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Effect and mechanism of Chincera Plus that reduces swelling and pain with high fat dissolving action



The effects and downtime of Chincera Plus for lipolytic injections

Cincelar + is a type of lipolytic injection drug that destroys fat cells and reduces fat in the body just by injecting .

It is said that fat dissolving injection reduces the number of fat cells themselves, so there is less concern about rebound, and you can aim for partial thinning by pinpointing only the areas of concern such as facial fat and upper arms that are difficult to lose on a diet.

Chinsera Plus contains a high concentration of deoxycholic acid, an active ingredient that dissolves fat, at a high concentration of 0.8%, so while firmly destroying fat cells, pain and swelling are minimized, and fat is efficiently reduced. Therefore, it is said that the downtime is short .

In addition to the differences and downtime between Chincera Plus and other fat-dissolving injection drugs, the guideline for the amount of injection that differs for each site, and the guideline for the number of treatments and the price required to realize the effect are grasped in advance. By doing so, you will be able to receive the treatment with greater peace of mind.

Mechanism of fat-dissolving injection Chinceraplus leading to adipocyte depletion

Chinsera Plus has the effect of lysing, puncturing and destroying the cell membranes that cover the fat cells under the skin of the face and body .

Adipocytes are cells that have the role of storing triglycerides generated in the body, and when the cell membrane is destroyed by Chinceraplus, the stored triglycerides are released and contract.

The contracted adipocytes cannot maintain their function and activity as cells unless the holes in the cell membrane are closed and die. However, the necrotic adipocytes are preyed on and digested by macrophages, which are amoeba-like white blood cells, and blood vessels. It is excreted from the body together with waste products such as urine and feces through the blood cells and lymph vessels .

Mechanism of fat dissolving injection

Difficult to rebound because destroyed fat cells do not regenerate

Fat cells once destroyed by Chincera Plus will not regenerate .

Symptoms of obesity are caused by the swelling of fat cells, not the increase in fat cells. It is said that the number of fat cells is most likely to increase around the age of 10 to 18, and it is unlikely that the number will increase or decrease significantly after reaching adulthood.

The size of adipocytes that store triglycerides is generally about 0.08 mm in diameter, but those that continue to accumulate triglycerides and become hypertrophied may swell to a diameter of about 0.14 mm.

The symptom of excess subcutaneous fat on the face and body is not the increase in the number of fat cells, but the accumulation of triglycerides and the enlargement of the fat cells .

Fats and sugars ingested in the diet are absorbed in the intestines and used for energy consumed in physiological functions such as heartbeat, breathing, muscle expansion and contraction, digestion, and excretion through blood vessels, but the surplus energy is used in the liver. It is converted to triglyceride and stored in adipocytes.

When the energy required for performing physiological functions is insufficient due to strenuous exercise or hunger, the neutral fat stored in adipocytes is decomposed by enzymes and converted to free fatty acids, which are supplied to the whole body through blood vessels and again physiological functions. It is used as energy consumed in.

By dieting such as exercise and dietary restrictions, neutral fat is decomposed and the size of subcutaneous fat can be expected to decrease, but the number of fat cells themselves does not decrease, only the size of the fat cells themselves becomes smaller.

If you ingest too much fat and sugar in your diet, fat cells will re-accumulate and enlarge the triglycerides synthesized in the liver, which may lead to rebound on a general diet. There is.

On the other hand, Chincera Plus breaks down fat cells and excretes them from the body, reducing the number of fat cells themselves, so it is difficult to rebound .

Chinsera Plus reduces swelling and pain while maintaining a high fat dissolving effect

Chinsera Plus contains a high concentration of 0.8% deoxycholic acid, which has the effect of dissolving fat . Although deoxycholic acid has a high fat cell-destroying effect, it easily causes pain and swelling, so it was not suitable for aiming for face thinning, especially for those who do not have long downtime.

However, Chinsera Plus is said to have succeeded in reducing pain and swelling by adjusting the osmotic pressure and hydrogen ion concentration (pH) in the solution while blending a high concentration of deoxycholic acid.

The fat cells lysed by Chincera Plus pass through the blood and are excreted from the body over time along with sweat, urine, and stool. Therefore, it is possible to aim for natural partial thinning without being noticed by the surroundings.

Deoxycholic acid, the active ingredient contained in high concentrations in Chincella Plus

Deoxycholic acid (DOC), the main ingredient contained in Chinsera Plus, is the only pharmaceutical ingredient that has been approved by the US FDA (Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) for its fat-dissolving effect .

Deoxycholic acid, which is one of the bile acids produced in the human body, dissolves and destroys the cell membrane that covers the fat cells, thereby releasing the neutral fat stored in the cells and causing the fat cells. It has the function of necrosis.

In addition to deoxycholic acid, chincera plus has high hygroscopicity, glycerin, which is used as a moisturizer and lubricant in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and an emulsification aid to maintain a uniform mixture of active ingredients. Contains PEG-20, which acts as a dispersant, and water.

Neutral pH reduces pain during drug injection

Chinsera Plus is designed to have a neutral pH of 7 to reduce pain during drug infusion . Pain during injection is caused by the difference in concentration with the components of the body, so the pain is minimized.

Osmotic pressure that makes it difficult to feel swelling and pain

One of the causes of swelling caused by injection of deoxycholic acid is the osmotic pressure in the body, but Chincera Plus is designed to have an osmotic pressure that makes it difficult to feel swelling and pain .

Promotes the destruction of fat cells by excessively absorbing water in the fat cells

Chincera Plus promotes the destruction of adipocytes and efficiently reduces adipocytes by allowing excessive absorption of water into adipocytes by promoting hypotonic lipolysis.

Those who are suitable for Chinsera Plus

  • Those who are worried about double chin
  • Those who are concerned about cheek fat
  • Those who are worried about the fat on the nasolabial fold
  • Those who want a clean face line
  • Those who are worried that their face will not be refreshed even if they are on a diet
  • Those who want to aim for partial thinning
  • Those who are worried about the slack in their upper arms
  • Those who are concerned about belly / waist / waist fat
  • Those who are concerned about thigh / calf fat
  • Those who are concerned about back fat
  • Those who are easy to rebound even if they are on a diet
  • Those who are resistant to liposuction

Estimated site of indication and injection amount of Chincera Plus

The injection amount varies depending on the amount of fat, but the maximum injection amount at one time is about 8cc for the face and about 16cc for the body .

Applicable site Estimated injection amount
Under the chin 2cc-8cc
Forehead / eyelids 1cc
nose 1cc-4cc
Face line 2cc-5cc
Cheekbone 2cc-4cc (one side)
Cheeks around the nasolabial fold 2cc-4cc (one side)
Corner of the mouth 1cc-2cc
Upper arm / belly / thigh / back 2cc ~ 16cc

Period of effect and recommended number of Chincera Plus treatments

After injection of Chincera Plus, fat cells are slowly destroyed over a period of 1 to 2 weeks. There is no sudden change, but conversely, you can expect a partial thinning effect in a natural way without even noticing the surroundings.

There are individual differences, and one treatment may be effective, but depending on the amount of fat and the site, multiple treatments may be required.

In the case of continuous treatment, it is said that the effect is likely to be obtained by repeating the treatment every other month, about 2 to 3 times for the face and about 6 times for the body . Since lipolytic injections gradually reduce the volume, it is recommended to have repeated treatments.

Pain / downtime and risk during Chincera Plus treatment

Pain during Chincera Plus treatment

Chinsera Plus is designed to reduce pain during injections. It is said that you can tolerate pain, but if you are vulnerable to pain, use anesthesia tape or cream .

Please contact each medical institution as anesthesia may cost extra.

Chinsera Plus Downtime

Although Chinsera Plus is designed to have an osmotic pressure that does not swell easily, there are individual differences in the reaction after injection. Even if swelling is seen, it is said that it will subside in about a week .

Precautions after receiving Chincera Plus treatment

  • You can wash your face and shower from the day of the procedure.
  • Makeup is possible from 2 hours after the procedure.
  • If you take a bath for a long time from the next day, swelling may occur.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise on the day of the procedure and stimuli that improve blood circulation such as in the sauna.
  • Do not massage the treatment area for 2 days as it will interfere with the destruction of fat cells.
  • Avoid excessive drinking and smoking.

Risks and side effects of Chincera Plus

Since Chincera Plus is an injection treatment , internal bleeding may appear at the treatment site, but it is said that it will disappear in about a week .

In rare cases, if you have persistent redness or swelling, or if you have hives, you may have allergies, so please consult a medical institution as soon as possible.

Those who cannot receive Chinsera Plus

  • Those who are pregnant / lactating (including those who may become pregnant)
  • Those with microangiopathy or vascular insufficiency
  • Those with immunodeficiency or autoimmune disease
  • Those who are undergoing anti-cancer drug treatment
  • Those with ulcers or infections on the skin at the treatment site
  • Those with keloid constitution
  • Those who have eczema or psoriasis
  • Those with liver / kidney abnormalities such as decreased liver / kidney function

Chinsera Plus Expense Site

The cost of Chinsera Plus is about 12,000 to 15,000 yen per cc . Some medical institutions have set prices such as 4cc 40,000 yen and 8cc 70,000 yen, and discount prices such as 10,000 yen after 5cc.

Flow of Chinsera Plus treatment

1) Doctor counseling and medical examination

We will diagnose the suitability of the treatment and plan the number of treatments while discussing your wishes about the part you want to lose weight. If you have any doubts or concerns, please ask / consult at the time of counseling / examination by the doctor.

2) Face wash / preparation

To clean the treatment area, remove makeup, wash and disinfect. Use an anesthetic cream as needed.

3) Chinsera Plus injection

Inject the drug of Chinsera Plus. Depending on the treatment site, the procedure itself takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

4) End of treatment

Cool the treatment site for 5 to 10 minutes to prevent swelling. When injecting into the face, it is recommended that you refrain from making up immediately after the procedure, so if you are interested, it is safe to have a mask on the day of the procedure.

Comparison with fat dissolving injections other than Chincera Plus

product name Deoxycholic acid content Feature
Chinsera Plus 0.8% Although it has a high concentration of 0.8% deoxycholic acid
Pain and swelling were reduced by adjusting the pH and osmolality.
Cabelline (Cavelin) 0.5% L-carnitine (which promotes fat metabolism and decomposition),
Artichoke extract (induces adipose tissue into the blood and promotes excretion
) Suppresses pain and swelling during fat dissolving action.
FatXcore 1% Although the conventional product FatX was highly effective,
The Fat Xcore was developed because the swelling and pain were so strong.
Although it is less than the conventional product, it is easy to feel swelling and pain due to the high concentration of deoxycholic acid.
BNLS Ultimate 0.02% Downtime is short because deoxycholic acid is contained in plant-derived ingredients at the maximum concentration that does not cause side effects.

Treatment that can be expected to have a synergistic effect when used in combination with Chincera Plus

HIFU treatment that raises slack

HIFU treatment can use ultrasound to heat the SMAS layer, which is below the subcutaneous fat and covers the facial muscles. The heat causes the SMAS layer, which connects the skin and facial muscles, to contract, which can be expected to lift up the loose face.

By reducing excess fat with Chincera Plus and tightening the skin tissue with a machine that can perform HIFU treatment such as Ursera and Dubro Gold, you can expect more efficient improvement of face line sagging and small face effect .

Thread lift that pulls up slack with thread

Thread lift is a procedure in which a thread is inserted under the skin of the cheek, where sagging is a concern, and the skin tissue is pulled up with the thread. If you have a lot of fat on your cheeks or mouth, you can expect a synergistic effect on improving the sagging of your face line by injecting Chincera Plus into your face before receiving the thread lift to reduce the fat and then pulling it up with the thread lift. I will.

Botulinum injection that makes the gill-covered face look small

Botulinum injection has the effect of relaxing the muscles at the injection site, and leads to improvement of the condition in which the gills appear to be stretched due to the development of the masseter muscle, which is the muscle related to folds. If you are worried about gills and want to aim for a small face, you can aim for a clean face line by receiving a botulinum injection in combination with Chinsera Plus .

How to choose a medical institution to receive Chinsera Plus

Fat dissolving injections using Chincera Plus will have different finishes depending on the doctor's technique / span>. Especially in the facial area, the fat layer is thin, so the design power of the finish is important, and delicate injection technology is required.

If you are a doctor who has little experience in slimming treatment, you may look old, such as by mistakenly balancing the fat that should be left, and the subcutaneous fat will be excessively reduced, and your cheeks will become lumpy. It may lead to failures such as differences.

It is important to be careful when choosing a doctor or clinic, as once destroyed fat cells cannot be restored.

When receiving Chincera Plus, a doctor who is familiar with skin anatomy and can accurately determine the depth of subcutaneous fat that differs depending on the face and body parts, including lipolytic injection and liposuction. If you are a doctor with a lot of experience in slimming treatment , you can trust the treatment with confidence.