method, so the expected effect is temporary hair removal / hair loss .

On the other hand, in the case of medical laser hair removal, a medical hair removal machine that can perform treatment with a stronger output than a machine used for esthetic hair removal is used by medical personnel with national qualification. Since the treatment is performed with an output that can destroy the cells and tissues that control hair growth, it is possible to aim for long-term hair loss and hair loss .

Two types of medical laser hair removal treatments

There are two types of medical laser hair removal treatments, "shot hair removal" and "heat storage hair removal", and the time required to experience the pain and effects during the treatment is different.

Shot type hair removal that can be effective immediately after receiving treatment as soon as possible

Shot-type hair removal is a method of irradiating with a single shot a laser that has the property of being converted into heat energy by being absorbed by the black pigment of melanin contained in hair . The heat energy generated by the reaction between melanin and laser damages the hair root, leading to hair loss at the treatment site. During the procedure, you may feel the sensation of being flipped by a rubber band.

Skin that contains a large amount of melanin because it generates strong heat energy cannot be treated with a high risk of burns, but it is said that the effect is easily felt by the phenomenon of hair loss (popup) immediately after the treatment. I will. However, since the laser responds only to melanin, it is not possible to expect hair loss for hair that does not contain melanin, such as gray hair.

Heat storage type hair removal that makes it less likely to feel pain during treatment with a low-power laser

Heat storage type hair removal is a method of continuously irradiating a low-power laser so that the handpiece, which is the tip of the machine body, slides on the skin. It accumulates heat around the hair follicles, which are hair growth organs, and causes thermal denaturation of the hair papilla and bulge area that control hair growth , leading to hair loss.

Since the heat generated by the laser irradiation surface is about 45 ℃ -55 ℃, it is said that there is less pain during treatment compared to the shot method . Also, since it does not generate heat energy by using melanin as a medium, it can be applied to skin containing a lot of melanin, and it is said that gray hair and hair loss also lead to hair loss.

However, since it is a treatment that interferes with hair growth and leads to hair loss, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks before hair begins to fall out, so it is a hair removal treatment that can not be expected to have immediate effects compared to the shot method.

Reasons for quitting beauty treatment and changing to medical laser hair removal

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"Because it is a laborious process for self-removing useless hair, and I wanted to have a whole body hair removal treatment because I wanted to have smooth skin without hair. First of all, it was the first hair removal treatment, so medical laser hair removal I decided to try a treatment for hair removal , which is cheaper in comparison . "

`` I had a preconception that it would be effective if it was a major beauty treatment salon, so I contracted a whole body hair removal course at a hair removal specialty beauty salon that claims low prices in commercials etc. I couldn't remove my hair at all. After that, I changed the shop and tried treatment at 2 other hair removal esthetic salons, but the result was the same and I was giving up halfway. "

`` Every hair removal esthetic was a monthly fee and it was not so expensive, but I was wondering if I was really doing the treatment, so no matter how many times I went, there was no change in the dark areas such as armpits. Moreover, I was worried about when the hair removal of the whole body would be completed with the system that only one part can be treated each time.I consulted with the staff from the middle, but there are individual differences before the effect appears. I was told that there is "

`` I wasn't overwhelmed by the explanation, but at that time, I wasn't familiar with hair removal treatments, so I had no choice but to go through it a few times later, when my friend had a medical laser hair removal at a beauty clinic. I knew that I was undergoing treatment, and when I consulted with that friend, he told me, "Because the hair is irradiated with more power than beauty treatment, it had a hair removal effect with a small number of treatments." When I was shown the part that had been treated, my skin had clean pores, so I immediately looked for a beauty clinic where I could completely remove the hair. ''

Selected Beauty Clinic and Medical Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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"When deciding on a beauty clinic to receive total body hair removal, I examined various things such as word-of-mouth, cost, and ease of location access. However, I was a little uneasy at the first beauty clinic, so if there is something I will consult immediately. I decided to go to the same beauty clinic as my friend who recommended medical laser hair removal so that when I first went to that beauty clinic, I was surprised at how beautiful the hospital was. ''

“The first contract and explanation of the treatment was not a doctor but a female counselor. I was very kind and careful counseling, I was relieved that there was no other selling such as beauty treatment. There are various types of medical hair removal machines. He taught me the characteristics and pains of each, so the anxiety I initially felt was gone.

"I wanted to have the treatment with as little pain as possible, so I chose heat storage type hair removal, which is less painful than shot hair removal . The course of hair removal I decided to receive is a total of 6 treatments. In the whole-body hair removal course aiming at hair removal from the face to the legs, I was able to receive a hair removal treatment from the face to the legs at a stroke with each operation, if desired. It is also the deciding factor of the contract that the fee will be slightly lower than usual. The total fee including various things was certainly about 200,000 yen. ”

We couldn't book treatments that match the hair cycle

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"At the beauty clinic I attended, I always had a simple counseling time before every treatment. At the time of counseling, there was a fixed cycle in which the hair grew and grew in each part, I heard that if you receive medical laser hair removal according to the growing period of growth, you can expect more hair removal effects . "

"I wanted to get treatments according to the growing period of hair, but there were many patients at the beauty clinic, and my reservations were filled up soon. In addition, I started going to the pre-summer season. For that reason, I couldn't get the appointment I wanted . Of the six treatments in total, more than half could not be treated according to the hair growth period. ”

Irradiation method of heat storage type hair removal and pain during treatment

"I will be treated after finishing medical treatment, but when I remove hair on the face, I remove makeup and wash the face before changing to clothes. At a beauty clinic there, anesthesia for heat storage hair removal is anesthesia. I didn't use it. "

"Before the laser irradiation, the treatment area is coated with a lubricating gel. And while the handpiece of the heat-removing hair removal machine is slid on the skin, the treatment area is evenly irradiated with the laser. With esthetic hair removal, the area was adjusted little by little each time irradiation was performed, and irradiation was performed while pressing the handpiece against the skin, so compared to that, the correct time required is remembered. I didn't, but it was early. ''

"The regenerative hair loss in counseling, there was described as less pain as compared with the shot type, the practitioner of the armpit and the VIO in my case was very painful only the first time. However, the second and subsequent almost any site I didn't feel any pain, and the laser did not cause burns in response to spots or moles even when the face was irradiated. ''

Irradiation leakage caused unevenness in hair removal finish

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"Before about two weeks, the hair that had been irradiated had shed hair, but after the fourth operation, I noticed that there was no hair at all. Other areas were effective . However, the right arm and VIO did not change at all because of radiation leaks . Especially when VIO pulled the hair, there was no sign of falling out at all. "

"When I noticed that there was radiation leakage, I consulted with the nurse when I received the fifth treatment, but I glanced at the part where hair was not missing at all and asked," Hmm, why? “I was dismissed by a single word. I was too convinced to deal with other personnel, so I asked for re-irradiation, but I was refused because I could not do it.

`` At least I wanted a doctor who is familiar with hair removal treatment to do a thorough medical examination and even switch the machine even from the middle, but I felt that I did not want to think as a Kramer, and beyond that, As a result of finishing the hair removal course 6 times in total, the areas with and without hair removal had uneven finish . ”

“And I was looking forward to the effect because it said that this course aims for beautiful skin at the same time as hair removal. However, the heat storage type hair removal machine used does not have a beautiful skin function, and lubrication applied during irradiation I couldn't really feel the effect just because the gel contained beauty ingredients. I felt confusing because I had extra expectations. "

Things to be careful not to fail with medical laser hair removal

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"We have not confirmed in advance that it is a beauty clinic that will re-irradiate the laser, and there was irradiation leakage, so unevenness was created in the areas where hair removal was effective and where it was not. "

Choose a beauty clinic with guaranteed radiation leakage

`` In my case, I did not feel any strong pain except for the first treatment, and I was able to remove hair firmly depending on the part, but there was a part that could not be removed due to radiation leakage, so the finish was uneven. If I had been able to undergo re-irradiation, I would not have had such a disappointing result . ”

"At the beauty clinic where I was treated, I was refused even if I asked for re-irradiation. However, if about two weeks after the treatment and I had some hair that could not be pulled out I was later diagnosed that there was an irradiation leak, and I later learned that there is a beauty clinic that will re-irradiate for free . "

`` If the hair removal finish is uneven, it is a problem, so those who are thinking about receiving medical laser hair removal should choose a beauty clinic that guarantees free re-irradiation in case of radiation leakage. I should have checked the beauty clinic website in advance or asked if it was guaranteed that there would be no radiation leakage, or ask by phone directly. ”

Get treatment with a machine that matches the thickness and depth of the hair you want to remove.

"First of all, in my case, the unevenness of the hair removal result was caused by radiation leakage. However, even though it is medical laser hair removal, it is necessary to remove hair for the period necessary to realize the pain and effect during treatment. At the time of counseling, I was told that the thickness and depth of the hair you aim for differ depending on the type of laser emitted from the machine.

"And, the type of laser that can be emitted by a machine is fixed, and the type of machine that we handle also depends on the beauty clinic . We were told that each machine has different orientation depending on the thickness and depth of hair that we want to remove. So, especially for those who want to aim for hair removal over the whole body, you should check at the time of medical examination and counseling whether the hair removal effect of the desired part can be expected with the machine handled by the beauty clinic that is considering treatment.

Check if it is possible to receive treatment according to the growth period of hair

“I was worried that the effect would be reduced because I couldn't get the treatment done according to the growth period of the hair. As a result, the part where there was no radiation leakage was sufficiently effective . By applying the treatment according to the hair growth period, we can aim for more effective hair removal. "

"It may be difficult depending on the appointment situation of the beauty clinic to receive the treatment, but if you are going to receive medical laser, please be sure to confirm in advance whether you can receive the treatment according to the hair cycle of the hair you want to remove . "

Procedure and fee for heat storage type hair removal

1. Consultation by a counseling doctor

Counseling about the hair on the part you want to remove hair and explanation of the treatment, etc., and examine the skin condition such as sunburn and self-treatment of hair.
If you have any questions or concerns, please ask at this time. In addition, the day of actual treatment may be the day after counseling and consultation.

2. Change clothes

Before performing laser irradiation, change into surgical clothes. If it is a facial treatment, remove makeup and wash your face.

3. Irradiation

After applying the lubrication gel, the laser irradiation is performed while sliding the handpiece on the skin. Shot-type hair removal is said to be a pain repelled by a rubber band, but heat-removal hair removal is said to cause a slight amount of heat.
However, since there may be pain depending on the site, please do not be patient and tell the surgeon. Depending on the medical institution, you can get an anesthetic cream applied.

4. Cooling / end

Immediately after the laser irradiation, there may be redness and heat, so cooling may occur. The time it takes to irradiate the laser varies depending on the part, but for the whole body, it is about 60 to 90 minutes.

Comparison of charge rate of heat storage type hair removal and shot type hair removal

Part Shot type (1 time / tax excluded) Thermal storage type (1 time / tax excluded)
Whole face 10,000 yen to 30,000 yen 16,000 yen-35,000 yen
Aside 3,500 yen to 6,500 yen 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen
Upper arm 15,000 yen to 20,000 yen 15,000 yen to 30,000 yen
Fingers of the hand 3,500 yen to 10,000 yen 4,000 yen to 20,000 yen
Thigh 18,000 yen to 30,000 yen 27,000 yen to 45,000 yen
Below the knee (lower leg) 13,000 yen to 30,000 yen 17,000 yen-38,000 yen
Chest 12,000 yen to 20,000 yen 20,000 yen to 35,000 yen
abdomen 12,000 yen to 20,000 yen 17,000 yen to 30,000 yen
buttocks 12,000 yen to 20,000 yen 13,000 yen to 30,000 yen
Whole back 25,000 yen-40,000 yen 36,000 yen-56,000 yen
V 6,000 yen to 15,000 yen 8,000 yen to 20,000 yen
I 6,000 yen to 15,000 yen 8,000 yen to 20,000 yen
O 5,000 yen to 15,000 yen 6,400 yen to 20,000 yen
Male beard 9,000 yen-15,000 yen 15,000 yen to 30,000 yen

Those who are not at risk of heat storage type hair removal and cannot be treated

Risks and complications due to heat storage type hair removal Immediate redness and tingling sensation immediately after being treated
Mole becomes thinner
Those who cannot undergo thermal storage hair removal Those who have untreated inflammation / wound in the area where hair removal is desired
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
Those with keloid constitution
Those with cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, blood coagulation disorders, etc.
People with photosensitivity
Those whose skin is extremely sensitive to external stimuli
Those who have been diagnosed as not being able to undergo surgery at other medical institutions