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Aiming to reduce fat on the face and arms Baiser Liposuction effect and downtime and risks




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Dr. Hiroshi Nagano, the director of "Mods Clinic", a clinic specializing in liposuction and injection. Based on the belief that "only surgery to clean up" is performed, we handle more than 7,500 cases of liposuction (2012-2019) and more than 2,600 cases of liposuction. Qualified as a certified physician for CRF therapy, VASER Lipo, and VASER 4D Sculpt. There are various places of activity such as seminar lecturers for doctors, presentations at overseas conferences, and publication of the book "Liposuction Revolution".

Aiming to reduce fat on the face and arms Baiser Liposuction effect and downtime and risks

Baiser liposuction is a procedure that uses a machine called Baiser Liposuction, which is dedicated to Baiser liposuction, to loosen the bonds between cells by vibrating the fat, and to suck out and remove the fat with a cannula (tube) without a blade. The way.

Conventional liposuction has risks and disadvantages such as "strong pain appears after surgery" and "skin sagging may occur". In that respect, Baiser Liposuction has less downtime and avoids the risk of sagging skin. So to speak, it is a method that eliminates the disadvantages of conventional liposuction .

However, having surgery at a medical institution that offers Baiser liposuction will not necessarily reduce downtime and give you a clean finish. In order to prevent failure, it is important to understand in advance the mechanism of reducing fat, the reason why it is said to be less burdensome to the body, the progress guideline after surgery, etc., and to know how to choose a medical institution .

Baiser Liposuction that can remove fat with less strain on the body

"Baiser Liposuction" uses the energy generated by the vibration of ultrasonic waves called VASER waves to soften and remove only the fat without damaging the tissues around the fat . This has made it possible to reduce the burden on the body.

Subcutaneous fat can be removed by Baiser liposuction

There are two main types of fat, "visceral fat" and "subcutaneous fat". The former is the fat that sticks mainly around the abdominal organs, and the latter is the fat that sticks between the skin and muscles. Visceral fat mainly has the role of supporting the internal organs in the correct position, and subcutaneous fat mainly has the role of softening the cold and external impact.

Baiser liposuction involves inserting a tube called a cannula under the skin to suck fat, but only subcutaneous fat can be sucked .

Those who are suitable for Baiser liposuction

  • Those who want to remove fat that does not fall off on a diet
  • Those who could not feel the effect with the treatment that does not cut
  • Those who want to experience the effect in a short period of time
  • Those who want to receive liposuction with less strain on the body than the conventional method
  • Those who wish to have a treatment with a low risk of rebound
  • Those who are worried about sagging skin after liposuction
  • Those who are considering breast augmentation in addition to liposuction

Features, mechanism and safety of Baiser liposuction

There are various types of Baiser liposuction methods such as "Baiser Lipo" and "Baiser 4D engraving". The mainstream (generally imagined liposuction) is "Baiser Lipo", and "Baiser 4D engraving" is positioned as a treatment method that applies technology.

"Baiser Lipo" that loosens the binding of fat cells with ultrasonic waves

Baiser lipo refers to a liposuction device that uses ultrasonic waves called VASER waves . It is a device installed in many medical institutions and has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) [* 1].

Since fat that cells are tightly bound to each other cannot be easily sucked out and removed, in conventional general liposuction, the fat is sucked while being scraped off with a tube (cannula) with a blade. The method of removal was the mainstream. However, conventional methods also damage fibrous tissue other than fat, resulting in increased bleeding during surgery. As a result, it puts a strain on the body and tends to increase pain and internal bleeding after surgery .

Baiser lipo, on the other hand, loosens and softens the bonds between fat cells by the vibration energy of the device. Furthermore, since it acts only on the irradiated fat, it is less likely to damage tissues such as blood vessels and nerves around the fat. As a result, it has become possible to gently remove it with a bladeless cannula , which was not possible with conventional methods.

Illustration of the action of Baiser waves on fat cells

According to the announcement of clinical research conducted in the United States, a group of 27 people who receive conventional general liposuction (SAL) and a group of 30 people who receive liposuction (VAL) using Baiser wave, respectively. Comparing the average amount of hemoglobin (pigment contained in blood) contained in the liposuctioned material collected from the group, the former was 2.23 g / ㎗ and the latter was 0.3 g / ㎗ [* 2]. It was shown that liposuction by Baiser is also effective in controlling bleeding.
You can see that the burden on the body is less than that of conventional liposuction.

[* 1] 510 (k) Premarket Notification: US Food and Drug Administration

[* 2] Comparative Analysis of Blood Loss in Suction-Assisted Lipoplasty and Third-Generation Internal Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty: Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Liposuction surgery using Baiser Lipo

The basic surgical procedure is to inject an anesthetic solution to relieve pain and bleeding at the surgical site, then insert a dedicated tube that generates Baiser waves into the fat layer, and loosen the bonds between fat cells with Baiser waves. However, the procedure is to suck fat cells with a cannula.

Chumecent of anesthetic to relieve bleeding and pain

An anesthetic solution called "Tumecent", which has the effect of preventing pain and bleeding, is injected into the fat layer of the desired surgical site. Tumecent is a mixture of saline, a hemostatic agent, and an anesthetic called lidocaine, which relieves pain, and acts as a local anesthetic to control bleeding .

It also has the effect of temporarily swelling fat, which has the advantage of making it easier to see the fat layer during surgery. However, it can cause swelling and swelling after surgery, so it is important to squeeze out the remaining tumescent in the affected area immediately after surgery.

Cannula to suck fat

Illustration of fat removal by cannula

A cannula is a tube used to suck and remove fat cells . The fat cells softened by the action of the baiser wave are sucked out with a cannula and removed.

The cannula used in Baiser Liposuction has a blunt tip and no blade. Therefore, it has the characteristic that it does not easily damage the fiber structure.

Compression fixation of the surgical site

After surgery, the general procedure is taping to compress and fix the affected area and wearing a supporter.

Can be expected to have a skin tightening effect after aspiration of fat

Baiser liposuction can suck fat while maintaining its structure without damaging the surrounding fibrous tissue, so the force that causes the fibrous tissue to contract after removing the fat works. This action causes the skin to contract cleanly without tearing the fibrous tissue .

According to a clinical study in the United States, the skin of a patient who had conventional liposuction on one side of the body and liposuction using Baiser waves on the other side was analyzed, and the latter was compared to the former. It is said that the effect of skin contraction was 53% significant (high) [* 3].

[* 3] A multicenter, prospective, randomized, single-blind, controlled clinical trial comparing VASER-assisted Lipoplasty and suction-assisted Lipoplasty: National Library of Medicine

"Baiser 4D sculpture", a technology that aims for more impressive physical beauty

"Baiser 4D Sculpture (Baiser 4D Sculpt)" is a higher-grade liposuction procedure that expresses physical beauty.

By designing the muscles to be shaded when sucking fat, it emphasizes the six packs of the abdominal muscles, the bulge of the pectoralis major muscles, and the lines of the upper arms. It is selected by men who are worried that their abdominal muscles do not come out even after doing muscle training, and men who aim for a strong upper body.

Baiser Liposuction site and amount of fat that can be removed

Baiser liposuction surgery site

  • Cheeks, chin
  • Upper arm
  • Back, waist, waist
  • Upper abdomen, lower abdomen, hips
  • Outside and inside
  • On the knees, calves

Baiser liposuction can be performed on areas where subcutaneous fat is present, such as the abdomen and thighs, in addition to the face such as the cheeks and chin.

The ideal face line and body line are different for each person, but at the time of surgery, we will consider the original body shape and texture such as skin elasticity and elasticity, and design so that the fat that should be left is left and the balance is not lost . I will.

Estimated amount of fat that can be removed by one operation

Removing a large amount of fat puts a heavy burden on the body, so the maximum amount of fat that can be safely removed in a single operation should be about 10% of your body weight .

In addition, the way fat is attached to the face and body is different, and it is naturally the latter that the amount of fat is large in the chin and thighs. Therefore, the amount of fat that can be removed by one operation varies from 30cc to 90cc for cheeks and chin, and 1,000cc to 3,000cc for fat-rich areas such as thighs and abdomen .

If you want to remove a lot of fat or because there are multiple parts that you want to have surgery on, and the amount of fat that can be removed at one time exceeds the standard, wait 2 to 4 weeks before surgery. It is common to receive it in multiple times.

Baiser Liposuction downtime and post-surgery progress

Baiser Liposuction Downtime

Symptoms such as swelling and internal bleeding appear after undergoing cosmetology. The time it takes for these symptoms to subside and return to their original state is called "downtime."

Although there are individual differences in the downtime of Baiser liposuction, it takes about one week for pain such as muscle pain, and one to two weeks for internal bleeding and swelling . From about 3 weeks after the operation, contractures that make the skin hard and bumpy appear and settle in about 3 to 6 months.

While conventional liposuction may cause pain that makes you unable to walk after surgery and may require hospitalization, Baiser liposuction does not require hospitalization. Since the surgery can be performed with less strain on the body, it is possible to return to work or housework the day after the surgery or 3 days after the surgery.

About scars after surgery

Scars after surgery will settle over time, but the location of the scar will vary depending on the medical institution . Also, the thicker the cannula used, the more noticeable the scars will be.

If you are worried about scars, it is a good idea to check the homepage of each medical institution or contact information in advance about the position to make a scar on the desired surgical site and the fineness of the cannula you are handling.

For example, even if it is a medical institution that considers making scratches in an inconspicuous position such as a part that overlaps with wrinkles on the skin or a part that is hidden by underwear, or uses a thinner type cannula than a general cannula of about 5 mm. For example, you can expect a beautiful finish with less noticeable scars .

Estimated progress after surgery for Baiser liposuction

After surgery, you will be instructed to visit the hospital regularly to check your progress. If the schedule does not match and it is difficult to go to the hospital or have a thread removed, please consult your doctor in charge of surgery.

In addition, the timing of hospital visits and thread removal varies depending on the medical institution. There are individual differences in the actual course depending on the scope of surgery and the number of surgical sites, but the guideline is as follows.

On the day of surgery In most cases, you will not feel any pain due to anesthesia on the day of surgery, but please refrain from work or housework and stay calm.
Next day to 3 days later・ Peak of pain such as muscle pain ・ Swelling, swelling, and internal bleeding may be noticeable ・ If the pain is mild, it is possible to return to work or housework ・ Remove the compression fixation of the surgical site at a medical institution
5 days to 1 week later・ Pull out the sutured part at a medical institution ・ A guideline for pain relief
1 to 2 weeks later・ A guideline for swelling, swelling, and internal bleeding to begin to subside. ・ You can feel the effect of fat reduction by relieving swelling and swelling.
3-4 weeks later Contracture that causes the skin to become temporarily stiff
3 to 6 months・ The contracture has subsided and the scars are almost inconspicuous. ・ The surgical site is calm and finished.

About contracture after surgery

Temporary hardening or unevenness of the skin at the surgical site after a while after liposuction is called "contracture". Contracture is a normal reaction of the body caused by the entanglement of collagen fibers in the skin to repair the areas where fat is removed and become spaces.

Removing a large amount of fat in a single operation tends to cause contracture. Basically, it improves with the passage of time, but there are many people who feel uneasy because the appearance is bumpy. In such a case, you can expect alleviation of symptoms by massaging and loosening, or by stretching the skin by gently pulling it.

In addition, for contracture, the following high-frequency treatments such as "Indiva" and "Endermology" are said to be effective in alleviating symptoms, and many people receive them as aftercare.

  • Indiva

By warming the treatment site with high frequency, it can be expected to have the effect of reducing internal bleeding, swelling, swelling, pain, skin stiffness and unevenness.

  • Endermology

A treatment method that uses a roller to loosen fat, which can be expected to have the effect of softening hardened fat.

Benefits of Baiser Liposuction

Expected to reduce fat in a short period of time compared to uncut treatment

Cosmetological treatments that can be expected to reduce subcutaneous fat include "cutting" the skin, such as Baiser liposuction, and "non-cutting" using machines and drugs.

Basically, the uncut treatment does not remove fat directly, but aims to reduce it by damaging fat cells and promoting metabolism by the action of the components contained in the drug and the energy emitted from the machine. Downtime tends to be shorter than cutting, but it may require multiple treatments to achieve sufficient slimming effects .

On the other hand, Baiser Liposuction has a quick effect because the fat cells themselves can be sucked and removed directly by the cannula , and you can feel the slimming effect with one treatment . Therefore, if you do not feel a satisfactory effect with a non-cutting treatment, or if you want to feel the slimming effect with a single treatment, Baiser Liposuction is suitable.

It is hard to rebound unlike a general diet

Adipocytes have the property of storing excess triglyceride ingested in the diet and enlarging it, and when the body lacks the energy required for physiological functions, the adipocytes release the triglyceride and consume it as energy. .. Therefore, by dieting such as exercise and dietary restrictions, the stored triglyceride is released and fat cells can be expected to shrink.

However, exercise and dietary restrictions aim to reduce the size of fat by storing neutral fat and reducing the size of enlarged fat cells. Since the number of fat cells itself does not decrease, even if the fat cells become smaller once, the amount of exercise decreases, and if the amount of food eaten increases, neutral fat may be stored again and become larger . This is the so-called "rebound".

In that respect, Baiser Liposuction can remove the fat itself and reduce the number of cells, so it can be said that the liposuctioned part is less likely to rebound than a diet .

Also, in a general diet, fat cells throughout the body become smaller. It was difficult to reduce only the fat such as the chin and thighs while maintaining the fat you want to keep, such as the chest and hips, but with Baiser Liposuction, you can thin only the areas you care about while leaving the fat on the chest and hips. you can.

Less burden on the body than conventional liposuction

Traditional liposuction with a bladed cannula is prone to post-surgery pain and swelling and long downtime due to the risk of bleeding and the likelihood of fibrous tissue damage. ..

As shown in the previous clinical study announcement, Baiser liposuction can reduce the burden on the body, resulting in lighter and shorter downtime than conventional liposuction .

The sucked fat can also be used in CRF (fat injection)

The fat collected from your abdomen and thighs by Liposuction can also be used for breast augmentation by CRF (fat injection) . CRF is an abbreviation of "condensed rich fat" and is a processed fat collected from itself.

Specifically, the collected fat is centrifuged without exposing it to the outside air, and strong pressure is applied. By doing so, impurities such as dead cells, senescent cells, and cell membranes contained in fat are removed, and the concentration of stem cells is increased. This good fat is CRF.

If you have subcutaneous fat that you want to reduce and you want to bust up at the same time , you can also have a treatment that combines Baiser liposuction and CRF .

Risks and side effects of Baiser liposuction ・ What you need to know in advance

Risks and side effects of Baiser liposuction

As a guide , pain for about 1 week after surgery , swelling, swelling, and internal bleeding for about 2 weeks, and "contracture" that makes the skin hard after 3 weeks after surgery appear.

In addition, if surgery is performed under a doctor who does not have sufficient skills and knowledge regarding Baiser liposuction, burns (not accustomed to handling the cannula) and sagging / uneven skin at the surgical site will occur (excessive fat removal). There is a risk such as uneven removal) .

What you need to know before receiving Baiser Liposuction

Meals on the day of surgery must be completed at least 6 hours before surgery. You do not need to be hospitalized, but it is recommended that you refrain from driving on the day of surgery, so please use walking or transportation such as trains, buses, and taxis when visiting medical institutions.

The timing of bathing differs depending on the medical institution, but if you wear fixed clothes firmly after bathing for a short time, you may be able to take a shower from the day of bathing.

Also, if you have surgery on your face such as your chin or cheeks, you can make up, wash your face and wash your hair from the next day, but be careful not to give any irritation such as rubbing the affected area strongly.

Those who cannot undergo surgery

People with severe diabetes or those with kidney or heart problems may not be able to undergo surgery. Check with your doctor to see if it's okay to have Baiser liposuction.

In addition, the anesthesia used during surgery can affect the mother's body, so those who may become pregnant or are pregnant cannot undergo surgery. For other surgical indications, it is necessary to receive medical examination and counseling from a doctor at a medical institution to confirm.

We use anesthesia and perform surgical procedures to cut the skin, but even minors can receive it with the consent of their parents (parental guardians) .

Major liposuction techniques other than Baiser liposuction and correction of failures

There are several types of liposuction equipment other than Baiser liposuction.

Although different from the Baiser wave, there are "Lipomatic" and "Ultra-Z" liposuction machines that use ultrasonic waves that act on fat cells.

In addition, "Elcornia Laser" and "Smartlipo" that irradiate and suck a laser that softens fat, and separate and suck fat by the power of jet water flow. There are "Body jet" that sucks fat and "Aquicell" that sucks fat by using high periodic vibration which is a minute vibration.

Correction of liposuction received in the past

If the number of cases of liposuction is small and surgery is performed under a doctor who does not have sufficient knowledge and skills, the waist may differ from side to side and the skin may become uneven. The following liposuction failures in the past can be expected to be improved by revision surgery.

  • There is a difference between left and right
  • Unevenness and unnatural lines
  • Leftover fat

For left-right differences, unnatural lines, and leftover fat, we will adjust the balance by performing liposuction again or injecting fat collected from another site.

Baiser Liposuction Surgery Flow and Price Market

Baiser Liposuction Surgical Flow

(1) Medical examination and counseling

Make an appointment in advance, fill out the questionnaire at the medical institution, and then receive a diagnosis about the indications for surgery through medical examination and counseling by a doctor. In addition, you will receive explanations such as surgical methods, surgical scope suggestions, and precautions according to the desired finish and the concerns you want to improve.

(2) Reservation of surgery day / blood test

In most cases, the actual schedule for surgery will be the day after counseling. In addition, a blood test may be done to check your health.

(3) Design confirmation / anesthesia

On the day of surgery, after changing into a surgical gown, mark the finished design with a marker to check it. After confirming the design, anesthesia will be performed in the operating room.

(4) Surgery / squeezing out tumescent

I will suck in fat. When the surgery is complete, the nurse will squeeze out the tubecent. Suture will be done on the same day or the next day depending on the policy of each medical institution.

(5) Prescription of compression fixation / analgesic

Taping compression fixation and supporters are worn to stabilize the surgical site. After that, you can go home on the day after receiving explanations such as how to spend downtime and precautions after surgery and prescription of painkillers.

Baiser Liposuction Price Market

The fee for Baiser liposuction varies depending on the medical institution and the site, but the guideline is as follows.

Part Baiser Lipo
Cheeks, chin 250,000-500,000 yen
Upper arm 250,000 to 550,000 yen
Back, waist 350,000-700,000 yen
stomach 400,000 yen to 900,000 yen
Hips 350,000-700,000 yen
Thighs (inside + outside) 600,000-1.1 million yen
Calf 350,000-600,000 yen

In addition, Baiser 4D engraving varies depending on the desired finish and the amount of fat you want to remove, but in most cases it costs more than 1 million yen, and in high cases it can cost as much as 2.5 million yen.

How to choose a medical institution to receive Baiser liposuction

As shown in the clinical research announcement mentioned earlier, Baiser liposuction is a method that reduces the burden on the body compared to conventional liposuction. However, if you use Baiser Lipo, the downtime will always be short and it will not always be beautiful.

The result of the finish depends on the skill and experience of the doctor in charge of surgery . Since each person's body shape and how fat is attached to each part is different, it is important to select a doctor in order to aim for a finish that does not cause unnaturalness when fat is removed.

Be sure to choose a doctor who is familiar with the characteristics of Baiser Lipo and has a proven track record in liposuction surgery .

When selecting a doctor, look at the homepages of multiple medical institutions and check the number of case photos posted on the blogs and SNS of the doctors you are enrolled in, as well as various cases (type of surgical site, body shape, etc.). It is a good idea to check and compare whether you are in charge.

Mods Clinic Baiser Liposuction

Professor Hiroshi Nagano, who supervised the article, taught me about Baiser Liposuction.

What are the advantages of Baiser Liposuction?
Please note that you may suffer from what I said above.

① Up to 90% of fat can be removed while reducing the burden on the body
Since Baiser Liposuction does little damage to the tissue surrounding the fat, it can remove a lot of fat while reducing the amount of bleeding during surgery.

② Short downtime
Baiser Liposuction reduces downtime as it is less invasive to the body. Although there is postoperative pain, internal bleeding, and swelling, many desk workers return to work the day after surgery.

③ Postoperative skin tightens
Baiser liposuction is a method of removing fat while preserving the structure of the fibrous tissue under the skin. As a result, the fibrous tissue after surgery has an action to restore it, and the skin after surgery contracts cleanly.
Please note that it does not tighten the original slack that has existed before surgery.
I would like to correct the liposuction I received at another hospital. Can I get a fix with Baiser Liposuction?
Although it cannot be said for sure without examining the condition of the affected area, our hospital will perform corrective treatment by combining Baiser liposuction and fat injection.

If there are leftovers or uneven removal, I use Baiser Liposuction. While leveling the fat, remove the leftover part to smooth out unevenness and steps. This may be combined with fat injection.

By the way, once liposuction is done, the fat in that part becomes hard, so it is very difficult to do the second liposuction. In that respect, Baiser Liposuction is also suitable for the second liposuction because it softens the fat with the energy of the device.

Failure correction depends on the condition of the affected area, so please contact us once.
I don't have that much fat in my belly, can I make a constriction to emphasize it more?
Is possible. If you want to make a constriction, liposuction your lower back.

The waist may not have the image of liposuction, but it is actually an indispensable part for making a sharp body. It is one of the areas where the satisfaction level of surgery is high because it is difficult to lose weight due to diet and muscle training.
How much does Baiser Liposuction cost at Mods Clinic?
We will tell you about the prices of popular faces, upper arms, belly, and thighs.
・ Basic set (consumables, anesthesia, internal medicine): 50,000 yen +
・ Cheek + submandibular gland: 500,000 yen ・ Upper arm (both arms): 250,000 yen ・ Abdomen: 1 place 250,000 yen The suction point is divided into the chest, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and flank.
・ Thigh: 250,000 yen per place The suction points are divided into inside, outside and front.
It has become.
Please contact the Mods Clinic for more information, as we can also provide you with advantageous multi-site plans and monitor fees.
Please give a message to those who are wondering whether to receive Baiser Liposuction.
There are different types of liposuction devices. Among them, Baiser Lipo can remove a lot of fat with less burden on the body. At our hospital, we perform liposuction using Baiser Lipo every day, and I have felt the good performance and high effect on my skin.

Although the finish of Baiser Liposuction depends on the skill of the doctor, there is no doubt that it is a method that has many benefits for the patient. Therefore, I believe that "good results can be obtained if you do not make a mistake in choosing a doctor."

Why don't you narrow down the candidates to some extent while looking at the number of cases and case photos of doctors and go to counseling at multiple clinics? If you come to our hospital, we will be responsible for counseling and surgery as a doctor at a liposuction clinic.
Thank you, Professor Nagano!

Ingenuity by Mods Clinic to reduce downtime

Uses an extra-fine cannula with a diameter of 3 mm

In Baiser liposuction surgery, a cannula with a diameter of about 5 mm is generally used, but at Mods Clinic, a 3 mm extra-fine cannula (custom order) is used . The purpose is to reduce tissue damage with an extra-fine cannula and reduce postoperative pain and internal bleeding .

Of course, the thinner the cannula, the more difficult it is to handle, so the surgeon needs a high level of skill. In addition, the thinner the cannula, the smaller the size of the scar.

Squeeze out the anesthetic solution twice

In most clinics, nurses work to squeeze out the anesthetic fluid that collects in the affected area after surgery. The purpose is to release the anesthetic solution that causes swelling and pain after surgery as soon as possible.

At Mods Clinic, this procedure is performed twice, once immediately after surgery and once after the patient wakes up. Although it is an effective way to reduce downtime, most medical institutions do not provide it because they need to have human resources and rooms to handle the procedure.

Suture the wound the next day

Next day suture is a method of sewing the wound the next day without sewing it on the day of surgery. By leaving the wound open for one day, the accumulated anesthetic solution is released to the limit and swelling and swelling are reduced .

On the night of the surgery, the anesthetic solution comes out while you sleep, so the next day, there is little swelling or swelling, and many people feel refreshed.

Medical institution with Dr. Hiroshi Nagano

Mods Clinic Mods Clinic
Inquiries: 0120-900-524 (Tokyo-in)
0120-920-416 (Osaka-in)

Baiser Lipo is an unapproved device from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Medical device acquisition route: The acquisition route is personal import by the doctor of each medical institution.
Drugs to be aware of when importing personally (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Approval in Japan: No medical device has the same performance and function as Baiser Lipo and has been approved in Japan.
Information on safety in other countries: FDA-approved medical devices. The main risks and side effects that can occur with the procedure include transient pain, swelling, swelling, contractures, and scars.