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Differences from surgical nasal prosthesis heard from experienced people who have failed nasal pr...



Differences from surgical nasal prosthesis heard from experienced people who have failed nasal prosthesis with hyaluronic acid injection

Ami Nishijima (pseudonym) has undergone various cosmetic surgery such as double plastic surgery, contouring by inserting a prosthesis into the nose and chin, and breast augmentation by inserting silicone. The only cosmetic surgery that Nishijima has experienced in failure is a nasal prosthesis that supplements the height of the nose by injecting hyaluronic acid .

Hyaluronic acid injection can be restored to its original state with a decomposing agent even if the finish fails, but Mr. Nishijima was unable to make corrections for some reason.

I would like to ask Mr. Nishijima what and why he failed to inject hyaluronic acid into his nose, why he did not correct it immediately, and what to be aware of if you are considering hyaluronic acid injection .

Rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid injection

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that originally exists in the human body and has a low risk of allergies, so it is an injectable agent that is considered to be relatively safe in cosmetic medicine . Since it has the effect of supplementing the volume of the skin, it is used in nasal prosthesis, which leads to improvement of shallow wrinkles and aims at a high nose by injecting it into the nose.

In addition, a cross-linking agent that connects hyaluronic acids is added to maintain the effect after injection. Since the long-lasting action (hardness) of hyaluronic acid can be adjusted by the cross-linking agent, a soft hyaluronic acid injection agent used for tear bags and lips, a hyaluronic acid injection agent with a hard finish and excellent contour formation of the nose and chin, etc. , Various types are manufactured by each manufacturer for each purpose.

There are three main types of hyaluronic acid injections used to contour the nose and chin:

Formulation name Maker Hardness
Juviderm Vista Voluma XC Allergan, Inc., USA Moderate hardness
Jubiderm Vista Ultra Plus XC Allergan, Inc., USA Hard
Cleviel Contore Korea Estra Hard

Hyaluronic acid can be modified with a decomposing agent

If you are not satisfied with the finish of hyaluronic acid injection, you can restore it to its original state by injecting a hyaluronic acid decomposing agent . However, depending on the type of hyaluronic acid injection, it may not be possible to decompose at once, and it may be necessary to inject the decomposition agent multiple times.

After injecting the decomposing agent, the hyaluronic acid injecting agent is said to start decomposing several hours later and return to its original state in about one week. Reinjection of hyaluronic acid is performed after the previously injected hyaluronic acid is decomposed and the treatment site returns to its original state.

There are five main types of hyaluronic acid degrading agents.

  • Hyaluronidase
  • Hirunidase
  • Hyalase
  • Eldase
  • Hillenex

The first cosmetic surgery is hyaluronic acid injection

The first cosmetic surgery is hyaluronic acid injection nasal prosthesis_interview image ・ 1

"The cosmetic surgery I've had so far varies from injections, which are relatively easy to receive without the need for long downtime, to large-scale surgery with a skin incision. I have experienced plastic surgery for all facial parts in one operation, such as inserting a prosthesis to straighten the nose and chin lines, and breast augmentation by inserting silicon, but I have never had any major troubles or failures. "

"I've never had a hard time with long downtime, perhaps because I'm pain-resistant and hard to swell. The only thing I failed was cosmetic surgery, which raises my nose with hyaluronic acid injection ."

"Hyaluronic acid injection is the most affordable of other cosmetic surgery menus, and there is almost no downtime. It's just a few minutes of injection, but the effect is immediate, so I've had tear bags and nose muscles.・ I injected it into my cheeks, lips, and chin. The one that failed was the injection of hyaluronic acid into my nose . "

"At that time, I had little knowledge of cosmetic surgery, and I didn't have any friends around me, so I was really surprised and very excited when I learned that there was a procedure that could raise my nose with just an injection. Originally longing for a tall nose, I immediately researched hyaluronic acid injection and made an appointment with a major cosmetic clinic that has many case photos on its website for counseling. "

Inject a large amount of hyaluronic acid into the nose with one treatment

Inject a large amount of hyaluronic acid into the nose with one treatment_Interview image ・ 2

"It was a male doctor who was in charge of counseling. Hyaluronic acid injection is absorbed into the body little by little, so the lasting effect is about one year, and if you inject a large amount at once, the nasal muscles will thicken. He explained very carefully about the possibilities. "

"The hyaluronic acid injection is said to be" if you inject a small amount, and if it is not enough, you can re-inject it for a beautiful finish. "However, if you do so, the cost of re-injection will be charged separately. I wanted to get as high as possible, so I asked for one injection (1cc) of hyaluronic acid in one treatment . "

"In general, it was said that 0.2cc to 0.5cc of hyaluronic acid should be injected into the nose, so I would have injected more than twice that amount at a time. Of course, the doctor said," It's better to stop because it increases the risk ", but I really wanted a big change in one treatment."

"I applied a creamy anesthesia, and after a while, I started to inject hyaluronic acid from the tip of my nose with a syringe. There was almost no pain, and after a few minutes, I had a smooth, tall nose muscle on my face. A three-dimensional effect was born. I was very satisfied with the finish immediately after the treatment, saying that it was so easy to become a longing nose . "

Inject a large amount of hyaluronic acid into the nose with one treatment_Before and after images of hyaluronic acid injection into the nose

* Changes between before injecting hyaluronic acid into the nose (left image) and after injecting hyaluronic acid into the nose (right image)

Hyaluronic acid injected in large quantities into the nose has spread

"I think it was around 2015, but the hyaluronic acid injection for the nose at that time had a weak forming power and did not have a firm hardness, so the effect did not last for a long time. Therefore, the treatment was performed. About a month after it was finished, the height of the nasal muscles gradually returned to normal , probably because absorption into the body began. "

"I hurriedly rushed to the beauty clinic where I had the previous treatment and asked for an additional hyaluronic acid injection into my nose. At this time, the doctor said," If you inject it in the current state, it will spread and your nose will become thicker. He advised me that I should inject less, "but I prioritized the effect over the risk, and forced me to inject one again to get more nose height. I have injected a minute of hyaluronic acid . "

"The hyaluronic acid that I infused too much spreads day by day, and my nose became thicker and thicker. When I walked around the city, people who passed me saw me and my friends pointed out, but at that time my nose I was happy that I got higher, and I thought that the condition was cute. "

Receive correction by injecting hyaluronic acid degrading agent

"Although it is reasonably priced, I spent tens of thousands of yen to inject hyaluronic acid, so at first I even thought that it was a waste and could not be decomposed. But after a while, the hyaluronic acid injection was around the corner. It spread to, and the nose became so thick that it clearly felt strange . "

"I felt like I was sick, and after undergoing a correction with a disintegrant, I returned to the original state. This is not a failure, but because I did not listen to the doctor's advice. It seems that recent hyaluronic acid injections are hard and difficult to spread outside the injection site, so it should not be necessary to inject a large amount to maintain the hyaluronic acid forming power like I did at that time. "

Prosthesis nasal prosthesis and nasal tip formation

Received prosthesis nasal prosthesis and nasal tip formation_Interview image ・ 3

"After breaking down hyaluronic acid and restoring the nose, I had a nasal prosthesis with a silicone prosthesis inserted into the nose and a nasal tip formation surgery where my cartilage was transplanted to the tip of the nose to raise the height . In my case, surgical nasal surgery using a scalpel seemed to be more suitable than hyaluronic acid injection nasal prosthesis, and it was a natural finish that no one noticed as cosmetic surgery. "

"However, nasal prosthesis and nasal tip formation are really swollen immediately after the procedure, and internal bleeding also occurs. If the bleeding does not subside, fix it with a cast with a drain (tube for draining fluid) in the nose . The downtime is very tough because it does. "

"In my experience, the advantages of hyaluronic acid injection nasal prosthesis are that it is relatively cheap in cosmetic surgery, there is little downtime, and you can feel the effect immediately after injection . On the contrary, the disadvantage is If you inject a large amount in one treatment like me, it may spread and thicken your nose, and it will be absorbed into the body, so you need to inject it many times . "

"The advantage of surgical nasal prosthesis using a scalpel is that it gives a height and three-dimensional effect that cannot be achieved with an injection . However, the cost is higher and the downtime is longer than the injection procedure . Are you satisfied with the finish? Even without it, there is a risk that it cannot be easily restored, unlike hyaluronic acid infusion, and many people feel that their nose has become low after the swelling has completely subsided. I want to put out my nose a little more, so I'm thinking about re-operation. "

Things to be aware of to avoid failure with hyaluronic acid injection

Things to be careful of so that hyaluronic acid injection does not fail _ Interview image ・ 4

"In my case, the reason for the failure was that I injected a large amount of hyaluronic acid into my nose without listening to the doctor's advice . The doctor is at risk of spreading if the amount of hyaluronic acid injected is too large. At that time, I didn't have much knowledge of cosmetic surgery and couldn't fully understand the risks of the procedure, so I kept down the cost of reinjection and asked for a big change in one procedure. I'm done. "

"Hyaluronic acid injection is an affordable, immediate effect, with little downtime, so at first glance it seems like there are no downsides. But any cosmetic surgery has its disadvantages at the time. Like me, in order to prevent failure due to lack of knowledge, you should carefully examine and understand information such as risks, side effects, and failure stories of hyaluronic acid injection before considering treatment . "

Advantages and Disadvantages / Risks of Rhinoplasty by Hyaluronic Acid Injection

・ Relatively inexpensive treatment in cosmetic surgery ・ The effect can be seen immediately after injection ・ If you are not satisfied with the finish, you can correct it with a disintegrant
・ Repeated injection is necessary because it is absorbed into the body in about a year. ・ The nasal muscles may become thick depending on the type of drug.
・ Necrosis, unevenness of injection site, lumps, infectious diseases, etc.

Rhinoplasty with other injectables

The following injectables are injectables that are naturally absorbed into the body little by little in proportion to the passage of time, but unlike hyaluronic acid, there is no decomposing agent, so if you are not satisfied with the finish, make corrections. I can't.

  • Lady Esse (Calcium Hydroxyapatite)
  • Elance (polycaprolactone, carboxymethyl cellulose)