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Dermapen 4 that can improve pore problems and types of drugs that can be selected depending on po...



Dermapen 4 that can improve pore problems and types of drugs that can be selected depending on pore problems

Dermapen 4 is one of the treatments that improves the opening of pores . By making fine holes in the skin surface with a needle as fine as a hair, it promotes the wound healing power that humans originally have, and skin cells are reborn in the process of repairing the needle hole, so it is expected to have the effect of improving skin quality. I can do it.

In addition, Dermapen 4 has an excellent "drug delivery" effect that increases the penetration rate of beauty ingredients by applying various chemicals at the same time as or after the treatment with high-density holes on the skin surface. .. By combining Dermapen 4 with a drug that promotes cell growth and repair, the effect of leading to skin with inconspicuous pores can be further enhanced .

For those who want to improve pore problems, it is important to know the types of pore problems and their causes , the option menu of Dermapen 4 that leads to further improvement of pore problems, and more effective treatments when used together . .. Also, before you receive Dermapen 4, you can rest assured that you know the downtime, risks, and cases where you should avoid the procedure.

Types and causes of pore problems that can be expected to be improved by Dermapen 4

Many of the problems with pores are symptoms in which the pores are conspicuous due to the opening of the pores . There are various causes for pores to open, and the type of pore trouble is divided according to the cause .

Sagging pores

Loose pores are pores that have been pulled down by gravity from the position where the pores originally existed due to the sagging of the skin, and then stretched into an elongated drop shape and opened . It is a symptom that occurs because the function of producing collagen and elastin that keeps the skin firm and elastic is weakened due to aging, ultraviolet rays, lack of sleep, and disordered eating habits, and the skin becomes sagging.

In the case of women, it is said that the decrease in the female hormone "estrogen", which has the function of keeping the skin firm and glossy, also causes the skin to sag.

Band-shaped pores

As the slack pores progress, the pores connect to form band-shaped pores that look like lines . It is often found in the lower part of the cheek, with the pores connected by fine wrinkles.

If the skin cannot retain the necessary moisture, it may cause sagging pores and band-shaped pores. It is important to prevent UV rays that damage collagen and elastin.

Also, if you do not use facial muscles such as expressionless or prone to face down, the force to pull up the cheeks will weaken, and the slack pores will progress and become band-shaped pores, so it is important to move the facial muscles consciously. is.

Crater pores

If there are acne scars on the uneven parts of the pores , it is possible that the crater pores are in a state where the acne scars remain on the pores due to inflammation caused by the acne . In the condition of pores that are inflamed and roughened by germs, the cause is not only acne, but the skin may be damaged by forcibly pushing out the keratin plug from the pores.

Horn plug pores

Keratin plug pores are a symptom that the keratin accumulated due to the disorder of the turnover cycle, which is the rebirth of skin cells, mixes with sebum and clogs the pores, creating keratin plugs, which makes the pores conspicuous. It is often found in zones. It tends to occur more easily if you give a strong stimulus such as rubbing your skin when washing your face.

For those who are concerned about keratin plug pores, it is recommended to use a peeling that removes old keratin and dirt together with Dermapen 4.

Blackhead pores (strawberry nose)

If the keratin plugs that are clogged in the pores are left unattended, the sebum inside the keratin plugs will oxidize and darken when exposed to ultraviolet rays, stress, and oxygen in the air . Darkening of the pores tends to occur on the nose and cheeks, and especially when the tip of the nose and nose are darkened, the pores stand out and look like a strawberry, so it is also called "strawberry nose". It is effective to use a peeling together before the Dermapen 4 treatment to remove dirt from the pores.

Sebum pores

When the amount of sebum secreted becomes excessive due to various factors such as rising temperature, ready- to-eat foods, and a biased diet with a lot of lipids , the sebum pushes the outlets of the pores wide and the pores become noticeable. I will end up.

Originally, sebum mixes with sweat to form a sebum film that prevents the skin from drying out. If you remove too much sebum, such as washing your face many times a day because your face is sticky, there will be insufficient sebum to moisturize your skin and protect it from germs, and your pores will secrete sebum to protect you. In addition, it causes a vicious cycle in which the pores become greasy.

In addition, even if the skin is too dry, the skin tissue activates sebum secretion in order to protect the small amount of water inside the skin. Moisturizing is important not only to enhance the barrier function of the skin, but also to prevent excessive secretion of sebum.

Mechanism that Dermapen 4 can improve pore trouble

Dermapen 4 that can be expected to regenerate and improve skin quality

Dermapen 4 makes invisible fine needle holes on the surface of the skin by moving the needle up and down at a high speed, which is said to be 120 times per second.

By making 1,920 (16 needles x 120 times) needle holes per second at an appropriate depth depending on the thickness of the skin, the wound healing power that tries to repair the open needle holes works . Growth factors that activate cell activity to heal wounds are secreted , and skin turnover is activated along with the action of fibroblasts that produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid that maintain skin firmness, elasticity, and moisturization. and reduction.

Turnover is the metabolism of the skin, in which old cells are pushed by new cells born in the lower layers and rise to the surface of the skin, eventually becoming keratin and naturally peeling off, and the skin is reborn. That is.

How Dermapen 4 leads to improvement of pore problems

When the turnover cycle is disturbed, the ability of old keratin to peel off is also reduced, so it will not peel off and accumulate even after a certain period of time. The destination of such keratin is pores. The keratin builds up and falls into the pores as it is, forming a keratin plug, and by expanding the pores, the pores become noticeable.

Dermapen 4 treatment promotes skin cell regeneration in the process of repairing wounds, and activates turnover in the correct cycle to improve the opening of keratin plug pores and darkened pores, resulting in firm skin. I will guide you.

Dermapen 4 has the effect of activating the functions of collagen elastin, which keeps the skin firm and elastic, and fibroblasts, which produce hyaluronic acid, which is involved in moisturizing, so it is also effective in tightening loose pores and sebum pores. You can expect it.

In addition, Dermapen 4 is equipped with a scar treatment mode (ST mode), which is a scar healing (hankonchiyu) mode, as a new function, making it possible to focus on the treatment of crater-like acne scars and scars. It leads to improvement of crater pores, which is a state where acne scars are left on the pores .

Option menu (medicine) / treatment that enhances the effect when used together

When various drugs are combined with Dermapen 4, the effect of the drug is added by evenly penetrating the beauty ingredients of the drug from the fine needle holes to the depths of the skin.

The barrier function works on human skin to prevent the invasion of bacteria from outside the body. While the barrier function blocks the entry of foreign substances, the active ingredients, such as lotions and serums that are normally applied to the skin, stay on the surface of the skin and cannot penetrate deep into the skin.

However, by making a high-density needle hole on the skin surface with Dermapen 4, the active ingredient of the drug, which originally does not penetrate by just applying it, penetrates deep into the skin . This effect is called "drug delivery".

By selecting the drug to be applied according to the symptoms and wishes, the active ingredient reaches the depths of the skin and works directly on the cells, resulting in a higher effect. Here, we will introduce drugs that can improve the problem of pores.

A drug that is more effective when applied at the same time as Dermapen 4

Botulinum formulation that tightens the opening of pores in loose pores, band-shaped pores and sebum pores

Botulinum preparation is a drug that can be expected to relax muscle function, improve facial expression wrinkles and suppress gill tension due to masseter muscle development, but it is also said to have the effect of tightening pores.

By infiltrating the botulinum preparation into the shallow part of the skin where sagging pores are anxious, instead of muscles, you can expect the effect of promoting the tightening effect of sagging skin and at the same time making the opening of pores less noticeable .

By mixing soft, silky hyaluronic acid and botulinum preparation and allowing it to penetrate into shallow skin, in addition to the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid, the botulinum preparation tightens the skin , leading to improvement of sagging pores and sebum pores .

Hyaluronic acid with excellent moisturizing power for loose pores, band-shaped pores and sebum pores

Hyaluronic acid has extremely high water retention capacity and viscosity, and it is said that 1 g of hyaluronic acid has a water retention capacity of 2 liters to 6 liters. It is said that the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid leads to firm and glossy skin and improves sagging pores and band-shaped pores .

In addition, the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid not only enhances the barrier function that protects the skin from damage caused by drying, but also suppresses the excessive secretion of sebum and can be expected to be effective in improving sebum pores .

Growth factors for skin regeneration in loose pores, band-shaped pores, keratin plug pores, and darkened pores

Growth factors are a type of protein that is naturally present in the body and has the function of controlling cell activity, such as activating cells in the body and promoting cell division. It can be expected to tighten slack pores by recovering elasticity and elasticity, and to activate skin turnover, so it can also be expected to be effective for keratin plug pores and darkened pores .

PRP (platelet rich plasma) that can be expected to have a skin rejuvenation effect due to its own blood in the crater pores

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a rejuvenation treatment born from regenerative medicine that allows platelets and white blood cells extracted by centrifugation from one's own blood to penetrate the skin.

Abundant growth factors contained in platelets and white blood cells activate fibroblasts that produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. It can be expected to regenerate the cells themselves, regain firmness and elasticity from the inside, lead to glossy skin, open pores, and improve crater pores with acne scars left on the pores .

Treatment that is more effective when used in combination with Dermapen 4

Dermapen 4 can be expected to improve all pore problems, but it can be expected to be even more effective when used in combination with other treatments .

Massage peel (collagen peel) that promotes skin regeneration in loose pores, band-shaped pores and keratin plug pores and makes the pores inconspicuous

Unlike normal peels, massage peels are also called collagen peels because they allow the drug to penetrate deep into the skin without exfoliating it, promoting collagen production and giving the skin elasticity and firmness. .. Gives skin firmness and elasticity , leading to improvement of sagging pores .

It is said that while gently massaging the skin, a special peeling agent is infiltrated and fibroblasts are activated to increase collagen and improve pore opening .

In addition, the high concentration of trichloroacetic acid contained in the drug promotes skin turnover , which is said to improve the conspicuousness of pores and the roughness of pores caused by irregular texture .

In addition, kojic acid, which suppresses the production of melanin pigments, also improves dark spots and dullness. By receiving a massage peel after the treatment of Dermapen 4, the penetration rate of the drug will increase, so a synergistic effect can be expected.

The treatment menu, which combines Dermapen 4 and a massage peel (collagen peel) that penetrates while massaging a drug that promotes collagen production, is smooth like velvet, which is characterized by a soft and elegant touch and a deep luster. It is called velvet skin because it leads to glossy skin.

Hydra Facial to wash away dirt to the depths of pores while keeping moisture in keratin plug pores and darkened pores

Hydra Facial is a treatment with a machine that uses a stream of water to peel, unlike peeling that removes dead skin cells on the skin surface with a drug.

Using a drug containing beauty ingredients and water at the same time, it cleanses not only the surface of the skin but also the depths of the pores. It removes unnecessary sebum and dead skin cells, keeps the skin moisturized, and restores clear and fresh skin.

For those who are worried about keratin plugs and darkening , take a hydra facial before receiving Dermapen 4 to use old keratin, darkening, sebum and other dirt, and keratin plugs that are clogged in the back of the pores using a spiral water flow. Since it can be washed away, a synergistic effect can be expected on the wound healing power of Dermapen 4 .

Medical beauty pack (SRS mask) that increases elasticity and elasticity in crater pores, slack pores, and keratin plug pores to make pores inconspicuous

The medical beauty pack (SRS mask) is a sheet mask containing growth factors that act on beautiful skin, such as fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and epidermal growth factor (EGF). bFGF can be expected to activate fibroblasts and accelerate the healing time of wounds, and EGF can be expected to restore the disordered turnover cycle to normal.

By applying a medical beauty pack (SRS mask) after Dermapen 4 treatment, growth factors can penetrate through the needle holes and increase the ability to heal wounds, improving crater pores caused by inflammation caused by acne. It leads to glossy and healthy skin.

What you need to know before undergoing pore trouble treatment with Dermapen 4

Dermapen 4 treatment frequency and frequency

Dermapen 4 may be effective with a single treatment, but some medical institutions set a course fee to make it more effective and lead to skin with less noticeable pores. It is recommended to repeat the treatment 3 to 5 times once a month .

Pain and downtime during Dermapen 4 procedure

Pain during Dermapen 4 treatment is reduced with anesthetic cream

Since Dermapen 4 is applied with an anesthetic cream, it is said that the pain during the procedure is only a slight tingling sensation when the skin is thin or the needle is deeply pierced . If you are vulnerable to pain, please consult your doctor, such as having the needle adjust the depth of the needle while checking the pain during the procedure.

Dermapen 4 downtime

It is said that there is almost no downtime because the needle holes made by Dermapen 4 are fine and the burden on the skin is small, and the skin recovers quickly after the treatment.

However, since the depth of the needle is adjusted according to the skin's problems, if the needle is pierced deeply , symptoms such as redness and itchiness, peeling of the epidermis, and scabs may occur immediately after the procedure . It is said that it will subside in about 3 days .

Those who cannot receive Dermapen 4 / Parts that cannot be treated

Those who meet the following items may not be able to receive the treatment, so please consult with your doctor in advance.

  • Pregnant / lactating
  • Those with keloid constitution
  • Those who are allergic to anesthetics
  • Those with metal allergies
  • Those with infectious diseases
  • Those who are prone to telangiectasia / bleeding
  • Those with diabetic complications and serious illness
  • Areas with strong atopic dermatitis, eczema, rashes, redness, and itching
  • Sites with pus-related acne (can be treated if inflammation has subsided)
  • Areas with strong pigmentation after sunburn

Dermapen 4 is a domestic unapproved medical device

Dermapen 4 is an unapproved device of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Medical device acquisition route: The acquisition route is individual import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.

Drugs that should be noted in personal imports (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)

Approval in Japan: There is no medical device that has the same performance and effect as Dermapen 4 and has been approved in Japan.

Information on safety in other countries: According to Dermapen World, the developer of Dermapen 4, it has also obtained the CE mark that certifies safety and quality in Europe [* 1]. Common side effects reported in other countries include:
Redness, bleeding, internal bleeding, bruising, infection, dryness, stiffness at the treatment site

[* 1] Wins The Company Of The Year Award: DermapenWorld

Dermapen 4 price quote

Dermapen 4 is an unapproved device of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Since it is a free medical treatment and the treatment is for the purpose of beauty, medical insurance is not applied and you will have to pay the full amount.

The market price of Dermapen 4 is about 15,000 to 50,000 yen for a single facial treatment . When adding an option menu, it depends on the drug and treatment, but about 10,000 to 100,000 yen will be added to the treatment alone.

Treatment effects and risks of self-dermapen for home use

Derma stamps and derma rollers that can be used at home, and self-derma pens for home use, which are similar devices to dermapen performed at medical institutions, are generally sold, but hygiene management is not possible because they make fine holes in the skin. If used in some cases or without proper knowledge, the risk of bacterial infection increases, which may cause problems such as rough skin .

Dermapen 4 should be treated at a medical institution to prevent problems such as bacterial infection and skin damage.

In addition, household derma stamps, derma rollers, and self-derma pens are designed so that the needle does not stick deep into the skin so that they can be used safely at home. Since it is difficult for the general public to obtain an appropriate drug according to the symptoms, it is difficult to obtain the same treatment effect as the treatment performed by a doctor at a medical institution .

Treatments that can be expected to be effective for pore care other than Dermapen 4

Water light injection that leads to smooth skin with inconspicuous pores

Water light injection is a skin quality improvement treatment that directly injects a drug with a high skin-beautifying effect that contains hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidants, etc. into the shallow layer of the skin, and moisturizes, firms, elasticity, and transparency. It is said to lead to healthy skin.

To tighten the pores with a water light injection, a small amount of Botox is injected with hyaluronic acid into the shallow area of the skin . By injecting into the shallow part of the skin instead of the muscles, it can be expected to be effective not only for tightening the skin and shrinking pores, but also for wrinkles, stickiness of sebum, shine, and acne.

Injecting PRP (platelet rich plasma) with water light injection is also said to be effective in making pores inconspicuous . When the skin is regenerated by the action of PRP collected from its own blood and the turnover cycle in which old keratin is torn off is completed, new cells are created one after another to push up old cells, and the pores are opened by acne. Even crater pores in a dented state can be improved by receiving repeated treatments .

Thermacool that tightens loose pores

Thermacool is a machine that tightens the skin by irradiating high frequencies, which are one of the electromagnetic waves. It is said to improve the sagging of the skin due to aging and ultraviolet rays, and bring about firmness.

The skin is composed of the epidermis layer, dermis layer, and subcutaneous tissue from the outside, and the dermis layer and subcutaneous tissue play an important role in controlling the elasticity and firmness of the skin. In the dermis layer below the epidermis layer, there is collagen, which is a fibrous protein that adjusts the texture while maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and the subcutaneous tissue underneath supports and lifts the skin like a cushion. doing.

Thermacool is a treatment that irradiates the dermis layer of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, which is mainly the fat layer, with high-frequency energy to tighten proteins such as collagen by heat contraction and reduce excess fat. Since the surface area of the skin is contracted and the volume is reduced to reduce the effect of gravity, Thermacool is useful for improving the opening of pores due to sagging and preventing sagging.

In addition, since it has a contracting effect on the sebaceous glands, it leads to improvement in the opening of pores due to sebum by suppressing the excessive secretion of sebum .

Laser treatment / light treatment that leads to improvement of pore opening

Laser-based pore treatment uses point-like irradiation, in which the laser is irradiated not on a surface but on a collection of small dots, which creates invisible minute holes in the skin and at the same time gives a thermal stimulus to promote skin regeneration. There is a fractional CO2 laser that makes the pores less noticeable .

In addition, phototherapy irradiates light called "IPL" to react with the melanin pigment in the pores to remove darkening and downy hair in the pores, and the collagen regeneration effect of heat restores elasticity and elasticity, gradually tightening the pores. I will continue .

How to choose a medical institution to get more pore improvement effect with Dermapen 4

Dermapen 4 uses the wound healing power that humans originally have to regenerate the skin, and in addition to making pores inconspicuous, it can be expected to be effective in improving skin quality such as fine wrinkles, acne scars, and increased firmness. ..

However, because it is a procedure to make fine holes in the skin, there is a risk of causing infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and C and AIDS due to blood infection if the hygiene of the medical equipment used is not managed . It is safe to choose a medical institution that you can trust in hygiene management, such as using disposable needles as a measure against the risk of infectious diseases and firmly attaching a special body cover.

In addition, in order to fully obtain the treatment effect of Dermapen 4, it is safe to perform the treatment by a doctor who is familiar with the different skin thickness and effective needle depth for each part . For example, there is an option to receive treatment at the medical institution where the doctor who received a lecture directly on the correct treatment procedure from the training doctor of Dermapen World, the developer of Dermapen 4, is enrolled .