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Effects, downtime and risks of Silferm X, which can be expected to improve melasma




Seiko Ko
Dr. Seiko Ko


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Sylfarm X is a machine called microneedle RF that directly transmits high-frequency energy to the skin through ultra-fine needles.

By removing aged cells and generating new cells, it can be expected to improve melasma, which was considered difficult to treat with conventional lasers. You can aim to improve symptoms such as cracks and cracks .

It is said that the downtime until the skin returns to its original state after receiving the treatment is short and there is little pain. You should know what to do.

Effects, downtime and risks of Silferm X, which can be expected to improve melasma

Sylfarm X aiming to improve skin quality

SylfirmX is one of the machines called "microneedle RF" that irradiates high frequency (RF: Radio Frequency) by piercing the skin with a very fine needle. Attach the chip and operate.

It is the successor to Sylfarm released in 2015 and has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), which is the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

Approved by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) K200185

When Sylfarm X's ultra-fine needles injure the skin, the "natural healing power" that tries to restore the damaged area to its normal state promotes the production of collagen and elastin, which work to heal the wound. This activates the damaged surrounding cells.

As a result, the firmness and elasticity of the skin can be improved, and symptoms such as spots, open pores, wrinkles, sagging, stretch marks and stretch marks can be improved.

Among them, the action of Silferm X, which can be said to be characteristic, is that it can eliminate abnormal capillaries in the dermis in the skin that is layered with the epidermis and dermis, and the role of connecting the dermis and epidermis as a foundation that supports the epidermis. It is possible to reconstruct a certain "basement membrane" .

It can be expected to improve redness and melasma.

Symptoms that can be expected to improve with Sylfarm X

  • red face, telangiectasia, rosacea
  • chloasma
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • depigmentation
  • open pores
  • texture
  • Improvement of fine wrinkles
  • Wrinkles and sagging
  • stretch marks and stretch marks

Sylfarm X can also be used for skin and eyes after sunburn

Human skin has different skin colors, such as whites, yellows, and blacks, depending on the amount of melanin pigment present in the epidermis of the skin, and the susceptibility to sunburn also differs. Based on these characteristics, skin types are classified into 6 internationally, with white skin type 1 and black skin type 6.

Depending on the skin type, light (IPL) treatment or laser treatment that reacts to melanin pigment may not be possible, or may not be possible on sunburned skin . It is also possible to perform the treatment on the skin after sunburn .

The reason is that Silferm X delivers high-frequency energy to the dermis layer, so the high-frequency heat hardly reacts to the melanin pigment present in the epidermis layer .

Also, in light (IPL) treatment and laser treatment, eye guards are used for protection during treatment so that light and lasers do not react to dark eyeballs, but Sylfarm X does not require eye guards. Therefore, it is possible to perform treatment on the outer corners of the eyes and eyelids .

Two irradiation methods of Silferm X

Sylfarm X is equipped with a single long pulse (CW: Continuous Wave, continuous RF pulse) that continuously irradiates high frequencies, and an irradiation method (multi short pulse) that repeats very short irradiation times.

A single long pulse (CW: Continuous Wave, continuous RF pulse) causes thermal coagulation in all skin layers, and a multi-short pulse (PW: Pulsed Wave, ultrashort repetitive RF pulse) selectively heats the basement membrane and blood vessels. cause coagulation .

Thermal coagulation is a phenomenon in which proteins solidify, and by causing thermal coagulation in high-frequency treatment, it promotes the production of collagen and elastin, causes cell regeneration (natural healing), and leads to improvement of skin problems.

Irradiation method single long pulse multi short pulse
irradiation Continuous irradiation Repeated irradiation of short pulses
Object to be thermally coagulated full thickness dermis basement membrane and blood vessels

A pulse is the irradiation time per shot of energy.

Sylfarm X SR3 Technology

In addition to Sylfarm X, microneedle RF machines include Intracell, InfiniHybrid, Potenza, etc., but Sylfarm X is characterized by being equipped with SR3 (Selective Regional Regeneration Radio) technology. .

SR3 technology is a technology developed in Silicon Valley, USA.

Eliminate Abnormal Capillaries

In Sylfarm X, SR3 technology selects and eliminates dilated and abnormal capillaries, and overproduces the protein "vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)" that promotes the formation of capillaries. control movement .

Decrease aging cells

SR3 technology also reduces senescent cells that produce large amounts of inflammatory substances.

When inflammatory substances are generated, immune cells are delivered to the inflamed site through the bloodstream in order to suppress inflammation. At that time, the blood vessels expand and the blood flow increases , so redness can be seen from the top of the skin. Reconstruction of the cell membrane can be expected .

Treatment effect by SR3 technology of Sylfarm X

Improvement of redness, vasodilatation, and rosacea

Capillaries, which deliver nutrients to cells, expand even with slight stimuli such as temperature fluctuations, friction, and the effects of hormones.

Dilation of capillaries is not a bad thing, but if the skin on the face is thin, there are congenital abnormalities in the capillaries, or due to the influence of hormones, many capillaries are formed, or the blood vessels are abnormally dilated. When vasodilatation occurs, capillaries can be seen through the skin, and the face may look red, resulting in a ``red face''.

This is due to the action of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor). When VEGF affects the vascular endothelial cells inside the blood vessels, cell division and cell migration (migration) are promoted, resulting in the formation of new capillaries.

Sylfarm X treatment eliminates abnormal capillaries in the dermis layer and suppresses the production of VEGF, which causes telangiectasia, redness, and redness mainly on the cheeks and nose. ” can be expected to improve.

Beautiful skin effect and improvement of chloasma by restructuring basement membrane

The basement membrane is a thin membrane between the "epidermis" and "dermis" that delivers nutrients and oxygen from the capillaries in the dermis to the epidermis and supports the generation of epidermal cells. As a result, the cycle of turnover, which is the metabolism of the skin, is maintained normally [*1].

[*1] References

The skin is mainly composed of epidermis and dermis, and basement membrane exists at the boundary between them. The epidermal basement membrane forms an anchoring complex that strongly anchors the epidermis and dermis. The epidermal basement membrane also regulates the differentiation and proliferation of epidermal cells and contributes to the maintenance of epidermal polarity.

Source: Epidermal basement membrane damage as a sign of early aging and laminin 5 as a key substance in basement membrane care

Reconstruction of basement membrane normalizes turnover

The skin is stratified with the epidermis and dermis, and the epidermis is further stratified into four layers from the bottom: the basal layer, the spinous layer, the granular layer, and the stratum corneum.

The stratum basale produces keratinocytes (keratinocytes) that form each layer of the epidermis.

Keratinocytes are pushed up to the upper layer by repeating “differentiation” to have a specific function and “division” to divide into two, and after forming the stratum spinosum and the stratum granulosum, they become corneocytes without nuclei. It changes and forms the stratum corneum. It also acts as a barrier function to prevent dust and viruses from entering the body from the outside, and when it has finished its role, it turns into dirt and falls off.

In this way, the metabolism of the skin from the time cells are born until they are peeled off is called "turnover" and takes about 28 days.

Cell turnover is maintained at a cycle of about 28 days due to normal cell production, and the basement membrane plays an important role in this process .

The basement membrane is composed of proteins (collagen) such as "laminin 5" and "type IV collagen" secreted from the basal layer of the epidermis, and plays a role in connecting the epidermis and dermis, such as delivering nutrients from the dermis to the epidermis. increase.

Melanocytes that accumulate melanin pigment are present in this basement membrane. When the protein "CXCR4" produced by melanocytes is excessively activated by UV stimulation, it increases the collagenase "MMP" and destroys the basement membrane.

When the basement membrane is destroyed, nutrients and oxygen cannot reach the epidermis from the capillaries in the dermis, resulting in insufficient generation of keratinocytes that form the epidermis, resulting in a disordered turnover cycle .

As a result, spots and dullness appear, the texture of the skin becomes rough, and the barrier function does not function normally, causing dryness and rough skin.

Silferm X can be expected to have the effect of reconstructing the basement membrane, so normalizing the generation of cells that make up the epidermal layer, skin troubles (blemishes, dullness, stiffness, rough skin) caused by disturbances in turnover. improvement can be aimed at.

Reconstruction of the basement membrane improves chloasma

Melasma is one of the spots that develops bilaterally symmetrically from around the corner of the eye, mainly in women in their 30s to 50s. Liver spots are sometimes mixed with the so-called senile pigment spots, which is a common blemish, and it is said that it is difficult to self-determine whether it is melasma. As with senile blemishes, the growth of melanin pigments caused by UV rays, hormonal imbalance, and frictional irritation to the skin are said to be the causes, but the mechanism has not been completely elucidated.

The difference between chloasma and senile pigmentation

When the skin is irritated by ultraviolet light or friction, melanin pigment is synthesized and stored in vesicles called melanosomes in melanocytes (pigment cells) to protect the cell nuclei from irritation, and is received by keratinocytes (keratinocytes) in the epidermis. passed.

The process of melanin pigment excretion by turnover

Senile pigment spots are thought to be caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays over a long period of time, and are considered to be mainly due to changes in the keratinocytes of the epidermis rather than pigment lesions due to abnormal melanocytes.

Keratinocytes in the lesion show enhanced secretion of cytokines (substances that play a role in intercellular communication) that activate melanocytes, resulting in proliferation of keratinocytes containing a large amount of melanin.

The main treatment for senile pigment spots is to directly pulverize keratinocytes that store and proliferate melanin with pico lasers and Q-switched lasers.

Melasma, on the other hand, lacks proliferation of epidermal keratinocytes and is characterized by an activated state of melanocytes with the development of dendrites filled with mature melanosomes. Melasma is thought to be caused by multiple factors other than ultraviolet rays, such as abnormalities in sex hormones and adrenal cortical hormones.

The main treatment for melasma is to control the activity of melanocytes, and it is necessary to subside cytokines over the long term.

Mechanism of melasma improvement of Sylfarm X

In the conventional treatment of melasma, it was common to suppress the activity of melanocytes with conservative therapy and then treat the pigment with a weak output called laser toning. However, it was not uncommon for laser epidermis stimulation to promote melanin production and exacerbate chloasma.

Sylfarm X treats chloasma with a non-traditional approach.

Unique PW irradiation approaches abnormal basement membrane capillaries and aged fibroblasts found in melasma lesions, resulting in basement membrane repair, a decrease in the number of abnormal capillaries, and a decrease in the number of aged fibroblasts. By doing so, it improves melanocyte hypermelanin production in melasma lesions.

In other words, Sylfarm X can be expected to improve melasma by normalizing turnover by normalizing the basement membrane and normalizing the excessive activity of melanocytes that cause melasma .

Treatment effect by promoting natural healing power with Sylfarm X

Sylfarm X promotes natural healing power by intentionally scratching the skin with a needle and damaging the dermis layer with high frequency waves. As a result, the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid is promoted, which can be expected to restore firmness and elasticity to the skin.

The skin is layered with an epidermis layer and a dermis layer, and fibroblasts that produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are present in the dermis layer. With Sylfarm X, it is possible to activate the function of these fibroblasts by transmitting high frequency to the dermis layer with microneedles .

By activating fibroblasts, collagen and hyaluronic acid increase, improving uneven acne scars (crater pores), sagging pores (sagging pores), and belt-shaped pores that occur when sagging pores overlap. You can expect to improve clogged pores .

In addition, by activating fibroblasts and restoring the elasticity of the skin, wrinkles and sagging, as well as stretch marks and stretch marks on the body, become less noticeable .

Things to know before undergoing Sylfarm X treatment

The effect can be seen by receiving Sylfarm X multiple times

Sylfarm X may be effective in one treatment, but basically it is necessary to repeat the treatment multiple times on a regular basis.

Intervals of 2 to 4 weeks, depending on indication. Repeatedly receiving 5 or more sessions for chloasma and 3 to 5 sessions for tightening can be expected to continue the effect.

However, the recommended treatment interval varies depending on the skin condition, so please consult your doctor during the examination and counseling you receive at a medical institution.

Risks and side effects of Sylfarm X

Sylfarm X is said to have little risk, but because it adds heat to the inside of the skin, you may experience a sunburn-like sensation such as redness, swelling, hot flashes, and tingling sensations for a few days .

There may be scabs after the treatment, but if you remove it forcibly, a scar may remain , so wait for it to fall off naturally. If pigmentation occurs, it will subside in a few months.

In rare cases, blisters, keloid formation, and pain may occur, in which case please consult a medical institution .

Pain during Sylfarm X treatment

Since surface anesthesia is applied, there is little pain during the procedure, and you can only feel warmth during the procedure.

Precautions after Sylfarm X treatment

After receiving Sylfarm X, it is important to keep your skin well moisturized, as the heat from the high frequency makes it easy for your skin to dry out.

Immediately after the treatment, the skin becomes sensitive, so on the day of the treatment, wash only with water, use petroleum jelly or mild cream as a moisturizer, and avoid alcohol-based cosmetics for 2 to 3 days . After the next day, you can switch to normal skin care. Do not use peeling or scrubbing products for 1-2 weeks.

If you are exposed to direct sunlight and absorb excessive ultraviolet rays, the effect of Sylfarm X may be diminished, and there may be risks such as pigmentation and blisters, so use sunscreen and take proper measures against ultraviolet rays. to

Do not receive light therapy for 1-2 weeks.

Those who cannot receive Sylfarm X

  • People with pacemakers, defibrillators, or other implanted electrical devices
  • pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Those with signs or history of skin cancer, other cancers, and/or precancerous warts
  • Critically ill patients (i.e., heart-related disease)
  • Immunodeficiency due to HIV, AIDS, and/or drugs
  • Heat sensitive diseases such as herpes simplex
  • Endocrine diseases that are difficult to manage, such as diabetes
  • Those with progressive acute diseases, eczema, psoriasis, bedsores, rashes, etc.
  • Those with a history of skin disorders, keloids and/or injuries that interfere with recovery
  • Patients with blood clotting disorders or those who have taken or injected anticoagulants in the past 10 days
  • Those with silicone allergies
  • If it is deemed inappropriate for the procedure by the doctor's judgment
  • Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), anticoagulants for 1 week prior to treatment
  • Chemical peel 1 to 6 weeks before treatment
  • LED or non-invasive laser treatment 2-3 weeks prior to treatment
  • Invasive laser treatment 6-12 weeks prior to treatment
  • Use of retin A, retinol for 1 month before treatment
  • Perm or dye for 1 week before treatment

Sylfarm X is an unapproved device

Sylfarm is an unapproved device from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Make sure you understand the risks and side effects before proceeding.

Sylfarm X is an unapproved device by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Acquisition route of pharmaceuticals: The acquisition route is personal import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
About medicines to be careful about when importing for personal use (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Approval in Japan: There is no device that has the same performance as Sylfarm X and has been approved in Japan.

Safety and other information in other countries: Sylfarm X has been approved by the US FDA for its efficacy in electrocoagulation and hemostasis.
Risks/side effects associated with this approval: No potential risks have been identified without causing erythema or edema formation within 1 hour.

Sylfarm X treatment flow and price

Sylfarm X treatment flow

Sylfarm X takes about an hour, including surface anesthesia and post-treatment cool-down.

(1) Counseling/examination

Any questions or concerns about the procedure will be answered here.

(2) Cleansing/face washing

Remove makeup with cleansing and cleanse your skin with face wash.

(3) Treatment

Topical anesthesia is applied, and the treatment is performed after the anesthesia has taken effect. There are three types of tips: 25 needles with 1.5 mm spacing, 25 needles with 2.0 mm spacing, and 18 needles with 1.5 mm spacing. It can work from 0.3mm to 4.0mm under the skin. You can also use the appropriate tip depending on your skin troubles and treatment area to perform the treatment.

(4) Cooling

After treatment, cool the affected area.

If you still have hot flashes or redness after returning home, cool the affected area.

Makeup and bathing are possible from the next day . On the day of the procedure, refrain from taking a shower , drinking alcohol, or exercising vigorously as it may prolong redness and swelling.

Sylfarm X price

Sylfarm X is a treatment with an unapproved device. Since this is a private medical treatment not covered by insurance, the fee varies depending on the medical institution, but the cost rate is as follows.

full face 25,000 yen - 65,000 yen
full face + neck 75,000 yen - 10,000 yen

Anesthesia fee may be charged separately.

In addition, there are cases where a set fee is set with another treatment that can be received in combination, a set fee for multiple treatments where the price per treatment is cheaper, and a low price for the first time only. Therefore, please check with each medical institution for details.

How to choose a medical institution to receive Sylfarm X

Effects, downtime and risks of Silferm X, which can be expected to improve melasma

After the treatment of Silferm X, the skin is sensitive and the beauty ingredients can easily penetrate the skin, so it is easier to obtain a synergistic effect by receiving "electroporation" that penetrates the beauty essence after the treatment. increase.

In addition, if the purpose is to treat melasma and blemishes, it is said that the treatment effect will be enhanced by using "laser toning" together.

Electroporation is a method of making small holes in the stratum corneum of the skin to allow active ingredients to penetrate into the dermis.
Active beauty ingredients that can be introduced include hyaluronic acid, collagen, growth factors, and umbilical cord blood stem cell culture supernatant, also known as ``baby skin'', which is a formulation of the ingredients contained in the umbilical cord.
As a specific machine, there is "Mesoactis" by Microlab in Italy.
In addition, there is "Caresys" manufactured by Cresio as a machine that applies electroporation technology. Caresys can adjust the temperature from 45 degrees to -25 degrees and has a cooling function that constricts the blood vessels and prevents the absorption of the serum into the blood vessels. This allows the active ingredient to remain in the cells for a long time.
laser toning
Laser toning is a laser treatment aimed at improving spots and dullness, and it is said that melanin pigment can be destroyed without stimulating melanocytes that produce melanin pigment because it is irradiated with low output.
However, if you have chloasma, it can stimulate the melanocytes and make it worse.
Therefore, by using Sylfarm in combination with picolaser and fractional laser treatment, the burden on the epidermis (stimulation to melanocytes) caused by the laser is reduced, and the epidermis is stabilized by reconstructing the basement membrane (control of pigmented lesions in the epidermis). while), the effect of boosting the original effect of the laser on the epidermis and dermis can be expected. It is said that people who want to treat melasma and blemishes are particularly effective.

In this way, by choosing a medical institution with a treatment menu that can be used in combination with Sylfarm X, it can be said that you can receive more effective treatment.

KO CLINIC Sylfarm X Q&A with Dr. Hwang

We interviewed Mr. Seung Huang, who supervised the article, about Sylfarm X.

Who is Sylfarm X suitable for?
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Even if pigment spots and melasma are treated with other devices such as IPL, pico laser, ruby fractional, etc., and become clear to some extent, dullness and spots remain due to post-inflammatory pigmentation, and the treatment effect seems to be stagnant. It is suitable for those who have unstable melanocytes and are difficult to treat aggressively.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
In such cases, until now, the method was to wait for the activity of melanocytes to subside with conservative treatment, but by using Silferm X, instead of just waiting with conservative treatment, the skin quality is improved. I hope that the pigment will also improve while getting better.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Sylfarm X may also be effective for depigmentation, depending on the case. Laser treatment may cause depigmentation, especially in cases with strong photoaging, but it can be expected to have the effect of evening out skin with a mixture of pigmentation and depigmentation.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
It is said to be effective against telangiectasia and rosacea, and rejuvenation (rejuvenation effect) is also effective, so skin quality improvement such as firmness and texture can be expected.
What is the difference between the original Sylfarm and Sylfarm X?
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
The feature of Silferm is that only abnormal capillaries and basement membranes are selectively remodeled (destroyed and rebuilt) by high-frequency heat. In addition to the above functions, the new Silferm X also has a continuous RF (CW) mode that heats all layers of the dermis, so it is possible to further enhance dermis rejuvenation.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Cleansing the superficial areas is important for melasma and melasma, but another important thing to prevent recurrence and worsening of melasma is dermal rejuvenation. It has long been said that the deterioration of the dermis is one of the factors that stimulate melanocytes, and Sylferm is also useful for dermal regeneration.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
There is a paper stating that Silferm improves the condition of the dermis and stabilizes the function of melanocytes, although it does not directly approach the epidermis, and I feel that there is such a tendency when actually using it. .
Please tell me about the downtime of Sylfarm X.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Immediately after the treatment, redness and swelling will occur due to heat, but it often subsides within a few hours. Redness may remain for a few days in some cases, but downtime tends to be relatively short.
Please tell me how to select a medical institution to receive Sylfarm X.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
With the advent of Sylfarm and Sylfarm X, it has become possible to improve post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and depigmentation problems. For example, residual dullness and blemishes that remain thin can now be made even thinner.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
However, Silferm and Silferm X cannot improve all skin spots and melasma. It is important to thoroughly diagnose the skin condition with a reproducible diagnostic imaging machine (the same symptoms can be confirmed under certain conditions), and to determine the timing of treatment and the machine according to the symptoms.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Basically, it is very difficult to stop or resume treatment unless the images are reproducible, so it is very important to proceed while observing changes in melanocyte function.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Rather than blindly recommending treatment, it may be possible to choose a medical period that allows a firm diagnosis based on certain criteria in terms of assessing the activity of melanocytes.
Thank you very much, Mr. Huang.

[For medical professionals] Sylfarm X Q&A

Dr. Huang answered questions frequently asked by doctors about Sylfarm X.

  • Will Sylfarm X alone improve melasma?
  • Needle RF has a problem of reproducibility for practitioners.
  • Why is treating the basement membrane effective for melasma?
  • What kind of cases is Sylfarm suitable for?
  • Please tell me how to use it effectively for the treatment of chloasma and pigment spots.
Will Sylfarm X alone improve melasma?
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
For chloasma, the first priority is so-called conservative therapy, such as taking tranexamic acid, daily skin care, and thorough UV protection. Conservative therapy will improve melasma to some extent and select a device (machine for treatment) when the activity of melanocytes has subsided.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
In recent years, picotoning has made it possible to treat melasma without stimulating melanocytes, but there are still cases where melanocytes are burdened.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Sylfarm X treats cases where melanocytes are highly active and pigmented lesions in the epidermis are difficult to control. You can proceed with melasma treatment while improving the quality. By using Sylfarm, it is an image of proceeding with treatment while protecting the conventional functions of the skin.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Sylfarm can be used in combination with picolaser and fractional laser treatment to reduce the burden on the epidermis (stimulation of melanocytes) caused by the laser, stabilize the epidermis (while controlling the activity of melanocytes), and restore the original laser effect. I believe that this is what drives the effect.
Aesthetic medicine platform KIREI
I think needle RF has a problem with the reproducibility of the practitioner, but the facility side wants to produce the same results regardless of who does it. Please tell us what you are doing to improve reproducibility at your facility.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
As you said, Sylfarm is a needle RF, so it is a device that tends to vary slightly depending on the practitioner.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Sylfarm's characteristic is rather the construction of the basement membrane, so if you use a short setting with a weak output, you can bring out the Sylfarm's characteristic of stabilizing the activity of melanocytes and improving pigmentation while rejuvenating. think.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
So rather than doing it too strongly, I'm thorough about doing it gently. However, in cases where the activity of melanocytes is calm, such as in areas other than melasma, we respond by pressing firmly or changing the settings.
Aesthetic medicine platform KIREI
Why is treating the basement membrane effective for melasma?
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
The basement membrane plays a role in connecting the epidermis and the dermis, such as delivering nutrients and oxygen from the capillaries of the dermis to the epidermis. Melanocytes that produce melanin pigment are present in this basement membrane.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
It is said that laser toning has become common and frequent irradiation damages the basement membrane, which in turn causes an iatrogenic burden on the skin. Sylfarm will rebuild it for you.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
We believe that the formation of the basement membrane stabilizes the activity of melanocytes. There are some reports in overseas literature that Sylfarm X improves melasma. In addition, we have experienced many similar clinical results at our institution.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
On the other hand, several cases of refractory depigmentation due to frequent irradiation by laser toning have been cured by treatment with Silferm X.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
From the above, it is thought that this treatment calms down or restores the function of melanocytes. Even in difficult cases where melanocytes are highly active, treatment can be recommended without exacerbating the condition.
Aesthetic medicine platform KIREI
What kind of patients and what kind of cases is Sylfarm suitable for?
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
The cases that everyone is struggling with, "dullness, stagnation of melasma treatment, residual spots, peaking out of skin quality rejuvenation effect" will be resolved. However, what is important is the identification, adaptation, and timing of melanocyte activity.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
I don't think you need to do Sylfarm for all cases of pigmented spots and chloasma. This is fine for cases that can be resolved with IPL, Q-switched YAG laser, pico laser, etc., but there are still some cases where melanocyte function is unstable and difficult.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Therefore, Sylfarm is a device that not only waits for conservative treatment, but also promotes dermal rejuvenation with Sylfarm, builds the basement membrane, stabilizes melanocytes, and improves pigmentation.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Another big advantage of Sylfarm is that it can also be effective for depigmentation. I believe that it can change the environment of the basement membrane and activate the melanocytes, bringing them back to a healthy state in a good sense.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Especially in cases with strong photoaging, depigmentation tends to occur when toning and laser treatments are used. Even in cases of mixed pigmentation and depigmentation due to photoaging, I think this is a unique device that restores pigmentation (depigmentation) while improving pigmentation.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Even in cases where pigmentation and depigmentation are mottled, it can be expected to have an evening effect by stabilizing the activity of melanocytes.
Aesthetic medicine platform KIREI
It is said that the timing of use is important to make the most of Silfarm's usefulness.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Silpharm adapts to the activity of melanocytes. If it can be done properly, it will be a very useful device.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
I think that image diagnosis is very important as a point of determination, and while taking pictures every other month, if conservative treatment does not worsen, but stagnation or a little improvement level, Sylfarm is effective. .
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
It is very important to judge the activity of melanocytes by determining the degree of pigment spots and pigmentation with a certain standard as much as possible. In diagnostic imaging, I judge the activity of melanocytes by dividing them into red, yellow, and blue.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
If pigmentation is clearly darker than before treatment

If the pigmentation is not darker than before treatment, but it has become darker after lightening
→ Y (Yellow)

If the pigmentation is clearly lighter than after treatment and remains almost as thin as it is
→ B (Blue)

*For details, please refer to the seminar video in the next chapter.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
Basically, if it's better than it was a month ago, it's blue, if it's worse, it's red, and if it's stagnant, it's yellow. I think it's better to think that basically the device won't work if the deposition is stronger than it was a month ago.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
In the case of immutability, I think Sylfarm has a possibility. I think the pico laser is also effective depending on the case. As for blue, I think it will look pretty no matter what you do.
Aesthetic medicine platform KIREI
How is Sylfarm used to treat chloasma and pigment spots? Please tell me how to use it effectively
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
The customized treatment at KO CLINIC is designed to clean all layers of the skin.
Each device, such as IPL, Q-switched YAG laser, and pico laser, has a target, and we provide combined treatment accordingly, but the most important thing is melanocytes.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
You can clean without causing PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) by how well you select the one that matches the state of melanocytes.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
However, there are cases where 20 to 30% of cases do not go well even if it is done in this way. In cases where it is difficult to control the activity of melanocytes, instead of approaching the epidermis, Sylfarm calms the activity of melanocytes and improves rejuvenation while treating it as if it were a conservative treatment. is recommended.
Dr. Hwang Sung-ko
As a result, the skin becomes clearer, so the patient is not just waiting for the conservative treatment, but the texture of the skin becomes clearer and the pigmentation calms down, so the satisfaction is high.
Aesthetic medicine platform KIREI
Thank you very much, Mr. Huang.

[For medical professionals] Sylfarm X Mr. Huang seminar video

This is a video of Mr. Huang's lecture on Sylfarm X.
Dr. Huang talks about the attractiveness of Sylfarm X, which is difficult to understand in the demonstration, how to use it to enhance the treatment effect, and how Dr. Huang produces clinical results.

Title: "Skin Rejuvenation Treatment for Asian Skin Using Pulsed Oscillating Needle RF"

Introduction of supervising doctor

Dr. Seiko Kou, the director of KO CLINIC. As a leading expert in “customized treatment” that performs appropriate treatment based on analysis by diagnostic imaging equipment, he has presented at many academic conferences and lectures. Started clinical research on chloasma in 2007, and currently instructs many doctors and medical professionals on treatment methods using multiple aesthetic medical devices. Established a treatment centered on skin care medicine aiming for healthy and beautiful skin. His major publications include “Your skin will change your life!” and many others.