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Therapeutic effects and side effects by ingredient, recommended Zeo Skin Health products




真由美 野本
Dr. 真由美 野本


Japanese Dermatological Association Certified Dermatologist / Japan Society for Oriental Medicine Certified Kampo Specialist / Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine Certified Specialist / Doctor of Pharmacy Japanese Dermatological Association / Japanese Society of Skin Allergies and Contact Dermatitis / Japanese Society of Cosmetic Dermatology / Japan Society for Oriental Medicine / Japan Society for Oriental Medicine / Japan Society for Anti-Aging Medicine / Japan Society for Acne Research


The therapeutic program under the guidance of a doctor is the most popular program that attracts the attention of those who are concerned about blemishes and acne.

It is said that the skin that was worried about roughness is reborn, the texture becomes smooth and smooth, the skin is one tone brighter, and the spots are lightened . It is known to cause side effects such as peeling, irritation due to dryness, and itching .

Voices of those who are concerned about therapeutics, but are hesitant to see posts on SNS that show redness and peeling and their skin is in tatters, and those who feel uneasy while actually using it. are also often asked.

In fact, if you use it incorrectly, you will not only not get the full therapeutic effect, but you will also run the risk of worsening your skin condition .

It is important to acquire correct knowledge and use under the guidance of a reliable doctor in order to dispel various anxieties in aggressive skin care and in order to effectively carry out therapeutic programs . .