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Effect and ingredients of BNLS Ultimate with improved lipolytic effect ・ Injection amount of nose...




  • Kim Jung Min phd
  • Dr. Yun Sung Jae
  • Iujin phd
  • Dr. Yun Sung Eun

Effect and ingredients of BNLS Ultimate with improved lipolytic effect ・ Injection amount of nose and chin

BNLS Ultimate (BNLS Ultimate) is a type of lipolytic injection drug that reduces fat cells by simply injecting without using a scalpel. Doctors from multiple medical institutions are involved in the development, including BRAND NEW CLINIC in South Korea, which developed the third generation of the BNLS series, "BNLS neo," and the manufacturer is GRAND M & C in South Korea.

The latest version of the BNLS series , BNLS Ultimate, which is a fat-dissolving and contouring injection, is characterized by its main component being derived from plants, which makes it less likely to cause swelling and pain. It is attracting attention as a drug .

BNLS Ultimate has an upper limit on the amount that can be injected in one treatment, and the types of ingredients have been changed compared to the conventional BNLS neo. Therefore, before receiving the treatment, it is necessary to know the difference from the conventional BNLS neo and the guideline of the injection amount that differs for each site, and to grasp in advance the guideline of the number of treatments and the price required to realize the effect. is important.

Mechanism of BNLS Ultimate leading to adipocyte depletion

BNLS Ultimate has the effect of lysing, puncturing and destroying the cell membranes that cover the fat cells under the skin of the face and body. Adipocytes are cells that store triglycerides generated in the body, and when the cell membrane is destroyed by BNLS Ultimate, they release the stored triglycerides and contract.

The contracted adipocytes cannot maintain their function and activity as cells unless the holes in the cell membrane are closed, and necrosis occurs. However, the necrotic adipocytes are preyed on and digested by macrophages, which are amoeba-like white blood cells, and become blood vessels. It is excreted from the body together with urine and fecal waste products through the blood cells and lymph vessels .

Effect of BNLS Ultimate

In addition, BNLS Ultimate has the effect of dilating blood vessels, so it also has the effect of increasing blood flow and promoting the metabolism of waste products and decomposed fat accumulated in the blood vessels . Since it can be expected to have the effect of reducing the number of fat cells by decomposing the fat cells at the site of intradermal injection and promoting metabolism, it will improve the face line and improve the cellulite of the hip line and thighs.

Degraded fat cells do not regenerate

The fat cells that are broken down by BNLS Ultimate and excreted from the body do not regenerate, so the fat cells do not store neutral fat again and become hypertrophied. Therefore, it can be said that the partial thinning effect of BNLS Ultimate is less likely to cause rebound .

It is said that the number of adipocytes is most likely to increase around the age of 10 to 18, and it is unlikely that the number will increase or decrease significantly after reaching adulthood. The size of adipocytes that store triglycerides is generally about 0.08 mm in diameter, but those that continue to accumulate triglycerides and become hypertrophied may swell to a diameter of about 0.14 mm.

The symptom of excess subcutaneous fat on the face and body is not the increase in the number of fat cells, but the accumulation of triglycerides and the enlargement of the fat cells. Lipids and sugars ingested in the diet are absorbed in the intestines and used for energy consumed by physiological functions such as heartbeat, breathing, muscle expansion and contraction, digestion, and excretion through blood vessels, but the excess energy is medium in the liver. It is converted to triglyceride and stored in adipocytes.

When the energy required for performing physiological functions is insufficient due to strenuous exercise or hunger, the neutral fat stored in adipocytes is decomposed by enzymes and converted to free fatty acids, which are supplied to the whole body through blood vessels and again physiological functions. It is used as energy consumed in.

By dieting such as exercise and dietary restrictions, triglycerides are decomposed and the size of subcutaneous fat can be expected to decrease temporarily, but the number of fat cells themselves is reduced but not reduced.

Degraded fat cells do not regenerate

Excessive intake of lipids and sugars in the diet can cause fat cells to re-accumulate and enlarge the triglycerides synthesized in the liver, which can lead to rebound on a typical diet. .. On the other hand, BNLS Ultimate has the effect of breaking down fat cells and promoting their excretion to the outside of the body, reducing the number of fat cells themselves, so it can be said that it is difficult to rebound .

Those who are suitable for BNLS Ultimate

  • I can't lose weight even after exercising or dieting
  • I want to reduce the fat on my upper eyelids and clear my puffy eyes
  • I'm worried about the fat on my forehead
  • I'm worried about dumpling nose, I want to make the nose and nose smaller
  • I want to get rid of fat on my cheeks
  • I want to take up the slack in my mouth
  • I want to have a clean outline and a small face
  • I want to improve my double chin
  • Partial thinning of upper arms, waist, abdomen, thighs, etc.
  • I want to improve cellulite
  • Resistant to surgery such as liposuction

Difference between BNLS Ultimate and BNLS neo

Difference between Ultimate and Neo

BNLS Ultimate has an increased amount of deoxycholic acid, which has the function of dissolving and destroying the cell membrane that covers fat cells , compared to the conventional BNLS Neo.

Deoxycholic acid has a strong lipolytic effect, but it tends to cause swelling and pain, so it was difficult to formulate it. However, by adding it at the maximum concentration that does not cause side effects, the effect of lipolysis was enhanced. ..

In addition, by newly blending four components, L-carnitine, artichoke, catechin, and coenzyme Q10, which are involved in fat burning decomposition, the fat decomposition effect has been further improved compared to BNLS Neo .

BNLS Ultimate was released in 2020, but BNLS Neo has not been discontinued, so some medical institutions continue to introduce BNLS Neo.

Ingredients BNLS Ultimate BNLS Neo
Deoxycholic acid
Coenzyme Q10
Hibamata (seaweed) extract
Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)
Persian walnut
Tyrosine (amino acid)
Methylsilanol mannuronate
Adenosine triphosphate
Disodium adenosine phosphate

BNLS Ultimate Active Ingredients and Mechanism of Action

BNLS Ultimate is mainly composed of plant-derived extracts extracted from seaweed, walnuts, starch and tree seeds, purines, amino acids and bile acids originally produced in the human body. Each active ingredient acts on subcutaneous fat and promotes metabolism of decomposed fat . The following 13 active ingredients are included in BNLS Ultimate.

Deoxycholic acid increased in volume compared to conventional BNLS Neo

Deoxycholic acid dissolves and destroys the cell membrane that covers fat cells, releasing the neutral fat stored in the cells and causing the fat cells to die . Deoxycholic acid, one of the bile acids produced in the human body, is a medicinal ingredient that has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for its double chin fat-dissolving effect.

BNLS Ultimate is said to have increased the amount of deoxycholic acid, which directly destroys fat cell membranes, by about 20 times that of conventional BNLS Neo .

4 new active ingredients in BNLS Ultimate

L-carnitine that transports and burns fat

L-carnitine is originally found in the human body and is an important amino acid for fat metabolism. Fat metabolism takes place within the mitochondria of cells, but fat alone cannot pass through the mitochondrial membrane and enter the interior. L-carnitine is an important component for transporting fat into mitochondria and burning it to produce energy .

Artichoke with fat burning and diuretic effect

The Japanese name for artichoke is "thistle", and it has the function of promoting the secretion of bile that breaks down fat . Since it has a purifying effect on blood, it is said that it can be expected to reduce bad cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood . It also has a diuretic effect, which enhances the ability of BNLS Ultimate to expel necrotic fat cells from the body .

Catechins that improve lipid metabolism

Catechin is a type of polyphenol and is mainly a bitter taste component of tea, but it is said to increase lipid metabolism and promote fat burning . In addition, it can be expected to have the effect of suppressing the generation of active oxygen due to its strong antioxidant effect and preventing cell aging.

Coenzyme Q10 to promote energy production

Coenzyme Q10 is one of the coenzymes that are abundant in mitochondria, which are present in all cells and play a role in producing the energy necessary for vital activities, and help enzymes that work in digestion and metabolism in energy production . In addition, it has an excellent antioxidant effect and is involved in cell regeneration, activation and anti-aging.

Other active ingredients

Hibamata (seaweed) extract
  • An extract extracted from a brown alga called Hibamata, which is a type of seaweed.
  • Contains minerals such as zinc and iodine, as well as collagen and amino acids
  • Iodine is a mineral required to produce the thyroid hormones "thyroxine" and "triiodothyronine" that are secreted from the thyroid gland into the blood.
  • Thyroid hormone acts on all cells throughout the body to promote metabolism such as lipid and sugar metabolism and protein synthesis.
Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)
  • Extract from the seeds of horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), one of the deciduous trees
  • Essin, a bitter ingredient that is said to reduce redness of the skin by suppressing skin inflammation, is said to have the effect of eliminating swelling and providing elasticity to capillaries.
Persian walnut
  • A type of walnut native to eastern Europe
  • Contains α-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that humans cannot synthesize in the body, and vitamin E and arginine
  • Alpha-linolenic acid has the effect of synthesizing DHA and EPA, which are essential fatty acids that reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood, which causes arteriosclerosis.
  • Since arginine, one of the amino acids, has a vasodilatory effect, it promotes blood circulation, increases blood flow, and promotes metabolism of waste products and decomposed fat accumulated in blood vessels.
  • One of the amino acids that synthesizes the neurotransmitter catecholamine by reacting with intracellular enzymes
  • Catecholamines stimulate and activate the "β3 adrenergic receptor," a protein required for intracellular signal transduction, which is present in the brain and fat cells.
  • Activated β3 adrenergic receptors bind to the hormone noradrenaline secreted by the adrenal glands to break down triglycerides accumulated in adipocytes into free fatty acids used in the body's energy expenditure such as exercise and basal metabolism. And promote the release into the blood
  • A type of fermented alcohol made from starch
  • Increases the moisturizing effect and permeability of active ingredients to prevent the decrease in water content of the stratum corneum, which is the uppermost layer of the skin
  • It has an antibacterial effect that prevents the growth of bacteria and an antiseptic effect that suppresses putrefaction due to the growth of microorganisms.
Methylsilanol mannuronate
  • A component consisting of arginic acid (mannuronic acid) contained in brown algae such as kelp and wakame seaweed, and methylsilanol, a compound containing silicon, which is a kind of mineral.
  • It mainly decomposes triglycerides and emulsifies cholesterol (lipids) in the blood to facilitate metabolism outside the body, so it has the effect of preventing fat from adhering to the walls of blood vessels and preventing arteriosclerosis. Can be expected
Adenosine triphosphate
  • A component in which three phosphoric acid molecules are bound to adenosine, which is formed by binding adenine, which is a substance originally present in the human body and one of the purines, and ribose, which is a type of sugar.
  • By relaxing the smooth muscles of the muscles that regulate the thickness of blood vessels, it has the effect of expanding blood vessels to increase blood flow and promoting the formation of new blood vessels.
Adenosine triphosphate disodium
  • A component formed by the binding of two sodium molecules to adenosine triphosphate
  • A component that serves as an energy source for cell activity and enhances cell function and muscle activity.
  • It may also be used as an ingredient in medicines that improve heart failure and eye strain.

BNLS Ultimate's small face effect, partial thinning and cellulite improvement effect

Expected to have a thin face and small face effect

It is said that the weakness of facial muscles is related to the fact that the face is harder to lose weight than the subcutaneous fat attached to the body. There are more than 20 types of facial muscles that move facial parts such as eyes, nose, and mouth, but 20% to 30% of the facial muscles that are used on a daily basis are rarely used.

If the facial muscles are not used and weaken, the basal metabolic rate of the face and around the face decreases, so blood flow is blocked and fat on the face and waste products in the blood are less likely to be metabolized. However, if the facial muscles are over-trained, the masseter muscles near the cheekbones may develop and the gills may appear taut.

BNLS Ultimate can be expected to have the effect of reducing fat cells at the site of subcutaneous injection, leading to improvement of problems such as clearing swollen eyes, removing fat from the cheeks, and worrying about dumpling nose. You can aim for thinning your face . In addition, you can expect a small face effect by improving the slack of the face line and double chin.

Aim for partial thinning

When trying to reduce the subcutaneous fat attached to the body by exercising, aerobic exercise such as jogging or swimming causes the neutral fat stored in the fat cells to be converted into free fatty acids and consumed as energy. However, since aerobic exercise is a whole-body exercise, it is difficult to achieve "partial thinning", which aims to reduce fat in limited areas such as the upper arm and hips while maintaining the fat you want to keep, such as the chest and hips.

Also, if you try to reduce subcutaneous fat due to excessive dietary restrictions, your body's basal metabolic rate will decrease. Basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy consumed by the minimum physiological functions required to sustain life, such as the heartbeat, respiration, and maintenance of body temperature. When the basal metabolic rate decreases, the body temperature decreases and the blood vessels shrink, which makes it easier for cholesterol in the blood to accumulate on the walls of the blood vessels, increasing the risk of causing arteriosclerosis.

Since BNLS Ultimate has the effect of reducing the number of fat cells at the injection site , aim for partial thinning of the limited area, which is said to be difficult, without performing a diet that puts a burden on the body such as lowering the basal metabolic rate. I will .

Leading to improvement of cellulite

The unevenness that appears on the skin surface such as the waist, thighs, and hip lines is called cellulite, but once it is formed, it does not easily come off. Cellulite occurs even at the right weight, regardless of obesity.

Cellulite is an enlarged subcutaneous fat that takes in waste products and water. Due to lack of exercise, coldness, autonomic nervous system imbalance, hormonal imbalance, and "poor blood circulation" due to aging, waste products and excess water tend to accumulate. When this happens, the blood vessels are compressed, blood circulation worsens, and waste products and excess water accumulate, creating a vicious cycle. Giant fat cells stick together and grow into large clumps.

BNLS Ultimate has the effect of reducing the number of fat cells at the injection site as well as the effect of dilating blood vessels, so it also has the effect of increasing blood flow and promoting the metabolism of accumulated waste products and decomposed fat, so dieting It leads to improvement of cellulite, which is difficult to remove by itself.

Post-injection course and duration of effect of BNLS Ultimate

Effect that begins to appear 3 to 5 days after injection

Immediately after receiving the treatment, the drug causes swelling at the treatment site, but in most cases the swelling subsides within 1 to 3 days, and those who feel the effect from the 3rd day after the treatment when the swelling has subsided at the earliest. There is also.

It is said that most people can feel the effect around the 5th day, but the change in the course varies from person to person depending on the constitution such as the original amount of fat and the amount of metabolism.

Benefits of receiving multiple treatments and duration of effect

Subcutaneous fat can be expected to decrease even with a single treatment, but it is said that the effect can be felt more by receiving it 3 to 5 times at a frequency of 1 to 2 weeks . If you have a large amount of subcutaneous fat that you want to reduce, you can inject the procedure in multiple doses to gradually lose weight.

Since the fat cells that are necrotic and excreted from the body do not regenerate, the effect of preventing the increase in subcutaneous fat at the treatment site lasts semi-permanently. However, BNLS Ultimate does not necrotize all fat cells present at the injection site.

Therefore, if you continue to have irregular lifestyles such as overdrinking, eating, and lack of exercise, the fat cells that remain without necrosis may become hypertrophied again. In order to maintain the effects of BNLS Ultimate, it is important to keep in mind a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

Estimated site and injection volume to which BNLS Ultimate is applied

BNLS Ultimate is compatible with different parts depending on the medical institution. In some cases, the treatment is not performed on the area around the eyes or body parts other than the face, so when looking for a medical institution to receive the treatment, please check the corresponding parts on the website.

The maximum amount of BNLS Ultimate that can be injected in one treatment is 20cc for the face and 50cc for the body . There is a risk of swelling and inflammation if you inject much more than the upper limit per dose. Therefore, if the amount of subcutaneous fat in the target area is large and the upper limit of the amount that can be injected in one treatment is exceeded, the treatment is divided into multiple treatments.

BNLS Ultimate indication site and standard injection volume guideline

Part Injection volume
Forehead, temples, upper eyelids 1cc each
Nose / nose / cheekbone 1cc-4cc each
Outline of cheeks and lower chin 1cc to 2cc each
Lower cheek 1cc
Side cheek 2cc-4cc
Under the chin 3cc-5cc
Armpit meat (front) 10cc-20㏄
Armpit meat (rear) 20㏄
Upper abdomen 20cc-40㏄
Lower abdomen 20cc-80㏄
Lateral abdomen 40cc-80㏄
Thighs (inside / outside) 20cc-40㏄ each
Thighs (above the knees) 20㏄
Upper back (above the shoulder blades) 20㏄
Upper arm 20cc-40㏄
back 40㏄ ~
Waist 30cc-80㏄
Lower buttock (hip line) 40cc-80㏄
Thigh (back side) 40cc-80㏄
Calf 20cc-40㏄
ankle 20㏄

Comparison of other fat dissolving injections and BNLS Ultimate

Comparison of major lipolytic injection drugs and BNLS Ultimate

product name Main ingredients Feature
BNLS Ultimate Deoxycholic acid Deoxycholic acid is contained in plant-derived ingredients at the maximum concentration that does not cause side effects, resulting in short downtime and high fat decomposition effect.
FatX Deoxycholic acid A drug containing a high concentration of deoxycholic acid has a high effect of decomposing fat, but strong inflammation and swelling may occur at the injection site.
PPC Phosphatidylcholine Conventionally, drugs used for the treatment of fatty liver and hyperlipidemia have a high effect of decomposing fat, but they are easily swollen and may cause dull pain.
MLM (contour injection) Saponin, α-linolenic acid Mainly plant-derived ingredients, the effect is mild but the downtime is short

Difference between BNLS Ultimate and Fat X

FatX is an injection containing a high concentration of deoxycholic acid. Since the concentration of deoxycholic acid, which has the effect of directly destroying fat cells, is high, a high effect can be expected, but it is also characterized by a large swelling and a high possibility of pain .

BNLS Ultimate enhances the effect of lipolysis while suppressing swelling and pain by containing deoxycholic acid in a drug mainly composed of plant-derived ingredients at the maximum concentration that does not cause side effects.

Difference between BNLS Ultimate and PPC

PPC is mainly composed of soybean-derived phosphatidylcholine and is also used for the treatment of fatty liver and hyperlipidemia because it has the effect of dissolving fat.

Since injection into subcutaneous fat can be expected to reduce the amount of fat, it has become the mainstream of fat dissolving injection, but since the main component is a stimulating drug, side effects such as swelling, redness, and pain are likely to occur. , Swelling may be noticeable when used on the face .

MLM (contour injection)

The main components of MLM (contour injection) are saponin and α-linolenic acid, which are made from plants such as horse chestnut, walnut, and rockweed. It has the effect of promoting metabolism and naturally promoting the excretion of fat.

It has similar ingredients to BNLS Ultimate, but does not contain active ingredients such as deoxycholic acid. The effect is mild, but it is characterized by less pain and less swelling .

Pain and downtime during BNLS Ultimate procedure

Reduces pain during treatment with needles and anesthesia that are less painful

BNLS Ultimate uses an extra-fine injection needle with a sharp tip that makes it hard to feel pain, or an injection needle called a cannula (blunt needle) that has a rounded tip and a needle hole on the side where the drug comes out . It is injected intradermally into areas of concern about facial and body fat.

Since the tip of the cannula (blunt needle) is round, it is difficult to damage small blood vessels, so it is said that there is a low risk of internal bleeding and redness . The cannula (blunt needle) has a soft and flexible needle and a needle hole on the side where the drug comes out, so by rotating the needle under the skin, the drug can be penetrated widely and evenly, so the needle is pierced. You can reduce the number of times.

In addition, depending on the medical institution, pain can be alleviated by surface anesthesia or laughing anesthesia. The types of injection needles and anesthesia that are handled by each medical institution differ, and there may be an optional fee, so if you are concerned about pain, please check with each medical institution in advance.

BNLS Ultimate Downtime

Since BNLS Ultimate injects the drug subcutaneously , swelling and redness may occur at the treatment site for 1 to 3 days . In rare cases, internal bleeding may occur, but in most cases it will subside within 1 week to 10 days .

When the cells of the skin tissue become inflamed , symptoms such as pain, heat, and tension may appear .

In addition, in rare cases, symptoms of numbness, itchiness, and urticaria at the treatment site may appear, but since BNLS Ultimate is mainly composed of plant-extracted ingredients, it is down compared to general lipolytic injection drugs. Since the time is short, it is said that the symptoms of pain, heat, tension, numbness, itchiness, and urticaria will subside in 2 to 3 days .

What you need to know before receiving BNLS Ultimate

Risks and side effects of BNLS Ultimate

Since BNLS Ultimate injects the drug with a needle, if the small blood vessels under the skin are damaged by the needle, internal bleeding may occur and redness may appear on the surface of the skin.

Even if the small blood vessels under the skin are damaged and bleed, innumerable platelets flowing in the blood immediately stop bleeding due to the action of forming a thrombus, so even if redness due to internal bleeding occurs, it tends to subside in about 1 week to 10 days. There is.

BNLS Ultimate is a domestically unapproved drug

BNLS Ultimate is an unapproved drug from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Drug acquisition route: The acquisition route is individual import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
Drugs to be aware of when importing personally (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Approval in Japan: No drug has the same ingredients and effects as BNLS Ultimate and has been approved in Japan.
Information on safety in other countries: Deoxycholic acid, the active ingredient of BNLS Ultimate, has obtained the following approval from the FDA in the United States.
Approval date Approved indications
2015.04.29 Moderate to severe reduction in submandibular fat in adults
Side effects of the approval: swelling, bruising, pain, redness at the injection site, and rare and serious side effects such as facial muscle weakness and jaw nerve damage.

Those who cannot receive BNLS Ultimate

  • Those with thyroid disease
  • Those who are allergic to walnuts and seaweed
  • Pregnant and lactating
  • Those who are undergoing anti-cancer drug treatment
  • Those with unhealed trauma or inflammation in or around the treatment area
  • Those with immunodeficiency diseases, those with autoimmune diseases
  • Those with microangiopathy or vascular insufficiency
  • Those who are drinking on the day of the procedure

BNLS Ultimate Treatment Flow and Price Market

BNLS Ultimate procedure flow

1) Counseling / examination

After the doctor examines whether BNLS Ultimate can be injected based on the presence or absence of allergies and the condition of the treatment site, you will be informed of the risks and precautions. Tell the doctor what you want to do and what you want to achieve, and decide where and how much to inject BNLS Ultimate.

2) Preparation for treatment (face washing, disinfection, anesthesia)

If the part you want to treat is the face, cleanse and wash the face. After disinfecting the area where BNLS Ultimate is injected, marking is performed and cooling is performed to relieve pain. When using anesthesia, apply anesthesia cream or perform local anesthesia.

3) BNLS Ultimate injection

Inject BNLS Ultimate intradermally using a fine needle or a cannula with a rounded needle tip. The time required for the procedure varies depending on the site and injection volume, but it is about 10 to 30 minutes as a guide.

4) End of treatment

Cool the treatment site for 5 to 10 minutes to control swelling and finish. When injecting into the face, it is recommended that you refrain from making up immediately after the procedure, so if you are interested, it is safe to have a mask on the day of the procedure. Makeup is possible from the next day.

BNLS Ultimate pricing

Since the BNLS Ultimate treatment is a free medical treatment that is not covered by insurance, you will be responsible for all costs. The price varies depending on the medical institution, but the market price is about 5,000 to 15,000 yen per cc excluding tax .

How to make BNLS Ultimate more effective

Do aerobic exercise for 3 days after receiving the treatment

For 3 days after receiving BNLS Ultimate, it is said that the slimming effect will be enhanced by performing aerobic exercise such as jogging or swimming for 60 minutes or more a day in order to increase metabolism.

When you do aerobic exercise, the neutral fat stored in fat cells is converted to free fatty acids and consumed as energy. In addition, aerobic exercise improves basal metabolic rate, which makes it easier for triglycerides released from adipocytes to be excreted from the body by the action of BNLS Ultimate.

Treatment that can be expected to have a synergistic effect when used together

Botulinum injection

Botulinum injection has the effect of relaxing the muscles at the injection site, leading to improvement of the condition in which the gills appear to be stretched due to the development of the masseter muscle. If you are worried about gills and want to aim for a small face, you can take a botulinum injection in addition to BNLS Ultimate to lead to a clean face line.

HIFU treatment

HIFU treatment has the effect of generating heat by ultrasonic waves in the SMAS layer, which is below the subcutaneous fat and covers the facial muscles. The heat causes the SMAS layer, which connects the skin and facial muscles, to contract, which can be expected to lift up the loose face.

Therefore, by using BNLS Ultimate together with a machine that can perform HIFU treatment such as Ursera and Dubro Gold, you can expect more efficient improvement of face line sagging and small face effect .

Thread lift

Thread lift is a procedure in which a thread is inserted under the skin of a part such as the cheek where sagging is a concern, and the skin tissue is pulled up with the thread. For those who have a lot of fat on the cheeks and mouth, you can expect a synergistic effect on improving the sagging of the face line by reducing the fat by receiving BNLS Ultimate on the face before receiving the thread lift .

Hyaluronic acid injection

Hyaluronic acid injection is a treatment that can be expected to improve wrinkles and form contours by injecting hyaluronic acid, which has the function of keeping the skin moisturized. By supplementing the volume of the skin at the injection site, it is possible to make wrinkles less noticeable and lead to improvement or aim for a high nose .


Argenes® is an injectable agent containing agarose, which is a type of polysaccharide that exists in nature, as the main component. It has the effect of supplementing the volume of the skin, and can be expected to improve wrinkles. It is also used in treatments such as contouring to trim lines.

How to choose a medical institution to receive BNLS Ultimate

BNLS Ultimate can be expected to have a small face effect and a partial slimming effect, but if you are a doctor who has little experience in slimming treatment, the subcutaneous fat will be excessively reduced and your cheeks will be burnt, or the fat that should be left It may lead to failures such as improper balance and strangely old appearance, or a difference in the way fat is attached .

When receiving BNLS Ultimate, a doctor who is familiar with skin anatomy and can accurately judge the depth of subcutaneous fat that differs depending on the face and body parts, and experience of slimming treatment including liposuction etc. If you are a rich doctor, you can rest assured that you know the balance between the fat you can reduce and the fat you should keep .