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Effects, downtime and risks of Sylfarm X, which can be expected to improve chloasma




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Effects, downtime and risks of Sylfarm X, which can be expected to improve chloasma

Sylfarm X is a machine called Microneedle RF that directly transmits high-frequency energy to the skin through ultra-fine needles.

By removing aging cells and generating new cells, it can be expected to improve liver spots, which were considered difficult to treat with conventional lasers, as well as improve redness, spots and pores, wrinkles / sagging, and stretch marks. You can aim for symptoms such as stretch marks and cracks .

It is said that the downtime until the skin returns to its original state after receiving the treatment is short and there is less pain, but in order not to fail, check the risks and side effects of the treatment and what you need to know before receiving the treatment. Must be done.

Silfarm X aims to improve skin quality

Developed by ViOL of South Korea, Syilfirm X is one of the machines called "Microneedle RF" that pierces the skin with an ultra-fine needle and irradiates radio frequency (RF: Repeated Pulse). A disposable tip with a needle is attached for the treatment.

It is the successor to Silfarm released in 2015 and has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Approval K200185

When the skin is scratched with the ultra-fine needle of Sylfarm X, the "natural healing power" that tries to restore the damaged part to the normal state promotes the production of collagen and elastin that heal the wound. Then, the cells around the damaged area are activated.

As a result, the firmness and elasticity of the skin will improve, and you can aim for symptoms such as age spots, open pores, wrinkles / sagging, stretch marks and cracks.

Among them, the characteristic action of Sylfarm X is that it can eliminate abnormal capillaries in the dermis in the skin layered with the epidermis and dermis, and it is the foundation that supports the epidermis and has the role of connecting the dermis and the epidermis. It is possible to reconstruct a certain "dermis" .

This can be expected to improve redness and chloasma.

Symptoms that can be expected to improve with Sylfarm X

  • Red face, telangiectasia, rosacea
  • Chloasma
  • Opening of pores
  • Wrinkles and sagging
  • Striae atrophic and stretch marks

Silfarm X can also be used for skin and eye treatment after sunburn

Human skin has different skin colors from whites, yellows, and blacks depending on the amount of melanin pigment present in the epidermis of the skin, and the susceptibility to sunburn also differs. Due to this feature, there are six skin types internationally, whites are skin type 1 and blacks are skin type 6.

Depending on the skin type, light (IPL) treatment or laser treatment that responds to melanin pigment may not be possible, or it may not be possible to perform treatment on sunburned skin, but with Sylfarm X, for which skin type The treatment is also possible, and it can be performed even on the skin after sunburn .

The reason is that Sylfarm X delivers high-frequency energy to the dermis layer, so high-frequency heat rarely reacts with the melanin pigment present in the epidermis layer .

In addition, light (IPL) treatment and laser treatment use eye guards for protection during the procedure to prevent light and laser from reacting to dark-colored eyeballs, but Sylfarm X does not require eye guards. Therefore, it is possible to perform treatment on the outer corners of the eyes and on the eyelids .

Two irradiation methods of Sylfarm X

In addition to the single long pulse (CW: Continuous Wave, continuous RF pulse) that continuously irradiates high frequencies, Sylfarm X is equipped with an irradiation method (multi-short pulse) that repeats a very short irradiation time.

A single long pulse (CW: Continuous Wave, continuous RF pulse) causes thermal coagulation in all layers of the skin, and a multi-short pulse (PW: Pulsed Wave, ultra-short repeating RF pulse) selectively heats the basement membrane and blood vessels. It causes solidification .

Heat coagulation is a phenomenon in which proteins solidify. In high-frequency treatment, heat coagulation occurs, causing site regeneration (spontaneous healing) and promoting the production of collagen and elastin, leading to improvement of skin problems.

Irradiation method Single long pulse Multi short pulse
Irradiation Continuous irradiation Repeated short pulse irradiation
Parts to be thermally coagulated All layers of skin Basement membrane and blood vessels

A pulse is the irradiation time per energy shot.

Silfarm X SR3 Technology

In addition to Silfarm X, Microneedle RF machines include Intracell made by Jeisys of South Korea and Infini Hybrid made by Lutronic of South Korea, but Sylfarm X is SR3 (Selective Regional Regeneration Radio) technology. It can be said that the feature is that is installed.

SR3 technology is a technology developed in Silicon Valley, USA.

Sylfarm X uses SR3 technology to select and eliminate dilated capillaries and abnormal capillaries using multi-short pulses, and promotes the formation of capillaries, "vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). ) ”Controls the overgenerated movement . It also reduces aged cells .

Aged cells generate a large amount of inflammatory substances, and when inflammatory substances are generated, immune cells are delivered to the inflammatory site in the bloodstream to suppress inflammation. At that time, the blood vessels expand and the blood flow increases, so that redness can be confirmed from above the skin.

By eliminating aged cells, young cells will increase and cell membrane remodeling can be expected.

Treatment effect by SR3 technology

Improvement of redness, vasodilation and rosacea

Capillaries that deliver nutrients to cells expand with even the slightest stimuli, such as temperature fluctuations, friction, and the effects of hormones.

It is not a bad thing that the capillaries dilate, but on a face with thin skin , if there is an abnormality in the capillaries by nature, or due to the influence of hormones, many capillaries are formed or the blood vessels dilate abnormally. When "telangiectasia" occurs, the capillaries can be seen through the skin, resulting in a "red face" that makes the face look red.

This is due to the action of VEGF. When VEGF affects the vascular endothelial cells inside blood vessels, it promotes cell division and "migration" of cells to move to other positions, resulting in the formation of new capillaries.

Therefore, when Sylfarm X is used, abnormal capillaries in the dermis layer can be eliminated and VEGF production can be suppressed, resulting in telangiectasia, reddish face, and redness mainly on the cheeks and nose. Can be expected to improve.

Basement membrane reconstruction

The basement membrane is a thin membrane between the "epidermis" and the "dermis" that transfers nutrients and oxygen from the capillaries in the dermis to the epidermis and supports the generation of cells in the epidermis. As a result, the turnover cycle, which is the metabolism of the skin, is maintained normally [* 1].

[* 1] References

The skin is mainly composed of the epidermis and the dermis, and the basement membrane exists at the boundary. This epidermal basement membrane forms an anchoring complex that strongly holds the epidermis and dermis together. The epidermal basement membrane also controls the differentiation and proliferation of epidermal cells and contributes to the maintenance of epidermal polarity.

Source: Epidermal basement membrane damage as a sign of early aging and laminin as a key substance in basement membrane care 5

Normalization of turnover by reconstruction of basement membrane

The skin is layered with the epidermis and dermis, and is further layered from the epidermis to the basal layer, the stratum granulosum, the stratum granulosum, and the stratum corneum.

In the basal layer, keratinocytes (keratinocytes) that form each layer of the epidermis are generated.

Keratinocytes are pushed up to the upper layer by repeating "differentiation" that has a specific function and "division" that divides into two, and after forming a stratum spinosum and a stratum granulosum, they become stratum corneum without a nucleus. It changes and forms the stratum corneum. It also acts as a barrier to prevent dust and viruses from entering the body from outside the body, and when it finishes its role, it becomes dirt and peels off.

In this way, the metabolism of the skin from the birth of cells to the peeling off is called "turnover" and takes about 28 days.

Turnover maintains a cycle of about 28 days due to the normal production of cells, and the basement membrane plays an important role for this purpose .

The basement membrane is composed of proteins (collagen) such as "laminin 5" and "type IV collagen" secreted from the basal layer of the epidermis, and plays a role of connecting the epidermis and the dermis by passing nutrients from the dermis to the epidermis. I will.

Existing in this basement membrane are melanocytes that accumulate melanin pigment. When the protein "CXCR4" produced by melanocytes is activated more than necessary by the stimulation of ultraviolet rays, it proliferates the collagen-degrading enzyme "MMP" and destroys the basal layer.

When the basement membrane is destroyed, nutrients and oxygen do not reach the epidermis from the capillaries of the dermis, resulting in insufficient production of keratinocytes that form the epidermis, resulting in disrupted turnover cycles .

Then, spots and dullness occur, the texture of the skin becomes rough, and the barrier function does not function normally, causing dryness and rough skin.

Therefore, when treated with Sylfarm X, the basal layer is reconstructed and the generation of cells forming the epidermis layer is normalized, so that it is possible to improve the skin problems caused by the disordered turnover.

Reconstruction of basement membrane improves chloasma

Chloasma is one of the most common spots in women in their 30s and 50s, which can be symmetrical from the bottom of the outer corner of the eye. Liver spots are sometimes mixed with so-called general spots, "senile pigment spots," and it is difficult to self-determine whether or not they are liver spots. Similar to "senile pigment spots," it is said that the cause is the proliferation of melanin pigments caused by ultraviolet rays, as well as hormonal imbalance and rubbing irritation to the skin, and the mechanism has not been completely elucidated.

However, since the basement membrane is damaged and melanocytes are falling on the dermis under the epidermis, the treatment of Sylfarm X, which eliminates the aged cells around the basement membrane and reconstructs the basement membrane, , Improvement of liver spots can be expected .

Differences between chloasma and senile pigment spots

When the skin is stimulated by ultraviolet rays or friction, melanin pigment is produced by "melanocytes" and accumulated in melanosomes to protect the cell nucleus from the stimulation.

The process by which melanin pigment is excreted by turnover In healthy skin, melanosomes filled with melanin pigment are transferred to the cell keratinocytes of the epidermis, pushed up to the stratum corneum by the skin's metabolism, turnover, and excreted with the old stratum corneum. However, the division function of keratinocytes in which melanin pigments are accumulated is reduced, and when melanin pigments are retained, senile pigment spots appear.

In the senile pigment spots, it is known that keratinocytes that do not accumulate melanin pigment tend to be proliferated to supplement keratinocytes with reduced mitotic function, but melasma shows hyperplasia of keratinocytes. not.

Treatment effect by promoting natural healing power with Sylfarm X

At Sylfarm X, the needle intentionally scratches the skin and causes high frequencies to reach the dermis layer, causing damage and promoting natural healing power. As a result, the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid is promoted, and it can be expected that the skin will become firm and elastic.

The skin is layered with the epidermis layer and dermis layer, and fibroblasts that produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are present in the dermis layer. In Sylfarm X, it is possible to activate the function of these fibroblasts by transmitting high frequencies to the dermis layer with microneedles .

By activating fibroblasts, collagen and hyaluronic acid increase, improving uneven acne scars (crater pores), opening loose pores (sagging pores) and band-shaped pores formed by overlapping slack pores. You can expect improvement of closed pores .

In addition, fibroblasts are activated to restore elasticity to the skin, making wrinkles, sagging, and stretch marks and flesh cracks less noticeable on the body .

What you need to know before undergoing Silfarm X

Silfarm X is effective when received multiple times

Sylfarm X may be effective with a single treatment, but basically it is necessary to repeat multiple treatments on a regular basis.

You can expect the effect to continue by receiving it 5 to 10 times at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks .

However, the recommended treatment interval varies depending on the condition of your skin, so please consult your doctor at the consultation and counseling you receive at a medical institution.

Risks and side effects of Sylfarm X

Sylfarm X is said to be less risky, but because it heats the inside of the skin, you may have a tan-like sensation of redness, swelling, burning, and tingling for several days .

A scab may develop after the procedure, but if you forcibly remove it, it may leave a mark, so wait for it to come off naturally. If pigmentation occurs, it will subside within a few months.

In rare cases, blisters, keloid formation, and pain may occur. In that case, please consult a medical institution .

Pain during Sylfarm X procedure

Since surface anesthesia is performed, there is less pain during the procedure, and you will feel warmth during the procedure .

Avoid skin care immediately after the procedure

After receiving Sylfarm X, the heat from high frequencies makes the skin dry easily, so it is important to keep it moisturized.

In addition, if you are exposed to direct sunlight and absorb excessive UV rays, the effect of Sylfarm X may be diminished, and there may be risks such as pigmentation and blisters, so use sunscreen and take proper measures against UV rays. To

However, since the skin becomes sensitive immediately after the treatment, please refrain from using skin care products such as face wash (including washing with water), lotion / milky lotion, and sunscreen, and do it about 6 hours after the treatment .

Those who cannot receive Silfarm X

  • Those who have metals in the treatment area
  • Those who have skin diseases or infections at the treatment site
  • Pregnant
  • Those who have medical devices embedded in their bodies, such as cardiac pacemakers
  • Those with heart problems
  • Precancerous lesions and malignant skin tumors
  • Those with keloid constitution or those with keloid at the treatment site

Silfarm X is treated with unapproved equipment

Silfarm is an unapproved device from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Please check the risks and side effects carefully before the procedure.

Silfarm X is an unapproved device from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Drug acquisition route: The acquisition route is individual import from the manufacturer by the doctor of each medical institution.
Drugs to be aware of when importing personally (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page)
Approval in Japan: No device has the same performance as Sylfarm X and has been approved in Japan.

Information on safety in other countries: Sylfarm X has been approved by the US FDA for its effects on electrocoagulation and hemostasis.
Risks / side effects in the approval: No potential risk has been identified as no erythema or edema formation within 1 hour.

Silfarm X treatment flow and price

Flow of treatment of Silfarm X

Sylfarm X takes about 1 hour including surface anesthesia and post-treatment cool-down.

(1) Counseling / examination

Questions and concerns about the procedure should be resolved here.

(2) Cleansing / washing face

Cleanse to remove makeup and wash your face to keep your skin clean.

(3) Treatment

Surface anesthesia is performed, and the procedure is performed after the anesthesia is effective. There are three types of tips, one with 25 1.5 mm needles, one with 25 2.0 mm needles, and one with 18 1.5 mm needles. It can work from 0.3mm to 4.0mm below the skin. The treatment is performed by using the appropriate tip depending on the skin problem and the treatment site.

(4) Cooling

After the treatment, the affected area is cooled and cooled.

If you still have hot or reddish skin after returning home, cool the affected area.

Makeup and bathing are possible from the next day . As a shower bath on the day of the procedure, refrain from drinking or strenuous exercise as it may prolong redness and swelling.

Silfarm X Price

Sylfarm X is a procedure with unapproved equipment. In addition, because it is a free medical treatment that is not covered by insurance, the fee varies depending on each medical institution, but the cost market is as follows.

All faces 25,000 to 65,000 yen
All face + neck 75,000 to 10,0000 yen

Anesthesia fee may be charged separately.

In addition, there are cases where it is a set fee with another treatment that can be received in combination, a set fee for multiple times that the fee for each treatment is cheaper, and a cheap fee for the first time only. Therefore, please check with each medical institution for details.

How to choose a medical institution to receive Silfarm X

After the treatment of Sylfarm X, the skin is sensitive and the beauty ingredients easily penetrate into the skin. Therefore, after the treatment, receiving "electroporation" that allows the beauty essence to penetrate makes it easier to obtain a synergistic effect. I will.

In addition, if the purpose is to treat chloasma or spots, it is said that the treatment effect will be enhanced by receiving "laser toning" before the treatment.

Electroporation (electroporation)
Electroporation is a method of permeating the active ingredients of cosmetology into the dermis layer by making small holes in the stratum corneum of the skin.
The active ingredients for beauty that can be introduced include hyaluronic acid, collagen, growth factors, and "umbilical cord blood stem cell culture supernatant," which is also called "baby skin," which is a formulation of ingredients contained in the so-called umbilical cord. There is.
As a concrete machine, there is "Mesoactis" by Microlab of Italy.
In addition, there is "Caresys" manufactured by Crecio as a machine that applies electroporation technology. Caresys can control the temperature from 45 degrees to -25 degrees, and its cooling function constricts the blood vessels and prevents the beauty essence from being absorbed into the blood vessels. This allows the active ingredient to stay in the cells for a long time.
Laser toning
Laser toning is a laser treatment aimed at improving spots, chloasma, dullness, etc. It is said that melanin pigment can be destroyed without stimulating melanocytes that produce melanin pigment because it irradiates with low output. I have. It is said that it is easy to realize the effect of Sylfarm X by performing laser toning and destroying the melanin pigment before the treatment of Sylfarm X, and it is especially effective for those who aim to treat chloasma and spots. It is said to be easy.

In this way, it can be said that more effective treatment can be received by selecting a medical institution that has a treatment menu that can be used in combination with Silfarm X.