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Effect and indication site of CRF (condensed rich fat) / micro CRF injection



Effect and indication site of CRF (condensed rich fat) / micro CRF injection

CRF (condensed rich fat) injection and micro CRF (micro condensed rich fat) injection are one of the fat injections.

Fat injection gives the skin firmness by injecting the fat collected from itself into deep wrinkles on the face, dents around the eyes, dents on the cheeks and temples, and gives a youthful impression with the aim of improving sagging. It is a leading treatment method.

Fat injection is also used for breast augmentation. Compared to the procedure of inserting an artificial object such as a silicone bag, there is less rejection, and there is an advantage that the feel and appearance are naturally finished.

However, in the conventional fat injection in which impurities such as inactive dead cells, aging cells, and cell debris are mixed in the injected fat, the fat cells do not settle and become necrotic and become lumps, or calcium. There is a risk of calcification, which causes salt deposits and hardens the cell tissue .

CRF (Condensed Rich Fat) or Micro CRF (Micro Condensed Rich Fat) thoroughly removes not only impurities but also fat cells weakened by aging by a special technique, and only fat cells that are advantageous for colonization are concentrated. It is a concentrated fat cell .

Before receiving CRF injection, if you know not only the effects and benefits but also downtime and precautions in detail, you can receive the treatment with confidence.

CRF / micro CRF injection that compensates for volume loss and improves wrinkles and sagging

From the outside, human skin consists of three layers: the epidermis layer, the dermis layer, and the subcutaneous tissue (mainly the fat layer), and below that are muscles called facial muscles and bones.

The causes of sagging are 1) a decrease in the amount of water in the epidermis layer and a decrease in collagen and elastin that maintain elasticity and elasticity in the dermis layer, 2) drooping and decrease in subcutaneous tissues such as fat, and 3) loosening and weakening of facial muscles. , 4) Loosening of the supporting ligaments that connect the skin to the bone, and 5) Decrease in the volume of the bone.

Bones atrophy with age. Bone tissue constantly repeats the cycle of bone resorption in which old bone is destroyed and bone formation in which new bone is created, but as we get older, bone resorption exceeds bone formation and the bone gradually becomes thinner. I will.

The supporting ligaments that support the skin and muscles are attached to the bones, and as the bones become thinner, the ligaments also lower and stretch and deform together, causing sagging.

As bones and subcutaneous fat decrease with age , CRF is injected into the depressed cheeks and temples to supplement the volume and make the cheekbones look high and plump, leading to a youthful impression .

Injecting CRF can also be expected to have the effect of making nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth (marionette line), and deep wrinkles under the eyes (Golgo line) less noticeable .

CRF (Condensed Rich Fat) collected from own fat

CRF centrifuges the collected fat with the US FDA-approved device "LIPOMAX-SC", which corresponds to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, without exposing it to the outside air, causing fat necrosis, lumps, and calcification. Concentrated adipocytes from which impurities such as necrotic cells, aging cells, and cell membranes have been removed.

CRF injection injects only high-quality concentrated adipocytes generated by a special concentration (condensation) technology, so it is said that a high retention rate can be achieved and the sucked fat can be maximized .

What is the retention rate?

The injected fat cells do not remain 100%, and some of them contract or die after injection. The percentage of the remaining fat cells in the injected fat cells is called the retention rate .

Factors that determine the retention rate are related to "adipocyte quality," "injection site," "injection amount," "bleeding," "cooling," "rest," "donor site," "age," "collection method," and "injection method." I am. The retention rate is higher when the injection site has a margin under the skin.

It is not enough to inject a large amount, and if it is too large, the internal tension will increase and the fat cells will be compressed. Bleeding also prevents the resumption of blood circulation for each fat cell to receive nutrients from adjacent blood vessels, so cooling and resting the affected area after injection is important.

CRF with high retention rate and reduced troubles such as fat necrosis and lumps

CRF thoroughly removes not only impurities but also fat cells that have become hypertrophied due to aging, and only fat cells and stem cells that are advantageous for colonization are concentrated. As a result, the cell density per cc has increased, and more fat cells and stem cells can be injected.

A high colonization rate of injected fat means that there are few adipocytes that die without colonization. Necrotic fat cells can cause lumps if they are broken down and not excreted in the body, so CRF injection, which has a higher retention rate than conventional methods, reduces the risk of lumps .

Micro CRF that brings elasticity and elasticity to delicate areas such as the eyes

Micro CRF (Micro Condensed Rich Fat) is obtained by further concentrating and extracting healthy and finer (micro) adipocytes and stem cells by crushing large fat with pressure by applying CRF to a special device called "Jeriring". is.

Although only 10% of the micro CRF can be obtained from the collected fat , the micro CRF is suitable for injection into areas with particularly thin skin such as bears due to sagging under the eyes .

Micro CRF provides a higher fat retention rate than CRF and blends well with surrounding tissues. In addition, a large amount of concentrated stem cells have the effect of promoting the production of collagen, and the surrounding tissues are regenerated, which can be expected to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin .

In the case of conventional fat injection, when injected around the face, the size of fat cells varies, and the skin surface may become uneven.

On the other hand, Micro CRF is fine and spreads well, and because it injects smooth fat, it gives a natural finish and can be injected into delicate areas with thin skin such as around the eyes.

CRF breast augmentation that reduces risk and expects a natural bust up

CRF injection is also used for breast augmentation.

Silicone bag It is said that the effect of breast augmentation lasts semi-permanently, but since the artificial silicone bag eventually deteriorates, it may be necessary to replace it about 10 years after insertion.

There was also the fact that with conventional fat injection, the injected fat is necrotic and does not settle, and there is a risk of lumps and calcification.

CRF breast augmentation is said to reduce the risk of lumps and calcification by injecting high-quality concentrated fat cells with impurities removed .

It is said that there is almost no volume reduction after 6 months after the fat is settled, and the volume can be maintained at 70% to 80% . This method does not require regular maintenance and can be expected to have long-term effects.

If the injection amount exceeds 250cc in one breast, the internal pressure of the chest will become too high and fat will die, and the retention rate will drop sharply, so the maximum injection amount is 250cc in one breast. Is a guide.

Those who are worried or suitable for improvement by CRF / micro CRF injection

  • Those who are worried about wrinkles on the forehead, eyes, mouth, etc.
  • Those who want to improve the nasolabial fold and marionette line
  • Those who tend to look old with dents on their eyes, temples, and cheeks
  • Those who have noticeable bears due to the dents under their eyes
  • Those who want to increase the volume of their lips
  • Those who want to make a tear bag
  • Those who want to round their forehead
  • Those who want to change the shape of their chin
  • Those who are worried about horizontal wrinkles on the neck
  • Those who are worried about wrinkles on the back of the hand
  • Those who want to increase the size of the bust naturally
  • Those who are reluctant to put foreign substances into the body
  • Those who think that a treatment method that has a long-term effect is good

Recommended number and frequency of CRF / micro CRF injections

When receiving CRF injection or micro CRF injection around the face, in most cases, the effect is long-lasting by fixing the fat with one treatment .

In the case of breast augmentation, one CRF injection will increase the size by about 1 to 1.5 cups, so if you want to increase the size by 3 cups or more, reinjection is recommended .

Since it is a heavy burden to perform liposuction at each injection, it is possible to collect a large amount of fat by the first liposuction and store it in a cryopreservation state. Freezing of -80 ° is effective for fat storage, and the storage period is about 8 months.

Pain, downtime, and risk of CRF / micro CRF injection

Pain during CRF / micro CRF injection

Since anesthesia is used in CRF / micro CRF treatment, it is said that there is almost no pain during liposuction or injection .

However, the method of anesthesia such as local anesthesia and general anesthesia differs depending on the clinic, so please contact each medical institution for details.

CRF / micro CRF injection downtime

After the CRF / micro CRF treatment , slight pain, swelling, and internal bleeding appear for several days to a week, but it is said that the face can be covered with makeup or a mask .

Symptoms such as internal bleeding and muscle aches appear in the fat collection area, but it is said that they will subside in about a week .

Redness may remain in the needle hole because the injection is performed with an extra-fine needle, but it will disappear over time. It rarely remains as a scar.

Some scars may remain on the fat collection area, but it should be collected from an inconspicuous area such as the inside of the thigh.

Risks of CRF / Micro CRF

CRF / Micro CRF has a low risk of infection because the collected fat is centrifuged and injected in a sterile state without exposing it to the outside air, and impurities such as dead cells, aging cells, and cell membranes that cause lumps and calcification. It is said that there is less risk of fat necrosis, lumps, and calcification because only high-quality concentrated adipocytes that have been removed are injected.

The fat may become hard and lumpy after injection, but it is usually temporary and is said to naturally soften over time. The surface of the skin may have some irregularities, but it is usually said that it will become familiar with the passage of time.

What you need to know before receiving CRF / micro CRF injection

Precautions after CRF / micro CRF injection

If the blood circulation at the injection site improves, swelling, redness, and itching may occur or increase.Therefore, 24 hours after the treatment, in a hot place such as a stimulating meal, drinking, strenuous exercise, long sunbathing, or sauna. Please avoid staying for a long time .

Also, do not touch the injection site more than necessary for a while, and refrain from facial esthetics, massage, and lying down for at least one week .

  • Face washing and makeup are possible from the day after surgery
  • Please avoid driving the car on the day of the procedure
  • Stick a small flesh-colored tape on the liposuctioned needle hole for about a week.
  • The liposuctioned area needs to be compressed and fixed with a girdle for 3 to 5 days.
  • Shower is possible from the next day if the liposuction site is not wet
  • You can take a bath after one week

Those who cannot receive CRF / micro CRF injection

If you are thin and do not have subcutaneous fat, it may be judged that you cannot get enough fat to inject . Thighs are the most common liposuction site, but there are cases where even a small amount of fat can be collected for injection, such as the buttocks, abdomen, flanks, and knees, so consult a medical institution. Please give me.

If you are allergic to anesthesia, you may not be able to receive the treatment. Please consult your doctor for counseling and consultation.

Differences between CRF / micro CRF injection and conventional fat injection / hyaluronic acid injection

In addition to CRF / micro CRF injection, there are also conventional fat injection and hyaluronic acid injection methods for filling wrinkles and dents and forming volume .

Both hyaluronic acid injection and conventional fat injection are treatments that aim to improve wrinkles and sagging by supplementing the volume, but the injection components, retention rate, duration of effect, number of treatments, downtime symptoms, etc. are different .

Hyaluronic acid injection Fat injection CRF injection
Treatment content Inject hyaluronic acid with a syringe Inject your own fat as it is Inject your own aspirated fat as concentrated adipocytes (CRF) by condensation technology.
Adaptation Partial improvement Whole face (cheeks, temples, forehead, eyes, nasolabial fold, etc.) Whole face (cheeks, temples, forehead, eyes, nasolabial fold, etc.)
merit Easy with just an injection No need to repeat No need to repeat
Demerit Need to repeat as it is absorbed and disappears Poor retention rate depending on the part (temple, etc.) Prone to lumps Expensive
Retention rate --- 40% -70% More than 90
Sustainable effect Absorbed in about 1 year short long
Skin quality improvement effect None Yes Yes
Texture Hard and transparent and easy to see Prone to lumps Nature
Treatment time Few minutes About 1 hour About an hour and a half
Quality of fat to inject --- Uncondensed fat (including dead and aged cells) Condensed healthy adipocytes (CRF)
Postoperative pain rare rare rare
Possible complications Subcutaneous bleeding / lump Subcutaneous bleeding / lump on the eyes Subcutaneous bleeding
Operable facilities Cosmetic Dermatology / Cosmetic Surgery Cosmetic Surgery CRF certified facilities only

Differences between CRF injection and other procedures for breast augmentation

In addition to CRF injection, breast augmentation includes conventional fat injection, hyaluronic acid injection, silicone bag insertion, etc., and each has different advantages and disadvantages .

Hyaluronic acid injection Silicone bag Fat injection CRF injection
Treatment content Inject hyaluronic acid with a syringe from the base of the armpit, under bust, etc. Usually, the pectoral muscles are peeled off from under the armpit to make space and an artificial bag is inserted. Inject your sucked fat into the bust using a special device Condensation (concentration) technology is used to convert the aspirated fat into concentrated fat cells (CRF) and inject it into the bust.
Adaptation All from lean to obese All types from lean to obese (however, lean types tend to be unnatural) From standard body to obese body> From lean to obese
Tactile Gummy-like feel (harder than fat) There is some discomfort regardless of the type of bag. Nature (may cause lumps) Nature
form freedom Depends on the shape of the bag freedom freedom
size About 0.5 cup 2 cups or more is possible About 0.5 cup to 1 cup About 1 to 2 cups
Retention rate --- --- About 30% -40% Approximately 80% (data of 263 cases)
Sustainable effect Absorbed in 1 to 2 years Semi-permanent (take out if damaged or contracture) short long
Treatment time Half an hour About 1 hour About 2 hours About two and a half hours
Quality of fat to inject --- --- Uncondensed fat (including dead and aged cells) Condensed healthy adipocytes (CRF)
FDA official None Depends on the type of bag --- Yes *
Postoperative pain rare Very heavy Relatively mild Relatively mild
Major complications lump Capsule contracture Calcification, fat necrosis Few
merit Immediate effect just by injecting You can bust up quickly even if you are thin in a short time There is also a slimming effect by liposuction There is also a slimming effect by liposuction

* Approved for clinical use on the body and face by autologous fat injection (tumescent injection, liposuction, adipocyte collection, filtering, fat injection). It defines the fields of plastic surgery, surgery, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, and cosmetic surgery.

Treatment that should be used in combination with CRF / micro CRF injection

Thread lift is used in combination with CRF / micro CRF injection to improve slack

Thread lift is a treatment that puts a special thread (thread) with a catch under the skin to raise the slack on the face and neck.

One of the causes of sagging is a decrease in collagen and elastin, which maintain elasticity and elasticity in the dermis layer. Collagen and elastin deteriorate and decrease due to external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays and internal factors such as aging and stress.

Skin that has lost its elasticity and elasticity begins to sag against gravity. Thread lift is a method of physically pulling up loose skin with a thread .

The thread lift works to regenerate the skin tissue around the inserted thread and activates the production of collagen, which is expected to have effects such as improvement of fine wrinkles, firmness of the skin, and tightening of pores in addition to the effect of pulling up. I can do it.

By using a thread lift to pull up the sagging skin that has lost gravity and supplementing the volume of the subcutaneous tissue (fat) and thin bones with CRF / micro CRF injection, further rejuvenation effect is expected while improving the sagging. I can do it.

If you have bear / sagging symptoms under your eyes, use transconjunctival degreasing together.

In many cases of black bears (shadow bears) under the eyes, the protrusions of orbital fat called the eye bags and the depressions in the fat part of the cheeks called the mailer fat underneath appear as shadows.

In this case, the bear can be expected to improve by removing the puffy orbital fat by transconjunctival degreasing and injecting CRF into the indentation below it .

Flow of CRF / micro CRF extraction

1) Ingest fat with a special syringe

Liposuction is performed using a dedicated syringe for CRF, and fat is collected without touching the outside air.

2) Discard the tumescent solution (anesthetic solution)

If the syringe 1 is left standing for 10 minutes, it will separate into fat and tumescent solution (anesthetic solution), so only the tumescent solution (anesthetic solution) will be discarded.

3) Centrifuge the ingested fat

Set the syringe in which the tumescent solution (anesthetic solution) is discarded in the dedicated device LIPOMAX-SC and centrifuge it for 8 minutes at 4000 rpm.
Centrifugation is not the only CRF extraction technology. When pressure is applied by the patented "weight filter", dead cells and senescent cells are crushed into oil because the cell membrane is thin and not elastic. By removing this oil, only healthy and young fat cells (CRF) can be extracted.

4) Fat is divided into three layers

When centrifuged, it is divided into three layers from the top: excreted oil (dead cells / senescent cells), fat, and impurities such as blood and cell membranes.

5) Discard all but fat

Of the three layers, the upper excreted oil (dead cells / senescent cells) and the lower impurities are discarded, leaving only the fat in the syringe. The fat left in the syringe is the CRF.

6) Extraction of micro CRF

The extracted healthy fat cells are passed through the Filler Geller, a dedicated device for micro CRF, as a syringe. When the fat cells are crushed by the function like a mixer that cuts fat cells, which is installed in this device, only the large cells with a large cut area are shattered, and the small fat cells remain unharmed.
By separating these again, only micro CRF, which is a good quality and fine fat cell that survived, is extracted.

CRF / Micro CRF Injection Cost Market

The market price for CRF breast augmentation is about 1,000,000 yen including the cost of liposuction .

The cost of micro CRF is about 250,000 yen for fat collection and processing, and the fee will be added depending on the injection site .

The market price is about 100,000 to 300,000 yen for bears, dents, sagging, and dents above the eyes, about 200,000 to 350,000 yen for temples and moss on the cheeks, and about 100,000 to 250,000 yen for the nasolabial fold.

How to choose a medical institution to receive CRF / micro CRF injection

To perform CRF / micro CRF injection, a dedicated centrifuge device LIPOMAX-SC approved by the US FDA, which is the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, and a patented weight filter are required.

However, since there are medical institutions that independently develop similar services, the CRF Association of the Japan Medical Fat Transplantation Study Group, which works for the purpose of correctly disseminating CRF infusion therapy, uses dedicated equipment to carry out a formal process. The certification mark is issued only to the institution .

In order to receive CRF / micro CRF injection with peace of mind, it is important to select a medical institution that carries the certification mark issued by the CRF Association .