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Ideal environment and equipment for taking case photos



Ideal environment for taking case photos

I will tell you about "how to take case photos of beauty care" in a series. This time, we will talk about "ideal environment and equipment for taking case photos".

The shooting environment is important for taking beautiful case photos.
Just by preparing an environment for "taking case photos", which is different from portrait photography, you will be able to take surprisingly beautiful case photos.

Ideal environment for taking case photos

What kind of room is the ideal environment for taking good case photos?
In this article, I used the vacant treatment room to reproduce the "ideal shooting environment".

6 checkpoints

The purpose of the case photograph is to express the skin color and facial parts in a normal state. Therefore, we aim for the light to hit the entire face on average.

1, indoors where sunlight does not reach

If sunlight enters, block the light with a blackout curtain.

2, always the same light condition

Ideally, the light conditions should always be the same, not with sunlight, which is affected by the weather, but with artificial light such as indoor lighting fixtures (fluorescent lights, electric lights).

3, the light spreads throughout the room

Overall lighting is best, not indirect lighting. If the amount of light is insufficient, use a strobe.
For this shoot, I used a strobe. The strobe is installed directly behind the photographer.

4, the color of the wall is plain

The best background wall color is plain white because it does not affect the skin color.
However, if you want to take a picture of the difference in contour before and after the procedure in an easy-to-understand manner, the face line will look clearer in black instead of white.

Case photo on white background
Case photo on white background
Case photo on black background
Case photo on black background

5, the height of the camera and the subject's face are the same

An explanatory photo of the ideal environment for taking a case photo

Align the camera and face at the same height. Determine the height of the camera with a tripod and fix it firmly so that it does not shake.

It is also recommended to zoom in from a distance of about 1.5 meters from the subject. You can take better pictures by preventing distortion than by moving the camera closer to the subject and taking a close-up shot.

Even if you need a photo of facial parts (eyes only, nose only), take a distance and shoot the entire face. Later, you can trim (cut out) the necessary parts on the data and use them.

6, the subject is near the back wall

To keep the direct light from the fluorescent lights on the ceiling away, keep the subject as close to the wall as possible and away from the fluorescent lights. This is because the shadows under the eyes and under the chin can be reduced by moving away from the fluorescent lights.

The closer it is to the bottom of the fluorescent light, the larger and darker the shadow.
Ideally, the light shines evenly on the entire face when viewed with the naked eye. "

Equipment required for taking case photos

If you have the following equipment, you can take stable and beautiful case photos.

Equipment required to take case photos

Equipment name Purpose Price range Remarks Necessity
1, bracket mount Speedlight and softbox umbrella,
Used to fix to a light stand
About 2,000 yen There are other equipment for the same purpose,
This is more convenient and recommended
2, speedlight Keep the amount of light constant 7,000-60,000 yen It's OK for about 10,000 yen ☆☆☆
3, speedlight transmitter Keep the amount of light constant 4,500-23,000 yen It's OK for about 5,000 yen ☆☆☆
4, tripod Fix the camera 3,000-20,000 yen The high-priced product has two independent handles for adjusting the horizontal and vertical on the part where the camera is placed, so it is easy to make fine adjustments. ☆☆☆
5, light stand Fix the light 1,800-9,000 yen Higher price is more stable ☆☆☆
6, box umbrella Soften the light About 5,000 yen ~ Convenient to have ☆☆

What to do if you don't have all the equipment

If you find it difficult to get all of the above equipment, you can use another tool to achieve the same effect.

If the background is a color that affects the skin color

Image of shooting environment of case photos with paper pasted on the background and reflector installed If the background is dark or has a pattern, you can take the following measures to prevent the surrounding colors from affecting the subject and take a beautiful case photo.

■ Put a white cloth or paper behind the subject ■ Install reflectors on both sides of the subject ■ Have the subject hold the reflector

If the room is too large

Case photo of the subject holding a reflector If the shooting room is too large, the light will be diffused, but you can also prevent the light from diffusing by sandwiching the subject with a reflector and take a beautiful picture.

■ Install reflectors on both sides of the subject ■ Have the subject hold a reflector (the photo is about 25 x 45 cm)

The reflector version can be replaced with white cardboard.
In the figure on the right, white cardboard (about 40 x 55 cm) is attached to both sides of the subject on a cheap light stand for fixing the light with curing tape.

Useful and useful items to have

Item name Purpose quantity Necessity
White cloth for background The background is a color that affects the color of the skin,
Stick it on the wall when there is a flashy pattern
1 sheet
A size of about 60 to 90 cm is OK
Reflector Light reaches the entire face evenly 2 sheets (newsprint size) ☆☆
Reflector fixing stand Fix the reflector Two
Blackout Use in a room with sunlight to prevent light leakage 1-2 sheets
Curing tape Used to attach a reflector or cloth, or to mark the shooting position One ☆☆☆
Oil blotting paper Suppress shine Several sheets
Brush (comb) Straighten hair One

When there is no space to install the strobe

Camera with ring flash If you don't have the space or hassle to install a stand-type strobe, you can use a camera with a ring flash.

You can shoot with a strobe without the hassle and space of installing a strobe. I compared a photo taken with a camera with a ring flash and a photo taken with a strobe installed.

Case photos taken with a camera with a ring flash
When shooting with a camera with a ring flash
Case photo taken with a strobe installed
When shooting with a strobe installed

Photos taken with the camera with the ring flash on the left will have less light due to the smaller flash size. In terms of skin color, the yellow color becomes slightly stronger, the light in the eyes is smaller, and the black eyes appear larger.

On the other hand, in the photo taken with the strobe on the right side, the shadow under the chin does not appear strongly and the facial parts can be clearly seen.

Photographed and supervised by photographer Miho Takeuchi

True and accurate communication of the actual effects of aesthetic medicine can give the impression of a reliable clinic.
It is recommended that you stick to beautiful case photos.