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Post-treatment course and downtime of velvet skin, which can be expected to have firm, glossy, an...



Post-treatment course and downtime of velvet skin that leads to firm, glossy and elastic skin

Velvetskin massages "Dermapen 4", which creates fine needle holes in the skin with ultra-fine needles and regenerates skin cells by the wound healing power that tries to repair the open needle holes, and a drug that promotes collagen production. It is a treatment menu that combines "collagen peel (massage peel)" that penetrates while .

It features a soft and elegant feel and a deep luster, and is called velvet skin because it leads to smooth and glossy skin like velvet, which is a fabric used for formal dresses.

By knowing the effects you can expect from receiving velvet skin and its mechanism, as well as downtime and precautions after treatment, you can receive the treatment with peace of mind.

Velvet skin that leads to smooth and glossy skin

Velvet skin is a treatment menu that combines Dermapen 4 and collagen peel (massage peel), and you can expect improvement of skin quality by the synergistic effect of skin cell regeneration and collagen production, rather than receiving each alone . The order is to make a fine needle hole in the skin with Dermapen 4, and then apply the collagen peel agent while massaging it to penetrate the beauty ingredients deep into the skin.

Effect and mechanism of Dermapen 4 that promotes skin regeneration

Dermapen 4 is a procedure in which the needle moves up and down at a high speed, which is said to be 120 times per second, to make invisible fine needle holes on the skin surface.

If you pierce 1,920 (16 needles x 120 times) needle holes per second at an appropriate depth depending on the thickness of the skin, the wound healing power that tries to repair the open needle holes will work.

Growth factors that activate cell activity to cure the needle holes are secreted, activating the function of fibroblasts that produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid that bring elasticity and elasticity to the skin and retain water. This will improve wrinkles, sagging, and pore opening, as well as activate the skin turnover cycle and smooth the texture .

Turnover is the metabolism of the skin, in which old skin cells are pushed by new skin cells born in the lower layers and rise to the surface of the skin, eventually becoming keratin and naturally peeling off, and the skin is reborn. That is.

If the turnover cycle is disturbed due to fatigue, stress, disordered eating habits, constipation, etc., the texture of the skin may be disturbed or the barrier function that protects the skin may deteriorate, causing skin problems such as rough skin, acne, and pimples. Will be.

In addition, Dermapen 4 is equipped with a scar treatment mode (ST mode), which is a scar healing (hankonchiyu) mode that can make needle holes to the deep layer of the skin (3.0 mm) as a new function , and crater-like acne scars. It has become possible to focus on the treatment of scars and scars .

Increased treatment effect by using Dermapen 4 drug delivery

By combining various drugs with Dermapen 4, the beauty ingredients of the drug penetrate evenly from the fine needle holes to the depths of the skin, so the effect of the drug can be enhanced .

The barrier function works on human skin to prevent the invasion of bacteria from outside the body. While the barrier function blocks the entry of foreign substances, the active ingredients, such as lotions and serums that are normally applied to the skin, stay on the surface of the skin and cannot penetrate deep into the skin.

However, by making a high-density needle hole on the skin surface with Dermapen 4, the active ingredient of the drug, which originally does not penetrate by just applying it, penetrates deep into the skin. This effect is called "drug delivery".

By selecting the agent to be applied according to each symptom and wish, such as fine wrinkles, age spots, pore opening, dry skin, and improvement of acne scars, the active ingredient reaches the depths of the skin, for example, the skin becomes firm and elastic. -Since it works directly on moisturizing collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts that produce hyaluronic acid, it can be expected to be more effective than applying the drug alone.

Collagen peel that promotes collagen production and can be expected to have a whitening effect

Collagen peel promotes collagen growth by applying a drug called "PRX-T33" that contains three components: high-concentration trichloroacetic acid, low-concentration hydrogen peroxide, and kojic acid, and makes the skin firm and glossy. It is a treatment that brings a feeling .

Ingredients of collagen peel (PRX-T33)

High concentration trichloroacetic acid

Trichloroacetic acid has the effect of promoting collagen growth by penetrating into the dermis layer of the skin and activating fibroblasts, which are cells that produce collagen.

In addition, it activates the growth factors of keratinocytes, which make up 90% or more of the epidermal layer, and can promote skin renewal (turnover) .

Low concentration hydrogen peroxide

Low-concentration hydrogen peroxide increases the growth factor (fibroblast growth factor) called "FGF" that promotes cell differentiation and proliferation, in which each cell acquires a function that suits its role, and collagen of trichloroacetic acid. It works to help growth . In addition, it suppresses inflammation due to the strong exfoliating action of trichloroacetic acid and protects the skin .

Since trichloroacetic acid is a component that produces collagen, it has been used to treat craters such as acne scars, but it has a strong skin peeling effect and downtime such as redness, scabs, and darkening cannot be avoided, so the entire face It was not suitable for treatment.

Collagen peel is made by mixing 33% trichloroacetic acid with low-concentration hydrogen peroxide, so that there is no peeling of the skin even at high concentrations, and the skin regeneration action from the dermis layer leads to firm and elastic skin.

Kojic acid

Kojic acid was discovered because the hands of Mr. Toji, a craftsman involved in sake brewing, are white and beautiful. Since it has the effect of suppressing the action of the enzyme that makes melanin, which is the cause of age spots, it can be expected to have a whitening effect that leads to improvement of age spots and dullness .

Synergistic effect of using Dermapen 4 and collagen peel together

A synergistic effect can be expected to improve skin quality by combining Dermapen 4, which makes fine needle holes in the skin and regenerates the skin by wound healing power, and collagen peel, which promotes collagen growth and leads to whitening .

Human skin has a three-layer structure from the outside: the epidermis layer, the dermis layer, and the subcutaneous tissue (mainly the fat layer). Collagen, a strong fibrous protein, occupies about 70% of the dermis layer, and hyaluronic acid, a jelly-like substance, fills the space between them while holding water.

In addition, elastin, a fibrous protein with elasticity, binds collagen to each other, giving the skin firmness and elasticity.

By making a needle hole in the skin with Dermapen 4, the active ingredient of collagen peel easily penetrates deep into the dermis layer and promotes collagen growth, which not only gives the skin firmness and elasticity, but also fine wrinkles and sagging. You can expect effects such as improvement of the skin and tightening of pores .

It is said that by repeating the treatment regularly, collagen is further increased, leading to skin where acne scars and scars are less noticeable . In addition, kojic acid , one of the components contained in collagen peel, has the effect of suppressing melanin production, aiming to improve dark spots and dullness .

Those who are suitable for velvet skin

  • Those who want to improve the firmness, luster and elasticity of the skin
  • Those who are concerned about the roughness of the skin
  • Those who want to improve dark spots and dullness
  • Those who want to make pores inconspicuous
  • Those who want to make fine wrinkles inconspicuous
  • Those who want to make acne scars less noticeable
  • Those who want to make scars less noticeable

Recommended velvet skin treatment frequency

It is said that velvet skin can be effective even once, but it can be expected to be more effective as it promotes collagen growth even more. It is recommended that you receive the treatment 3 to 5 times every 3 to 4 weeks .

Pain during velvet skin treatment

Dermapen 4 is said to cause almost no pain because the treatment is performed after applying the anesthetic cream, but there are individual differences in how pain is felt. The pain during the Dermapen 4 procedure is said to be such that you will feel a tingling sensation when you stab a thin part of the skin or deeply .

Trichloroacetic acid contained in PRX-T33, a massage peel drug, has an acid-induced exfoliation effect on the keratin. In addition, Dermapen 4 makes fine needle holes in the skin and allows the drug to penetrate in a state where the barrier function of the skin is reduced, so you may feel a feeling of heat and tingling during the massage peel treatment. It is said that you can put up with it.

Post-operative course and downtime of velvet skin

Redness may appear after velvet skin treatment, but it is said that it can be hidden with makeup and will subside in about 2 to 3 days . Peeling may occur, but it is said that it will subside in about 4 days to 1 week.

On the day of treatment Redness and tingling may occur at the treatment site.
The redness can be hidden with make-up, but the foundation cannot be used on the day of the procedure, so if you are interested, be careful not to make an important schedule immediately after the procedure.
Any medical foundation with UV protection that can be used immediately after the procedure can be used.
the 2nd day The redness begins to subside.
It gives a slightly dull impression temporarily, but it can be hidden with makeup.
You may feel a little stiff.
Third day In particular, fine peeling may start around the mouth and eyes where the stratum corneum is thin, but do not force it off.
Day 4 Fine peeling continues.
In some cases, the lotion may be slightly irritated.
Day 5 The peeling is settled and the skin becomes brighter.
It is said that you can feel the firmness, luster and smoothness.

* There are individual differences in redness, tingling sensation, and peeling.

Precautions after velvet skin treatment

Makeup and basic cosmetics that you usually use will be available from the next day

Since the skin after treatment is temporarily delicate, do not use basic cosmetics containing preservatives or additives or commercially available sunscreen for 12 hours after treatment . Any medical foundation with UV protection that is exclusive to Dermapen and can be used immediately after the procedure can be used .

Moisturize well

After the treatment, the protective film on the surface of the skin will be lost, and the evaporation of water will proceed, making it easier to dry . Therefore, take proper moisturizing care to prevent dryness . Basic cosmetics containing preservatives and additives may cause a tingling sensation, so use additive-free cosmetics for delicate skin or use moisturizing creams prescribed by medical institutions.

Prevent UV rays

After the velvet skin treatment, the barrier function of the skin is temporarily reduced. Since it is easily irritated by ultraviolet rays and is prone to troubles such as dryness and inflammation, take proper measures against ultraviolet rays so that it will not be exposed to sunlight .

Bathing starts the next day

Only shower is possible on the day of treatment (bathing starts the next day). To avoid strong irritation to the treatment area, wash your face gently without rubbing with strong force.

Avoid massage

Please refrain from massaging the treated area for a week as it may cause pigmentation if stimuli such as rubbing the skin are applied while the barrier function of the skin is temporarily reduced after the treatment.

Refrain from exercising, swimming, or drinking alcohol

Please refrain from intense sports such as redness and peeling , hot yoga, sauna, and drinking until the skin inflammation subsides. Inflammation may be prolonged or exacerbated. Chlorine pools, which are highly irritating to the skin, may also worsen the symptoms, so refrain from doing so until the redness and peeling have subsided.

Those who cannot receive velvet skin treatment / parts that cannot be treated

  • Pregnant / lactating
  • Those with keloid constitution
  • Those who are allergic to anesthetics
  • Those with metal allergies
  • Those with infectious diseases
  • Those who are prone to telangiectasia / bleeding
  • Those with diabetic complications and serious illness
  • Those with inflamed skin, those with excessively sensitive skin
  • Those with rash or herpes rash, seborrheic dermatitis
  • Those who are allergic to kojic acid
  • Areas with atopic dermatitis, eczema, rashes, redness, and itching
  • Areas with acne with pus (can be treated if inflammation has subsided)
  • Areas with strong pigmentation after sunburn

Risks and side effects of velvet skin treatment

If you have thin skin or a constitution that tends to leave scars, needle marks may appear as dots, redness, swelling, and very rarely internal bleeding, and it may take about a week to settle down .

Dermapen 4 is a procedure to make a fine needle hole in the skin, but a special cover to be attached to the main body of the device has been developed, and the tip with the needle is disposable, avoiding the risk of infection.

Flow of velvet skin treatment

1) Counseling / examination

The condition of the skin is checked by a medical examination, and the problem of the skin to be improved and whether the part is suitable for treatment are examined. If you have any concerns or doubts about the velvet skin procedure, please check at the time of counseling.

2) Face wash

To clean the treatment area, remove makeup and wash your face.

3) Anesthesia

Apply anesthesia cream and wait 20 to 30 minutes for the anesthesia to work.

4) Dermapen 4 treatment

Wipe off the anesthetic cream. In the case of the whole face, the treatment is performed by dividing the forehead, around the eyes, around the cheeks, around the nose, and around the chin, and adjusting the depth and speed of the needle according to the thickness and condition of the skin. I will.

5) Massage peel treatment

While massaging, apply the drug to the treatment area and rub it in to allow it to penetrate firmly.

6) If the tingling is strong, wash it off with cold water.

The feeling of tingling is suppressed by washing your face.

7) Cooling

After the treatment, redness and burning may occur, so cool down with a cooling mask to soothe the skin.

8) Moisturizer / sunscreen

Apply moisturizing cream and sunscreen for Dermapen and you're done. If you wish, there is also a foundation exclusively for Dermapen, so please ask a medical institution.

Velvet skin cost quote

The price of velvet skin is about 30,000 to 70,000 yen for all faces . Some medical institutions offer initial discounts, and some have set fees such as 3-time and 5-time courses.

Dermapen 4 option menu other than velvet skin

Human-derived growth factor that improves fine wrinkles, pore opening, and dullness

Growth factor (growth factor) is a general term for proteins that promote the proliferation and differentiation of specific cells (acquisition of functions that suit each cell's role) in the human body.

The main types of growth factors are epidermal cell growth factor, which promotes skin renewal (turnover), and collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and SOD (antioxidants), which are necessary to maintain skin elasticity in the dermis layer. There are fibroblast growth factors that activate such as.

Growth factors also help the regeneration of damaged cells and regenerate the skin, so it is said that applying it to the skin with needle holes with Dermapen 4 will further enhance the skin regeneration effect of Dermapen 4 . ..

MPF Rejuvenating Kit

It is a drug that contains abundant hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamins as growth factors. It improves fine wrinkles, maintains water with high-concentration hyaluronic acid, promotes cell regeneration and skin firmness .

MPF Complex Kit

It is a drug that contains hyaluronic acid and vitamins as growth factors, and evening primrose seed extract, which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and whitening effects. It improves skin color unevenness, pigmentation such as age spots and spots caused by ultraviolet rays , and leads to bright and soft skin.

Amnionix, a dry human amniotic membrane / chorion preparation that makes acne scars and scars inconspicuous

The human chorioamnionitis, a thin collagenous membrane derived from the placenta, is a highly elastic tissue that encloses the fetal growth and development in the maternal endometrium. Since it contains abundant growth factors, it has an excellent wound healing effect and is also applied to the treatment of skin ulcers, surgical wounds, and burns.

AmnioGenix, a dry human amniotic membrane / chorion preparation, can be expected to be effective in treating acne scars with conspicuous irregularities when used in combination with Dermapen 4 .

Human adipose stem cell-derived exosome preparation ASCE Plus for rough skin and atopic dermatitis

Exosomes are substances that play a role in transmitting information between cells. In addition to exosomes, ASCE Plus, a human adipose stem cell-derived exosome preparation, contains various growth factors and peptides, coenzymes, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid.

The exosomes move between cells such as epidermal cells involved in turnover and fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin, and help deliver the components of drugs involved in skin cell regeneration and anti-inflammatory to the cells. Has a drug delivery effect .

The exosome preparation ASCE Plus has anti-inflammatory effects such as redness, rough skin, acne and insect bites, and spots, dullness, and uneven color caused by inflammatory pigmentation that remain after strong rubbing or squeezing. Leads to improvement .

In addition, the action of exosomes to reconstruct the barrier function of preventing the evaporation of water inside the skin and preventing the invasion of foreign substances (allergens, bacteria, etc.) from the outside leads to a smooth and healthy skin quality. It can be expected to improve various skin problems such as sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis, dry skin, and repeated acne .

PRP (platelet rich plasma) that can be expected to rejuvenate the skin

PRP is a skin regeneration treatment born from regenerative medicine using platelets and white blood cells extracted by centrifuging the blood collected from itself. Abundant growth factors contained in platelets and white blood cells activate fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin, which give the skin elasticity and firmness.

It regenerates the cells themselves and promotes the improvement of skin quality from the inside to firm and glossy skin, so it can be expected to be effective in improving fine wrinkles, sagging pores, roughness and acne scars, and uneven crater skin .

Botulinum formulation that tightens the opening of pores

Botulinum preparations are drugs that can be expected to relax muscle function, improve facial expression wrinkles, and suppress gill tension due to the development of masseter muscles, but they are also said to have the effect of tightening pores.

By infiltrating the botulinum preparation into the shallow part of the skin where sagging pores are anxious, instead of muscles, you can expect the effect of promoting the tightening effect of sagging skin and at the same time making the opening of pores less noticeable .

Botulinum preparations act on sweat glands and sebaceous glands to reduce sweat and sebum, but it is thought that the sweat glands and sebaceous glands in the dermis atrophy and reduce volume, leading to a tightening effect and improvement of pores.

How to choose a medical institution to receive velvet skin

Dermapen 4 can be further effective by combining various option menus, so you can choose the option according to your own worries and wishes.

A medical institution that provides counseling to discuss your concerns and hopes and give you convincing advice and suggestions as to whether your skin symptoms are likely to improve with velvet skin, which is a combination of Dermapen 4 and collagen peel. If so, you can receive the treatment with confidence .

In addition, in order to obtain the full effect of Dermapen 4, it is necessary to undergo the treatment under a doctor who is familiar with the different skin thickness and effective needle depth for each part .

For example, one option is to receive treatment at a medical institution where the doctor who received a lecture directly on the correct treatment procedure from the training doctor of Dermapen World, the developer of Dermapen 4, is enrolled .