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Lift-up effect and risk avoidance method of sagging treatment by HIFU




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A woman with the image of feeling the increase in slack

Hythe sagging treatment is a beauty treatment that irradiates the fascia that covers the facial muscles called the SMAS layer (superficial fascia group) under the skin with ultrasonic waves to contract it and pull up the sagging from under the skin. It is medical .

In addition to hyphen, treatment methods that are said to be effective for wrinkles and sagging include thread lift (thread lift), laser treatment, and high frequency (RF) treatment, but to act on the SMAS layer, use a scalpel. Other than facelift surgery, which involves making an incision in the skin, there is only hyphen.

In addition, it is said that by irradiating the part of the body where you are concerned about fat with ultrasonic waves, the fat cells of the subcutaneous fat are destroyed, so the effect of partial thinning can be expected .

If you know the side effects and risks of HYF and the frequency of effective treatment before the treatment, you can receive sagging treatment with confidence.

Hythe principle that can aim at one point

Hythe is an abbreviation of English "High lntensity Focused Ultrasound" which means high-intensity focused ultrasound, and high-frequency ultrasound (20,000 hertz or more) that we cannot hear is collected and irradiated at one point. How to do it.

Explanatory image of hyphen

Hythe collects heat and raises the temperature by concentrating ultrasonic waves on a certain part of the body, just as black paper burns when sunlight is concentrated on one point with a magnifying glass. Since protein has the property of shrinking due to heat (heat shrinkage), just as meat shrinks when it is baked, the part targeted by hyphen is tightened and pulls up the slack when it gets hot. In addition, hot fat cells are destroyed by heat.

Hythe's effects in aesthetic medicine range from small face effect by lift-up (tightening) that raises slack, skin firmness, pore shrinkage, and partial thinning effect by decomposing fat cells .

Hythe machine that can treat sagging with hyphen

  • Ursera
  • Sono Queen
  • Dubro
  • Ultracell Q
  • Lipocell
  • Liposonic
  • Ultraformer III

Area that can be irradiated with hyphen

  • Face area that can be treated with hyphen
  • Body parts that can be treated with hyphen

Those who are suitable for hyphen

  • Those in their 40s or older whose fascia begins to loosen
  • Nasolabial fold stands out
  • Double chin, face line slack (fat) is worrisome
  • I can't go to the treatment frequently (Example: Weekly treatment is recommended for high frequency treatment)
  • I want to reduce wrinkles on my neck
  • Those who want aging care for the entire face
  • I'm worried about deep wrinkles and wrinkles around my eyes
  • I want to improve skin quality such as firmness of the skin and reduction of pores (HYF shower)
  • I want to have a small face
  • Improvement of wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and mouth
  • I want to eliminate wrinkles around my neck
  • I want to lose weight

Hythe treatment for sagging face and partial thinning

Hythe differs from other wrinkle and sagging treatments such as thread lift and high frequency in that it acts on the fascia called the SMAS layer , which thinly covers the muscles under the skin. Human skin has a three-layer structure from the outside, the epidermis layer, the dermis layer, and the subcutaneous tissue (fat), and the SMAS layer is located below it.

Explanatory image of HYF cartridge

The hyphen machine changes the tip part (cartridge) equipped on the machine and changes the depth of focus of ultrasonic waves (depth aimed at by ultrasonic waves) to 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.5 mm, so that the face and body Tighten the slack.

Depth of focus Irradiable layer
1.5mm Epidermis layer where superficial fine wrinkles are likely to occur
3.0mm Dermis layer where collagen loss occurs
4.5mm SMAS layer involved in (sagging) aging of facial muscles

In addition to the above three, some hyf machines have a depth of focus of 2.0 mm and are equipped with 6.0 mm, 9.0 mm, and 13 mm cartridges for the body.

Promote collagen production by aiming at the dermis layer with hyphen

The dermis layer is inside the epidermis layer and is the main body of the skin that occupies most of the skin tissue.

Explanatory image of the dermis layer

About 70% of the dermis layer is a fibrous protein, "collagen," and a jelly-like substance such as "hyaluronic acid" fills the dermis layer with water. In addition to this, a fibrous protein called "elastin" is added to give elasticity to the skin.

These cells that produce collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin are fibroblasts, which are also called "collagen-making factories."

When HYF thermal stimulation is applied to the dermis layer where fibroblasts are located with a cartridge with a depth of focus of 3.0 mm, the wound healing power that tries to repair the heat-damaged part and its surroundings works. Therefore, it can promote the accumulation of collagen and elastin to keep the skin firm and fresh, so it can be expected to have the effect of firming the skin, shrinking pores, and lifting up.

Since wound healing progresses gradually, some people recognize the effect about 1 month after the treatment, but many people realize the effect 2 to 6 months after the treatment.

Hythe can also be expected to improve superficial fine wrinkles

By irradiating the shallow part of the dermis layer just below the epidermis layer with a cartridge with a depth of focus of 1.5 mm, which is shallower than 3.0 mm, you can expect improvement of superficial fine wrinkles.

Hythe shower that makes the skin firm and tightens the pores

With Ultraformer III, which is one of the HYF machines, it is possible to reduce the size of the irradiation point and perform continuous irradiation, "HYF Shower" . Hythe shower is done with a 1.5mm or 2.0mm cartridge. It is said that there is less downtime than HYF irradiation with other cartridges or HYF machines other than Ultraformer III, and continuous irradiation at a high speed is expected to improve skin firmness and tighten pores even with weak heat. I will.

Raise the SMAS layer below the dermis layer with hyphen

The SMAS layer is an abbreviation for "superficial musculo-aponeurotic system" and is a superficial fascia that is formed over a wide area of the face while continuing from the head to the forehead, temples, and neck. The SMAS layer is below the dermis layer and subcutaneous tissue (fat) and thinly covers the facial muscles.

When you are young, the SMAS layer is not loose, but as you age, it loosens and hangs down, making it impossible to support your skin and beginning to show age-sensitive signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging. A lift-up effect can be expected by stimulating the dermis layer to regain the firmness of the skin, but if the SMAS layer below the dermis layer is heat-stimulated to encourage the protein to shrink due to heat, the skin's It is said to have the effect of pulling up from below.

In addition to hyphen, cosmetological energy that stimulates the dermis layer includes IPL (light), laser, and radio frequency, but only hyphen can stimulate the SMAS layer below the dermis layer except for surgery.

Reduce fat cells in areas where you aim for partial thinning with hyphen

Image of a woman who feels the tightening effect

Subcutaneous tissue is mostly fat and plays a role in maintaining body temperature and energy metabolism. It is said that when hyphen acts on the fat in the subcutaneous tissue, the number of cells that make up the fat can be reduced, resulting in partial weight loss . The higher the number of hyphen irradiation, the more fat cells can be destroyed. If there are few fat cells, the effect cannot be expected.

The spot-irradiated area becomes hot and the fat cells are destroyed, making it look like a gap. The destroyed fat cells are gradually excreted from the body by macrophages (a type of white blood cell that releases dead cells and their fragments to the outside). It is said that it takes about 4 to 12 weeks for fat cells to be completely excreted from the body. In the meantime, you will feel the change in the body line tightening.

Partial thinning due to hyphen is difficult to rebound

It is said that there is almost no risk of rebound because the fat cells themselves are destroyed by irradiating hyphen and are excreted from the body by the natural function of the body.

Compare the effect and pain of sagging treatment with hyphen and high frequency

Hythe treatment is painful, like muscle pain, because it pulls up from the SMAS layer, which is the fascia deeper than the skin. Therefore, some medical institutions use laughing anesthesia to relieve pain during the procedure. Now, let's compare it with high-frequency treatment, which is often compared with sagging treatment.

The pain of the procedure is milder in high frequency than in hyphen

Radiofrequency treatment is said to have less pain and downtime than Hythe treatment.

The difference is that the hyphen reaches the SMAS layer beneath the subcutaneous tissue in a pinpoint manner, while the high frequency acts on a wide range of fat in the subcutaneous tissue . The duration of the treatment effect is longer with HYF treatment, but it is priced higher than with high frequency treatment.

Hyphen high frequency
effect Irradiate the area of concern with pinpoint action on the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue, and SMAS layer Widely irradiated epidermis and dermis
downtime Swelling / swelling for about 1 week None
Duration 6 months to 1 year 1 month
Pain during treatment

・ There is pain depending on the strength and depth of energy

・ Many medical institutions use anesthesia such as laughing

・ Thin areas of the skin may feel hot but rarely
One-time charge It depends on the medical institution because it is a free medical treatment, but it is about 150,000 to 500,000 yen for all faces. It depends on the medical institution because it is a free medical treatment, but it is about 50,000 to 100,000 yen for all faces.

Hythe procedure flow and precautions ・ Downtime

(1) Medical examination (counseling)

Since there are individual differences in the skeleton, flesh, and fat thickness, we will decide where to irradiate the hyphen according to the individual.

(2) Make-off

If you want to irradiate your face with hyphen, remove the makeup.

(3) Hythe irradiation

Apply gel or oil to the area determined by counseling so that the hyphen can be easily transmitted, and irradiate while adjusting the irradiation depth, energy intensity, and number of irradiations. Those who are vulnerable to pain should choose a medical institution that uses cream or laughing anesthesia.

(4) Finish

Wipe off the gel and oil and you're done. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to irradiate the cheeks and face line hyphen. If you irradiate your face, you can make up as usual immediately after the procedure.

Hythe notes and downtime

Although there are individual differences , it is recommended to keep the skin moisturized as the skin may become dry 2 to 3 days after the treatment .

There are no exercise restrictions or life restrictions, so you can return to your normal life.

Hythe downtime

Hythe has the effect of tightening the protein tissue by causing heat contraction, but the action may cause inflammation (redness), swelling, and swelling . Irradiation tends to cause swelling, but it will subside in about a week.

Those who cannot receive hyphen treatment

You may not be able to receive it depending on your illness or physical condition.

  • Have heart disease
  • Have a chronic disease in the liver / kidney
  • Problems with blood vessels such as venous inflammation and blood clots
  • Have a skin disorder
  • After skin surgery or hospitalization
  • I have a pacemaker
  • Have epilepsy (including those who have had epilepsy in the past)
  • There is a foreign substance such as silicon or precious metal in the area to be treated.

In addition, those who have been injected with hyaluronic acid or botox to the site to be treated, and those who have been treated with a thread lift (thread lift) with a melting thread cannot receive the treatment for about one month after those treatments. ..

To avoid side effects and risks and aim for HYF sagging treatment effect

Burns are a common side effect of hyphen treatment. In addition, the risk of nerve damage has been reported, and the doctor who performs the procedure requires a high level of skill.

The next hyphen procedure will be 3 months later

Within 3 months of the procedure, the facial fascia and fat layer are in a scab state or the scab is about to come off. If you receive hyphen treatment within 3 months, it is dangerous because it will cause the wound to be piled up. Therefore, the next treatment should be done after 3 months when the injuries to the facial fascia and fat layer are completely healed and regenerated .

Hythe treatment on the face gives heat to the facial fascia, so it is a treatment that intentionally injures, and immediately after the treatment, it is like being injured by heat.

If you receive the treatment before the wound is healed, you will be in a state of making another wound on the wound. Instead of rejuvenating, it damages the cells of the skin, leading to aging. Follow the doctor's instructions regarding the frequency of treatment.

HYF is a medical institution with an experienced doctor

Hythe can cause partial burns if the energy (intensity) applied is incorrect. In addition, it does not matter where you irradiate, and if you irradiate it on the nerves, you may experience symptoms such as neuralgia such as dull pain and headache and facial palsy. The central part of the face is densely nerved, so never irradiate hyphen.

Since many nerves run on the face other than the central part, it is necessary to have knowledge and experience to avoid nerves to irradiate hyphen .

Recently, the number of facilities that perform hyphen treatment in esthetics is increasing, but there is a difference between medical institutions and hyphen machines performed in esthetics, and it is permitted by the Medical Practitioners Law to place medical hyphen machines in facilities other than medical institutions. Not . The beauty treatment salon hyf machine has a limiter to prevent the temperature from rising enough to destroy the cells.

Destroying cells and tissues violates the Medical Practitioners Act, so it is "illegal" if a treatment that destroys cells or tissues is performed at a doctorless beauty treatment salon. In order to obtain satisfactory results with HYF, it is important to have a doctor who is familiar with nerve running and has a large number of treatments with HYF machines and has a proven track record .