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Skin diagnostic imaging VISIA selects the optimal treatment and visualizes the therapeutic effect



Skin diagnostic imaging VISIA selects the optimal treatment and visualizes the therapeutic effect

When you have a problem with your skin and receive cosmetic treatment, do not just blindly receive it, but first know your skin condition correctly, do not choose the wrong treatment method, and after receiving treatment It is important to determine the exact therapeutic effect and then correctly determine what kind of treatment to continue or end.

In many medical institutions, when performing treatment, a camera such as a single-lens reflex camera or smartphone is used to take pictures before and after the treatment or after each re-examination to record the progress of the treatment, but the surrounding light conditions and The difficulty was that the actual effect was distorted depending on the shooting time, shooting location, and face angle.

Therefore, VISIA, a skin image analysis counseling system, is useful for objectively and correctly diagnosing skin conditions, examining treatment methods, and determining accurate therapeutic effects .

Visia helps to accurately analyze the condition of each person's skin and guide the optimal treatment method for that person .

Learn what you can find out with Visia and the benefits of skin diagnosis with Visia, and use it for treatments that improve skin problems.

VISIA, a skin image analysis counseling system

VISIA is a facial skin image analysis counseling system developed by Canfield Scientific (Canfield Scientific) in the United States.

Color photography can analyze spots, wrinkles, pores, skin texture , and UV photography can analyze hidden spots, acne metabolites (porphyrins) that cause acne, and pigmentation .

Not only the spots that are currently appearing, but also the potential hidden spots can be seen, so treatment and care for the hidden spots can prevent the spots from surfaced.

In addition, by comparing the analysis results with the average value of the same age group held by Visia, it is possible to know the skin age and objectively evaluate the current skin condition.

Visia accurately analyzes skin condition with the latest photography and analysis technology

For Visia, when the chin is placed in place and the position of the forehead is fixed, the camera rotates smoothly around the face, and the left, right, and front faces can be automatically and continuously photographed.

3D position matching of front and back photos is less likely to cause errors

Visia is a three-dimensional position matching function that makes it difficult for errors in image analysis to occur due to misalignment of the shooting position, so the analysis results are accurate .

You can acquire various image data such as facial spots, wrinkles, textures, pores, brown spots and red areas with one shot. From the second time onward, the position of the first shooting is displayed, making it easy to align the face .

Always shoot with constant lighting

Since the lighting of Visia is always constant, it prevents changes in the color tone of photographs taken before and after surgery, and changes in the color tone of photographs taken at the time of re-examination .

For example, in the course of treatment for age spots, if the skin looks whiter and brighter than it actually is due to the difference in the angle of illumination, the exact treatment effect cannot be known. Visia can shoot under the same lighting conditions, so you can see exactly how it changes over time.

Color and UV photography can be taken and analyzed in one shot

Visia can take and analyze color and UV photographs in one unit . You can analyze spots, wrinkles, pores, and skin texture from color photographs .

From UV photographs, it is possible to analyze hidden spots, porphyrin, which is a biotransformer of P. acnes that causes acne, and melanin and hemoglobin, which make up the skin color .

Check for light spots and chloasma

It is effective in treating spots and chloasma because it allows you to clearly see light spots and chloasma that are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye .

Aging simulation image

Based on the analysis results , you can see a simulation image of the skin of the future that has aged, what will happen if you leave the spots and wrinkles that have not appeared yet without proper care. I will.

Abundant report patterns

Visia data can be displayed not only as images but also as numerical values such as the number of spots and wrinkles, percentile score (skin age), etc., showing how much it has changed in an easy-to-understand manner with graphs, etc., and creating reports with various patterns. It is possible to.

You can optionally print with advice and comments from doctors and nurses.

Nine analysis functions for blemishes, wrinkles, skin texture, etc.


Based on the three items of color, size, and shape, all pigmentation on the skin surface is analyzed from the color image . You can also see thin spots, chloasma, and freckles that are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

Hidden Jimi

Analyze the location and number of potential stains that have not yet appeared on the skin surface . By taking measures against the confirmed hidden stains, it is possible to prevent the appearance of stains as soon as possible.


Wrinkles are thin and linear, and are analyzed by capturing the characteristics that they are darker than the surrounding skin color. It is possible to read the number of wrinkles on the surface of the skin .

Skin texture

Analyze skin uniformity by analyzing the smoothness of the skin surface. You can compare the color of the center within a certain range with other colors to judge the unevenness of the skin .


Analysis is based on the characteristics that the pores are recessed from the surrounding area and have shadows. Read the number and shape of pores . It can be evaluated in the treatment of improving pore opening and sagging pores.

Skin color

The main components that make up the color of the skin are two types of pigments, melanin and hemoglobin. In Visia, the improvement effect of melanin and hemoglobin can be measured by separating and imaging melanin and hemoglobin. In the treatment of red face, acne and pigmentation, you can check more accurate evaluation indexes before and after treatment .

Porphyrin (a metabolite of P. acnes that causes acne)

By analyzing the amount of porphyrin, a metabolite of P. acnes that causes acne, it is possible to understand whether or not the skin is prone to acne. It is possible to understand the cause of acne and propose acne treatment that suits each individual.

Skin age

Visia has created a database of measurement results for 109,300 people (11,000 Japanese skin) in total. It is possible to calculate the age correlation from the database and compare the average value of the same age group with your own analysis result .


Eyelashes can be evaluated on a 5-point scale based on average length and volume , and eyelash growth can be evaluated.

Examples of using Visia to guide the optimal treatment method with accurate analysis power

Effective treatment method can be selected by accurate skin diagnosis

With Visia, you can choose effective skin treatments based on the right predictions .

For example, blindly laser treatment or IPL treatment of chloasma may worsen it, so special treatment for chloasma is required. If you think you are worried about dullness, but you actually have chloasma, you can prevent the symptoms from getting worse by making a wrong decision .

There are different types of stains, and how to deal with them depends on the type of stain. However, there is not always one type of stain. Different types of stains may occur at the same time.

The thinly spread liver spots may be overlaid with other spots such as senile pigment spots (Nikko Kuroko) and freckles. In addition, the liver spots that spread thinly under the dark spots may overlap and go unnoticed. If you don't see any improvement after starting the treatment for age spots, you need to reconfirm the type of age spots you have.

You can even find trouble reserves hidden in your skin

You can analyze potential spots that are not yet visible, and you can check the metabolites of P. acnes, which is the causative agent of acne, so even if it has not appeared yet, there are problems hidden in the skin. You can prevent troubles by dealing with them as soon as possible without overlooking .

Visualization of therapeutic effect

For those who are continuing treatment, if you take a picture with Visia each time you return to the clinic, you can immediately compare the changes, so you can use it to continue regular treatment while objectively checking the effect of treatment.

For example, even those who are undergoing laser toning treatment that gradually thins spots, chloasma, freckles, etc. by repeating the number of times without activating melanocytes that cause spots and chloasma with mild treatment are also objective. Being able to experience the effects will lead to motivation to continue treatment.

Skin data that can be used for choosing home care cosmetics

Home care cosmetics, which I had somehow selected by my own judgment, can be selected based on the data by knowing the condition of my skin correctly .

Flow and time required for skin diagnosis by Visia

1) Counseling / examination

Examine the current skin condition. If you have any concerns, hopes, uncertainties, or concerns, please consult your doctor during counseling.

2) Preparation

For accurate photography, wash your face to keep it clean and free of makeup, sebum and dirt.

3) Shooting

Take a photo of the front of the face and the oblique position (left and right) in Visia. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes. When shooting, fix your face and shoot from the left, right, and front.

4) Skin diagnosis

We will receive an explanation from the doctor about the analysis results in Visia and discuss future treatment policies.

Visia's skin diagnostic imaging to help you continue treatment with peace of mind

Visia's skin image analysis counseling system has the advantage of being able to objectively evaluate the therapeutic effects of cosmetology and the effects of skin care at home, as well as recommending treatment based on accurate analysis results .

For those who want to improve their skin problems, in order to receive treatment with peace of mind in an environment where the therapeutic effect can be objectively judged, a medical institution that can receive counseling using Visia when receiving counseling and treatment is recommended. Choosing is also an option .