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Best camera and basic camera settings for taking case photos




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I will tell you about "how to take case photos of beauty care" in a series. This time, we will talk about "the best camera for taking case photos and the basic camera mechanism".

No matter how successful the procedure is, if you cannot record accurate before and after, it will lead to a loss of image of the clinic.
This time, we will tell you the points to be careful about when choosing a camera and the basic shooting method of the camera, which are indispensable for taking beautiful case photos at the clinic.

Three points for choosing a camera to take case photos

The first point to consider when purchasing a camera is where and how to use it. The right camera depends on whether you use it indoors, in the city, in the mountains or in the sea, or what you are shooting.

This time, there is a clear purpose of recording the before and after of the treatment, but the following three are important for that purpose.

1. Select a camera body that supports an external strobe

The camera body is large and can be divided into digital single-lens reflex cameras, mirrorless cameras, and compact digital cameras.
To briefly explain the characteristics of each, there are the following differences.

Digital SLR It is possible to shoot with high image quality, but it is large and heavy. A wide variety of interchangeable lenses.
Mirrorless Compact and lightweight with interchangeable lenses. Convenient to carry. The image quality is the same as that of a single-lens reflex camera.
Compact digital camera Small and lightweight. It does not require lens replacement and has a full zoom function, but it is not suitable for full-scale shooting due to its small image sensor.

Beautiful case photos can be taken even with a compact digital camera.
However, the difference with the camera function of smartphones is narrowing, and there is no merit to choose, so if you purchase a new one, you may exclude it from the options.

Furthermore, in order to make it easy to compare the before and after treatments, it is important to always shoot under the same light conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to shoot with an external strobe under the same conditions every time, but compact digital cameras and smartphones are basically not compatible with external strobes, so it is not suitable for taking case photos.

Mirrorless is recommended. Since it is not as heavy as a single-lens reflex camera, it is easy for women to handle, it can take high-quality pictures, and it can handle both natural light and strobe light.