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Types of snekos that lead to firm and elastic mochi skin, intervals and risks of receiving treatm...




Satoshi Hashimoto
Dr. Satoshi Hashimoto

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Snekos is a notable formulation that contains hyaluronic acid, which has the role of keeping the skin moisturized, and amino acids that promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. It is said to be particularly effective in treating fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth by restoring the firmness and elasticity of the skin and leading to a fundamental improvement in skin quality.

Other injections aimed at giving firmness to the skin and improving wrinkles include hyaluronic acid injection and botulinum injection, but the appropriate preparations differ depending on the purpose of each treatment, so what is the purpose? It is important to know if you should choose Snekos.

In addition, it is possible to receive the treatment with more peace of mind by understanding in advance the period until the effect of Snekos appears, downtime, and precautions.

Snekos that leads to improvement of wrinkles and promotes improvement of skin quality

Types of snekos that lead to firm and elastic mochi skin, intervals and risks of receiving treatment, and downtime

SUNEKOS improves skin quality by stimulating fibroblasts (dermis fibroblasts) that produce collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin firmness and elasticity, and promoting the growth of its own collagen and elastin. This is the injection procedure you are aiming for.

Snekos can be expected to be effective for improving wrinkles around the eyes and mouth , and for crepe wrinkles, which have been difficult to improve with hyaluronic acid injection, botox injection, and laser treatment.

Those who are suitable for Snekos

  • Those who are worried about wrinkles on the forehead
  • Those who are worried about fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
  • Those who want firmness and elasticity on the skin
  • Those who want to improve the back of the hand and wrinkles on the fingers
  • Those who want to improve wrinkles on the neck
  • Those who are exposed to a lot of ultraviolet rays and are worried about skin aging
  • Those who want a natural change and finish

Main ingredients and actions of Snekos

The main components of Snecos are hyaluronic acid, which does not contain chemical substances such as cross-linking agents, and 6 types of amino acids , both of which are substances that originally exist in the human body and are considered to be highly safe.

The hyaluronic acid used in Snekos is a soft one that does not contain a chemical substance called a cross-linking agent, unlike the hard hyaluronic acid used in conventional treatments aimed at giving volume to the skin such as contour shaping. is. Hyaluronic acid has a high water retention capacity and viscosity, and has the effect of storing water by moisturizing dry skin that has been damaged by aging and ultraviolet rays.

Collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, are made of proteins, but proteins are a general term for a combination of multiple amino acids, and amino acids are the components that form collagen and elastin.

Snekos is also patented for a combination of specific amino acids and hyaluronic acid that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It has the effect of promoting the regeneration and proliferation of collagen and elastin, which have deteriorated in structure due to aging and damage such as ultraviolet rays, and have decreased .

Importance of collagen and elastin that decrease with aging and UV rays

Human skin has a three-layer structure consisting of the epidermis layer, dermis layer, and subcutaneous tissue (fat) from the outside. The dermis layer is composed of about 70% of the strong fibrous protein "collagen". In the meantime, a jelly-like substance, "hyaluronic acid," fills the space with water. In the dermis layer, an elastic fibrous protein called "elastin" binds collagens together, giving the skin firmness and elasticity.

When the dermis layer is damaged by aging, ultraviolet rays, stress, dietary habits, and hormonal imbalance, hyaluronic acid, which stores water, collagen and elastin, which maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin, deteriorate. It will decrease and cause wrinkles and sagging .

How the effect of Snekos, which can be expected to change naturally, appears

Snekos is a treatment that gradually begins to show its effect over 1 week to 10 days, but in order to improve the effect, it is recommended to perform the treatment about 4 times every 1 week to 10 days.

The effect of Snekos is not a noticeable change that "clearly changed" from the perspective of the people around it, but the skin became firm and fine wrinkles became less noticeable, the skin became elastic and moisturized, and makeup. You can expect a natural skin-beautifying effect, such as improved glue.

Specific effects that can be expected from the injection of Snekos

Hyaluronic acid, a component contained in Snekos, stores water, which increases the amount of water in the skin, making it possible to aim for moisturized skin.

In addition, the structure deteriorates due to damage such as aging and ultraviolet rays, and the action of promoting the regeneration and proliferation of reduced collagen and elastin improves fine crepe wrinkles and fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and the sagging pores on the cheeks. It can be expected to improve and smooth the stiff and uneven skin.

  • Improves skin texture and elasticity, leading to firm skin
  • Improvement of skin atrophy and crepe wrinkles due to aging
  • Reduction of wrinkles in the superficial layer of skin
  • Improvement of water content in deep skin
  • Improvement of sagging pores on cheeks
  • Improvement of scars left after healing of artifacts and wounds
  • Improvement of stretch marks such as stretch marks and stretch marks
  • Improvement of dullness, stiffness and wrinkles of sunburned and photoaging skin

Snekos injection method, amount used, and interval between treatments

Types of Snekos and injection methods

There are two types of snekos, "snekos 200" and "snekos 1200". Basically, I mainly use Snecos 200, but I also use Snecos 1200 for severely damaged skin such as severe wrinkles and photoaging skin such as wrinkles and sagging due to UV damage. This will increase the effect.

Snekos 200 is a low-density hyaluronic acid, but Snekos 1200 contains medium- and high-density hyaluronic acid that is not easily decomposed in the body, and has a relatively high volume-increasing effect. It can be expected to improve the sagging caused by the loss of fat and supplement the volume of the skin.

As for the injection method, Snekos 200 is used for the middle and deep layers of the dermis where you are worried about, and Snekos 1200 is used for the deep layers of the dermis. Inject directly in small doses.

Regarding the pain during the procedure, there is a tingling pain when the needle is stabbed, but it is said to be pain that can be tolerated without anesthesia. You will feel almost no pain when using an anesthetic cream or tape.

Estimated amount of Snekos used

The amount of Snekos per preparation is less than 3cc, and one is used for local injections such as around the eyes, mouth, and cheeks, but for the entire face and damaged skin. In some cases, two bottles are used at one time.

The interval between treatments varies depending on the purpose

If you want to improve shallow wrinkles

For those who want to improve shallow wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, it is recommended to take Snekos 200 four times at intervals of 1 week to 10 days . It is recommended to treat 4 treatments as 1 course and repeat 1 course again after 6 months.

If you want to improve deep wrinkles

If you want to improve the deepened wrinkles , inject Snekos 1200 and Snekos 200 on the same day for the first time, and then inject Snekos 200 3 times every 1 week to 10 days for a total of 4 treatments for 1 course. It is said that more effects can be expected by repeating one course of treatment four months after the end of one course.

Differences between Snekos and other injections

Hyaluronic acid injection to fill deep wrinkle grooves

Hyaluronic acid injection is a drug used depending on the site of injection and the purpose of treatment, such as soft hyaluronic acid intended to moisturize the skin and hard hyaluronic acid containing a cross-linking agent used in the formation of the nose and chin. Is different.

Hyaluronic acid injection is mainly used to improve wrinkles that are deeply carved due to sagging skin, such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and gorgo lines (wrinkles under the eyes) . It can be expected to improve sagging by injecting it into wrinkles to fill the groove and lifting the looseness of the supporting ligaments that connect the skin and bones.

However, the treatment under the eyes tends to cause the Tyndall phenomenon in which the injected hyaluronic acid can be seen through the surface of the skin, and it is difficult to treat with hyaluronic acid alone. It is said that Snekos is suitable for improvement.

Botulinum injection (Botox injection) to improve facial expression wrinkles

Botulinum injection can aim to improve facial expression wrinkles such as laughing wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, wrinkles between the eyebrows and nose, lateral wrinkles on the forehead, and dried plum wrinkles on the chin. It is said that the botulinum injection can relieve the tension of the muscles that cause wrinkles, so that the facial expression becomes softer and the impression of the face becomes gentler.

Botulinum injection may make it difficult for the muscles at the treatment site to move due to the action of blocking the secretion of "acetylcholine", which is a neurotransmitter for moving muscles, so botulinum injection on the wrinkles on the forehead makes the eyes heavier. For those who are not good at botulinum injection, such as when the facial expression feels strange, Snekos is suitable.

Rejuran injection for skin rejuvenation

Rejuran injection is a preparation containing a polynucleotide derived from salmon DNA. Since the main component polynucleotide has the effect of activating fibroblasts, it can be expected to have the effect of promoting the production of collagen and elastin lost due to aging and ultraviolet rays, and improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin. There is data that the growth efficiency of elastin is more effective with Snekos.

It also has the effect of promoting the circulation of capillaries, leading to fundamental improvement of skin problems such as bears, dullness, acne, acne scars, reddish faces, pores, and scars.

Rejuran injection is considered to be a highly biocompatible injection because it has a low risk of being eliminated as a foreign substance when injected intradermally, but those with fish allergies or roe allergies may be treated. I can't .

Risks and downtime from injections of Snekos

Risks and side effects of injection of Snekos

The hyaluronic acid used in Snekos is relatively soft, unlike the conventional hyaluronic acid injections used to produce volume, so there is a risk of vascular occlusion, which has become a problem as a complication of hyaluronic acid injection in recent years. Is low, and it is thought that the risk of allergies is low.

However, in rare cases, infection, pain, rash, itch, and internal bleeding may occur at the treatment site . If you experience any symptoms such as pain or rash, you may have a local infection or allergy, so please consult a medical institution immediately.

Downtime due to Snekos treatment

Redness and swelling may occur after injection, but they tend to subside within 1 to 2 days. In addition, the surface of the skin may become uneven depending on the part, but in most cases, it will become familiar with the skin in 1 to 2 days.

Since Snekos uses an injection needle to inject intradermally, internal bleeding may occur in rare cases, but it will subside in about 1 to 2 weeks.

Flow of Snekos treatment and what you need to know in advance

Flow of Snekos treatment

(1) Medical examination and counseling

The condition of the skin will be examined in advance and counseling will be given to decide where to inject. It is important to consult with your doctor about the parts you care about and the image of the finish.

(2) Face wash

To clean the treatment area, wash your face.

(3) Anesthesia

Apply anesthetic cream or apply anesthetic tape and wait for about 20 minutes.

(4) Treatment

I will inject Snekos. The site and amount of injection will vary from person to person depending on the condition to be improved and the desired finish. The time required for the procedure itself is about 15 minutes.

(5) Cooling / end

If the skin becomes reddish after the treatment, cool the treatment site to finish.

(6) Follow-up

Snekos is a treatment that gradually becomes effective after receiving the treatment. If instructed by a doctor, you may need to go to the hospital to observe and evaluate the postoperative course. You can expect a higher effect by receiving the treatment once every 1 week to 10 days while observing the condition of the skin after the treatment.

Precautions before and after receiving Snekos treatment

Precautions before receiving Snekos treatment

If you have any medicines you are taking, please inform your doctor at the time of medical examination and counseling . If you have a medicine notebook or memo, it is a good idea to bring it with you.

Precautions after receiving Snekos treatment

  • Avoid actions that promote blood circulation such as bathing (shower is possible), sauna, drinking, and strenuous exercise, as it increases the risk of internal bleeding spreading on the day of the procedure.
  • Avoid sunlight within 24 hours of receiving the procedure or until the initial swelling and redness disappear to prevent the procedure from exacerbating swelling and redness.
  • Since the injected snekos may shift and move, refrain from strong massage to the treatment site about 10 days after receiving the treatment.

Those who cannot receive Snekos treatment

  • Those with extremely weak skin
  • Those who have a history of anaphylaxis that causes allergic symptoms to Snekos
  • Those with severe multiple allergies
  • Those who are clearly or likely to have hypersensitivity to the ingredients contained in Snekos
  • Those with skin diseases / inflammation / infectious diseases
  • Those who have some serious illness including cancer
  • Pregnant women, those who are likely to be pregnant, those who are breastfeeding
  • Minors (because safety has not been established)
  • Those who are receiving medications that have a tendency to bleed or warfarin / aspirin
  • Those who have liver disease with a tendency to bleed
  • Those with increased sensitivity to keloids and hypertrophic scar formation
  • Those with heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Those with a pacemaker
  • Those who have a history of autoimmune diseases such as collagen disease or those who are currently developing
  • Those who have recently received trauma or surgical treatment
  • Those who have silicone on their face

If you have any of the above symptoms or any other concerns, please consult your doctor in advance.

Snekos rates

The price of Snekos is about 50,000 to 80,000 yen per treatment (1 bottle), which is for one local treatment such as around the eyes, mouth and cheeks.

Two sneakers (two) are for one full face or neck, or two local treatments, and the price is 100,000-140,000 yen . Some medical institutions offer a set price for the second and subsequent treatments.

To get a satisfactory treatment effect with Snekos injection

Treatment that can be used with Snekos

Further effects can be expected by performing other treatments in combination with the treatment that improves skin quality with Snekos. Some treatments can be performed on the same day, but please consult with your doctor before deciding when to receive the treatment.

Dermapen 4

In order for Snekos to be effective, it requires mechanical irritation to the skin and the patented amino acids contained in Snekos. It is said that it is very compatible with Dermapen 4, which aims to regenerate the skin by applying mechanical stimulation to aggressive and exerting natural healing power, and synergistic effect can be expected by receiving treatment at the same time.

Hyaluronic acid injection

Hyaluronic acid injection is effective in improving the skin that has become thin and sagging due to the loss of subcutaneous fat due to aging.

In addition to the skin-beautifying effect of Snekos and the effect of improving fine wrinkles, it improves sagging by compensating for volume loss such as cheeks and temples that have been dented by hyaluronic acid injection, making the cheeks look high and plump, and youthful. It leads to a new impression.


Hythe sagging treatment uses a machine to irradiate the fascia that covers the facial muscles called the SMAS layer (superficial fascia group) under the skin with ultrasonic waves to contract it from under the skin. Aesthetic medicine that raises slack.

A synergistic effect can be expected to improve wrinkles and sagging by approaching the loosened fascia in the back of the skin by hyphen treatment in combination with Snekos, which improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Thread lift

Thread lift is a treatment that puts a thread into the skin and pulls up the slack on the face and neck.

You can expect a more rejuvenating effect by improving the nasolabial fold and marionette line due to slack by using a thread lift together while adjusting the skin quality of the base with Snekos to improve fine wrinkles.

How to choose a medical institution

In order to obtain a satisfactory effect with Snekos, it is important to receive the treatment at the type, amount and interval of the formulation that matches the ideal finish.

Although it is said to be highly safe, depending on the knowledge and skill of the practitioner, it may lead to troubles such as not being able to obtain the expected results, so doctors and doctors with a large number of Snecos treatments It is important to receive the treatment under the medical institution where a doctor who is familiar with the different skin thickness for each part is enrolled.

In addition, since Snecos is a treatment that prepares the foundation of the skin and leads to improvement of the skin quality, synergistic effects can be expected by using it in combination with various treatments while adjusting the skin quality. In order to get suggestions for more effective treatment, it is a good idea to first consult with a medical institution that has a track record of Snekos treatment and discuss your skin problems .

Skin Finity Clinic Snekos

Professor Satoshi Hashimoto, who supervised the article, taught me about Snekos.

Please tell us about the characteristics of Snekos.
Dr. Satoshi Hashimoto
It is a highly biocompatible formulation consisting of hyaluronic acid that does not contain cross-linking agents and amino acids, and can be expected to have a natural skin-beautifying effect that brings firmness and elasticity to the skin rather than sudden changes. It has the effect of promoting the regeneration and growth of collagen and elastin, which have deteriorated in structure due to aging and damage such as ultraviolet rays, and have decreased.
How painful is the procedure?
Dr. Satoshi Hashimoto
I feel a little tingling pain when injecting, but if you are accustomed to Botox or hyaluronic acid injection, you can tolerate it without anesthesia. Those who are not good at pain will be treated with an anesthetic cream.
What is the downtime caused by Snekos?
Dr. Satoshi Hashimoto
Downtime includes redness, swelling, and unevenness, but often subsides during the day. In rare cases, internal bleeding may occur, but in most cases it will subside within 1 to 2 weeks.
What is the treatment fee at the Skin Finity Clinic?
Dr. Satoshi Hashimoto
1 vial of Snekos is 55,000 yen including tax (including treatment fee).
Please give a message to those who are wondering whether to receive Snekos from now on.
Dr. Satoshi Hashimoto
Snekos is a new treatment that restores collagen and elastin by its own power without leaving any foreign substances in the body. In particular, the high growth effect of elastin is different from other preparations, and it is very popular with those who aim for natural skin rejuvenation. The safety is also highly evaluated, so please feel free to try it once.
Thank you Professor Hashimoto!

Introduction of supervising doctor

Dr. Satoshi Hashimoto, the director of the Skin Finity Clinic, is a Japanese general instructor in the treatment of Snekos, which aims to improve skin quality by promoting the growth of his own collagen and elastin. He gave numerous lectures and seminars to doctors and energetically carried out activities to disseminate correct treatment methods. Since he is familiar with the characteristics of medical equipment and performs careful treatment, he is also an instructor in multiple treatments such as Dermapen 4, which causes skin regeneration, and Ultraformer 3, which is a sagging treatment machine.

Medical institution with Dr. Satoshi Hashimoto

Skin Finity Clinic Skin Finity Clinic
Contact: 0120-440-138

Snekos is an unapproved drug from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Drug acquisition route: The acquisition route is individual import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
Whether or not it is approved in Japan: There is no drug that has the same ingredients and actions as Snekos and has been approved in Japan.
Information on safety in other countries: Snekos has obtained the CE mark certifying that it meets the safety standard conditions in "Class III", which has the highest risk in the classification of medical devices in the EU (European Union). Therefore, it has been confirmed to be safe for intradermal injection.