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Effect of dermal filler Argenes® on nose and chin ・ Difference from hyaluronic acid and duration



Effect of dermal filler Argenes® on nose and chin ・ Difference from hyaluronic acid and duration

Argenes® is one of the dermal fillers (Hifuju Tenzai) that has the effect of supplementing the volume of the skin , and is mainly intended to raise the height of the nose and to improve deep wrinkles. It is used in the treatments that have been performed.

Algenes® is a series of multiple products, and each product has different ingredients and suitable worries. In addition, the properties of the main component and the injectable agent are different from those of the hyaluronic acid injectable agent, which is known as a general dermal filler.

Therefore, when considering the treatment, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the main components contained in Algenes ® and the differences between each product in the series, as well as the differences from hyaluronic acid injection, the guideline of duration, and the risk of downtime in advance. It is important to understand.

Algenes®, which has the effect of supplementing the volume of the skin

Algenes ® is an injectable that has the effect of supporting the skin from the inside and supplementing the volume , leading to improvement of wrinkles, contouring to shape the forehead and face line, and raising the nose height . .. It is an injectable agent developed by Advanced Aesthetic Technologies, a US pharmaceutical manufacturer, and is sometimes called "botanical filler" as the treatment name.

Algenes ® is an injectable agent containing a substance called agarose, which originally exists in nature and is also used in foods, etc., and is a series with multiple products, each of which is a member state of the EU (European Union) We have obtained the CE mark that certifies that we meet the safety standard conditions . In addition, after injection, it is gradually decomposed in the body, but it is said that no foreign matter remains in the process.

Ingredients contained in Algenes ®

Argenes ® is a fibrous substance (polysaccharide) in which multiple sugars called agarose are linked, which is contained in the algae (gelidiaceae), which is a kind of seaweed and is a member of algae such as wakame seaweed and marimo. It is an injection agent whose main component is. Agarose is a naturally occurring substance that is not toxic to the human body and is also the main component of agar, a jelly-like food.

When viewed as a tiny unit, agarose is like a fine fiber with a structure in which multiple sugars called galactose are bound. In addition, agarose is said to have a molecular structure that does not easily bind to water.

Agarose has the property of melting or solidifying into a gel due to changes in temperature, and when it is in the form of a solution at high temperatures, each of the small agarose fibers is dispersed separately, but at low temperatures, each fiber is dispersed. It has the characteristic of gelling when it is densely entwined with each other. It usually melts at 80 ° C to 95 ° C and gels at 32 ° C to 45 ° C.

Image of action of Argenes

Agarose is a naturally occurring substance that easily blends into the skin. In addition, it can form an excellent and durable gel even at low concentrations, so even a small amount added as a component of the formulation gives the formulation flexibility and elasticity. I will. By injecting a gelled injectable with flexibility and elasticity into the skin, you can expect the effect of lifting the skin from the inside and supplementing the volume .

Other ingredients in Algenes® include saline, which is used in the medical setting to dilute injections and clean wounds. In addition, although hyaluronic acid is added to some products in the series, it is said that there is almost no risk of causing an allergic reaction because it does not contain a chemical substance called a cross-linking agent (kakyozai).

Difference between Argenes ® and hyaluronic acid injection

Hyaluronic acid injection is generally known as an injection procedure that can improve wrinkles and aim for contouring. Hyaluronic acid is a jelly-like substance that originally exists in our human body such as the skin and eyeballs. In addition to being viscous, it tries to return to its original shape even if it is temporarily deformed by external pressure. It has elasticity.

When viewed as a small unit, hyaluronic acid has a chain-like structure in which glucuronic acid, a type of acid, and N-acetylglucosamine, a type of sugar, are alternately linked. Hyaluronic acid, which originally exists in nature, has excellent viscoelasticity because it has a structure in which each of the chains that make up this hyaluronic acid is naturally connected.

On the other hand, artificially made hyaluronic acid used in cosmetological treatments does not have a structure in which hyaluronic acid chains are naturally connected. Hyaluronic acid, which has no chain-to-chain bond, is easily decomposed and absorbed by enzymes in the body, so general hyaluronic acid injection agents have an adhesive called a cross-linking agent added to connect the chains together. I will .

Structural image of hyaluronic acid

In addition, hyaluronic acid has the property of swelling by absorbing water, so the injected hyaluronic acid may absorb the water present in the skin, causing the treatment site to appear to swell and spread a little more than it was originally. Algenes ® is also a type of hyaluronic acid in which a cross-linking agent is not added , although there are injections containing trace amounts of hyaluronic acid in some of the series.

In addition, since agarose has the property of not easily absorbing water, it is said that there is almost no risk of the treatment site swelling and changing its shape after injection . Therefore, it can be said that it is suitable for those who are resistant to injections containing chemical substances such as cross-linking agents and those who have experience of swelling due to hyaluronic acid injection in the past.

Argenes® is a bioabsorbable injectable

After injection, Algenes ® is preyed on by macrophages, which are amoebic white blood cells in the body, and has the property of gradually decreasing naturally . It is said that the injectable will eventually be completely absorbed and disappear over the years, so it is also suitable for those who are worried about foreign substances remaining in the body.

In addition, it is an injectable agent that is said to be able to dissolve after injection with hyaluronidase (degrading enzyme preparation).

Those who are suitable for Algenes®

  • Those who wish to use a natural injection that does not contain cross-linking agents
  • Those who want to aim for an impressive tear bag
  • Those who want to increase the volume of their lips
  • Those who want to improve wrinkles such as marionette lines and nasolabial folds
  • Those who want to trim the contours of the chin and cheeks
  • Those who want to raise the height of the nose

There are four types of Algenes ® and their characteristics

The Argenes® series, which has multiple products, differs in the concentration of agarose contained in each product and the presence or absence of hyaluronic acid, and is suitable for each treatment purpose such as wrinkle treatment and contouring as follows. The injectable is also different.

type Ingredients Main adaptation
Algeness® LD Agarose: 1%
Saline: 99%
・ Small wrinkles around the eyes ・ Volume up of lips, etc.
Algeness® HD Agarose: 1.5%
Saline: 98.5%
・ Wrinkles such as marionette lines ・ Increased volume of lips, etc.
Algeness® VL Agarose: 2.5%
Hyaluronic acid: 0.5%
・ Moderate to severe wrinkles ・ Contouring to shape chin etc. ・ Rhinoplasty that raises the height of the nose
Algeness® DF Agarose: 3.5%
Hyaluronic acid: 0.4%
Saline: 96.1%
・ Contouring to shape deep wrinkles, chin, etc. ・ Volume up near cheeks ・ Rhinoplasty that raises the height of the nose, etc.

When receiving a treatment, the medical institution will consult with a doctor to determine the optimal injection agent, depending on the worries you want to improve and the ideal finish. In addition, the types of injectables we handle differ depending on the medical institution, so please check the website of each medical institution or contact information before considering the procedure.

Algeness® LD

Algeness® LD tends to be selected for treatments mainly aimed at fine wrinkles around the eyes and volume up of the lips, and is an injectable consisting of 1% agarose and 99% saline. is. In addition, Algeness® LD is an orange package that includes an injection 0.5cc, a syringe (injection tube), and an injection needle with a fineness of 0.3mm (30G), respectively.

The action of agarose, which can form an excellent and durable gel even at a low concentration, can be expected to improve fine wrinkles by lifting the skin at the injection site from the inside, and it is impressive with the volume of the lips. It is possible to aim at the mouth .

Algeness® HD

The injection containing 1.5% agarose and 98.5% saline is Algeness® HD, which is used mainly for marionette lines and other wrinkles, when aiming to improve facial wrinkles caused by facial habits, and lip volume. It is an injectable that tends to be selected for the purpose of improving .

It looks like a purple package, each with 1.4cc of injection, a syringe, and an injection needle with a fineness of 0.3mm. The soft and elastic agarose gel can be expected to have the effect of making wrinkles less noticeable by supplementing the volume of the skin at the injection site.

Algeness® VL

Algeness® VL is an injectable containing 2.5% agarose, 97% saline, and 0.5% natural hyaluronic acid without crosslinkers. The green package includes 1.4cc of injection, syringe, and 0.4mm (27G) injection needle, respectively.

Since it has the effect of lifting and supporting the skin at the treatment site from the inside , when aiming to improve moderate to severe wrinkles that become noticeable with aging such as nasolabial folds, contouring to shape the chin and forehead, nose It is mainly used for treatments such as ridged nose that raises the height of the skin . In addition, because it contains hyaluronic acid, which has the function of storing water, it can be expected to have the effect of supplementing the amount of water in the skin.

Algeness® DF

The highest concentration of agarose in the series, it contains 3.5% agarose, 96.1% saline and 0.4% uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid. It has the effect of firmly supplementing the volume of the skin, and can be expected to have the effect of improving deep wrinkles that become noticeable with aging .

In addition to wrinkle treatment, it is also suitable for treatments such as contouring to shape the forehead and chin and ridged nose to raise the height of the nose . Like Algeness® VL, it contains hyaluronic acid, which does not contain cross-linking agents, so it can be expected to have the effect of supplementing the water content of the skin. A blue package with 1.4cc injection, syringe and 0.4mm injection needle.

Treatment method, pain / injection amount and duration of Algenes®

Algenes ® treatment method and pain

When performing treatments such as wrinkle treatment and contouring with Argenes®, a needle with a pointed tip of 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm or a structure with a rounded tip and a hole from which the preparation comes out is on the side. In most cases, an injection needle called a cannula is used.

The thinner the injection needle, the less pain it feels when it is inserted into the skin, and the less likely it is to damage the small blood vessels that exist under the skin. However, when injecting a sticky preparation, a certain thickness is required because if the injection needle used is too thin, it will be difficult for the preparation to pass through the inside of the needle and it may interfere with the procedure. ..

Image of cannula

Since the cannula is an injection needle with a rounded tip, it reduces the risk of internal bleeding due to damage to small blood vessels under the skin during the procedure. In addition, since there is a hole on the side where the preparation comes out, it is possible for the practitioner to control the direction in which the preparation is injected by rotating the needle after passing it subcutaneously.

Although there are individual differences in the pain during the Algenes® procedure, you will feel a tingling sensation when inserting the injection needle into the skin . In order to reduce the pain during the procedure, some medical institutions add lidocaine, an anesthetic component that temporarily paralyzes the sense of pain, or apply an anesthetic cream before injection.

Therefore, if you are not good at pain or are anxious, please check the homepage of each medical institution or contact information in advance for the measures you are taking to reduce the pain. However, the types of injection needles and the presence or absence of anesthesia treatment differ depending on the medical institution, and the use of cannula and anesthesia is treated as an option and may incur additional costs.

Estimated injection amount of Algenes ®

When aiming to improve wrinkles, the range of wrinkles, the depth of wrinkles, and the desired finish when aiming at contouring, etc., the injection amount of Algenes ® varies from person to person. When deciding the specific injection amount, the doctor will make a proposal by fine-tuning the injection agent suitable for the problem you want to improve in 0.1cc units .

For example, in the case of a procedure aimed at increasing the volume of the lips, it is said that about 0.5cc of Algeness® LD or Algeness® HD is injected. Even if you want a dramatic change, there is a risk of an unnatural result if you inject a large amount in one treatment, so you need to listen carefully to the doctor's advice when deciding the injection amount.

Duration of Algenes® and frequency / frequency of treatments

There are multiple injections in the Algenes® series, but each one tends to have the effect of making wrinkles less noticeable and supplementing the volume of the skin immediately after receiving the treatment . However, the duration of the effect varies from product to product as follows, depending on the concentration of the main component, agarose.

type Estimated duration
Algeness® LD 3-4 months
Algeness® HD 4-8 months
Algeness® VL 8-12 months
Algeness® DF 10 to 15 months

If you feel that the effect has decreased over the years after receiving the treatment, you can continue the effect by repeatedly receiving the treatment . It is said that there is no particular upper limit to the number of treatments, and if you want to continue the change due to the treatment, you should receive the re-injection treatment when wrinkles become noticeable again or when the volume is lost. Is recommended.

Algenes® Downtime, Risks and Side Effects

Algenes® downtime and post-treatment progress guide

In addition to the fact that the injection of Argenes ® does not perform any treatment that is burdensome to the body such as incision of the skin, it is not an injection that acts on and damages the surrounding skin cells, so it is a treatment with almost no downtime . .. After the treatment, the injection may cause the treatment site to appear slightly swollen, but it usually tends to become less noticeable in about 2 days.

If small blood vessels are damaged when the needle is inserted into the skin, bleeding may occur and internal bleeding may occur for several days after the procedure, but it usually subsides over time. In addition, you may feel slight pain in the treatment area, but it is said that it will subside in about 3 days.

Algenes® can be expected to improve wrinkles and shape the contours of the nose and chin, but the infusion is naturally decomposed in the body over time, so the effect is not permanent. .. As the volume of the injectable agent decreases after a certain period of time has passed after the treatment, the effect of compensating for the volume increase at the injection site also gradually diminishes.

Risks and side effects of Algenes®

The main risks and side effects that may occur with the Algenes® injection procedure are swelling due to the injection agent, internal bleeding due to the injection needle, and slight pain after the procedure .

Both are temporary and are usually said to improve over the course of days, but in the unlikely event that the pain becomes stronger or swells gradually with each passing day, avoid self-treatment so as not to worsen the symptoms. , Please consult the medical institution that received the treatment.

In addition, excessive injection may result in an unnatural finish, and if the treatment is performed by a doctor who lacks the skills and knowledge regarding the injection procedure , the finish may differ from side to side. There is a risk that the injectable will be accidentally injected into the blood vessel and block it.

What you need to know when receiving Algenes® treatment

Those who cannot receive treatment (contraindications)

  • Pregnant and lactating
  • Those with serious systemic diseases including autoimmune diseases
  • Those who have unhealed trauma or inflammation in or around the treatment area
  • Those who have been diagnosed as unable to receive treatment at other medical institutions

Precautions after receiving the treatment

Makeup is possible from the day you receive the treatment, and you can return with the makeup on after the treatment. You can wash your face or shower from the day if you do not give a strong stimulus to the treatment site, but it is recommended to refrain from bathing for a long time for about 3 days to stabilize the treatment site.

In addition, redness and itchiness may occur at the injection site, so please refrain from drinking alcohol, sun exposure for a long time, or strenuous exercise on the day of the procedure. Massage, beauty treatment, and dental treatment for the treatment site will be possible from one week after the treatment. In addition, you should consult your doctor at a medical institution if you wish to receive other cosmetological treatments after Algenes®.

Algenes ® is an unapproved drug in Japan

Algenes ®, which has four types of injectables, has obtained the CE mark, but it is an unapproved drug that has not been approved in Japan. When considering the procedure, please make a decision after receiving sufficient explanation about the risks and side effects from the medical institution while taking the following precautions into consideration.

Algenes® is an unapproved drug in Japan.
Drug acquisition route: The acquisition route is individual import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
Drugs to be aware of when importing personally (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Whether or not it is approved in Japan: There is no other drug that has the same ingredients and actions as Algenes ® and has been approved in Japan.
Information on safety in other countries: Algeness® LD, Algeness® HD, Algeness® VL, and Algeness® DF are CE marked drugs. No serious side effects have been reported with contraindicated treatments, but common risks include temporary swelling and internal bleeding, minor pain / redness / itchiness, and laterality. Can be mentioned.

Other treatments that have similar effects to Algenes®

There are various types of injectables used in infusion treatment, but since they basically do not involve surgical procedures, they can be said to be cosmetological treatments that can be received relatively easily with short downtime. Other than Algenes®, there are the following types of main injectables that can improve wrinkles and aim for contouring, and each has different characteristics such as the main component and expected action.

type Main component / expected action
Hyaluronic acid injection By injecting hyaluronic acid, which is a jelly-like substance with excellent viscoelasticity, the volume of the skin is supplemented.
Rejuran Inject a salmon-derived DNA-based preparation that has the effect of promoting growth factors and assisting skin cell regeneration.
Lady Esse Calcium hydroxyapatite, a substance that is naturally present in the body, is infused to supplement the volume of the skin.
Snekos Inject a cross-linking agent-free hyaluronic acid and a preparation containing multiple amino acids as the main components to promote the production of collagen and elastin.
Elance Aiming to improve and tighten overall skin quality by injecting a PCL-based preparation that promotes collagen production

We will confirm the characteristics of each injectable agent and the differences from Algenes ®.

Hyaluronic acid injection

Image of hyaluronic acid injection

Hyaluronic acid injection is a procedure in which hyaluronic acid, which is a type of mucopolysaccharide that has viscoelasticity and is naturally present in the human body, is infused with a preparation containing a cross-linking agent that binds hyaluronic acid to each other. ..

The hardness of the injection agent can be adjusted by the cross-linking agent, and treatments such as a soft injection agent for making shallow wrinkles inconspicuous and forming a tear pouch, and a hard injection agent suitable for contouring the nose and chin, etc. There are various products for different purposes. Generally, it is said that the larger the ratio of the cross-linking agent contained in the total amount of the injection agent, the easier it is for the injection agent to have a hard finish.

The duration varies greatly depending on the product, but as a guide, it is 6 to 24 months, and there is almost no downtime. The difference from Argenes® is that hyaluronic acid may swell and spread by absorbing water, in addition to the presence or absence of a cross-linking agent, but since Algenes® does not easily absorb water, the risk of spreading after injection is low. It is said that.


Image of rejuran injection

Rejuran is an injectable agent containing polynucleotide, which is DNA derived from salmon, as the main component. Polynucleotide is a growth factor that is a protein that helps the regeneration of skin cells damaged by stimuli such as ultraviolet rays and activates cell activity. It has the effect of promoting an increase .

The increase in growth factors activates fibroblasts (senigasaibo), which produce collagen and elastin, which are proteins responsible for skin firmness and elasticity, and the skin becomes firm and elastic little by little. It tends to be a natural change . In addition, the duration of the effect is about 3 months as a guide, and basically the treatment can be performed regardless of the site.

Rejuran is a series with multiple types of preparations, and some preparations can be expected to supplement the volume of the skin, but when the purpose is to make dents and scars on the skin caused mainly by trauma and acne inconspicuous. The difference is that it is selected for , and is basically not used for contouring and nasal prosthesis treatments such as Algenes® .

Lady Esse

Lady Esse is an injection containing calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), which consists of calcium and phosphoric acid, as the main component, and contains a gel that wraps water and CaHA. CaHA is an ingredient that has been used for many years in fields such as plastic surgery and dentistry. It can be used as an injection by making it into fine particles and wrapping it in a gel, and it is said that there is little risk of causing allergies.

Lady Esse is good at contouring because it has moderate hardness and has the property of firmly lifting and supporting the skin at the injection site from the inside, and it is a treatment that mainly guides the nose and chin sharply and raises the height. It is utilized in. However, due to its hardness, when injected into the shallow layer of skin, there is a risk of lumps, etc., and injection into the shallow layer of skin is not suitable .

You can feel the effect immediately after receiving the treatment, but after injection, it is gradually decomposed and absorbed by macrophages in the body, so the duration is about 10 to 18 months. In addition, it is said that Algenes ® can be decomposed by hyaluronidase, but Lady Esse cannot be restored to its original state for the duration because there is no decomposition agent .


Snekos is a formulation containing hyaluronic acid, which does not contain chemical substances such as cross-linking agents, and 6 types of amino acids . By stimulating fibroblasts and promoting the regeneration and proliferation of collagen and elastin, which have decreased due to the effects of aging and ultraviolet rays, it has the function of bringing firmness and elasticity to the skin.

It can be expected to have a natural effect of improving skin quality, such as making the skin firm and elastic, making fine wrinkles and sagging pores less noticeable, and smoothing the unevenness of the skin to improve the makeup . In addition, we have obtained a patent for the combination of a specific amino acid that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and hyaluronic acid, and both components are substances that are naturally present in the body, so it is a highly safe preparation.

There are two types of products for Snekos depending on the density of hyaluronic acid molecules. Low-density hyaluronic acid is used for improving fine wrinkles, and medium- and high-density hyaluronic acid is used for deep wrinkles and uneven skin. Including Snekos is used. However, the difference is that it is basically not used in contouring and rhinoplasty treatments such as Algenes® .


Elance is an injection that is made by processing polycaprolactone (PCL), which is also a component of meltable sutures used in surgery, into fine particles and wrapping it in a thickener called carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). Since PCL has the effect of promoting the production of collagen around the injected subcutaneous area, it can be expected to restore the firmness and elasticity of the skin, improve wrinkles, and tighten the skin.

In addition, by injecting Elance pinpointly, the action of supplementing the volume of the skin works, leading to improvement of the dents generated in the skin and aiming for contour formation. In addition, Elance is a series of 3 types of products with a duration of 1 to 3 years, so you can select the duration according to the purpose of the desired treatment.

However, the contouring action of Elance is milder than that of the type of Agarose®, which has a high concentration of agarose. In addition, it is difficult to restore Elance to its original state during its duration due to the absence of degrading agents . Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider when receiving treatment with Elance, which is expected to last for a long time.

Algenes ® treatment flow and price quotes

Flow of Algenes ® treatment

(1) Medical examination and counseling

After completing the questionnaire at the medical institution, you will receive medical examination and counseling by a doctor about the types of Algenes® that are suitable for your worries to improve and the ideal finish, and precautions for treatment. If you have any concerns or doubts about the procedure, please consult with the doctor during counseling.

(2) Face washing / anesthesia / injection of Algenes ®

If you wish to be anesthetized after washing your face to clean the treatment area, apply anesthesia cream to relieve the pain during the treatment. After that, we will proceed with the injection of Algenes ® under anesthesia. Although there are differences depending on the range of the desired treatment site, the time required for the treatment excluding the anesthesia treatment is about 10 to 15 minutes.

(3) Makeup / Finish

After the treatment, you can apply make-up and then go home. Immediately after the procedure, the injection agent may cause the treated area to appear to bulge slightly, but if you are concerned, you can make it less noticeable with makeup. It will end after receiving explanations such as precautions after the treatment.

Price of Algenes®

Wrinkle treatment using Algenes® and cosmetological treatments such as contouring and rhinoplasty are free medical treatments that are not covered by insurance. The fee varies depending on the medical institution, but in general, the fee is determined according to the amount of injectable used in the treatment, and the market price is as follows.

Injection amount Estimated price
1.4cc 65,000 to 75,000 yen
0.1cc From 13,000 yen

How to choose a medical institution to receive Algenes® treatment

Argenes ® is an injectable that is said to be difficult to spread to the surroundings after injection, and does not contain a cross-linking agent. However, not limited to Algenes®, if the treatment is performed under a doctor who lacks infusion treatment technology and knowledge, there is a possibility that it may be accidentally injected into the blood vessel in rare cases, and there is a difference between the left and right. There is also a risk of failure that will result in a finish.

Therefore, when receiving Algenes® treatment, doctors who have received seminars on treatment procedures held by injectable drug manufacturers for medical institutions, and doctors who have many cases of infusion treatment and have abundant experience and achievements. It is advisable to appoint a doctor who is familiar with facial anatomy and has a background in plastic surgery .

In addition to wrinkles and contouring, if you want to reduce subcutaneous fat on the face such as double chin, if you are a medical institution with abundant infusion treatment menu, fat dissolving injection in addition to Algenes ® There is a possibility that you will be offered a combination treatment according to each person's different wrinkles that you want to improve and the ideal finish .