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Effects, downtime, risks and precautions of Ultraformer 3, which is one of the medical HIFU machines



Effects, downtime, risks and precautions of Ultraformer 3, which is one of the medical HIFU machines

Ultraformer 3 is a type of medical HIFU machine that can be expected to be effective for facial skin problems such as dullness, skin texture, luster, fine wrinkles, and sagging .

In addition to the same irradiation method as other HYF machines, Ultraformer 3 has irradiation methods with trademark registrations such as HYF Shower ® and HYF Eye Shower ®. Irradiation is possible according to the skin's problems. In addition, the treatment name Hythe Deep Shower ® is also registered as a trademark, and irradiation that can be expected to be effective for partial slimming is also possible.

Knowing the difference in irradiation method and the mechanism will lead to the effect you expect . In addition, you can receive the treatment with confidence by checking the downtime, risks, precautions, etc. in advance.

The energy of Ultraformer 3 called HIFU

HIFU is an abbreviation, and the official name is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Hythe machines can focus ultrasonic waves on a single point, on the same principle that the sun's rays can be focused on a single point with a magnifying glass.

The energy of Ultraformer 3 called HIFU

In addition to HYF, aesthetic medicine machines include machines that use light and high-frequency energy such as laser, IPL, and RF. Energy irradiation such as hyphen, laser, IPL, and RF can generate heat in places where energy is concentrated .

Human skin has a three-layer structure consisting of the epidermis layer, dermis layer, and subcutaneous tissue from the outside, and below that is the fascia and muscle called the SMAS layer. Depending on which part is irradiated with energy, what kind of skin troubles can be expected to be effective and slimming effect can be expected .

A diagram showing the energy_skin depth of Ultraformer 3 called HIFU

As shown in the illustration above, HYF reaches deeper into the skin than other energies. In addition, there are multiple parts called cartridges that are applied to the skin when irradiating hyphen, and the destination of energy can be changed by the cartridge, so it is possible to approach multiple layers .

Three types of effects and mechanisms you can expect from Ultraformer 3

Ultraformer 3 can be expected to have 3 types of effects by properly using 7 types of cartridges, the same irradiation method as other hyphen machines, and the combination of the hyphen irradiation method registered as a trademark for Ultraformer 3 . ..

Expected effect Cartridge to use Irradiation method
Skin tightening and lift-up 1.5mm / 2.0mm / 3.0mm / 4.5mm General hyphen irradiation
Skin rejuvenation (dullness, luster, texture, pores, fine lines, elasticity, firmness, moisture, etc.) 1.5mm / 2.0mm / 3.0mm / 4.5mm HYF Shower ® HYF Eye Shower ®
Partial slimming 6.0mm / 9.0mm / 13.0mm HYF Deep Shower ®

* HYF Shower®, HYF Eye Shower®, and HYF Deep Shower® are registered trademarks of Infix Co., Ltd. and can only be used with Ultraformer 3.

Ultraformer 3 hyphen that can be expected to tighten and lift up

For the purpose of tightening and lifting, the heat of hyphen is applied to the fascia called the SMAS layer . Since the SMAS layer is mainly made of collagen, which is a protein, it has the property of coagulating and shrinking when heat is applied, just like meat.

In Ultraformer 3, the doctor selects and irradiates cartridges of 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm, and 4.5 mm according to the depth from the epidermis to the SMAS layer, which varies from person to person. The temperature of the heat given by Ultraformer 3 is 65 ° C to 75 ° C. By irradiating the hyphen in dots, the heat is evenly applied to the SMAS layer, and the proteins in the SMAS layer are coagulated and contracted to cause the skin to shrink. It can be expected to be effective for tightening and lifting up .

Those who are suitable for Ultraformer 3 hyphen

  • Those who want to improve slack
  • Those who want to tighten the skin

Ultraformer 3 Hythe Shower® / Hythe Eye Shower® that can be expected to rejuvenate the skin

Improvements in dullness, luster, texture, pore opening, fine wrinkles, elasticity, firmness, and moisturization are called skin rejuvenation. The part that is deeply involved in skin rejuvenation is the dermis layer of the skin .

Skin structure

The dermis layer is mainly made of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, as shown in the illustration above. Fibroblasts in the dermis are cells that produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

When fibroblasts lose their function due to aging, UV stimulation, and irregular life, they cannot make enough collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid for the dermis layer. When these ingredients are insufficient, the structure of the reticulated dermis layer collapses, leading to skin aging such as pore opening, fine wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.

Therefore, when weak heat is applied to the dermis layer with Hythe Shower® / Hythe Eye Shower® of Ultraformer 3, the proteins collagen and elastin coagulate. The coagulation of collagen and elastin determines that the human body is injured and attempts to repair the injuries. In the process, the function of fibroblasts is activated and collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are increased , leading to improvement of dullness, luster, texture, pore opening, fine wrinkles, elasticity, firmness, and moisture .

HYF Shower ® is a method of irradiating the entire face , and HYF Eye Shower ® is a method of irradiating only around the eyes .

* Hythe Shower® and Hyphen Shower® are registered trademarks of INF Co., Ltd. and can only be used with Ultraformer 3.

Those who are suitable for Ultraformer 3 Hythe Shower® / Hythe Eye Shower®

  • Those who want to improve problems such as firmness and fine wrinkles around the eyes
  • Those who aim to rejuvenate the skin such as dullness, luster, texture and elasticity
  • Those who want to perform skin maintenance

HYF Deep Shower ® of Ultraformer 3 that can be expected to slim the area under the chin and areas of concern

HYF Deep Shower ® is an irradiation method that can be expected to cause partial slimming using Ultraformer 3. Irradiate the subcutaneous tissue, which is mainly made of fat, using a 6.0 mm, 9.0 mm, and 13.0 mm body cartridge.

It is designed so that the focus of the hyphen is about 8 times larger than that of the facial cartridge, so that the heat of the hyphen can be efficiently delivered to the subcutaneous tissue. Also, because the machine can be more powerful than the face, the temperature acting on the subcutaneous tissue is higher than the face irradiation.

It is said that when the heat of HYF acts on the fat in the subcutaneous tissue, the fat cells that make up the fat can be destroyed . The destroyed fat cells are absorbed and digested by macrophages (cleaning cells in the body that prey on dead cells), or flow into lymphatic vessels and blood vessels and are excreted as sweat, urine, and feces. It is said that the decrease in fat cells reduces the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue, resulting in partial slimming .

Those who are suitable for Ultraformer 3 Hythe Deep Shower ®

  • Those who are worried about sagging caused by fat under the chin
  • Those who want to do partial slimming

Number of Ultraformer 3 treatments, pain, downtime and risks / side effects

Recommended number and frequency of treatments for Ultraformer 3

HYF HYF Deep Shower ® is recommended to be performed every 3 to 6 months . There is no limit to the number of times, and it is said that repeating it will keep the skin firm and prevent sagging .

Since the output of HYF Shower ® and HYF Eye Shower ® is weaker than other treatments, it is recommended to perform 3 to 5 treatments in order to feel the effect more . It is recommended that the interval between treatments be about one month after the treatment is performed . It is said that the condition of the skin can be maintained by receiving Hythe Shower ® treatment every 3 to 6 months even after 3 to 5 treatments.

Pain during Ultraformer 3 procedure

Hythe Shower ® and Hythe Eye Shower ® are said to cause almost no pain because the output is weak . HYF and HYF Deep Shower ® have stronger output than HYF Shower ®, so it is said that you will feel squeaky pain, but it is said that you can tolerate it without anesthesia.

For those who are concerned about pain, it is possible to apply an anesthetic cream separately before performing the procedure.

Ultraformer 3 downtime

It is said that there is almost no downtime in all general hyphen irradiation, hyphen shower ®, hyphen eye shower ®, and hyphen deep shower ® treatments.

Risks and side effects of Ultraformer 3

In rare cases, heat, redness, swelling, and dull pain may occur, but all are said to settle in about a week at the longest .

What you need to know before undergoing Ultraformer 3

Precautions before Ultraformer 3 treatment

  • Avoid peel-off packs and massages the day before the procedure.
  • On the day before the procedure, avoid scrubbing agents and skin care products that are irritating to the skin, such as exfoliating the treated area.
  • If you are using topical drugs such as tretinoin or benzoyl peroxide, avoid using them from 3 days before the procedure.

Precautions after Ultraformer 3 treatment

  • Shower, bathing, make-up, and face-washing are possible from the day of irradiation, but avoid strong rubbing or hot water on the treated area as strong irritation after irradiation may cause inflammation.
  • Avoid harsh cosmetics and facial cleansers as much as possible 2-3 days after the procedure.
  • After the treatment, be careful of sunburn and take measures against ultraviolet rays such as sunscreen.
  • It is easy to dry after the treatment, so please moisturize it sufficiently.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, saunas, long baths, gyms, etc. for 2-3 days.
  • Please refrain from massaging the treated area for 2 to 3 days after the treatment.

Those who cannot or cannot receive Ultraformer 3 treatment

  • Pacemaker users
  • Those who have embedded silicon, metal plates, etc.
  • People with diabetes and heart disease
  • Those who have a fever
  • Those who have an infection or severe skin disease at the treatment site
  • Those with keloid constitution
  • Those who are pregnant or may become pregnant

Ultraformer 3 is a domestically unapproved medical device

Ultraformer 3 is a domestically unapproved medical device . Therefore, please understand that there are the following points to be noted when considering the treatment, and decide whether to perform the treatment after receiving sufficient explanation about the risks and side effects at the medical institution .

Ultraformer 3 is a domestic unapproved medical device.
Medical device acquisition route: The acquisition route is individual import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
Drugs to be aware of when importing personally (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Approval in Japan: There is no other medical device that has the same performance and operation as Ultraformer 3 and has been approved in Japan.
Information on safety in other countries: European CE, KFDA (Korea) approved

Medical hyphen machine used for cosmetology other than Ultraformer 3

Not all HYF machines used in cosmetology other than Ultraformer 3 can handle all skin problems and slimming. There are machines that only deal with skin problems, machines that only deal with slimming, and machines that deal with both skin problems and slimming as well as Ultraformer 3.

Each machine has multiple cartridges that illuminate the hyphen, and some machines can irradiate the hyphen to a different depth than the Ultraformer 3 .

Machine name Cartridge type Skin troubles Partial slimming
Ursera 1.5mm / 3.0mm / 4.5mm ×
Ultracell Q Plus 1.5mm / 3.0mm / 4.5mm
6.0mm / 9.0mm / 11.0mm / 13.0mm
Sono Queen 2.0mm / 3.0mm / 4.5mm ×
Dubro 1.5mm / 3.0mm / 4.5mm
Liposonics 8.0mm / 13.0mm ×
Lipocell 8.0mm / 11.0mm / 13.0mm ×

Ultraformer 3 Treatment Flow / Price Market

Ultraformer 3 procedure flow

1) Medical examination and counseling

You will be examined by a doctor regarding the condition of your skin and the desired treatment. If you have any questions, please check at this time and be convinced before receiving the treatment.

2) Cleansing / washing face (in case of facial treatment)

When performing facial treatment, cleansing and washing the face are performed to clean the treated area.

3) Apply gel

Apply gel to improve hyphen penetration.

4) Irradiation

Cartridges are selected according to skin problems and slimming, and HYF irradiation is performed.

5) Cooling

After the hyphen irradiation, the inside of the skin becomes hot, so cool it to calm the skin.

Ultraformer 3 Price Market

The amount of Ultraformer 3 treatment varies depending on the irradiation method such as general HYF irradiation, HYF Shower ®, HYF Deep Shower ®. Some medical institutions set rates for multiple sets.

All Ultraformer 3 treatments are not covered by insurance, so you will have to pay the full amount.

General hyphen irradiation price (per time)

Treatment site Price quote
Face-under chin 50,000 yen to 200,000 yen
Face-neck 90,000 yen-250,000 yen
Eyes 15,000 to 100,000 yen
Neck (excluding thyroid gland) 20,000 yen to 50,000 yen

HYF Shower ® price (per time)

Treatment site Price quote
face 30,000 yen-100,000 yen
Face-under chin 40,000 yen-100,000 yen

HIFI Shower ® price (per time)

HYF Eye Shower ® is a treatment only around the eyes, and the market price is 20,000 to 50,000 yen .

HYF Deep Shower ® Price Market (per time)

Assuming that 10 cm x 10 cm is a part of Hyf Deep Shower ®, the market price is 18,000 to 50,000 yen per part .

In addition, some medical institutions set fees for each part such as the abdomen, waist, and thighs.

How to choose a medical institution to receive Ultraformer 3 treatment

There are multiple irradiation methods for Ultraformer 3, and the skin problems that can be expected to be effective differ depending on the irradiation method. Choosing a medical institution that offers irradiation methods tailored to multiple skin problems will lead to the expected effects.

In addition, there are seven types of cartridges that can be attached to the machine, and the cartridge will be selected according to the individual skin thickness. Therefore, if you are a medical institution that owns multiple cartridges, you can receive the treatment with confidence.