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What you need to know about the effects of phototherapy Cyton BBLs and not to fail



What you need to know about the effects of phototherapy Cyton BBLs and not to fail Saiton BBLs are one of the phototherapy machines, which can improve various skin problems such as age spots and wrinkles.

Cyton BBLs use light with a wavelength different from the light used in conventional phototherapy machines, and the wavelength and irradiation size are adjusted according to the worries, and the treatment is finely set according to the symptoms. It will be done.

Cyton BBLs can improve various problems by selecting and outputting a wavelength that improves the symptom according to the symptom, but if the wavelength output does not match the skin, improvement cannot be expected or worsens. It may be .

To prevent such failures, it is possible to aim for effective treatment by knowing the symptoms that can be expected to improve with Cyton BBLs and what kind of medical institution should be selected for the treatment.

Cyton BBLs that can improve skin problems by rejuvenating skin cells

Light treatment is a treatment method that irradiates the skin with light to improve multiple skin problems such as spots, dullness, wrinkles, acne and redness of the skin. In beauty medicine, IPL is a well-known treatment with light. ..

BBL is also a type of light, which is an English abbreviation for Broad Band Light.

Saiton BBLs are machines of Saiton (Sciton), a laser development company called King of Laser in the United States, which is at the forefront of beauty, and are certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare(certification number: 225AABZX00188000). It is possible to receive it at.

Depending on the symptoms such as acne, wrinkles, and freckles, not only the face but also the back and abdomen of the hands, which are easily exposed to the sun, can be treated .

Cyton BBLs have been announced by a doctor at Stanford University's Department of Dermatology that they can keep the pattern of gene expression young, which means that proteins are synthesized based on genetic information [* 1].

Elastin and collagen, which are a type of protein, and hyaluronic acid, which easily binds to proteins, are present in the dermis layer and are produced by fibroblasts.

Fibroblasts are stem cells that produce hyaluronic acid and other substances while undergoing cell division that replicates themselves. Each cell can divide about 50 times, but the number of fibroblast divisions decreases with aging, so the amount of hyaluronic acid produced decreases at the age of 20. It is said to go.

By applying Cyton BBLs and keeping the gene expression of fibroblasts that produce collagen etc. in a young state, hyaluronic acid and collagen etc. are continuously produced, which can be expected to improve various skin problems .

[* 1] References

BBL treatment can restore gene expression pattern of photoaged and intrinsically aged human skin to resemble young skin.

Rejuvenation of Gene Expression Pattern of Aged Human Skin by Broadband Light Treatment: A Pilot Study

Features of Saiton BBLs

Light therapy including Cyton BBLs is a treatment that can improve skin quality by irradiating the skin with special light to improve freckles, age spots, and sagging.

By the heat action of light, it damages the causative substance and activates the function of "fibroblasts" that produce elastin and collagen that bring elasticity and firmness to the skin, leading to improvement of skin problems.

Fibroblasts that produce collagen

Human skin is layered from the outside with the epidermis layer, dermis layer, and subcutaneous tissue.

Approximately 70% of the dermis layer is collagen, which is a fibrous protein, and elastin, an elastic fibrous protein, bundles collagen, which is filled with water-bearing jelly-like hyaluronic acid .

Since various skin problems occur due to the decrease of these three components and the imbalance, it is necessary to activate the "fibroblasts" that produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

Light is a type of electromagnetic wave

Light is a type of electromagnetic wave and is classified as follows according to the difference in wavelength.

  • Gamma rays
  • X-ray
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Visible light
  • Infrared
  • Microwave
  • high frequency

Wavelength is expressed in nanometers (nm), which is one billionth of a meter, and is the length of waves that repeat peaks and valleys (or valleys to valleys).

The wavelength of IPL, which is often used in aesthetic medicine, includes multiple wavelengths and refers to light from visible light to infrared light from about 500 nm to 1200 nm .

BBL_wavelength of light

Cyton BBLs can output wavelengths from 410 nm to 1400 nm by using a filter that reacts to a specific causative substance, and can be expected to rejuvenate cells, so they are sometimes described as the next-generation IPL treatment. ..

Differences between Cyton BBLs and IPL treatment

Cyton BBLs improve skin problems such as age spots and wrinkles in the same way as IPL treatment, but can be expected to have a tightening effect that improves chin, neck and abdominal sagging .

Difference between light therapy and laser therapy

Laser is an acronym for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation" in English and means "amplification of light by stimulated emission".

Since a laser is made by artificially extracting one specific wavelength from light, it has the characteristic of traveling in a straight line, and because it is targeted, it can be expected to improve specific problems. Therefore, in order to improve multiple problems with laser alone, it is necessary to change the machine for each problem.

Light therapy, on the other hand , contains multiple wavelengths, so one machine can handle various skin symptoms by changing the filter .

Features and effects of 4 modes that can be received at Saiton BBLs

Cyton BBLs have 7 filters (420 nm, 515 nm, 560 nm, 590 nm, 640 nm, 695 nm, 800 nm) and 3 spot sizes, and it is possible to use both filters and spot sizes. Since it is possible to deal with various symptoms by crossing, it is possible to perform the treatment according to the patient's worries .

For Cyton BBLs, you can use a filter that cuts unnecessary wavelengths, and you can change the filter according to the treatment content.

The number of the filter of Cyton BBLs indicates the shortest wavelength that can be output, and the closer the wavelength is to the filter value, the stronger the irradiation. Therefore, by cutting the wavelength below that number, the causative substance is strongly impacted. can do.

For example, if you want to improve acne, you need to choose a wavelength that reacts with acne, the causative agent of acne. Therefore, by selecting a 420 nm filter that reacts with acne bacteria and cutting wavelengths below 420 nm, the maximum peak of irradiation becomes 420 nm, which acts on acne bacteria of acne .

Saiton BBLs have 4 types of irradiation modes: Skintyte, forever Young BBL, Forever Clear BBL, and Forever Bare BBL, and the mode to use depends on the target problem such as spots, freckles, and hair loss .

By selecting the mode that suits your worries, the type of filter and spot size to be used is displayed, but it is used as a guide only because it changes depending on the symptom of the person receiving the treatment after performing test irradiation. It has been.

skin tyte
Forever Clear
Forever Bare BBL
Hair loss
Forever Young BBL
Wrinkles, age spots, telangiectasia


Wavelength used: 590nm ~ 1400nm

Skin tight is one of the features of Saiton BBLs that other phototherapy machines do not have.

By using the wavelength absorbed by the dermis layer, the function of fibroblasts is activated, and the components that form the dermis layer such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin are generated, and the elasticity and firmness of the skin are restored. , Pore opening and wrinkles are improved, and you can aim for smooth and healthy skin .

In addition, by continuously irradiating the machine so that it adheres to the skin and slides, it also has a massage effect, so you can also obtain a tightening effect at the same time .

Forever Clear BBL

Wavelengths used: 420nm, 560nm, 590nm

Forever Clear BBL is primarily used to treat acne.

The 420nm filter reacts with the porphyrin produced by P. acnes, which is the cause of acne, and can oxidize and sterilize P. acnes .

Since 560nm is a wavelength that is easily absorbed by hemoglobin, which is the red pigment of red blood cells, it is possible to suppress the redness of acne caused by inflammation.

The red 590nm filter, which is also used in skintyte, has the function of activating immune cells and can also suppress the redness of acne.

Forever Bare BBL

Wavelengths used: 590nm, 640nm, 695nm

Forever Bare BBL is a light-based hair removal that can irradiate sunburned skin regardless of skin color, and can also remove gray hair, blonde hair, and downy hair.

forever Young BBL

Wavelength used: 515nm ~ 800nm

Forever young BBL has a wide range of wavelengths that can be used, leading to improvement of various symptoms such as fine wrinkles and wrinkles.

Small wrinkles

Wavelength used: 800nm

The major causes of fine wrinkles are the decrease in collagen and elastin in the cortical layer and the slowing down of the "fibroblasts" that produce them.

By using a filter with a wavelength of 800 nm that stimulates the dermis layer, fibroblasts are activated and collagen and elastin are produced, which can be expected to improve fine wrinkles .


Wavelength used: 515 nm-560 nm

When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, the function of "melanocytes" that produce melanin pigments is activated. The melanin pigment plays a role in protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays, and is pushed up to the surface of the skin by the turnover, which is the metabolism of the skin, and peels off together with old keratin. However, if the turnover cycle is disturbed by ultraviolet rays or drying, and the melanin pigment that is excessively generated and accumulates inside the skin, the melanin formula is not excreted and appears as spots.

By using a filter that can target and stimulate melanin pigments, it is possible to promote the excretion of melanin pigments. ..

For spots that can be expected to improve with Cyton BBLs, spots on the epidermis such as freckles, light spots, and moles of sunlight can be expected to improve, and it is necessary to change the wavelength depending on the type and concentration of the spots .

Spots that cannot be expected to improve with Saiton BBLs

Melanin pigment is present in the dermis layer without turnover In the following symptoms, Cyton BBLs may not be expected to improve.

  • Chloasma

Chloasma is a type of stain that often occurs in women in their 30s and 50s, and is characterized by the fact that it can be symmetrically formed in the range of inverted triangles from under the eyes to the cheeks.

The cause has not been clarified, but it is said to be caused by overproduction of melanin, irritation to the skin, and imbalance of female hormones.

Cyton BBLs may not be expected to improve chloasma with melanin pigment precipitated in the dermis layer.

  • ADM (Acquired Dermal Melanocytosis)

ADM is a type of bruise that is characterized by gray to bluish spots on the cheeks and forehead from around the 20s. Although the detailed cause has not been clarified yet, it is said that melanocytes increase in the dermis layer and melanin pigment is produced to cause symptoms.

  • Ota nevus

Nevus Ota may develop after puberty or develop within the first year of life and become darker, and is thought to be caused by abnormalities in melanocytes, but the exact cause has been elucidated. not.

Normal melanocytes are present in the epidermis where turnover occurs and produce melanin pigment, but Ota nevus is caused by the accumulation of melanin pigment in the dermis layer due to the presence of melanocytes in the dermis layer. I will.

As a characteristic of appearance, blue spots tend to occur around the eyes and on the face on one side of the cheeks and forehead, and the deeper the melanin pigment accumulates, the more bluish-purple-like spots become.


Wavelengths used: 560nm, 590nm

Forever young BBL uses 560nm and 590nm filters that react with hemoglobin, the red pigment of red blood cells , to constrict capillaries and destroy unwanted capillaries, thus reducing skin redness. Can be

Precautions before receiving Cyton BBLs

Those who cannot receive treatment

  • Pregnant
  • Those who may become pregnant
  • Those who are breastfeeding
  • Those who have just had an excessive sunburn
  • Keloid
  • Those who have scratches or inflammation at the treatment site
  • People with photosensitivity
  • Those who are using medicines that increase photosensitivity

Those who need consultation with a doctor

  • Those with atopy
  • Epilepsy
  • Those with inflamed acne
  • Those with autoimmune diseases
  • Those who have excessive sunburn within a month
  • Those who are injecting and inserting the Aquamid prosthesis

Saiton BBLs treatment frequency and fee

Cyton BBLs may be effective even if they are taken once, but it is recommended to take them about 5 to 6 times at intervals of 3 to 4 weeks, but depending on the symptoms, the intervals and the number of treatments Is different.

Since it is a free medical treatment that is not covered by insurance, the price varies depending on the medical institution.

Some medical institutions offer a trial price for the first time, and the price tends to be higher after the second treatment.

Number of times price
First time 9,350 yen to 22,000 yen
From the second time onwards 10,780 yen-44,000 yen

Saiton BBLs treatment flow

(1) Face wash

Before irradiating, remove makeup, wash your face, and then prepare for irradiating.

(2) Test irradiation

Since it emits strong light when irradiated, attach an eye shield and apply gel to the irradiated area. Adjust the output by checking the skin quality and hair quality, and check that there are no problems.

(3) Cyton BBLs irradiation

No anesthesia is used as there is no severe pain.
The treatment time is 20 to 40 minutes.

(4) Aftercare

If hot spots remain after the procedure, you may be cooled at a medical institution.
Depending on the procedure, you may be able to make up on the day, so please follow the instructions of your medical institution.

Aftercare of Cyton BBLs

After the treatment, the skin is very sensitive, so moisturize it so that it does not dry out. In addition, exposure to UV rays may increase stains and worsen symptoms, so it is recommended to use sunscreen for about a month .

Postoperative course of Cyton BBLs

Symptoms Number of days
Redness Immediately after to within a few hours
swelling Immediately after to within a few days
(When reacting to stains)
Next day to several weeks

Immediately after the procedure, redness and swelling may accompany the treated area, but the redness will subside within a few hours and the swelling will subside within a few days.

If you react to stains, you will get a scab, but it will come off in a week to a few weeks.

Forcibly removing the scab may cause pigmentation, so wait for it to come off naturally .

Differences from other treatments and benefits of receiving Cyton BBLs

Differences between Saiton BBLs and other treatments

Pico laser pico toning

Since pico laser and pico toning are laser treatments, they can be expected to be highly effective for specific symptoms. BBL damages the melanin pigment with heat, while pico laser crushes the pigment with the shock wave of the laser .

Pico lasers are good at crushing small substances, while phototherapy, including Cyton BBLs, is good at damaging large substances with heat.

Therefore, pico laser can be expected to be effective in improving light spots with less melanin pigment.

Pico toning is a treatment that eliminates the melanin pigment in the epidermal layer and promotes skin turnover without stimulating the melanocytes that produce the melanin pigment.

Pico toning can be expected to improve chloasma, which is considered difficult for Cyton BBLs, but the range that can be irradiated is limited and the energy is stronger than that of phototherapy, so it is painful and the treatment site becomes a scab. There is a possibility.

Not only is Cyton BBLs capable of a wide range of treatments, but it also has a weaker output than lasers, so it is less painful and tends to have less downtime .

Photo facial

Both photofacials and Cyton BBLs are treated with light, but due to the different wavelengths of the emitted light, Cyton BBLs can also be used for tightening.

Another difference is that Cyton BBLs are easy to change the spot size to change the irradiation range.


Limelight is said to be an IPL machine that Japanese doctors are involved in developing, and is said to have been developed for the skin of Asians .

Limelight is a handpiece [* 2] that is attached to the tip of a machine called Xeo [* 1], so it is used by attaching Limelight to Xeo during the procedure.

Limelight and Xeo are FDA certified medical devices.

[* 1] FDA.report
[* 2] FDA.report

Benefits of receiving Cyton BBLs

  • Not much pain
  • No need for anesthesia
  • Little downtime
  • Makeup can be applied after treatment
  • You can treat according to your own worries
  • Tightening is possible
  • Rejuvenation can be expected on a cell-by-cell basis

Possible risks / failures and remedies for Saiton BBLs

Cyton BBLs can output a large number of wavelengths and can be expected to improve various symptoms, but it is necessary to select a wavelength suitable for the symptoms.

Although there is no big mistake because the treatment is performed by selecting the mode, it is necessary to change the filter and spot size that select the wavelength depending on the condition and symptoms of stains and acne.

Therefore, in order to avoid the following mistakes, it is important to select a medical institution to which a doctor belongs who can select a treatment method suitable for his / her symptoms and explain the postoperative course in advance .

Possible risks / failures

I can't feel the effect

If you do not realize the effect you expected with Saiton BBLs, the wavelength used may be different.

The stains have become darker

When you irradiate the spots that are expected to improve with Cyton BBLs, the melanin pigment will come out on the surface, so the spots will temporarily darken and become like a scab called Microcraft. However, after that, the scab will come off in about 1 week to 10 days, and if it comes off, the stain will become lighter.

The stains have increased

Cyton BBLs can be expected to be effective for spots with melanin pigments on the surface of the skin, such as freckles and moles of sunlight. Therefore, if the stains increase or become dark and do not come off, there is a possibility that the stains such as nevus of Ota and chloasma cannot be expected to improve.

How to choose a medical institution to receive Cyton BBLs

Cyton BBLs can output a large number of wavelengths, the spot size can be changed, and treatment can be performed according to the worries and symptoms of the person receiving the treatment, but it is necessary to change the wavelength and size for each person receiving the treatment. there is.

Depending on the medical institution, there may be no dermatologist, or the treatment may be led by a nurse, so by selecting a medical institution diagnosed by a dermatologist from counseling, avoid risks and failures after treatment. Can be done .

In addition to Saiton BBLs , you can get closer to the skin you are looking for by having a doctor who knows other treatment methods and can select the appropriate treatment method. ..

Treatment that can be used in combination with Cyton BBLs


Iontophoresis is called the ion photography method. For those who are concerned about spots and dullness, vitamin C is applied to the skin, and for those who are concerned about chloasma, a beauty essence such as tranexamic acid is applied to the skin according to their own concerns. It is a method to penetrate the beauty active ingredient deep into the skin by passing a weak current through the skin. It is said that if the active ingredient penetrates into the skin after Cyton BBLs treatment by iontophoresis, recovery from damage caused by the treatment will be accelerated.