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Aging care with no downtime and no pain with beauty medicine "Plasma"



Aging care with no downtime and no pain with beauty medicine "Plasma"

A cosmetology method that makes use of the unique properties of "plasma", which is different from solids, liquids, and gases, is attracting attention as a new cosmetology menu that promotes skin regeneration.

We will introduce in detail the mechanism that realizes beautiful skin by plasma treatment and what kind of person is recommended treatment method .

Plasma is a new skin-beautifying treatment that replaces laser treatment

Description of plasma

"Plasma" is the fourth state of a substance that is different from solids, liquids, and gases. "Plasma treatment" is a treatment that uses the state of this substance to irradiate the skin in a state where electrons are scraped off from atoms and molecules as the temperature rises and the substance can move around freely .

Originally used in the medical field for sterilization of scars and surgical equipment, it is now being used in cosmetology clinics for the purpose of skin beautification. It is attracting attention as a skin-beautifying treatment that improves various skin problems on the entire face, such as improving acne scars and problems with pores.

Treatments to eliminate acne scars and pore problems include laser facials and fractional CO2 lasers. These laser treatments have the same therapeutic effect as plasma, but they improve skin problems by thinly exfoliating the keratin of the skin and making small holes in the skin surface.

Plasma treatment, on the other hand, approaches only deep skin tissue, so it does not damage the skin, blood or epidermal tissue and minimizes pain and downtime. It is a skin-beautifying treatment that is recommended for people who are vulnerable to pain, as it only feels warmth during irradiation.

How plasma came to be used for beauty

Treatment with plasma is a later method than treatment with laser.
This is because in recent years, technology has been developed that can create plasma that can irradiate the skin.

Plasma can be divided into "vacuum plasma" generated in a low pressure vacuum state and "atmospheric pressure plasma" generated in a normal environment .

Plasma is likely to be generated in high temperature and vacuum conditions. The plasma generated in this state is vacuum plasma. Due to the high temperature, it cannot irradiate the human body.

On the other hand, atmospheric pressure plasma is generated under normal atmospheric pressure. In recent years, with the development of technology, it has become possible to generate at atmospheric pressure instead of vacuum. Atmospheric pressure plasma has a lower temperature than vacuum plasma, so it can be directly applied to the skin in medical treatment including beauty.

In aesthetic medicine, it is used to treat plasma for the purpose of beautiful skin.

Recommended symptoms and skin problems with plasma

  • I'm worried about the sagging of the entire face
  • I'm worried about fine wrinkles around my eyes
  • The skin has crater-like irregularities
  • Nose pores are open
  • Acne and acne scars do not disappear
  • Conspicuous spots and thin chloasma
  • Dull face, no transparency
  • Pigmentation due to scars and atopy
  • Stretch marks (stretch marks) remain

How plasma brings a beautiful skin effect

Human skin has layers such as the skin surface, epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue.
When the electrical energy of the plasma device flows from the outside to the inside of the skin, the strength of the energy changes with the flow, and it brings various skin-beautifying effects to each skin tissue (layer).

Approaching the root cause of skin problems

In the actual treatment, the plasma is irradiated while the handpiece is in contact with the skin. It does not damage the skin, blood, or epidermal tissue, and is effective in areas that are the root cause of skin problems .

Effect of increasing the penetration rate of the drug

Plasma treatment has a skin-beautifying effect in the treatment itself with the device, but what is especially expected is the effect of increasing the penetration rate of the drug by "TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System)".

Radicals generated by plasma (unpaired electrons that easily react with other substances) temporarily loosen the barrier function of the skin (the role of preventing irritation from the outside world).

In that state, if you apply the active ingredient according to the purpose such as whitening, acne improvement, and skin regeneration , the drug can be efficiently delivered to the depths of the skin through the gaps between cells .

After a certain period of time, the cell wall is restored and the barrier function of the stratum corneum is restored, regaining the role of preventing the invasion of chemical substances, ultraviolet rays, bacteria, etc.

Benefits of plasma treatment Expected skin-beautifying effect

It is said that the following skin-beautifying effects can be expected by irradiating with plasma treatment.

Improvement of acne by bactericidal effect

The powerful electrical energy of plasma does not damage human tissues, but it can kill bacteria by cutting the molecular structure of the bacteria. Ozone, which is generated at the same time as radical generation, also has a bactericidal effect and can sterilize acne bacteria that cause acne, so it is used for acne treatment.

Improvement of wrinkles by improving skin elasticity and firmness

By stimulating fibroblasts in the dermis layer, it promotes the production of collagen fibers and elastin, and improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin, leading to the improvement of wrinkles.

In addition, plasma irradiation improves the balance of electricity in the cell tissue and normalizes the metabolism of the skin. This activates the function of the cells and prevents them from wrinkling and sagging.

Skin color adjustment effect by removing unnecessary substances from the skin

By causing the sputtering phenomenon caused by plasma treatment, melanin pigment, old keratin, foreign substances, etc. can be removed. As a result, you can expect the effect of skin color adjustment by whitening effect and dullness improvement.

Sputtering phenomenon

Phenomenon in which electrons and ions move at high speed and hit targets such as melanin pigment and old keratin and wipe them off.

Disadvantages and precautions of plasma treatment

Multiple treatments are required to realize the effect

Since plasma treatment is a mild treatment that does not damage tissues, it is difficult to dramatically solve skin problems with one treatment, and it is about 3 to 5 times at intervals of 3 to 4 weeks. It is recommended to have a treatment .

Therefore, it may feel unsatisfactory for those who want immediate effect. There are individual differences in the duration, but the effect can be expected to last for about half a year to a year.

The plasma output differs depending on the type of device, and if you select the high output type, there is a risk that redness and swelling will occur, and that the surface of the skin will turn light brown and a "brown change" will occur .

However, even in that case, it is said that it will be settled in about a week, and no serious side effects have been reported.

Those who cannot receive treatment

If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, breastfeeding, or have an infectious disease in your desired area, you will not be able to receive the treatment in consideration of the possibility of worsening.

Cosmetic medicine using plasma

There are several types of cosmetological devices that use plasma energy.
Here, we will introduce two types, the "Neogen series" manufactured by ENERGIST in the United Kingdom and the "plasma bt" manufactured by Grand Aespio in South Korea.

"Neogen series" with adjustable output

The Neogen series is a plasma device approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) . The FDA is a public institution in the United States, which is the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, and it means that the safety and effectiveness of products are guaranteed if approved by the FDA.

In addition, the Neogen series plasma equipment irradiates nitrogen, which is also present in the air, as plasma, so there is no danger.

The Neogen series has three devices depending on the output, and each has a different effect on the skin.

Neogen PSR

It is the first device developed in the Neogen series.
Neogen PSR was originally developed in the United States as an alternative to fractional lasers for treatments with less downtime and less inflammatory response.
The United States and Europe can only irradiate with high energy, but Japan's PSR has been improved so that it can irradiate from low energy to high energy according to a wide range of patient needs.

Neogen SPA

Neogen SPA was the first Neogen to be introduced in Japan.
It is a device developed to irradiate only with low energy for the purpose of no-pain, no-downtime treatment. You can get a beautiful skin effect by doing it multiple times.

Neogen EVO

Neogen EVO was born from the need to adjust the output not only in Japan but worldwide.
The effect is almost the same as PSR, and it is possible to irradiate from low energy to high energy.

"Plasma bt" that is gentle on the skin with a mild effect

Plasma bt is a product of Seoulin Medicare and is sold by GRAND AESPIO. Although it has not been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan, it has been approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration, MFDS (formerly KFDA).

Plasma treatment with plasma bt is also called "plasma shower". By using different handpieces, it can be used as both medical equipment and beauty equipment.

When used as a medical device, it can be expected to have the effect of suppressing inflammation and promoting wound healing, so it is used for the treatment of acne, scars, and stretch marks. The effect is relatively mild, but it is said that troubles after irradiation are unlikely to occur .

Difference between Neogen series and Plasma bt

Since the Neogen series can be irradiated with high energy, there is a risk of redness and swelling, and a "brown change" in which the surface of the skin turns light brown and peels off.

On the other hand, the treatment with plasma bt has no brown change and is milder than the Neogen series . Talk to your doctor and choose a device based on your skin type and frequency of visits.

Beautiful skin menu similar to plasma treatment

Hyaluronic acid injection

Overview A treatment that injects the moisturizing ingredient "hyaluronic acid" that is originally produced in the body into the skin to fill wrinkles and raise the grooves in the skin. Compared to collagen, whose main component is protein, it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction and is more familiar to the skin. The effect lasts for about half a year to a year.
Skin troubles Deep wrinkles

Laser treatment

Overview Applying the characteristic of laser beam that reacts by selecting a color, it destroys only cells with abnormal color such as spots and acne, and stimulates fibroblasts in the dermis layer at the back of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin. Prompt generation. By properly using various devices according to the purpose, it can be expected to improve complex skin problems.
Skin troubles Spots, chloasma, freckles, bruises, moles, dullness, wrinkles, sagging, acne, acne scars, pores

Light (IPL) treatment

Overview A treatment that cares for skin problems by irradiating with long-wavelength medical light. When it hits the cause of skin troubles (melanin that causes spots, etc.), the energy of light changes to heat, damaging only the part that causes skin troubles. Fibroblasts can also be activated at the same time, and the effect of promoting the production of collagen and the like can be expected.
Skin troubles Blemishes, dullness, pores, wrinkles, dryness, weakening of firmness

RF (radio frequency) treatment

Overview A treatment that stimulates the dermis layer at the back of the skin by irradiating high-frequency (RF, radio frequency) electromagnetic waves. Since heat damage is applied to collagen, a protein called heat shock protein is produced, collagen is regenerated, and the elasticity of the skin is increased.
Skin troubles Wrinkles, weakening of firmness, sagging

Hythe treatment

Overview "High-intensity focused ultrasound therapy". By irradiating ultrasonic waves, it works on the subcutaneous fat layer deeper in the dermis layer and the fascia (SMAS layer) on the surface of facial muscles, and aims for a lift-up effect by tightening the skin from the base.
Skin troubles Wrinkles, weakening of firmness, sagging

Difference from plasma treatment

There are various treatments for skin beautification in addition to plasma treatment. However, the following points can be said to be different from plasma treatment.

  • No effect of drug delivery system
  • May have pain and downtime

The "drug delivery system" that loosens the bonds of skin tissue and allows the active ingredient to penetrate is a unique effect of plasma treatment, so it cannot be obtained with other treatments. Also, treatments that generate high temperatures, such as lasers and light, can cause pain and downtime. Plasma treatment is a treatment method that approaches only the target area and has mild pain and downtime .

Plasma treatment flow and fees

Plasma treatment is completed in about 10 to 15 minutes, and basically no hospitalization or hospitalization is required.

Treatment flow

1, counseling

You will be informed of your worries, budget, desired treatment, etc., explained about the treatment, and checked your health condition.

2, face wash

Remove makeup and dirt to keep it clean.

3, treatment

Place the handpiece on your skin and irradiate it with plasma. Utilizing the drug delivery system, the active ingredient is applied according to the purpose and the drug penetrates deep into the skin.

4, go home

Since the stratum corneum is open for about 1 to 2 hours, skin care and makeup cannot be done. However, you can return home on the same day, and after a few weeks (about a month depending on the clinic), you can perform the procedure again.

Treatment flow

Plasma treatment is a free medical treatment that is not covered by health insurance, and you are responsible for all costs. There is a range of fees depending on the type of device, but many clinics cost about 20,000 to 60,000 yen for the entire face , and the introduced drug is charged separately. If you want to know how much it will cost to include the medicine that suits you, please check with your medical institution in advance.

Introducing recommended drugs for plasma treatment according to skin problems

The drugs that are permeated by the drug delivery system after plasma irradiation vary depending on the clinic, but many clinics have complex drug solutions that are specialized for post-treatment application, so consult your doctor and select the appropriate one. ..

I'm worried about skin aging, sagging and wrinkles

Glutathione, tranexamic acid, vitamin C

I want moisture

hyaluronic acid

I'm worried about acne

GD-11 (Growth Factor in Human Bone Marrow Stem Cell Culture), Botox, Vitamin C

I'm worried about skin aging, sagging and wrinkles

Growth factors (components produced in the body that control skin repair and regeneration), cytokines (proteins that promote cell proliferation and differentiation), placenta

I want to tighten the opening of pores


I want to improve the quality of dry and lipid skin

GD-11 (Growth Factor in Human Bone Marrow Stem Cell Culture), Botox

Skin-beautifying treatment that you want to use in combination with plasma treatment

Plasma treatment has the function of temporarily loosening the barrier function of the skin, so it can be used in combination with other cosmetological treatments to further enhance the therapeutic effect. Treatments that are considered to be compatible with plasma showers include the following. Please consult your doctor in advance as the treatments introduced differ depending on the clinic and whether or not they can be used in combination.

Massage peel

Overview A treatment that removes dead skin cells while applying a drug and massaging the skin. It can also be expected to have the effect of promoting the production of collagen fibers in the dermis layer and regaining elasticity and elasticity.
Skin troubles Fine wrinkles, sagging, dullness, acne scars, chloasma

Chemical peeling

Overview A treatment that applies a drug that works to remove dead skin cells. Eliminates clogging of pores that cause acne.
Skin troubles Fine wrinkles, mild spots, acne


Overview A treatment method that irradiates laser light and gives a thermal stimulus to the dermis layer. It promotes skin regeneration and can be expected to have various effects.
Skin troubles Fine wrinkles, open pores, red face, acne scars

Photo facial

Overview A treatment method in which collagen fibers are contracted by heat energy by irradiating radio waves (high frequencies) to tighten the skin.
Skin troubles Wrinkles, sagging

Titan (laser treatment 9

Overview A treatment that tightens the skin by irradiating it with light in the near-infrared region. Certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it stimulates the production of collagen fibers and elastin.
Skin troubles Wrinkles, sagging

Intragen (radio wave treatment)

Overview A treatment that tightens the skin by irradiating radio waves (high frequencies) and contracting collagen fibers with heat energy. It works on fibroblasts in the dermis layer and promotes the production of collagen fibers and the like.
Skin troubles Wrinkles, sagging


Overview A treatment method in which a small hole is made up to the dermis layer with an extra-fine needle. It promotes skin repair and leads to the production of collagen fibers.
Skin troubles Wrinkles, sagging, open pores, stretch marks, acne scars, bumps on the upper arm

Water light injection

Overview An injection that uses a dedicated device to inject hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing ingredients into the surface layer of the skin to smooth the texture and enhance moisturizing properties.
Skin troubles Fine wrinkles, sagging, dullness, open pores