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Effect and characteristics of Stellar M22 ・ Treatment progress guideline and risk



IPL treatment Stellar M22 leads to improvement of troubles other than spots and improves skin quality

The Stellar M22 is a machine that irradiates light called "IPL" to perform treatment. The heat energy generated by irradiating light damages the melanin pigment that causes spots and freckles and the red hemoglobin in the blood that causes redness , leading to improvement of symptoms.

In addition, by stimulating the cells of the skin with the heat of light, collagen production is promoted in the process of natural healing, and the effect of improving the firmness of the skin can be expected.

However, in order to make a treatment selection without regrets, it is necessary to know in advance the precautions before the treatment and the treatment menu that should be combined.

Features of IPL treatment with multiple wavelengths

In the light treatment performed in aesthetic medicine, light called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is often used and is also called "IPL treatment". There are multiple machines that perform light (IPL) treatment, one of which is the Stellar M22.

Light is energy called electromagnetic waves that connect space with waves. Electromagnetic waves are classified into "ultraviolet rays" and "infrared rays" according to the wavelength of the wave, and each wavelength is expressed in units of nm (nanometers). Will be done.

Illustrated IPL wavelength range

Wavelengths contained in electromagnetic waves such as IPL have the property of being selectively absorbed by specific substances, and this property is utilized in aesthetic medicine. The IPL has multiple wavelengths around 500nm to 1200nm, and when it irradiates the skin, it emits heat so that it feels warm when exposed to lighting or sunlight.

By absorbing the wavelength of IPL by the causative substances that cause skin troubles such as melanin and hemoglobin, these objects are damaged by heat (heat denaturation) and promoted to be excreted from the body, resulting in symptoms such as age spots and reddish face. It can lead to improvement.

Filter out the wavelength suitable for the symptom

Machines that perform IPL treatment are equipped with a "filter" that selects the wavelength. The treatment is performed by selecting the appropriate wavelength with a filter according to the target to be improved such as spots and redness, the skin color of the treatment site, and the depth to which energy is to be delivered.

For example, if you use a 560nm filter, wavelengths below 559nm are cut, and wavelengths from 560nm to 1200nm are irradiated, so wavelengths close to the filter value are most strongly irradiated.

There are two types of IPL treatment machines: one with a built-in filter in the practitioner's handpiece and the other with a filter attached to the handpiece. The built-in type "handpiece type" replaces the entire handpiece for treatment, and the wearable type "filter type" replaces only the filter of the handpiece to switch the wavelength.

The filter type tends to select more wavelengths, and the Stellar M22 is a filter type.

Appropriate pulse width and fluence are also important

In order to obtain a sufficient therapeutic effect while suppressing downtime with IPL treatment, it is necessary to set the appropriate "pulse width" and "fluence" in addition to selecting the wavelength that matches the causative substance of the skin trouble that you want to improve. ..

The pulse width is the irradiation time per IPL, and the shorter the pulse width, the higher the instantaneous energy (peak power) that acts on the absorbed substance. In addition, the height of the irradiated energy is expressed in fluence, which is the energy density per 1 ㎠.

The pulse width that can be set differs for each IPL treatment machine, and the fluence also differs accordingly.

Benefits of IPL treatment

Improvement effect of spots and reddish face

Since the wavelength of IPL has the characteristic of being absorbed by specific substances such as melanin pigment and the red color of hemoglobin, it can be expected to improve spots, freckles, reddish face, etc. by selecting the wavelength suitable for each symptom. ..

Since the melanin pigment that causes general spots and freckles is present in the epidermis and blood vessels are present in the subcutaneous tissue below the dermis, the wavelength acts from the deep part of the skin to the surface layer.

Skin Rejuvenation effect

Rejuvenation is translated as rejuvenation, but you can expect a Skin Rejuvenation effect by irradiating the entire face with IPL. The skin is layered with the epidermis and dermis from the outside, but in IPL treatment, the cooling device can intentionally stimulate the dermis while preventing the epidermis from being damaged by heat.

The dermis is a layer that can be said to be the majority of the skin, with components such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Thermal energy is generated when the wavelength of the IPL reacts with the water in the dermis. Then, the natural healing power that tries to heal the cells that have been stimulated by heat works, and new components are generated. This will improve symptoms such as shallow wrinkles, open pores, firmness and lack of elasticity [* 1].

[* 1] References

Non-ablative skin rejuvenation uses a cooling device to protect the epidermis from thermal damage while causing fine damage to the dermis, which triggers a healing process that eventually increases collagen and improves plastic surgery. It is a treatment method to obtain. -Since the heat action of IPL is relatively weak, very thin and shallow wrinkles, opening of pores to some extent, and decrease in elasticity are therapeutic indications, but sagging and deep wrinkles are not indicated.

Source: Cosmetological skin treatment with Intense Pulsed Light

In addition, the epidermis above the dermis is not damaged by heat, but heat stimulation promotes cell metabolism (turnover). It is said that this will improve the dullness and improve the texture [* 2].

[* 2] References

The epidermis of the normal part is protected from strong heat damage, but the turnover is promoted by the heat stimulation, and clinically, the texture is improved and the whitening effect is obtained.

Source: Cosmetological skin treatment with Intense Pulsed Light

Stellar M22 used in IPL treatment

The machine used for IPL treatment, the Stellar M22, allows the practitioner to set the IPL output, irradiation range, and wavelength in detail. Therefore, it is possible to receive treatment using an appropriate IPL according to the skin problems that you are concerned about.

Among the multiple IPL treatment machines, the Stellar M22 is a medical device approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare .

Stellar M22 is an approved device

Luminous IPL treatment machines of all time

The Stellar M22 was developed by Luminous, Israel. It is an IPL treatment machine following the "Naturite" and "M22", and received regulatory approval on February 9, 2021. It has also been approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Approval in Japan Approval number 30300BZX00035000: Japan Luminous PMDA information
FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) Approval K193500: FDA

To obtain regulatory approval

There are a variety of medicines and devices in aesthetic medicine, but not all are approved. Rather, there are fewer approved ones.

Approval by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare aims to prevent the distribution of defective and harmful medicines and medical devices, and the approved Stellar M22 has been recognized by the government as effective and safe. I will.

Those who are suitable for Stellar M22

  • Those who are worried about spots and freckles
  • Those who want to improve dullness and uneven color of the skin
  • Those who are suffering from pore opening and darkening of pores
  • Those who are worried about red face (rosacea)
  • Those who want to improve telangiectasia
  • Those who want to improve skin firmness, irregular texture, and fine wrinkles
  • Those who are suffering from acne and red acne scars

The effect of thinning hair with Stellar M22

The treatment with Stellar M22 may result in thinning of the hair on the irradiated area.

Hair may be reduced when light reacts with the melanin pigment in the hair, as is the case with photoepilation menus in beauty salons and home-use self-epilation devices that use light.

Applicable site of Stellar M22

In addition to improving spots and redness on the face and skin quality, it is also possible to perform treatments on the body such as the neck, shoulders, back, sides, arms and hands. In addition, you can expect a secondary hair removal effect in each part.

  • Face (cheeks, under eyes)
  • Neck (nape), décolletage
  • shoulder
  • back
  • side
  • Upper arm (upper arm), forearm
  • Finger + back of hand (back of hand)

In addition to the above, it is different from aesthetic medicine, but in ophthalmology, the previous model "M22" may be used for the treatment of dry eye.

Dry eye is a symptom of foreign body sensation, eye fatigue, and watery eyes that can clog the outlets of the sebaceous glands, the meibomian glands, near the base of the eyelashes. Studies have shown that irradiating the area around the meibomian glands with IPL improved the symptoms of dry eye.

References: Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of Intense Pulsed Light Treatment with Meibomian Gland Expression of the Upper Eyelids for Dry Eye Disease

Features of Stellar M22

Careful treatment is possible by improving visibility and operability

Compared to the previous M22, the Stellar M22 has greatly improved visibility and operability as follows. It is expected that the treatment effect will be enhanced by enabling more careful treatment.

Handpiece design and touch screen

Handpiece that is easier to grip
The handpiece designed by ergonomic universal design reduces the burden on the practitioner. In addition, the light guide attached to the handpiece (details will be described later) makes it easier to check the skin condition in the irradiation range and improves visibility.
Touch screen that is easier to check
The screen of the machine that sets and confirms the irradiation method is enlarged

6 types of Stellar M22 filters have been approved

The Stellar M22 is equipped with nine filters.

So far, 5 types of filters (560nm, 590nm, 615nm, 640nm, 695nm) have been approved, but with the approval of Stellar M22 and the approval of 515nm filters, 6 types of 9 types of filters have been approved. Will have been obtained.

The newly approved filter can irradiate a wavelength of 515 nm, which has a shallow reach but is easily absorbed by melanin, so it has good sharpness for spots existing in the shallow layer of the skin and can be expected to have a higher therapeutic effect. ..

6 types of filters

Dedicated filter Corresponding symptom
515nm Spots near the surface of the skin
560nm Spots, pores, fine wrinkles, acne, etc. near the surface of the skin
590nm Reddish face (telangiectasia), redness of acne scars
615nm Stain that could not be removed at 515 nm or 560 nm
640nm Stain that could not be removed at 515 nm or 560 nm
695nm Deep skin spots, pores, fine wrinkles, hair loss
755nm Blemishes and hair loss in deep skin
Vascular (Vascular filter): 530-650nm, 900-1200nm Specializing in vascular lesions such as red face, telangiectasia, and internal bleeding
Acne (acne filter): 400-600nm, 800-1200nm Specializing in acne treatment that suppresses inflammation and kills acne bacteria

The wavelength of the IPL is emitted from the handpiece held by the practitioner, but the Stellar M22 can be switched by simply changing the filter on the handpiece.

Stellar M22 can adjust the irradiation size with 3 light guides

The Stellar M22 can be irradiated according to the treatment site by properly using three types of "light guides" of different sizes.

Light guide Corresponding part / symptom
Square type (big): 15 mm x 35 mm Whole cheeks and face
Square type (small): 8 mm x 15 mm Small parts such as eyes and mouth
Round (spot): 6 mm in diameter Spots and dullness in narrow areas, etc.

With the light guide, you can perform complex treatments such as "irradiate the area where you are concerned about age spots with a limited spot, irradiate the eyes and nose with the small light guide, and irradiate the entire cheek and face with the big light guide." You can also receive it.

In addition, the surface of the light guide that comes into contact with the skin is made of sapphire, and the "contact cooling function" that cools between irradiations works. This reduces the risk of heat burns on the skin surface and pain during the procedure.

Stellar M22 can irradiate with uniform energy for each pulse

opt function The Stellar M22 can also divide the pulse into double and triple when irradiating IPL, and at that time, the energy (fluence) can be divided evenly. For example, a single pulse irradiates 100% of the output at one time, while a double pulse irradiates 100% of the output in two and irradiates 50% each.

The divided pulse is called a "sub pulse". There are other machines that can divide the pulse, but most machines do not have the same energy for each subpulse that is actually applied, and the energy of the first subpulse tends to be the strongest.

The Stellar M22, on the other hand, is equipped with OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology), which divides the energy evenly, so there is no excess energy in each subpulse. This reduces the risk of burns and provides safer treatment.

In addition, the Stellar M22 can fix the pulse width, so the output can be increased while maintaining high peak power.

In general, increasing the output of the IPL weakens the effect due to the longer pulse width, but with the Stellar M22, increasing the output does not weaken the effect . This OPT is a function that has been installed since M22.

Stellar M22 can set sub-pulse fluence and pulse width individually

aopt function In addition to OPT, Stellar M22 is a function that allows the practitioner to individually set the fluence (high energy), pulse width, and pause time (delay) of each subpulse when irradiating double pulse or triple pulse. (Advanced OPT) is installed.

AOPT is effective for vascular lesions such as red face and telangiectasia , for those who have not been sufficiently effective with conventional irradiation treatment .

AOPT can divide the fluence into 5J (joule), 6J, 7J, etc. for each sub-pulse, and the pulse width can also be set to 4ms (millisecond: 1/1000 second), 5ms, 6ms, etc., respectively. You can also set the length of the delay, which means the pause time between each subpulse.

Vasodilation lesions such as reddish face have different depths of vasodilation and their color tones. If the color tone is purple due to deep vasodilation, use AOPT to lengthen the pulse width after the second pulse and set the fluence high. By doing so, you can heat the target and expect improvement of symptoms.

On the other hand, the feature of AOPT is that it can adjust the pulse for different depths and color tones, such as setting to increase the fluence of the first pulse for vascular lesions with vasodilation in shallow areas and red color tones. is. Therefore, for those who are not satisfied with the treatment of vascular lesions by the conventional irradiation method, treatment with AOPT can be expected as the next step.

Number of treatments, frequency and progress required for Stellar M22

Estimated number and frequency of Stella M22 treatments

You can feel the effect of the treatment with Stellar M22 even once, but if you continue to receive the treatment repeatedly, the texture and transparency of the skin will increase, leading to trouble-free and healthy skin.

The number of treatments is generally 3 to 5 times , and some medical institutions set a course fee such as a set of 3 times. The frequency of treatment depends on the symptoms, but it is recommended to have an interval of about once every 4 to 6 weeks according to the turnover cycle.

In addition, symptoms such as age spots and redness do not recur suddenly even after a certain period of time has passed since the last treatment. Although there are individual differences, the effect can be expected to continue for several months.

Estimated progress of spot treatment with Stellar M22

When IPL treatment is performed with Stella M22, the wavelength of IPL is absorbed by the melanin pigment that causes the stain and heat energy is generated. The melanin pigment damaged by heat energy is pushed up to the upper layer by skin turnover and is eventually excreted from the body.

Immediately after irradiation Redness occurs on the spots irradiated with IPL
2-3 days after irradiation The redness is reduced and the stains appear to be dark temporarily.
5 to 6 days after irradiation The stains turn black and begin to peel off
Approximately one week after irradiation Black spots come off

What you need to know before receiving Stellar M22

Precautions before Stellar M22 treatment

If your skin is inflamed due to sunburn, you may not be able to perform the procedure, so you need to take measures against UV rays before the procedure.

Also, please refrain from using scrubs or face packs that are strongly irritating the day before the procedure. It is recommended to avoid drinking within 12 hours before the procedure, as drinking can cause redness and itching by promoting blood flow.

When the treatment with Stellar M22 is stopped in the middle

Not limited to Stellar M22, IPL treatment makes it easier to realize the effect by receiving it repeatedly. If treatment is interrupted less than the recommended number of treatments, it is more likely that the expected improvement will not be seen .

Therefore, when you want a beautiful finish, it is important to follow the number of treatments specified by the medical institution. In addition, by receiving regular treatments, it is possible to improve skin problems such as age spots and redness, and it is also expected to have the effect of improving the firmness of the skin.

Stellar M22 Some symptoms are not expected to improve

With Stellar M22, there are some symptoms that cannot be expected to improve, so even if it is not originally indicated, it may be misunderstood as "failed".

  • Light stains
  • Mole with excitement
  • Chloasma
  • ADM (Acquired Dermal Melanocytosis)
  • Nevus spilus (brown bruise)

With Stellar M22, there may be no improvement in light spots. This is because the lighter the stain, the less the amount of melanin pigment. If you want to further improve light spots, a picosecond laser that shatters even small objects may be effective.

However, even if there is a lot of melanin pigment, in the case of moles that are greatly raised, other treatments such as laser treatment may be more effective than Stellar M22. In addition, some bruises look like spots, but laser treatment is effective for treating bruises such as ADM and nevus spilus.

In addition, it may be aggravated by irradiating the treatment site with chloasma with a strong output, but by changing the filter, the risk of chloasma worsening has also been reduced.

Those who cannot receive Stellar M22

  • Pregnant and lactating
  • People with atopic dermatitis
  • People with photosensitivity
  • Those who have a history of epilepsy or cancer
  • Those with a history of skin cancer / precancerous lesions
  • Those who have a chronic disease during treatment
  • Those who are tanned or plan to tan
  • Keloid constitution
  • Those who have trauma to the irradiated area
  • Those who have tattoos or permanent makeup on the irradiated area
  • Those who have metal threads or plates in the treatment area
  • Those who have a prosthesis inserted in the treatment area
  • Those who have a cardiac pacemaker, etc. embedded in their body
  • When the medical institution receiving the treatment determines that it is not suitable

Downtime risks and side effects of Stellar M22

Stellar M22 downtime

IPL treatment with Stellar M22 has little downtime . Redness, itchiness, and tingling pain may occur after the treatment, but it will subside within a few hours over time.

A thin scab (microcrust) may occur at the site where the melanin pigment has reacted, but it will come off in about a week.

Risks and side effects of Stellar M22

  • Redness and tingling pain of the skin due to heat energy
  • Micro crust
  • Burns and pigmentation on the treated area

In rare cases, strong reactions may cause burns or swelling, but if you experience any of these symptoms, please consult a medical institution. Pigmentation may occur and should be addressed with ointment or tape protection.

Stellar M22 procedure flow and cost market

Flow of treatment of Stellar M22

(1) Counseling / medical examination

When undergoing treatment with Stellar M22, it is necessary to undergo counseling and medical examination by a doctor in order to determine whether this machine is suitable for skin problems that you want to improve.

If it is indicated, you will receive detailed explanations such as the expected effect and the guideline for the number of treatments, so if you have any concerns or questions about the treatment, ask the doctor at this time.

(2) Cleansing / face washing

The actual treatment day may be the day after the counseling / examination is completed. On the day of the treatment, the medical institution will cleanse and wash the face in advance to clean the treatment area.

(3) Gel application / IPL irradiation

Gel is applied to the treatment site to improve the slipperiness of the small slope and IPL irradiation is performed. The standard irradiation time is about 15 to 30 minutes.

Depending on the part, each time you irradiate, you may experience pain like being flipped by rubber, but if you feel the pain strongly, the output of irradiation will be adjusted.

(4) Cooling / end

Wipe off the applied gel and cool the IPL irradiation area to complete the procedure.

Since the skin tends to dry after the treatment, sufficient moisturizing and UV protection are required, but makeup is possible from the day after the treatment. You can also spend your daily life such as bathing and exercising without any problems. However, it is recommended to avoid drinking because it promotes blood circulation and tends to cause redness.

Depending on the condition and symptoms of the skin, it may be recommended to use topical agents such as "hydroquinone", which is expected to have a whitening effect, and "tretinoin", which removes dead skin cells, and to take tranexamic acid, which is effective against age spots.

If pain remains at the treatment site, a steroid-containing ointment (locoid ointment) may be applied.

Stellar M22 treatment cost quote

The treatment with Stellar M22 is free medical treatment and is not covered by insurance. The treatment fee varies depending on the medical institution, but the market price for all facial treatments is about 24,000 to 50,000 yen per treatment .

Combined treatment that is compatible with Stellar M22


Iontophoresis is a method of delivering the active ingredients of beauty to the depths of the skin using a weak electric current.

After the treatment of Stellar M22, iontophoresis with whitening and moisturizing ingredients can be expected to have a higher effect and prevent dryness.

Peeling treatment

Peeling treatments include "chemical peeling", which removes old keratin and dirt by applying an acid such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid to the skin and wiping it off, and treatments using a peeling machine that uses a stream of water.

In chemical peeling, the chemicals may not be suitable for the skin, but in the treatment with a peeling machine, the chemicals touch the skin for a moment, so the skin does not become rough because it does not fit the skin. In addition, the treatment effect is mild because it is moisturized with beauty essence.

By undergoing a chemical peel or peeling machine treatment before receiving treatment with Stellar M22, it can be said that the old keratin and dirt walls are eliminated and the energy of IPL can easily reach deep into the skin.

How to choose a medical institution to receive Stellar M22 treatment

When receiving the treatment of Stellar M22, it can be said that synergistic effect can be expected and the treatment effect may be enhanced by selecting a medical institution that has a treatment menu that can be used together.

In addition, with Stellar M22, by receiving the recommended number of treatments, dullness and blemishes will become less noticeable, pore problems will be improved, and overall improvement in skin quality such as smoothing can be expected, while light blemishes and swelling can be expected. There are also difficult-to-treat symptoms such as moles, ADM (acquired dermal melanocytosis), and nevus spilus (bruises).

It is safe to have a doctor who will make a thorough examination to determine whether the treatment with Stellar M22 is indicated and propose treatment .